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Part 9 : Love Me always

Armaan looked over at Anjali entering through the door with a stony expression with Atul following her with an impassive look.

"Am glad u came at such a short invite Anjie" muttered Rahul getting up.

"I had to come Rahul, as I think we both need some explanations here of whats going here with our siblings who seem to be have become all grown up, that they don't even feel the need to inform us about their marriage! Right Armaan?"

Anjali looked over at Armaan sarcastically as he drove his fingers through his hair nervously.

"Anjali I came…….umm….explain if you give me a chance?"

"That's what we are waiting for bro, an explanation from you at whats going on? I am sure u have a lot more to say then poor Riddhima in this as I know who has a major share in this deal" Rahul smirked looking at Armaan.

"That has to my dad Rahul, it seems the marriage took place in his presence, and he obviously didn't feel the need to invite the bride's sister and his own daughter for it not to mention the groom's family." Anjali spoke with loath.

"Listen here I will tell you what happened, please don't be so sarcastic to us. Riddhima and me both wanted to tell you both but Shanshank uncle didn't allow us. So we had no choice but to keep quite. I didn't mean to hurt u both" Armaan looked down.

"Agreed you were told to shutup but you still haven't clarified why the hell you suddenly got married to Ridz. How come in one nite you decide to get married. I am sure you rnt so desperately in love with her?" Rahul stepped forward waiting for an explanation.

"Well bro, uncle wanted Ridz to get married to me to complete Padma Aunt's last wish and when he proposed I couldn't say no as we are indebted to him. " Hearing this Rahul's expression softened.

"And Bhai he had to sort out his legal will probems immediately . That would only happen if we got married fast. So this haste. I am sorry bhai I didn't mean to hurt anyone, but I couldn't possibly refuse and ……."

"Ohh legal problems huh? So typical of father. So you actually expect us to believe that to complete the wish of a wife he never loved he got you both married?" Anjali spoke up harshly

"Anjali relax, maybe he actually did, why will Armaan lie?" Atul put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

"Alrite Armaan I buy what ur saying, u agreed becoz ur indebted but what made my sister marry a complete stranger?"

"Why don't ask your sister why she married me Anjali, I think shes the best to answer your question. Shes upstairs getting ready" Armaan retorted.

"I will surely" Anjali marched upstairs.

As Rahul saw her going up he looked over at Armaan standing with his head down.

"Armaan what was this explanation you just gave, do u really think I will believe this? You really feel so indebted for your father whom you have ever spoken kindly off after that incident that you got married? No armaan theres a lot more to this. Tell me the truth. "

Armaan looked into Rahul piercing eyes and thought. OMG Bhai u never miss a lie do u ? But if you come to know the truth you will kill me for sure, for that hospital I got married. No Bhai I cant tell this to you..

"Errm Bhai this is the truth. Why r u not believing me? See whatever dad did to us is something I will never forget but I really do love him rite afterall he was my father. " Armaan said this earnestly. It is partly true he hought.

"Alrite Armaan time will tell, I hope you haven't put something at stake or betrayed me and a lot of people ."

"No Bhai I can never betray you" Muttered Armaan not meeting his eyes.

Rahul noticed this but chose to keep quite.

"One more thing Armaan, Riddhima is now our responsibility. For whatever reasons you got her in your life please treat her well. She is a very tender hearted soul. Don't you dare hurt her with any of your actions or forget Anjali I will be the first one you will have to answer."

"You don't have to worry about her, she will never have any problems."

Saying so Armaan gently hugged Rahul. As he parted he thought. Hope you never face the truth Bhai. This is all for us, our ambition


Anjali opened the door to find Riddhima sitting on the dressing table adjusting her saree. Moving forward to help her Riddhima looked up startled to see her in the room.


"Riddhima how are you?" I have been so worried about you, do u hav any idea? You cud have just told me once , I wudnt have objected"

Looking at Anjali, Riddhima found her eyes swelling up with tears.

"I am sorry Di, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just wanted too…………"

Leaning forward Riddhima hugged Anjie crying slightly.

"Shhh Armaan told me about what dad told you and got you married, but tell me Ridz was this reason enough for you totake such a huge step without even giving it a thought?"

"I did think Di" As she remembered the two days she was given to think.

"And Di it was Mamas's last wish. How cud I just leave it like this?"

"ridz be practical. Agreed mom wud have had this wish to get u married to this family but looking at current circumstances she wud have never forced you to give up urself to a guy u never know. I mean you hardly know him. You got married I  still cant believe.'

"Di it wasn't only this" She muttered hesitantly. "Dad wanted it too"

"So ridz u mean tomorrow Dad will ask u to jump in the sea you will jump?"

Riddhima sighed. Anjali was always like this. She took things practically and did exactly as she felt was right and there was nothing wrong in this. But I am not like her Riddhima thought. Call it my fault or anything but I just cud not say no to father. It was the first time he asked me and then mumma……..

"no Ridz I know you always been so emotional and giving in. I don't say that u know u r like a fool to be so emotional but still I know u can stand up for urself when needed but still I don't find these reasons sufficient to marry him."

"Di I don't always give in na, but I don't know when it came to mama-papa I just……."

"And even you would have refused Dad would have made sure u got married if he had decided from the start."

Anjali spat out angrily.

"No Di pls don't say that"

"No Ridz both know this is a fact anyways I will always wish you to be happy. This family is not bad I can assure you. You wont face any problems but Armaan….."

"armaan hasn't given me any trouble at all. He is really being very sweet Di believe me." Ridz argued.

Well I hope he continues being one Ridz…..if you ever face problems pls don't hesitate to ask me. Ok lets just drop this and go down. Everyone is waiting."

Riddhima followed her out glad that this was sorted.


Riddhima looked over at the files in her hands nervously. She had been going through them past an hour sitting here with sweaty hands.

"Calm urself down Ridz u can do this" She muttered to herself trying to keep calm.

But she cudnt help being nervous. It was only in mid morning that she came to sanjeevni after getting things sorted with Anjali . Both Rahul and Anjali had been so supportive much as they hadn't liked this. In all the family union she had completely forgotten that she was now going to handle the administrative department too. Though  Papa wud be still the one who ran this thing she had to put her share. And papa had called her to come early as today was the first meeting with the trustees. They were gonna present some future plans and changes. Papa had asked her to study all prospective and make a report.

She looked at her report for the nth time in last time 10 minutes. She as nervous but at the same time she was kind of excited with all this. It was her first chance ever to make her papa proud. Not that earlier she hadn't. All her life she had tried to make him proud. So that atleast once he would pat her back and say he was indeed proud of her. She smiled as she thought it was her first chance given by papa himself. She had made sure the repot was proper and she would present it well too she thought determinedly.

As she made her way to the conference she smiled as Anjie and Rahul wished her luck. Muskaan hugged her too. Riddhima smiled to have these loved ones beside her. As she entered she saw Armaan already sitting with Shanshank. Armaan smiled at her while Shanshank merely nodded.

As everyone walked in, after the initial proceedings Shanshank  stood up talking about the future and current status. Ridhima knew she would be called any minute. As the report topic was brought up Riddhima waited expectantly.

"and now Armaan my son here will present the report" Shanshank announced pompously.

For a minute Riddhima looked terribly squashed as she saw him taking the report and going ahead. Then thinking afterall its him she thought. I do it or him does it matter? Its for the good of this institute and he is after all my……….I have prepared it so what? She tried comforting herself. He will surely give you credit she thought. It was fair enough.

As the presentation ended , she congratualated him and the rest. She looked over at him talking to everyone. There was no mention of her any where. Riddhima felt as if she had been given a tight slap on her face. She made her out as she felt terribly suffocated. She made her way to the cabin. Drinking water she sat down disgusted with herself for expecting so much again.

Seeing him enter the cabin she stood up. Looking at her surprised with her reaction he said " Hey Riddhima congratulate me , it was all so successful. I cant believe my first presentation and such a success………"

"well Congrats Dr Armaan I hope u r very happy. It was your first success. Am very happy for you. " saying this in one breath she started walking out.

Not able to digest her cold behavior. He caught hold of her hand.

"what's the problem? Aren't you happy with my success."

'you are asking me this? Well let me clarify. My success…….well am really very happy for Your success Armaan.So what if I was the one who went through each file. So what if I prepared the whole thing. Trust me I would have gladly allowed you to present everything had I just been told once you will do it. And you were given the chance too didn't affect me Armaan as that time I took as Our success. I thought It was our presentation. But I was mistaken. You took it all upon urself. I would have been the happiest person on this earth had you just acknowledged me. Not in front of all atleast credited it as ours Armaan as till now I thought it like that. "

Saying so she walked out feeling her eyes moistening up. Leaving a dumb folded Armaan behind.


As he sat on the couch in the living room, he closed his eyes. Those same lines had been playing in his mind.

"I would have been the happiest person on this earth had you just acknowledged me. Not in front of all atleast credited it as ours Armaan as till now I thought it like that. "

Why did this affect him so much? Wasn't this deal about his ambitions from the beginning? Then even she wasn't happy with what happened he shud be celebrating and not moaning about this. He sighed. He cudnt but ignore this guilt. Her words had been playing in his mind since afternoon and much as he tried ignoring it , he knew it was futile. Deep down he knew he had wronged her. Entire day he had tried talking but all she answered him was in monosyllables.  Deciding to get over this he looked at the time. It was way past midnight and she was still not home. He knew she had extra duty tonite, but it would be over soon.

As he thought about his small idea for the first time he found himself smiling. Not this time for himself but at the thought of making something right for somebody.


 Stuffing her labcoat in the locker she walked out tired. It had been a tiring day. The night was cool and the slow breeze felt pleasant after such a long and not to mention depressing day. Deciding not to think about the morning events for the night she looked about.

Pinching herself she blinked to see him standing in front of her leaning over the car smiling broadly. He opened the door of the car and looked over at her expectantly.


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