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AR os : It turns out like everyday

"GOOO INDIAAA!",came his voice. Riddhima shook her head from the kitchen at her crazy husband,and carefully put the last mix of spice in the dish she was making for dinner,while adjusting her specs to read the recipe. She knew Armaan wouldn't come today and snake his arms around her waist and disturb her to no end while making dinner, because obviously..he was too busy in his match.

It was India v/s Australia today,and Armaan was all ready in his blue "Sachin Tendulkar" Jersey,in front of the TV, cheering up India and giving the players directions as if they could hear him. Cheers of 'Abbey Spin kar Bhaji' or maybe to the umpire-'ITS A SAVE! HE ENTERED AT THE LAST MINUTE! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF!?', could be heard within seconds of the one prior to it. Sometimes when these days came, Riddhima hated the TV, the game, the players..Because Armaan would totally be lost in them. Putting her dish in the container, Riddhima wiped her hands and smiled satisfactorily as she went out to the living room. To him.

And there he was, eyes wide at the 32 inch LCD, his hair ruffled and his expression of great concentration. He had a box of his and Riddhima's favourite potato crunchies,Pringles..BBQ flavoured in his hand and was muching it away. Riddhima narrowed her eyes. She wanted some of those too. Nomatter how mature and grown up both of them were, everyone knew Armaan and Riddhima were real children in their acts when it came to their favourites. So there,Mrs.Mallik edged closer to her husband on the sofa and coughed. Only to get a munch from Armaan as the response.

Half-angry,half-amused,Riddhima slowly said,"Armaan?"
"Huh?", came a faint response from him. Literally clapping herself on the back,Riddhima grinned and began. "Armaan,Could I-",only to be cut off with..
"WE WON! WE WON! WOHOO! ON YOUR FACES YOU AUSSIESS! INDIAAA WON!",Armaan jumped up and danced to his own tune,grinning away. Riddhima sighed and frowned,and then picked up the remote and pressed mute.
"Riddhima!The Extra Innings will come now!",complained her hubby-dearest.
"Listen.To.Me.",she went seriously,"Then you can watch whatever you want."
"Okay.",he shrugged and plopped back on the sofa, eyes towards the screen again,Pringles muched away in all glory.

"Armaan I want the Pringles."
"No.",came the only response. Riddhima's mouth dropped.
"What? You're Refusing me..ME?"
"Yup.",he went casually,"Why should I give you..?"
Riddhima fumed,"You know I love them more than you.",her eyes narrowed.
"Oh hahaha. funny..Riddhima,So funny...NOT. You should do something to deserve this."
He was talking nonsense now,but who would understand that in their anger moment? Riddhima didn't too. She put her hands on her hips.

"Well..Okay.",she raised her head,"I know how to take this."
"You do?",he looked her.
She smiled mysteriously,"Ofcourse. I just have distract you..Which is very easy..and ta da! Done!"
Armaan turned towards her,"You think you can turn me on anytime?",he raised his eyebrows.She nodded victoriously,"you're wrong.",he said.
"Are you Challenging me?"
He gave a smirk,"Maybe."
"FINE.",she huffed,"Lets have a bet. If I turn you on,Right now..Then All those Pringles are Mine.And If I Don't..Then..",she hesitated,"those are yours.I won't ask for them."
"REALLY?",he said,excited. She nodded in finality. Armaan grinned,"You're ON."

She gave a triumphant nod and went to her room. Armaan made himself comfortable inside the sofa and munched on his favourite snack again,sighing. A minute later,the bedroom door closed and came her voice,"Armaan?", the voice was soft,and tempting..almost seductive. Armaan smirked.
Getting no response from him,Riddhima softly went and stood before him. He looked past her,trying to watch the TV and ignore her. But Riddhima knew better.

"How do I look?", this caused Armaan to look up at her. She had her hands in her hips and had worn the sexiest dress alive, her black evening dress, which clung to her body,like it was hugging her tight..had a absolute bare back (Armaan knew), and ended a little high over her thighs,with a deep neckline. Her hair was open and she hadn't had any makeup. Armaan's throat dried up. Hell,this woman was impossible. She could make anyone and especially him,swoon anytime. His muching stopped as he just stared with his mouth agape. Riddhima smiled,and walked towards him. He gulped down his saliva once and then went back to staring dreamily.
"You're beautiful..",came his dazzled voice. She smirked,knowing it was working. Going closer,she climbed on his lap on the sofa, blocking any view but herself. He was just mesmerised and very badly turned on,and just looked on with longing eyes. Bringing her head closer to his, she waited while her breaths played with his own and then pecked his lips lightly. He could almost feel his head spinning.
"Armaan?",she said again,caressing his cheeks lightly with her fingers. Feeling her touch,he had closed his eyes and had leaned his face in her palm.
"Hmm?",came his dreamy voice.
"Do I turn you on?",she whispered seductively in his ear.
"Hmm..Yes..",he whispered back,intoxicated by her fragnance,"All the time,Love.."

"Then..",she started,"I WON!",quickly grabing the box of Pringles and sitting on the other end of the sofa,giggling and muching away in her win. Armaan's eyes opened with a pop as he realized his surroundings.
"What the hell?",he went, shocked on seeing her with the chips.
"I Won..Dumbhead! You just told me..That I turn you on!Hah!So I get all of this!"
"No-No..",he stuttered,"I mean,I just-I-Oh Damn. You girls do it so well.",he frowned.
"Whatever!",she went,giggled again and went back to picking another piece.

"Well you know you were Okayish. Like 8 on 10.",she stopped,while she was about to put the piece in her mouth and turned to him. He continued,"The best..Best seductress I've ever met..was..Yeah,My girlfriend back in College..What was her name?",he pretended to remember,while Riddhima narrowed her eyes,"Yeah..Tina.",his voice went dreamy,"She was sexy..Damn hot,man. She had this-this amazing soft hair,brown black,and soft skin..Aah..",he went on,and Riddhima's nose flared in anger,"And you know when she walked with me,everyone died with envy. And when she touched me-",he was cut off by a sudden cushion hitting his face. When he removed it, he saw Riddhima marching towards the room. He understood his joke had gone too far.

"Riddhima! Basket-Basket..",he stopped her,and pulled her back just in front of the bedroom door. She shrugged his arm away. Armaan clicked his tongue,and started,"Basket-"
"Go to hell. Just Go to hell. Oh no,no..I'll give you a better idea,Go to that Tina,or whatever. Why me,when she can satisfy you better?",came her halfbroken sarcastic voice. Thats when Armaan saw tears in her eyes.
"Baby...Dun cry. Hey Basket look I was-"
"Just leave me..",she wriggled to get out of his arms.
"SSH.",he quietened her,"Shut up and listen.",he said with finality in his tone and she looked up.
"I was joking,Sweetheart..",he explained while she rolled her eyes,"Look,I didn't have ANY girlfriend named Tina in my college..and although I know I was a casanova,but no one ever seduced me. Or I didn't let them."

She looked away,her hands crossed in front of her chest,"You're lying."
Armaan sighed,"See? Now When I was believed it as the truth. Now when I'm saying the truth,you're saying I'm lying? Riddhima..",he made her turn towards him,"Basket,I swear  you are the only woman in the whole world who can seduce me..Successfully. I always deny but you can turn me on any time and you know that, and in everything,you're the most beautiful,stunning,mesmerising, hot and sexiest woman alive.",he whispered the last part in her ear,and went closer and whispered again,"And just so you know I'm serious..I'm telling you,I lost my virginity with you.."
"Shut up shameless!",she hit his arm and half-blushed and half-giggled.
"What?I'm serious.",he went,grinning.
"Fine.",she said leaning up to peck his cheek,"I know you're mine."

"I am.",he said softly,"And I love you."
"I do too. Love you,I mean.",she giggled.
"Okay.",he sighed,"The Pringles fight end. Lets go and have dinner.",saying so, he picked her up in his arms in a swift blinding motion.
"ARMAAN!",came her signature response.

And it turned out like everyday...Everyday in Mr. and Mrs.Mallik's happy home.


Maitree <3

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