Thursday, 20 June 2019

AR OS : You Belong With Me

Armaan was in his usual file-checking mode when his secretary peeped in.

"Yeah,Sally?",he said without looking up.
She tried hard to stifle her giggle and said,"Um,Sir..Mam had called."

He looked up at once,curiously at his secretary who was grinning from ear to ear.

"She..Well,was asking about your business dinner with Ms.Madhvi Sighania,our client for the Gurgaon project and well..she sounded.."
"What?Sounded what?",he asked eagerly.
"Well,erm..Angry,you know.Sir,she said to leave this message that she wants you to come home early tonight."

Armaan groaned. He knew his wife's anger too well by now.He held his head helplessly as he imagined her angry face bursting at him as he would enter his house.He looked at his secretary with a pained face and said,"Well,where was I when she called?"

"Sir,you were in that meeting with our company's board of directors..So.."
"Go now,Sally..Schedule my meetings for tomorrow..Please.."
"I already have Sir.",she said,still grinning.

He understood that she knew him too well by then.He mouthed a "Thanks" as he began collecting his things and as he checked his phone,his eyes almost popped out to see

"17 missed calls
30 new messages"

'Oh My',he thought,already half-scared of his wife.He viewed the messages and he knew he was trouble.BIG trouble.HUGE trouble.
Some of them just made him shudder.

"Listen,MISTER. Stop sticking to some chipkali and come home."

"Is your phone DEAD?You just know I'm gonna kill you if you're not here.FAST."

"Look,I will M.U.R.D.E.R. you!"

"Seems like you want to die today.IN MY HANDS. Gladly,I will fulfil your wish.Come Home!"

"Haven't you learnt English,mister?FAST means jaldi.It spells F-A-S-T."








" want to ignore ME?Go ahead.I'll go on a date with um..One of my BOYFRIENDS."


"To hell with you.I HATE YOU."

"Didn't you get it?I H-A-T-E you!"

"You have a WIFE,do you get it?you remember?Then come home,Mister 'OH-SO-POPULAR-AMONG-GIRLS-TOO-BUSY-FOR-HIS-WIFE' ARMAAN MALLIK!"

It was as if she was screaming at him.He winced thrice,imagining the scene in his mind.He gulped,wondering if he'd get any food for that night or not.He quickly got into his car,buying her favourite chocolates and flowers along the way,and then,practically running with his life to his door.

He took two deep breaths,cleared his throat and finally took the courage to ring the doorbell. In an instant,the door opened,revealing Riddhima in her mickey-mouse T-shirt,pink pjs and her hair in a messy bun.Not to forget,her nostrils flaring,her gaze glaring at him and without a word ,he got inside,following her,secretly keeping the things aside that he'd brought for her.

After the door was closed,he smiled a half-fake half-scared smile at her as she put her hands on her hips.
"Hey baby..",he tried to go near her,but she pushed hum away. When she didn't say anything and was going past him,he said again,"Baby..You're angry?"

She half-turned at this and looked at him with a raised eyebrow,"Angry?Oh no,never.I and angry?No,no,no..How can I get angry?"
She seemed so cute when she said it that Armaan was almost convinced and said,"Ya..I know you.You can't be angry,right?You were just missing-"

He was about to hold her,but then she turned fully and suddenly screamed at him,"GODDAMN ARMAAN MALLIK YOU GO OUT WITH SOME OTHER WOMAN AND YOU EXPECT ME NOT TO BE ANGRY?WHAT DO I DO?PARTY?"

He gulped at the words as he realised that she was not only angry,but VERY,very angry.Her nostrils flared and he cursed himself inwardly,because afterall,it was he himself that had led to this.He'd told Riddhima that he was going out to a business dinner and he'd be late,but not that the client was a WOMAN. Plus,he hadn't replied to her messages/calls and she's come to know the matter from his secretary.Double Dhamaka.

"Riddhima,Basket,I swear I didn't go out with her,it was just a business dinner-"
"OH?",she said sarcastically,looking more frightening but cute at the same time,"BECAUSE it was a so-called BUSINESS DINNER that you didn't tell me that your client was a WOMAN?"

"No,I seriously forgot..I am-"
"Was she beautiful,Armaan?",her voice was a loving one suddenly and he looked at her with a Question Mark face.

"Say na baby..Was she beautiful?",she said,lightly tracing his cheek.
"Um..yeah..I guess..",he said it with uncertainity and fear too,confused at her mood-swings.
"And Hot too?",she asked sweetly.
"Well,if you're asking..",he said,shrugging hesistantly,"She was kinda hot.I mean,with a formal skirt and blouse she-"
"HOT,huh?BEAUTIFUL,huh?",she blasted off again,and he lost his balance at the sudden outburst and fell on the sofa,"THAT IS WHY YOU WENT ON A DATE WITH HER?"
"Not date..Business dinner..We a-a-um..m-m-m-made a d-deal..",he stammered and she was still fuming with anger then.
"DEAL?Right! Deal,that because she is MORE beautiful and HOTTER than me,you will go out with HER and not tell me and say it was a business dinner!W-"

He didn't allow her to complete her words as he suddenly put his lips on hers,grabbing her to him.He slowly sucked and nibbled at her lips,causing her to open up under the effect and after a moment,they were kissing wildly.Her anger forgotten,she grabbed his hair,ruffling it,kissing him back and in the process,arousing him more.He left her lips and crazily began to kiss her jawline and throat,and she pulled him back to her again and when he finally left her,she was breathless.His face very close to hers,he said,his voice husky,
"Listen,Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Basket Mallik.Stop being so jealous,because I had JUST gone for a business dinner with Ms.Sighania and I LOVE you and ONLY YOU.Nothings more hotter than you in your red sari,or you in an evening dress,or you in your mickey mouse t-shirt and pjs or you in my arms.YOU are the hottest and most beautiful woman I know,and I LOVE you and only YOU.And..",she waited as he brought his lips to her ears and whispered,"YOU are so irrestible and SO sexy in this you even notice the effect you have on me,lady?"

He watched as Riddhima fought back a smile,biting her lips slightly..She was melting,slowly,so he titled his head and placed a kiss on her cheek.She instantly blushed.

"Oyye Hoyye..My Sexy Basket,you look so hot when you smile.Smile kiya karo!"
"Armaaaannn...",she said,turning redder and slowly pushing him away.
He held on tighter to her,grinning at the effect he was having on her,"Hey..Itna jealous kyun hoti ho tum?You know na I'm only yours?"
"Hmm..",she said,unsurely and also a little guiltily,seeing how casually and lovingly he handled her whenever she was angry and never got annoyed,"But why didn't you tell me about Ms.Sighania?",she said the name with a disgusting look which made him laugh.
"Arrey Basket,I forgot.",she gave him the 'OH-REALLY' kind of look,"No baby,I swear I am speaking the truth.I didn't think you wouldn't trust your husband even with a client."
"I'm sorry.",she whispered softly.
"I'm sorry too.",he said,smiling,"And..I have something for you!"
"What?What?",she said,excited at once.He pulled her cheeks.
"What was that?"
"You are CHHOO cute..Give Basket a gift,she'll be happyyy!"
"ARMAAN!",she said,protesting with a pout.

"Okay,Okay,Sorry.",he said,half-laughing,but rising his hands in surrender as he left her and went to take the things which he'd brought.

Her emrald-green eyes sparkled at the chocolates,and she stood on her toes to peck his cheek.
"OHMYGOSH Armaan Ferrero-Rocher?Gee I LOVE you!",she said,opening the box impatiently and putting one chocolate in her mouth right away,as if she was afraid that the next moment somebody would steal them.
Armaan smiled seing her.She looked so cute as she sighed with the chocolate in her mouth,then slowly melted it,so that it came out a little on her lips and cheek and she licked it off.She looked like a complete child..Armaan stared how beautiful she looked even in this form of hers.
"Mujhe nahin khilaogi?",he asked,making a puppy face.
"Hm?",she looked kind of sad,at the thought of sharing her favourite chocolates,and he grinned.
"Ok,Ok,nahi khaunga..Its only for you,Eat."
He was surprised to see that after popping another chocolate in her mouth,she came towards him,to feed him one.He opened his mouth,and as she held up the chocolate,he sucked it,looking at her,then popped it in.

"Its not as Yummy as you.",he said,after he'd finished.
"Sheesh,Armaan.Don't say that when you're kids give you a chocolate.What will they think?",she said,blushing.

Armaan was confused.Where the hell did kids come from  in their conversation about chocolates?He looked at her,puzzled,as she plastered a shy smile on her lips,and brought a file to him.
"File?Basket,I have just escaped files from office..And you..",he groaned and complained,but she smiled.
"Come it,na..its something for you..."
"Ya,ya..Files always have something for me,they-"
He cut off in mid-sentence,and she watched as his eyes went wide,he bit his lips,then looked at her.
"Are you serious?",he said,his eyes slowly turning moist.
Riddhima nodded.He looked down at the file again,read and re-read it,then embraced Riddhima in a bear-tight hug.
He wasn't saying anything,and that made her nervous.She looked at him unsurely,and even before she could she could say anything,he said,"Thank You..",very softly.

Riddhima smiled,and he hugged her again.Now he lifted her in air,and she looked at him in surprise.
"RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK I LOVE YOUUUU!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!",He shouted and her smile widened.
"Gosh,Basket...How long have you being knowing this?",he grinned between teary eyes,and she softly replied,"Since yesterday.."
"Riddhima..Our baby,OUR BABY! Our little Riddhima-"
"OR Little Armaan.."
"Yes,a cute little baby,Armaan and Riddhima's baby..Riddhima,we are going to BECOME PARREENNTTSS!",he hugged and rocked her.
"And you know what?",he looked at her,"Our baby's gonna have the best father on earth.."
He smiled,"And the sexiest mother on earth,tooo..Tch,Tch,his classmates will be So Jealous!"
"Hey,I'm serious,Okay?I can hardly wait..Riddhima,this is..I.."
"this is what?"
"The best gift of my life.."
"No tears,Alright?My baby doesn't like tears in the papa's eyes.",she said,wiping away the moist tears away.
"But,then..If this was what you wanted to tell me and that's why you asked me to come home soon..Then.."
"How come you guessed?"
"Now I did.But,then,Riddhima..Whats with the Jealousy?"
Riddhima hugged him again as he kissed her forehead,very softly,"That was pure acting skills,Mr.Mallik.Learnt from you.",he smiled and shook his head and she looked up at him,adding,"I know..That..You belong with me.."



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