Wednesday, 19 June 2019


" SO YOU'LL THINK I'M CHEATING ON YOU?" he shouted at her at last. It was enough now! He had been calmly listening to all her ramblings from the whole past hour but the girl just didn't seem to understand!

" YOU REALLY THINK ON CHEATING ON ME ARMAAN? YOU... YOU JERK!!!" she threw a vase in his direction.. still crying.. not because of emotions but coz of anger.. he was the one hugging that s**ty bitch and saying in his oh-so sweet tone 'i missed you too babe!' and now he even planned on cheating on riddhima? Great!

"basket!" he dodged the vase and it landed on the floor beside the cushion, the tv remote, the CD case and armaan's almost broken phone..

"basket me? Oh no! Go and miss your mini skirt girl! And yeah cheat on me with her... for all i care!" she shouted agian and ran up the stairs, each step loud enough for him to notice..

"tum pagal ho gyi ho riddhima! Stop putting words in my mouth! For god's sake i'm not cheating on you!"

"aww! And you feel bad about it mallik?" she spat back sarcastically..

"what? You just said that word! I didn't even say it riddhima!" he was done now.. how much was a man supposed to understand? And then they say its the girls who suffer domestic voilence!

She was about to close the door on his face when he caught it in time and pushed himself in..

"armaan!! kya kar rhe ho? Bahar jao!" she ordered him.. obviously, he was physically more stronger so the only option left was the anger-order!

"stop it riddhima!" he shouted on the top of his voice hoping that would shut her up.. she was always scared of his angry loud tone.. but guess what, today was different!

"i stop it? Armaan main na... main..main.." she looked around the room to hit him with something but he grabbed her arms and before she could think, pressed his lips on hers.. it was rough.. dominating.. she tried to protest first, and hit him with her fists and legs.. but he was no less either! He grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her back.. and no matter how much she denied him, his dominating side always turned her on...

before she knew, she had tangled her hands in his hair and was urging him closer... his hands went to her waist and tugged at her kurta..

her kurta, his shirt..

her,his...her,his...her,his. They took no time...

she shifted and nuzzled in his neck.. he wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her closer, in a more comfortable position...

she opened her eyes to see a small smile on his face, his eyes still closed.. she knew he was fast asleep..his heavy deep breathing was clearly showing that.. she possesively roamed her hand on his chest and stopped at where his heart was.. she moved closer and kept her head there..

"riddhima...riddhima...riddhima.." she whispered with each beat.. just as she had liked to do a hundred times before.. and just like each time, her blush had already taken its place..

"its always yours riddhima.." he spoke in her ear and fighting her smile, she looked up at him and huffed.. "i hate you.."

"i love you too bacha!" he smiled and kissed her nose, rolling her to the side..

"you're a cheater.." she accused him again, and she had decided she won't but placed a kiss on his nose too..

"i won't ever cheat on you.." he said with determination and love..

"but we were fighting and you kissed always do're a cheater.." she said again, indirectly telling him that how much ever did she fight with him or accuse him, she too knew he would never 'cheat'.. but that didn't make him any less of a 'cheater'!

"i can never cheat on you.." he said again.. though he had understood her context, he still repeated.. to make his love sure..

"why did you hug her and say her that?" she asked pouting..

"okay..pehle promise you won't laugh.."

"say it na.."

"acha see.. she barged in my cabin and hugged me saying how she missed me after college and all.. and honestly.. i had forgotten her name! So not to sound rude, i just said 'i missed you too babe' to push her a little away.." he added the last part sheepishly..

and as obvious, she started laughing hard..

To stop her, he had to cheat again, claiming her lips with his!


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