Monday, 10 June 2019


His hand held her from the waist and her hand rested over his. One of his legs was sprawled over both hers and his face was hidden in her neck. Just like any other night.. but it was quite different today, coz she wasn't asleep. He had been long asleep, his heavy breathing on her neck showed that, but she couldn't sleep. It was raining so heavily outside. And the thunderstorm. She was not scared of it, no, never say that. Let's just say, she didn't like thunderstorms. And lightning. She stretched her arm to tilt the bedside clock, it was 2. A.M. the lightning again, distracted her and she held on to armaan's hand even more tightly.. "mhhm.." he nuzzled in her neck and kissed her clavicle.

"armaan.." riddhima turned around and put her palm on his cheek..

"hmmm.." he let out in almost a whisper and held her tighter..

"armaan its raining.." she put one arm around his neck and the other on his cheek..

"yeah baby.." he held her waist and brought her almost over him..

"armaan..baadal bhi garaj rahe hain.." she put her head on the left side of his bare  chest to calm herself, that always worked.. he opened his sleepy eyes and soothed her hair..

"its okay basket..don't worry, I'm right here." He kissed her forehead and smiled a little..

She pouted, "but you were asleep.."

"I ain't anymore.." he let her lay beside hi and turned to face her.. he ran up his hand up and down her arm to calm her down.

And the lightning struck again.

She held his shoulder and hugged him, hiding her face in the crook of his neck.. "distract me armaan.." she almost pleaded..

"yeah that's a good idea.." he smirked and started to raise up her little pink nighty..

She held his hand and smacked it.. "not like that! Just...just talk to me.." she looked in his eyes and spoke ever so lightly, almost like a baby..

"hmm..what do you want to talk about?" he still managed to raise up her nighty and he now caressed her bare waist..

 "anything..." she wrapped both her arms around his neck and pecked his lips softly..

"the rain scares you?" he fiddled with the hook of her innerware and spat it open in a moment..

"armaan! Kya kar rahe ho! Chhoro mujhe.." she took his hand out and held it in hers..

"arre...main bhi toh sirf boxers me sota hoon...equal rights for girls and boys, remember?"

"jee nahi..just keep your hands to yourself.." she held his arm and put it round her waist, so he could hold her..

"not fair.." he murmured in her neck..

"armaan..." she ruffled his hair and looked up at her face, it glowed in the dark. Their was a faint light coming from the window, and the background tune of the rain falling in the balcony besides the bedroom made the ambience ever so perfect. He folded his leg, almost bringing his knee near her stomach and held both hers in place..

"haanji.." he gave a soft peck on her lips and waited for her reply, smiling looking at his angel..

"I love you!" she whispered near his lips and blushed, she always did. He still had that effect on her.. it felt like they were married last week, the last two years felt so small. And yet, each moment spent with each other was so fresh, so clear. She never understood this feeling..

"you do? Are you sure?" he asked naughtily, holding her hand and entwining their fingers together..

"well..i think're not that bad you know.." she too played along and giggled against his chest making him smile too..

"how bad mrs. Mallik? Coz you see, I can be really devilish, especially when you giggle like that against my body!" he winked at her and put a little strand of hair behind her ear, now leaving her hand..

"oh I know the devil inside you! you little jerk!" she pecked his nose and caressed his cheek with her thumb lazily..

"little you say! We men don't like to be called little you see! The big, the better!"

"you dirty pervert!" she smacked his shoulder and he came totally over her..

"I don't like this clothing between us.." he huskily whispered near her near and brought her nighty even higher, just near her chest, almost to take it out..

"what a coincidence, me neither!" he had managed to turn her on all this while, after all. She winked and brought him closer, joining their lips and bringing down her hand near the waistline of his shorts..

One by one, step by step, moans after moans, kiss after another, heavy breaths and aching bodies.

The thunderstorm, the lightning, long was still drizzling when the sun came up and both laid asleep in each other's embrace.


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