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AR OS : My Stranger

"I don't believe we have met before", Riddhima mumbled, as she turned back to the stranger, who was eyeing her since long...
She was also an invitee to Drashti's Party and she knew, almost everyone who was present there but...this tall, extremely handsome young man was a total stranger to her.
She was, in fact, somewhat dazed when she noticed that this unknown person was from time to time stealing a glance at her.
His big impressive eyes were enough to make her shudder and send chill down her spine. He was not looking like a bad-eyed man...but still Riddhima was getting a bit restless...
Riddhima was a computer science student and it was her last year in the college...She was a hit with all her friends and she was quiet famous in the college. This was not only because of the fact that she was very beautiful and attractive but also because of her industrious nature and studious being. She was a topper of her batch...Due to which, she had many a wooers and admirers for her in the college.

But there, she was...simple calm and down to earth. She loved her family consisting of her father mother and an elder sister. They had high hopes from her. Her father was an established businessman.

Now, that she was in her last year of college. She was getting pretty good proposals for marriage but her father never talked anything seriously with her. He wanted her to get established and settled in her life. He never forced anything on her. And that's why till date he never compelled her to get married. He left the decision almost on her for what she wants to do in future.
And ... She , herself was always so much engrossed in studies that she hardly thought about marriage, like most of the girl of her age did.

When she got up next morning, after the party, she found herself thinking about the unknown Stranger whom she met at the party.
Tall handsome good looking young man...with beautiful eyes...which she was sure was gazing her last night...and not to forget his million dollars- dimpled smile!

As she thought about him being handsome and gentlemanly, she was quite embarrassed. This was so not her cup of tea! This was first time ever that she was thinking about a man in this manner! ...How could she???

She didn't even know him. But this young man was different. She was not in her actual senses when she thought about him. In fact, after he had approached her last night. She was reluctant to be familiar with him. Her nature forbade her from doing so....But....But this young man was different...He engaged her so well in his talks that she could hardly say no to him. In the short span that they talked to each other, he revealed that he was Indian but lived in Amsterdam. Though he had his early education from Mumbai, his family was well-settled in Amsterdam...And that His name is Armaan...Armaan Mallik!!!

Though this unknown person was UNKNOWN but a very FAMILIAR one!

Having giving all her best to distract her mind from these thoughts of him, she failed miserably. Every time she thought of something else her thoughts land up at the last night party events ... and her introduction to this unknown yet known Stranger!

She was standing in the balcony of her room...

A small encounter with this stranger was having a severe impact she imagined him Standing beside her...She was shocked to see him but as soon as he disappeared...she shook her head sideways...Traumatized at her thoughts...She went inside, closing the balcony door...she turned to get one shock again ...Her eyes were wide open seeing what was in front of her eyes!.... She saw him sitting on her bed as she came in the room from balcony...

This was the limit she thought...Again Imagining!!! She shook her head and blinked her eyes waiting for him to disappear......but nothing of that sort happened....He was still there...Sitting on her bed with exceptionally Adorable cute smile...yet...looking Extremely Hot, Sexy and handsome and.....DESIRABLE.......Armaan......My Armaan!..........She got shockingly embarrassed and embarrassingly shocked(=hehe! :P)...on her own thoughts...and blushed talking about him in that way!
She went in ...more close to he dint see him gazing at her...His deep expressive eyes which was giving her a new different feeling...All she could do was to stare back at them...losing the senses and reality of the world...she just felt like drowning in them...He took few steps forward to just stand an inch away in front of her...Moments spent...Staring at each other was all they were doing...She was feeling shy..seeing him and the way he was looking...she lowered her eyes.........................But looked up instantly with a pleasant surprise when she felt his both hands cupping her face...forcing her to see see in his eyes the pool of emotions hidden in them...Then came the next surprise...when his one hand left her face and travelled back to her backside...Resting his hands on her lower back he pulled her...more close to him! She felt his breath on her face making her heart beat with double the speed!!!His lips were barely an inch apart from her skin...not touching though...! Her heart stopped for a moment when she felt his lips on her forehead...! There he planted a small kiss and moved back to see her.

She was no more the simple Riddhima she was............! She was mesmerized by him!...She took her hands to touch him..........just to get back into the REAL hearing the loud banging on her bedroom door!

In the evening, as she was relaxing with a book an hand, her mother announced the arrival of some unexpected guests...At least that was told to her!

She was asked to get dressed in a better way...every no and then some or the other will come up to her...she also heard "shaadi" and "ladke wale" kinda words...She knew something was fishy!

Later when she was coming down the stairway to welcome the guests, she was handed a tray of delicious snacks for the guests!

As she entered the living room, Riddhima realized with a shock that Armaan was one among them...or once she though she is again imagining him but was proved wrong when he touched her mother's feet and her mother first trying to stop him but then blessed him saying...  "Arey Armaan beta, Jeete raho!" She was still standing there with the tray in her hand and almost a horror stricken face!

Her mother saw Riddhima standing at the doorway and went to bring her in.
She dint knew the reason...and what all was happening was clueless to her...As She was more of a stunned to see Armaan IN REAL present there... Greeting the elders....She was made to sit there beside her father , unknown to the pair of eyes on her...And then her head snapped up listening to her father's words... "Yeh hai Riddhima, our younger daughter and Riddhima they are Mallik family and he" pointing towards Armaan, he continued..."Aap toh inse mil hi li hongi!" Her father smiled a big smile after saying that! And all began to talk again!

And as everyone started laughing, Riddhima realized that, it was her father's way of indirectly introducing her to her future husband.

Riddhima was pleasingly surprised and was trying not to blush too hard. She heard her sister laughingly saying, "arey meri behena, shocking mode se baha aa......and tell us...Armaan pasand aaya?"
Riddhima could not utter a single word and looked down...soon she was hugged by her sister but then her jiju(her sister's husband) continued playfully, "Kyun Riddhima...jaldi answer bata...verna yeh sab bhaag jayenge"...........She instantly looked up to see Armaan looking at her lovingly with a big smile on his face trying his best to hide his smirk...He too asked through his eyes...waiting for hr to say "Yes!". Riddhima was yet in surprise but she could not say no to her father's choice because now he was her choice too! She slightly nodded and blushed to the deepest color of red!

All were happy, as the rishta was fixed. Their marriage date was decided after five months by the panditji, followed by the sulking face of Armaan on listening to the date decided. All laughed seeing him........ Having done with few rituals, Armaan and Riddhima were sent to her room so that they can talk alone!

In her room,
As usual the to-be-bride was silent and the to-be-bridegroom started the conversation!
Riddhima was getting flashes o her wild dream she dreamt in morning today when she was actually with Armaan in her room!

Armaan-"toh...ab to shaadi ho jayegi tumhaari"....she looked up at him to see him smiling...she could not stop herself and they both burst out laughing!

Riddhima remembered their conversation last night when she talked about that she was not interested in any guy and so her marriage in near future was not in cards according to her!
She continued, "Haan vo toh hai...Shaadi ho jayegi"
They laughed again, and Armaan was lost in the real beauty in front of her...She felt his gaze on her and turned to get lost in his eyes...once again.....but to be brought back to reality when she heard someone coughing...

They turned to look at her sister Laughing like a maniac she continued, "Shaadi toh ho jaayegi...aur pyaar?" turning both Armaan and Riddhima to blush hard....Riddhima looked up with anger "Diiiiiiii.......why were you listening to our talks"...

Her jiju too joined them and continued,"acha tere romance ke beech aa gaye toh gussa aa gayi and what about when you were teasing us at our marriage hun!!!"

Riddhima complainingly said, "Jijuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Riddhima's sister-"okie okie baba chilla mat jaa rahe hain hum log" Winking at Riddhima they went downstairs!

Riddhima shook her head and turned around to see Armaan standing so close to her!
Riddhima(confused)-"what so?"
Armaan-"aur pyaar?"
She blushed listening to him. That is when e took her in his arms and continued, " look so cute when you blush...I am so feeling like kissing you now" he said cheerfully
Making Riddhima hide her face in his chest...she embraced him back...They both stood there in each other's arm.
It was when Riddhima continued, "Armaan...!"

Armaan- "Hmm..."
Riddhima(she looked up at him)- "aur pyaar?"
Making Armaan showing his dimples, he smilingly said "Vo bhi ho jayega" saying that he kissed her cheeks! For few moments they stared...and then His hold tightened on her and he pulled her more closer to him...He took her in his arms, holding her tightly, he buried his face in between her ear and neck... he took his one hand up to one side of her neck near his face to remove hairs off her shoulder and whispered in her ear-"Shayad ho chukka hai!" ......
She was too lost in him to be in senses and reply to him. She clutched him tightly when she felt him kissing below her ears. She heard him saying, "I love you Riddhima!"


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