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part 9 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She woke up grumpily adjusting her eyes into the morning light.. A immense headache kept irritating her to the core... Shilpa slowly rubbed her forehead closing her eyes trying to recollect any memory of last night.. What was she doing.. And how did she end up in the room.. She tried to focus more on the events but the last thing she remembered  was taking Tequila shots with Armaan.. TEQUILA... !!! Her eyes shot up open once she realized she had actually dared to drink alcohol... Then again a another realization swept through her as she remembered Armaan was the first one to take the shots.. Not only one did he really dare to take 5.. Shilpa sits up glancing around the room looking for him when she hears the bathroom door open , He comes out of a fresh shower draped in a towel while drying his hair with a another.. She couldnt help but admire seeing his strong muscled arms, a fit body which made him look more of a hunk.. Everything was perfect about him.. Every single part of him.. Shilpa snapped out of her dreamy thoughts feeling his amused gaze on her.. She mentally kicked herself for checking him out soo openly.. What was wrong with her.. There was a new feeling budding inside her which always made her loose her senses infront of him.. Controlling her inner emotions she glanced up at him to notice a cautious , hesitant look on his face..
Armaan : Umm Shilpa.. I guess you would like to cover up fully..

Confusion flooded through her mind as she glanced at herself consciously.. OHH FREAK ... !! She was nearly NAKED .. No she was actually naked totally.. Where was her dress.. Her heart felt like it was about to come out of her mouth once.. WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS HAPPENING.. !! Shilpa quickly draped the sheets around her body quickly and glanced at Armaan who walked near dressing table brushing his hair acting as if nothing really happened.. Questions started flooding through her mind like a rail.. What was happening why was she naked.. The last thing she wished was finding herself naked infront of the Arrogant Mallik..  Was this a dream... ? It better me her worst dream as she still count swallow everything as a reality.. Just then small bits of memories of last night rushed in her head.. She was drunk.. No they both were drunk high.. She remembered making her way to the hotel with him.. They did some talking.. She couldnt gather up what they talked about.. But blur images came in her mind reminding her there was some talks.. And then both landing up on the bed.. His hands running on the strap of her dress pulling it down.. Did he.. ?? OH YES it was Armaan who took of her dress.. She remembered that much.. YES YES.. Gathering the sheets securely around her body she got up from the bed and marched towards him in fury.. Armaan sees her reflection in the mirror , looking ready to kill him in the spot.. He swallowed and turned around only to get a hard smack on his cheek...
Shilpa : HOW COULD YOU... !!!
Armaan : WHAT.. !! You are acting as if i have raped you..
Shilpa stared at him fuming not knowing what to say to him.. Too much kept running in her mind..  She felt again herself getting distracted seeing the half naked body of his..
Shilpa : Will you dress up fully for godsake..
Armaan : I can do that but that sheets are not going to support to like forever.. You see accidents do happen..
He grinned at her shamelessly making her anger grow.. She held the sheets  tightly not willing to expose infront of him..
Armaan : Anyways whats their to hide anymore.. I have already seen you naked...
Shilpa : You know what.. You name needs a extension.. Arrogant Shameless Mallik...
Armaan : Nice initials.. ASM...
Shilpa : Will you stop your nonsense and explain me everything.. And your explanation better be good enough cauxe i do remember you taking of my dress... How could you.. You are such a jerk Armaan Mallik..
He stared at her with a arrogant smile on his face..
Armaan : Well let me recall whatever happened.. Hmm As far as i remember you were the one who started.. You forced me to drink that tequila..
Shilpa points a finger at him protesting...
Shilpa : I didint force you.. You are such a liar..
Armaan : Soo madam stop putting all fault on me.. You are equally responsible with me for whatever happened last night..
She looked at him with a thudding heart..
Shilpa : Last night what happened last night..
He stared at her blankly without a word while she crossed her fingers praying to hear something soothing.. NO NO plzzz I didint sleep with this Armaan Mallik.. NO way...!!
Armaan : I dont remember...
Shilpa : Huh... ? What do u mean that you dont remember..
Armaan : Excuse me.. I was drunk like you last night.. Do you really expect me to remember anything about last night..
Shilpa looked at him trying not to show the fear in her face.. Did really something happened between them last night..
Shilpa : Am sure nothing happened between us...
Shilpa looks away from him and start to walk away when he speaks out loud..
Armaan : I dont agree with you...
Her heartbeat raised at once while he stared at her dead serious...
Armaan : I was in same condition when i woke up.. And our positions.. Well i dont think you would be much elated to know about it..
Shilpa stared at him stunned while he walked pass from her to the cupboard picking up his clothes while she took a seat on the bed trying to absorb what he said..

2 weeks later :

Two weeks passed in a blur which turned out two horrible weeks for Shilpa as she kept trying to accept the hard reality.. After what happened that day Shilpa didint wish to get out of her hotel room.. The same behavior she maintained in the plane eventhough she had the landing and takeoff sickness.. The last thing she wished to do was take his help knowing she might have actually slept with him in drunken condition.. That made a uneasy feel rise in her body everytime.. Knowing he might have touch her like no other person touched before.. But after she came back to Mumbai she became more suspicious towards the thought.. She didint feel any sort of change in her.. She should have .. If she really had spent a night with him.. But he was soo sure about it.. Did he really remember something about the night.. Was he hiding something from her.. ? Shilpa noticed how he got engrossed in his work as they came back from the trip.. In this two weeks she hardly saw him around the hospital and mostly her duty was with Dr.Anjali who oftenly questioned her about the trip.. Part of her was relieved knowing she didint have to confront with him but also she did felt more curious on his behavior as the days passed...
Shilpa came out of her thoughts as she felt a tap on her shoulder.. She looked up to see Anjali looking her with a smile..
Anjali : Dr. Shilpa.. Done with your breaktime.. ?
Shilpa gets up hasitly...
Shilpa : Ohh yeah i am.. Sorry Dr. Anjali i will go for rounds now..
Anjali : Wait wait.. I am not here to call you back.. Infact my duty with you has ended.. Dr.Armaan has told me to send you to him...
Her heart started beating wildly as she thought of how to face him again.. It was not easy.. Not after what happened in that stupid night.. Giving a nod Shilpa walks away with a thudding heart..

Armaan kept reading his file when he noticed Shilpa walking inside his cabin.. Keeping away the file he gets up with a smile walking towards her.. Shilpa at once backed away seeing him getting close..
Armaan : Hello Dr.Shilpa.. You missed me..
Shilpa moved away from him taking a seat to avoid closeness with him..
Shilpa : Why would i miss you..
Armaan :Well after what happened..
Shilpa snaps at him angrily..
Shilpa : I dont wish to talk about that stupid night...
Armaan : Stupid night.. ? I have a feeling it must have been a special night..
Shilpa : How do you know.. ? As you said you have no memory of that night..
Armaan smiles and bends down to her close enough to sense the nervousness running through her.. He felt a excitement run through his veins seeing the flushed look on her face... He moved his lips near her ear and whispered huskily..
Armaan : Yes i dont have any memory.. But i was thinking since we might have shared something in unconscious state why not start it in conscious state.. ?
Shilpa trembles hearing his words.. She tries to put a warning look on her face but kept getting unsuccessful in it..
Shilpa : Dont you dare..
Armaan : Ohh no i love daring... Did i say to you i am glad to see u in western clothes today...
Shilpa opens her mouth to protest but her words come to a halt as he start to kiss her hungrily.. She couldnt help but feel how sensuously his lips moved on hers.. Not only one time everytime.. But today there was something different about his kiss.. It was more of demanding kiss , asking her to respond to him to increase the level of passion between them.. She moaned softly as his lips traveled down from her chin to her neck trailing the soft skin teasing her.. Her eyes shot up as he gave a bite on her neck teasingly making her gasp in a mixture of pain and pleasure.. His hands worked down on the straps of the dress slowly pulling them down exposing her creamy white skin infront of his eyes.. He traced his lips on her shoulder and collarbone merely teasing her in every kiss.. He moved up and stared at her with such a passion which made her heart jump in excitement and fear.. A mixture which she could figure out.. His eyes showed something he wanted from her... This time he kissed her with such a authority and passion that she couldnt help but respond back to him with eagerness.. Never in her life she met such a person who could drive her crazy in one second.. Just one look from him.. One touch.. Even his presence effected her.. She wanted to deny the fact but everytime he came close to her she forgot everything.. Lost in his charm she felt her own hands opening few buttons on his shirt.. Placing her hand on his heart she moved on his neck trailing soft kisses making him groan..  She held him close while nibbling on his neck trailing her lips upto his earlobe, when suddenly a knock brings them back into reality.. Realizing what she was doing she push him away awkwardly correcting herself while Armaan quickly buttons up his shirt avoiding her gaze..  He moves away and opens the door to see Rahul standing with a amused look..
Rahul : What took you so long..
Armaan quickly looked at Shilpa who looks away embarrassed.. 
Armaan : We were buxy in some work..
Rahul : Some work.. You both were soo much involved in the work that you guyz didint hear me knocking repeatedly..
All of a sudden Shilpa felt a uneasiness rise in her chest.. She started to feel dizzy while her mouth went dry with the feeling of puking inside her.. NO NO she was not going to Vomit here.. Not in his office.. Shilpa slowly covers her mouth while gripping the chair tightly...
Armaan : I have told you we were working Dr.Rahul..
Rahul opens his mouth to answer when he notice the pale look on Shilpa's face.. He notice her face all white ..
Rahul : Umm Bro.. Have a look at her..
Armaan glares at him and turns to Shilpa to notice a her face all white.. She looked like she was about to throw up.. THROW UP.. !! In his office..
Armaan : Go to washroom fast..
Shilpa didint need a second order she rushed inside his washroom while Armaan and Rahul stood stunned hearing her vomit inside..
Rahul : I guess she might have ate something bad..
Armaan looked away from Rahul his thoughts were stick on something else..
Just then they here a loud voice come from the washroom .. Armaan quickly rush inside to see Shilpa lying on the floor unconscious..

She opened her eyes weakly and looked at Armaan who stood near her bed glancing at her blankly... Everything swept in her mind at once.. Vomiting and then Fainting.. Shilpa slowly sits up on the bed avoiding his gaze..
Shilpa : Where are others ??
Armaan : I have sent them back to work.. And i needed to have talk with you alone.. ?
Shilpa looks away uneasily
Shilpa : I guess i must have ate something bad.. ?
Armaan : Ohh Really.. Stop amusing me..
Shilpa : Why would i do that.. ?
Armaan : Cauxe i feel you are trying to run away from the truth..
Shilpa : I am NOT running away from anything.. What truth there is no truth..
He looked at her with blankly while his voice full of seriousness..
Armaan : We both know something happened between us that night.. And this signs you are getting... Dont you think you might be pregnant.. ??
Dont you think you might be pregnant... Dont you think you might be pregnant.. The question kept running in her mind for a long time.. She stared at him with wide eyes trying to absorb the words.. PREGNANT.. !!!  No she cant be Pregnant.. NO NO NOOO... !!!!


Precap : Tongue

Finally here comes it.. !!

Shilpa : I have Already Told u I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!!
Armaan : Well I am saying.. Just in case..
Shilpa : Just in case is not even possible I know i am not pregnant For your kind information NOTHING happened between us..
Armaan : Well Sorry to inform you i dont believe in your words.. Mark my words if u Pregnant we get married within this week..
Shilpa : And what if i am not Pregnant...
Armaan : You really wanna know...
Shilpa : Ohh Yes i do...
Armaan : Well than if You are not pregnant.. We dont get married in this week
Shilpa : Thankgod...
Shilpa looks at him walk away with a arrogant smile on his face.. Just than he turns back to her with a smile which tells her something was cooking in his mind..
Armaan : Ohh Ya i forgot to tell you onething.. If you are not pregnant we will get married next month...
A stunned Shilpa comes back to reality as he starts to walk away..
Shilpa : YOU JERK !!... I Am not getting married to you... NEVER EVER  AND I MEAN IT.. !!


Love Aishy

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