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Part 9 : Our Ways



"say fast dad... I m in a hurry..." Eshaan said while sitting on the couch ' and Riddimaa sat on the floor in front of him for tying his shoe less...

"yea that I can see.... but where r u going in so hurry?" Arman grinned and sat beside him and winked at Riddimaa... making Riddimaa glare at him.

Arman had came home early to help her in packing and all as they will be leaving at night for otty.

"daddd!!" Eshaan tried to run out when Arman hold his collar from back and pulls him in his hold.

"kahann beta kahaan?" Arman cocked his eye-brow.

"GOD !!! I m going for meeting Simran ' before we leave... now can I leave..?" Eshaan said getting pissed off....

"ohhhhooo... sorrry sorry jayee jayea" Eshaan ran out

"Arman..! kyun kartain hain app ausa embarss..." Riddima angrily said '

"Areee... what did I do... I just said..."


"go now see who is it" Riddima glared at him once more and made her way to kitchen to pack some food for the trip.

"kon tahh?" she asked coming out from kitchen with a tiff-en.

"post man... koi letter hai!" Arman looked at it strangely

Riddima peeped her head in and got shocked to see a red color heart shape drawn on it and his name was in the middle of it...

she moved backed ' taking a gulp and slowly made her way in the room. Getting all emotional... she had a great day and night and today she thought was a new start of their life but '. but what if ' what if something wrong happened... what will she do...?

standing in front of the mirror she saw a purple damp on her neck.... she touched it ' just to hiss in pain. She closed her eyes when she felt his lips kiss her their. She groaned and tears made their way. He kissed her ' caressed her skin with love...

he turned her swiftly holding her bare-waist.

Leja Leja Tere Sang O Piya
Leja Leja Leja Tere Sang O Piyaa..
Tere Bina Maane Na Mera Jiya, Ab Kuchh Jaane Na, Leja Na
Tere Bina Maane Na Mera Jiya, Ab Kuchh Jaane Na O Ho
Tu Mera Junoon Hai, Tu Mera Sukun Hai, Yeh Janata Hai Khuda
Jine Na De Ek Lamaha Bhi, Yaadon Ki Tanhaiyaan
Pichhe Pichhe Chalati Rahein Khwaabon Ki Parchhaiyan
Kiya Hai Bharosa Dena Nahi Dhokha, Ummid Na Todana
Tu Mera Junoon Hai, Tu Mera Sukun Hai, Yeh Janata Hai Khuda
Leja Leja Tere Sang O Piya, Leja Mainu Leja Tere Sang

 kissed her head, trailing down kissing each off her eyes then kissed the tip of her nose tip ' brushing his lips with hers.......

looking in her eyes promising her he will never leave her... - as he really likes her alottt. Though he had not confess but still they were truly madly deeply in love with each other. He wanted her to trust him and she trusted him blinded.... she jumped on him... hugging him, not even want him to go away for a second....

"riddimaa..." he apart her "Open it...." he passed the letter to her "I want you to open it..." he passed the closed letter, she shook her head and looked away. "please" his voice trembled which made her turn towards him.

"hmm" she picked the letter with trembling hand. She looked up at him for assurance and he blinked his eyes to assure her. She gulped and open to see

Dear Arman,

Hi ' how r u? I m fine here and had achieved my goals today. I have gain what I always wanted to have in my life. Popularity ' fame and all. And today Ayes-ha Rai is one of the famous fashion designer. You must have read about me..! I know some where you have put source on me to get me here today and I really thank you from my heart.

This letter is too small to tell what I feel right now. I wanted to call but did not had courage to that. So I m sending this letter. I really miss you baby. Today I have achieved what I needed and now I want you back honey... and off course Our son..! he might be quite big now nahi? 6 years '
6 years went in clicks.... I know it might be hard for you '. I have hurt you a lot... but I want you to forgive me and come to me here in London. I have every........................

Riddima threw the paper on floor and ran away out of the room.

Arman frowned at her reaction and at once picked the letter to read what made her ran away like that '. as soon he read --- he kept on shoo-king his head.

I have everything except you and my baby... I want both of you back... please do inform me.

Love Ayesha

Ur Ayesha

Arman teared the paper in to pieces and groaned loudly in anger and hit the mirror making himself injured... and sat on bed with his hand hanging downwards and his eyes shedding tears.

Jine Na De Ek Lamaha Bhi, Yaadon Ki Tanhaiyaan
Pichhe Pichhe Chalati Rahein Khwaabon Ki Parchhaiyan
Kiya Hai Bharosa Dena Nahi Dhokha, Ummid Na Todana
Tu Mera Junoon Hai, Tu Mera Sukun Hai, Yeh Janata Hai Khuda
Leja Leja Tere Sang O Piya, Leja Mainu Leja Tere Sang

Riddimaa ran straight in the room after hearing a loud voice of glass breaking just to see blood dropping off his hand... she picked up the first-aid box from her side table and hurriedly sat on floor in between his wide open legs... and sobbed loudly. He looked up

at her and saw her crying.... he moved his spare hand to rub her tear when she slaps him across his face and slowly with lots of care she took out the small pieces of glass,blowing air to ease the pain... removing the blood through cotton she tied the white bandage over it... his heart ached when ever a drop fell from her eyes and the top she was not letting him remove it.

"riddima ' please don't cry..." he pleaded.

"shut up... just shut up ' you r the worst human being I ever met..." she retorted, stood to go away when he hold her sari's corner and pulled her closer...

"don't go..." he pleaded with a crying face ' she turned to face him and cried even more... he pulled her closer through waist and hugged her while sitting on bed... his face touched her bare-waist. She placed her hands on his head and caressed it

"Armmaann ..." she cried. "u should not have done that...." she sobbed and tried to make him quiet too as he was crying to, she could feel his wet eyes on her skin...

"why is she doing this...! when I m trying to forget her ' she calls me back... I don't need her any more... I don't want her... she betrayed my love... I will never see her face.... I hate her... she was and is bad... I will never go at her... nor my son '. he is my son.." he sobbed louder ' with occasional hiccups "Our son..! she is no where in our family.... we three r happy together... I don't need her to come and destroy my dream again..." he got up to go

"Arman....." she made him stop by holding his arms

"haan" not facing her...

"look at me..." she cleared her face

"haan" rubbing his face too and turned to see her giving him a faint smile... and calling him in a hug...he rushed and hugged her tight. "don't leave me Riddimaa..." he mumbled smelling her hairs....

"promise me Arman '. u wont leave me too?" he hugged him back and caressed his nap from back.

"never..." both mumbled....

when Eshaan jumped in the room and shouted loudly "hhhhhhhawwwwwwwwww"

"what were you two up too? Haan haaan" Eshaan came in while squeezing his eyes and placing his hand on his hips....

"wahiii beta that you will do with simran in future" Arman grinned

"Armann..!" she glared and went from their pushing him away.

"Dadddd" Eshaan blushed at 'simrans' name and followed his mom.

While Arman laughed and followed them.


"ootty is nice naaa" Riddima said trilling around her new room

"yeaa" Arman said and placed Eshaan on the bed.

"I think we should rest too... it was a long journey" Arman added.

"hmmm... u sleep ' I m going out in the gallery to see the view...." Riddima said and stepped in the gallery, closing the door from behind. "whooho... its cold" she mumbled as a cold wind passed by her making her shiver.

"Is itt...?" she heard his voice from the back

"Armmaannn... go and have some rest naa" she said and felt his hand crawling beneath her arms and taking hold her waist from back and clutching her into a hug from behind '

"hmmm... I wanted to sleep with you in the bed.... and now you r here sooo.... I m here.!" he clutched her more tightly.

"achaaw?" she teased

"haan..!" he bit her ear

"ssssiii" she hissed "arrman... Eshaan bhi haa yahan if you know that !!" she pointed

"so what..?" Arman moved her hair away and kissed her neck and found his bit on her nape, he kissed her their....

"armann... koi dheka laga..." she pushed him

"Riddimmaa" he sang her name and followed her in...

"Kya haa" she glared.

"dard ho raha hai!" he pouted

"kahan?" she walked up to him with she thought his injured hand is paining.....

he with lots of difficulty open one button of his shirt from one hand as he had bandage on other hand, so Riddima opens other to help him...

"kahan batain naa" she looked in his eyes.

"yahannn" he pointed at Hicky that she had given him that night...

"Arman!!!" she turned to go and he swift-ed her in his arms

"do something naa its etching..." he made groaning face, seeing him groan. She thought its really hurting him.... she stood on her toe and with his support she kissed him their again sucking it, making him moan in wards with pleasure... she kissed it twice before moving away

"now fine..?" she asked

"yea ' much better..." he acted further and pulled her closer, moving closer to kiss her

"maa..." Eshaan whined in his sleep while Riddimaa made her way to Eshaan and Arman

Armann.... kept on hitting his head with anger

"mera beta mera he dushman ban gaya haii yarr..."

 he mumbled and walked out of the room....

Love M

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