Saturday, 1 June 2019

AR OS : What Lies Behind Betrayal

You listen to me first!", said a boy around 23 to a girl the age of 22 with rising anger. " I don't care if you made a mistake or not Dr.Nikita you've played with my feelings Nikki I loved u but all u did was stab me in the back.... How could u do this to me? Like if u loved Abhi than why play with my feelings am I not a human?" He let out his feelings while the girl just stood there with no expression on her face just plain ignorance. " I really don't care about u n u'r love I thought I loved u but then abhi came into my life and I realized u were a mistake... u get that?" She replied with arrogance. He stood there heartbroken, and instead of replying he just left her there simply just left  her while she had a huge smile on her face. She took out her phone and dialed a number........ "hello Abhi hi baby........... yes I did it I got the contract papers the property is all ours now so No Worries kay....... I know I am the best and I love u too" she talked with Abhi for a while.

On the other hand the boy who's name is Armaan walks to her cabin her best friend her all time companion his someone special someone he can't apperantly live without his love his Riddhima his wife " Riddhima!" he calls out, as she looks up admiring her love the Armaan mallik her best friend her boss but her pride." Hmmmm. bolo" she replies." She dumped me" " What how could she do that doesn't she love u weren't u and her inseperable...."
She replied so fast that her words were hardly recognizable but he heard her he heard everything and understood her feelings because he knew her so well. he knew her more than he knew himself and it was the same with her. He laughed out loud as he her act like she is so surprised, " oh come on Riddhima we knew this was all a set up then why act so disturbed?" he said " Well, armaan u see hum yaahan ad agency khol ke baitein hain to thodi si acting maine bhi karli aur vaise bhi kya farak  padhta hain Nikki uuska sabak seekh ke hi raahe gi!" She answers with  the sweetest expression.


" Nahi Abhi abhi tak nahi hua lekin 2 din mein ho jaayega I promise aur vaise bhi yeh Nikki ka vaada hai!" She retorted gleemely to the other person who is definetly Abhi. " Thanks Nikki u are my true love thank u soo much ab kaun rokega Armaan ko raaste pe aane se I mean uusne saare office ke saamne meri insult ki thi ab main uusse nahi chodunga usse sazaa milke hi rahe gi!" Hr answered evily with a smirk on his face. What they didn't realize is that she was standing right there Riddhima was standing right there outside his room!


They both smiled as she retold the story." So ab Abhi ko kaun rokega barbaad hone se!" as broke into laughter once again. They turned to the door as they heard it opening and looked at the person and simply just smiled, " hey mom" said Armaan" hello beta kya kar rahe ho mere bina itni hassi?" she asked , " Nahi ma actually hum Abhi ki barbaadi pe has raahe the ab voh nakli papers dekh ke kya haal hoga bas usska chehra imagine kar ke haasi aa rahi thi!" Riddhima replies to the question. " Hmmm. ye to bohut accha hai ki tum dono ne tumhaari shaadi ke baare mein kissiko nahi bataaya varna hum me nikki ka plan kaise pata chalta kaise karrti voh Armaan se pyar ka naatak sach beta I am really proud of u both!" They both bent down to get their mom's aashirvaad while she happily gave it to them!


" Riddhima " he said for the 15th time because she was taking so long in the bathroom. "Riddhima jaldi karo varna hum late hojaayege" " Aayi bas do minute" she replied. " Bas do minute bas do mniute karke do ghante laga diye Riddhima jaldi!" he turned his face when he saw her approaching him in the preetiest sari he has ever seen..............

look at the one on the left gotten from google images!

he smiles seeing her blush but he doesn't realized when he found himself walking toward her and gave her a peck on her forehead and said" You look beautiful" He siad while she just embraced him in a light hug which soon turned into a passionate one which made him and her both to look into in eachothers eyes and she just gently put his lips onto hers and they shared the longest kiss in history he releases the kiss and says, " Oye Hoye u look even more sexy when u blush!" which only made her blush even more. " Armaan jaana nahi hai?" she asks, " Arre ha bhool gaya chalo varna hamaari reception par hum hi late ho jayenge!"



" Armaan" Riddhima said, "hmmm" he replied, " Armaan I love you" while just smile and says " I don't love you" she looks at him confused and also worried like whats wrong, " I don't love you because when u say u love it is like I am saying it because we are one right" he explains on the other hand she just smiles at his answer and answers" Right forever and ever and ever!"


The two lived forever and ever and ever but onlytogether did they wish they would live together as in Armaan, Riddhima, Riya, Ryan, and their dog Bruno together they were the best of a family that shared their toughts with eachother and problems too!


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