Sunday, 30 June 2019


She shivered in her sleep and brought the quilt closer to her chest. A little resistance, from Armaan's arm but she turned herself in a way so she could be covered with the warmth of his body. Her eyes opened slowly and saw his hazy face before closing again for a moment. A smile adorned her face involuntarily and she turned yet again, now so that he was spooning her from behind. The curtains were aside and she could clearly see out the window. She was finally here. Cold and bright. Her uninterrupted view took her to the mountains. Fairytale white with bright yellow rays falling over them. She felt Armaan's grip tightening as she felt ever so close to those far off snow covered towers of eternal beauty. Excited like her seven year old self, she sat up straight and decided to go out in the balcony to give this morning a perfect Start. She was well covered, with warm pyjamas and a full sleeves sweatshirt. There were her socks lying on the couch. Armaan would kill her if she stepped on the ice cold floor without her socks or slippers, she anyway had got cold and had been coughing and sneezing all day yesterday. But what is the point of enjoying winters if you can't feel it under your
feet? And Armaan wasn't likely to get up for at least another half an hour. Enough time for her! She quickly jumped out of the bed and shivered as her cold feet touched the floor. She kept her teeth from chattering as she slowly stood up and felt the Switzerland cold under her. Turning around and kissing him on his forehead, she covered him properly and then ran out towards the balcony. And there they were. Had always been, waiting for her, standing tall and bright. Cool but warm hearted, her snow covered hills. The railing she held was ice cold, the floor she stood on, the scene she view, snow covered ice cold. "You're giggling too much" came his voice from behind her and he wrapped his arms around her. She blushed, on being caught and from his words. "Step on my feet" he whispered in her ear and she obeyed him. And they stood there. Within each other, living what had been her dream for years. "I just love winters so much!! I love this place Armaan!" She couldn't hold her excitement back. "Ahan! Now that I can see from the moment we have arrived here lady!" And she turned around, secure in his hold, "thank you Armaan! I love you so so much!" And pecked him her warm thank you, lingering on his lips for a little too long, with the snow in the background. She was finally here, with her prince charming, right in the middle of a snowing town with Christmas just a day away. Her perfect winter dream, her ever longed Christmas wish, in the arms of her Santa, giggling like she used to when she always imagined this. And now she knew, fairy tales exist. Prince charmings do come and fulfill all our wishes. And snow, it always snows in the background of a perfect love story.


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