Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Her body was still sore from last night's 'celebrations'. She moaned feeling the pain between her legs..drawing her hand to hide herself in him, she moved it on his side of the bed. Frowning at not finding him, she turned in her sleep hoping to get closer to him some way or the other. She found his hand and the smile reappeared..she moved her hand again to find his face, her eyes still close.. "mhhmm.." he murmured sleepily when her fingers poked his eyes and nose.. she opened her eyes to look at him, only to find him kneeling beside the bed and sleeping with his head on the bed and she wasn't sure if what she saw in his hand was a diamond ring.. she thought she was still asleep..she called out his name and shook his hand. "armaan..bebu?"

"uh..haan..haan...oh shona..no no no no no go back to sleep please..yeah let's do it again..once more please.." he started blabbering incoherently and sat up straight, holding out the ring in his hand now as she went back to lay down with a confused frown on hre face. He had woken up an hour before their usual time and taken his proper position so she gets her surprise when she opens her eyes but he wasn't supposed to fall asleep again! He mentally cursed himself for almost runing his own plan now as he waited for her to open her eyes again.

"yeah now.." he smiled, and held the ring in his hand as she opened her eyes and looked at him..

"happy birthday shona.." he smiled and pecked her lips..she sat up properly, covering herself in the white sheets..still trying to undersand what was going around with a tearful smile.. he brought his left hand forward, to ask for hers and she gave her hand in his..amazed at how much love this man had for her..he slid the diamond on her ring and kissed her hand.. "that is why i slid off your old ring last night!" he winked at her and she smiled wide.. "i love you armaan.." she kissed his lips, hugging him and bringing him back up on the bed to continue their 'celebrations'..

kritika kashian

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