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Chapter 10 : The missing world (arsh ff)

Next Morning, Armaan reached the hospital with a changed mood as everything has changed in a single night from top to bottom. Instead, of entering his cabin, Armaan approached the nurse station.

He signed for the time of arrival and asked while resting his palms on the table, "Has Dr. Shilpa come?"

The nurse pressed her lips into a smile and answered, "No Sir! Not yet, she will be coming soon"

"Thank you!", Armaan thanked the nurse and his lips twisted aside with an unknown dissatisfaction.

And he marched for his cabin while shuffling his hairs as they were falling on his forehead.

As Armaan left the nurse station the same time, Shilpa arrived in haste and asked the nurse the same question while signing her arrival time, "Has Dr. Armaan come?"

The nurse hid her lips to control her grin from the palm as Shilpa's eyes were on the attendance file and replied, "Yes Ma'am! He has just arrived"

"Thank you!", Shilpa handed over the file to nurse with a strange satisfied smile at which the nurse reciprocated.

Shilpa was about to leave the spot when the nurse called her from behind and informed her with a smirk, "Wiase Dr. Mallik was also asking about you"

At which Shilpa arched her brow and nodded her head.

Few Minutes later, all the interns gathered and were waiting for Armaan's arrival to allot their duties to them.

"Ane ke irade hain bhi ya nahi khadoos ke?", Samrat made a weird face while saying.

At which all the three girls shifted their eyes towards him in a deadly glare, so he can stop his blabber at which he gulped down and all the four turned their head while hearing a coughing sound.

"Aham!", Armaan coughed to get their attention.

All of them immediately turned their heads and Armaan asked sarcastically to Samrat, "Good joke! Now can I allot the duties?"

Samrat nodded in an agreement with a child like face at which the girls pressed their lips to control their laughter.

"Dr. Gunjan, cancer ward", he announced.

"Yes Sir!", Gunjan replied.

"Hmm! Dr. Murtaza in OPD with Dr. Samrat", he informed looking at Samrat.

Samrat pouted because he didn't want the duty with Kashaf, not because he didn't like her but because she used to scold him so much, whereas Gunjan used to smile at his stupid PJs.

"Is it Dr. Samrat?", Armaan smirked and other interns pressed their lips to control their giggle.

Samrat unwillingly replied, "Yes!", with a gloomy face as someone has given a punishment to the 5 year old to sit with the monitor of the classroom for the whole day.

"Dr. Shilpa aap...aap mere sath children ward mein duty karengi", he announced with a smile at which she nodded in agreement looking into his eyes.

The interns left for their duties.

In the Children Ward, Shilpa was prescribing the medicines for a viral fever patient and was describing the nurse about the routine of the medicines and injections, her hairs started blowing at was so cold in Mussorrie.

She tucked her long hair lock behind her ear and confirmed, "Have you got it? Time pe medicines aur injection dena hai"

"Yes ma'am", the nurse replied.

But hearing the word injection the child sulked, "No main injection nahi lagwaunga", and pouted his mouth.

"Kyon? Injection nahi lagwaoge to thik kaise hoge?", Shilpa took a seat near him and asked.

"Chalega!", the child immediately retorted back.

At which Shilpa's mouth turned in a perfect O with surprise.

She widened her eyes and scolded, "Badmash! Aise nahi kehte"

"Accha theek apko dard nahi hoga pakka wala promise", Shilpa tried to persuade the child but he nodded negatively.

"Stubborn!", she taunted and continued herself to bribe him, "hmm! Okay aap injection lagwa ke acche se thik ho jao, phir aapki favorite dessert hazir"

"What is the guarantee?", he asked arching his brow.

"Chalu! Risk to leni padegi nahi to dessert to waise bhi Armaan bhaiya nahi khane denge", she smirked and targeted from Armaan's shoulder.

"Okay! If you insist so", he agreed with a bit attitude.

"Hm! I insist!!", she mocked and taking a sigh he turned and found someone who was witnessing all this. Yes Armaan Mallik!!

Armaan was standing in front of her while crossing his arms on his chest. He arched his brow as was asking, "What was going on here?"

Shilpa bit her lower lip as she was caught red-handed, "I was just--", she stuttered but he interrupted, "You were JUST bribing a child"

He sarcastically said while emphasizing the word just at which she bit her tongue.

Shilpa shifted her eyes on the floor and Armaan smirked. He didn't want to leave the golden chance to tease Shilpa so he kept continuing in strict tone, "Come to my cabin Dr. Shilpa"

He turned his back and twisted his lips in a grin.

"Ab to tu gayi Shilpa!!", Shilpa mumbled with fear.

Few Minutes later, Armaan was waiting for Shilpa to approach him in the cabin with a naughty smirk and the same time he found her coming towards the cabin. He changed his expressions to strict and like a professional doctor.

Shilpa knocked the cabin at which he allowed her to enter. She didn't lift her eyes from the floor with nervousness.

"You were bribing an 8 year old viral patient", Armaan asked while gritting his teeth.

"No actually, he wasn't ready to take injections so--", she tried to explain herself but he cut her words in between and continued himself while taking step forwards towards her which forced her to step back, "So you were bribing him"

Armaan kept coming closer to her and Shilpa took steps backward and finally pinned on the wall and almost cried, "I wasn't even going to give him, main to bas use manane ke liye keh rahi thi"

Looking at her facial, child like expressions Armaan couldn't stop himself to control his laughter and laughed out loud.

Armaan stepped backward with falter as he wasn't able to control his laughter and looking at her expressions which were now turned in confusion, as she wasn't able to understand what the hell was going on.

He pointed towards her while laughing, "Just look at yourself"

"Hhahha", and he again blasted into a laughter.

"Shut up! Ho kya raha hai bataoge", Shilpa passed him a deadly glare and shrieked.

Her question forced him to laugh like a maniac this time as he was wondering that the lady in front of him was such a dumb.

"Will you stooop laughing", she fakely smile while crushing her jaw.

"Tum paagal ho!!", he asked with ease.

"What?", she replied while smacking her head.

"Hmmm. What do you think that-that I was serious.", he asked controlling his laughter and continued himself while wiping his laughter tears, "Don't I know how chalu you are? Kabhi love stories, kabhi deserts aisi patati ho baccho ko and I know that", he pressed his lips in a thin line.

Shilpa narrowed her eyes in anger as she was thinking that Armaan has stopped cracking pranks and she clutched her jaw.

"Otherwise Armaan Mallik and a serious professional Senrior doctor, my god these are very heavy words", he said sarcastically and taunted her.

She passed a smile to him and while crossing her hands on her chest, "Yeah!! Right you are so cool", and she thumped his feet and while glaring him she said, "Bhad Main Jao"

Shilpa was about to turn while saying this but her heel stumbled and she closed her eyes tightly, expecting herself to fall on the floor flatly on her face. But something stopped her up in the air and she opened her eyes slowly.

She found herself in two arms, one was behind her head and other was on her waist, clutching her tightly and didn't want to let her fall. When she inspected the face of the person who was holding her, she found Armaan. Their eyes met and they couldn't take their eyes from each other, a tight hold in each other's eyes and his arms was forcing them to not shift their eyes from each other.

But the same time, a hospital announcement took them to their senses and he helped her gently to let her stand on her foot.

Shilpa passed a smile but they couldn't meet their eyes with each other. They kept looking here and there and with a lame excuse Shilpa left the cabin.

In the evening,

"Wah kya baat hai! Chudail awwal ko itni jaldi mana bhi liya tumne, to delay the nikah", Zaroon applauded Shilpa while filling his mug of coffee from the coffee machine.

Shilpa winked and pulled her collar up in pride.

"I'm the best", she pressed her lips and giggled.

"Yes you are! Chudail ko manana itna asaan kaam nahi hai afterall", He chuckled and they both laughed.

"About whom you all are talking? Chudail what?", Kashaf entered the cafeteria and asked while arching her brow.

Zaroon coughed while sipping his coffee when he noticed Kashaf's presence and gulped his fresh lump down.

Whereas, Shilpa pressed her lips in thin line to control her laughter and was enjoying the scene. Kashaf was passing a deadly glare to Zaroon who tried to make her understand but she didn't.

"Chudail! Yeah, your best friend Shilpa is a chudail", he tried to cover up the topic and looked at Shilpa to insist her to not bombard on him.

"Zaroon Bhai!", Shilpa shrieked.

Kashaf crossed her hand on her chest and kept listening him, with the anger her face has become red.

"Yes! You are chudail, Jitne tumhare baal hain us according to ...", Zaroon joined her hands in front of Shilpa hiding them from Kashaf but Shilpa didn't pay attention.

"Go to hell! All are targeting me", Shilpa pouted and about to left the canteen but she stopped and informed Kashaf, "He was calling Chudail to YOU. Ab lado dono", and smiled fakely looking at Zaroon who smacked his head.

Shilpa was leaving the canteen but a body stopped him on her tracks. She shifted her eyes from the floor and found Armaan in front of her, with a smirk as he has witnessed the whole scene.

He stepped forward and whispered in her ear, "Bhalai ka zamana hi nahi hai", and grinned.

"Ho gaya ho to shall I go now?", she smiled fakely and Armaan permitted her to take an exit while showing the way to her from his hand and with her exit he shrugged his head, "Idiot"

In the Night, Sanjeevani Mussiorie

"Huh! Finally the duty is over", Samrat sighed a relax sigh on the nurse station, while signing his departure time and looked at Gunjan who smiled lamely.

Gunjan too signed when Samrat asked, "Let's go! I'll drop you"

"No its okay, I'll go by myself", and smiled while leaving.

"Ise kya hua hai", he mumbled under his breath and shrugged his head being a confused freaked guy and was about to left when he noticed the love birds ZaShaf coming hand in hand with Shilpa.

"I've heard koi jhagda hua tha aj", Samrat teased.

"Aise bahut jhagde solve hote rehte hain jab baat date ki aye to", Shilpa sarcastically said.

At which Samrat laughed out loud.

"Shut up! I'm so tired rickshaw se jana padega", Shilpa pouted.

Samrat smiled and asked sarcastically, "Where is Dr. Mallik?"

"Shut your mouth! He has a double shift today", Shilpa started saying and spilled out in the flow.

"Oho!", All the three said in unison.

At which Shilpa glared them one by one, "aj ka din hi kharab hai, jao teeno yaha se"

"Accha accha sorry!", Samrat said genuinely.

They were about to leave when something strike in Shilpa's head, "Oops! I've forgotten my purse in the locker room main lekar ati hu"

"Rukna padega!", Samrat asked as he was so tired.

Shilpa stepped towards the locker room to pick her handbag and when she reached on the exit door she found that all the three weren't there. They have already left, Samrat for his peaceful sleep and ZaShaf for their romantic date.

"Evils!!" , She was about to leave when the nurse informed her, "Ma'am there is an emergency case bed no. 128 is feeling difficulty while inhaling"

Shilpa ran inside while keeping her handbag aside on the nurse station and ordered the nurse, "Inform Dr. Mallik fast"

The ward boys shifted the patient to the I.C.U. and Shilpa started connecting him to the ventilator and masked his mouth with the oxygen tank, so it can help him to inhale.

Both Armaan and Shilpa connected the medical equipments started treating him. But Shilpa's hands were shivering when she injected her. Armaan noticed it and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I hope she will get fine soon.", Shilpa said while observing her.

"She will. And you can do this I'm with you", Armaan tried to make her understand.

"Next few hours are very critical", she asked at which he nodded in agreement.

The time passed as it wasn't passing, both the doctors were observing the patient in the shifts while watching the wall clock after every few minutes and this how 3 to 4 hours passed.

She was out of danger but for precautions they didn't disconnected the equipments.

"She is perfectly fine now", Armaan smiled looking at her and passed her a mug of coffee.

"Hmm...Thanks!!", she said while sipping her coffee.

"Just for a coffee?", he arched his brow.

"hah no main dar gayi thi. Bahut kam emergency cases handle kiye hain", she confessed and pressed her lips.

He passed a smile to her and said, "it's around 1'o clock. If you want to sleep then you can. I'm here with the patient"

"No its okay, Tum so jao jake", she smiled.

Armaan sighed and suggested, "You're so stubborn. Ek kaam karte hain na tum so rahi ho na main. Yahi bethke baatein karte hain. Fine?"

"hah okay", she laughed.

They were sitting on a bench outside the ICU and Shilpa started, "Why did you play a prank at me in the morning"

"Tumhara copyright nahi hai pranks pe", he replied back sarcastically.

"Very funny!", she rolled her eyes.

And with all the tease, taunts, laughter and sarcasm the slumber engulfed them. They finally slept after a long conversation; only the God knows how long they spent time with their talks a finally slept. Shilpa's head was resting on Armaan's shoulder and Armaan's chin was on her head and they slept peacefully.

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