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Chapter 11 : The missing world (arsh ff)

The sun rays beamed on Armaan's innocent face, which forced him to open his eyes. He lifted his head back from Shilpa's while rubbing his eyes.

A loose hair lock of Shilpa's was disturbing her peaceful slumber. He smiled and bowed a little towards her and gently tucked it behind her ear.

The situation intentionally forced Armaan to rewind his mind 3 years ago, when he was with Riddhima in the same position while Minie's case.

He closed his eyes tightly and faking smiled at the irony of fate and thought in his mind, "Strange! I've shared the same moment with someone else also but--", and stop in the mid and continued himself with a sigh.

"But she left me to acquire her happiness and here, neither want to acquire me nor leave"

Armaan was still in the same position but the sunrays finally forced Shilpa to wake up as the room filled with bright light. When she was trying to open her eyes, he immediately took his hand back and tried to get normal.

Shilpa finally opened her almond shape eyes and yawned. She realized that her head was lying on Armaan's shoulder, so she without wasting a second, she straightened herself.

"I'm sorry! I didn't realize when I rested my head--", Shilpa mumbled in haste but he interrupted before she could complete, "Calm down!!", and patted her shoulder.

Both Shilpa and Armaan tried to search a topic and opened their mouth in unison after a pause of few minutes, "Tired?"

They laughed when the same question came from each other.

Few Minutes Later, Dr. Sehgal's Cabin

Armaan, along with Shilpa knocked the glass door and asked, "May we!"

"Yes come inside", Dr. Sehgal allowed them while buttoning his coat.

He took off his seat and applauded the two people in front of him, "Well done doctors! You two had handled everything perfectly in the emergency"

"It's our job Sir!", both Armaan and Shilpa replied in unison with smile.

"Well if I'm not wrong you two have done double shift?", he mocked at which they giggled.

"Hmm! So take a day off. Have some rest!!", and smiled Dr. Sehgal.

Both of them smiled and thanked their senior while taking the exit.

Few Hours Later, Little Angel's Orphanage

After a long peaceful sleep, Shilpa was cooking the hot chocolate for herself , when the hullabaloo of the children took her attention. Firstly she ignored as she thought they might be playing.

But few minutes later, when she filled her mug with hot chocolate and her eyes automatically fell on the window of the kitchen. Shilpa saw that the children were near the main gate, encircling someone, but she didn't saw who he was.

Shilpa put the mug on the platform and stepped outside to inspect what was going on and she saw that Armaan stood up on his feet and tossed a little girl up, and caught her immediately in his arms and rubbed her nose with his.

The whole crowd, especially Armaan was oblivious with the fact that Shilpa was witnessing him, but he realized when a coughed sound came from somewhere.

Shilpa has crossed her hands on her chest and coughed, "Aham!!", and smirked a little.

Armaan shifted his eyes in the direction of the sound and smiled looking at her. He let the little girl stand over the muddy floor, carefully who kissed his dimples at which both Armaan and Shilpa giggled.

"Accha go and play something. Go!", Armaan said to the children who ran towards the playground and Shilpa shuffled the hairs who of the little girl at which she pouted and said, "Shona Di! I'll complain Armaan Bhaiya, if you will shuffle my perfectly combed hairs again", at which Armaan laughed and Shilpa opened her mouth in a perfect O.

Shilpa glared at Armaan as she noticed that he was laughing and Armaan pressed his lips to control his laughter.

Shilpa said to the little girl, "Now Go!", widening her eyes, and her changing expressions were automatically forcing Armaan to not let him took his eyes off from her.

Shilpa shifted her eyes towards Armaan clasped her fingers in front of his face to take him in his senses and asked, "What", through her expressions at which he nodded his head negatively as was saying, "Nothing"

"Hot chocolate?", she asked him.

He replied, "Sure"


Shilpa and Armaan with their respective mugs of hot chocolate get seated on the stairs near the play ground and were enjoying the cute children conversation. But their concentration was on each other.

Shilpa sipped from her mug and giggled at the antics of a child and shifted her eyes towards Armaan, who was all engrossed in her smile.

"Ab kya hua?", she asked while glaring him.

"Kuch nahi", all he could answer.

She pointed towards his mug and chuckled, "Have it. Otherwise it'll be a COLD chocolate", and emphasized the word cold.

He laughed a little at her order as he could witness the old Shilpa in her today, which was a tranquilized him and sipped his hot chocolate.

The same time few children ran in their direction and being stubborn, they demanded to play a game with them and they started snatching them forcefully to play with them.

After losing the battle with the little soldiers, Shilpa finally put the arms down and replied, "Okay Okay! We'll play. Fine?"

"Yeah!!", the children screamed in excitement.

They kept their respective mugs on the staircase and Armaan asked a boy, "What we've to play My Lord?"

"Hmmm! Come we will explain you", he replied.

They all sat and one of the Angel Gang took a bottle and kept it in the middle.

"Truth and dare! We all know about it. But with partners", and he very sincerely explained.

They were enjoying the game and one by one the bottle stopped in front of people. ArSh were enjoying the newly invented game and at the same time the bottle stopped pointing Armaan and Shilpa who were the partners.

"Wow! Ab ayega maza", the children giggled.

"Dare!", Armaan replied immediately.

The children mocked to think and finally announced with excitement, "Hmm! Armaan Bhaiya and Shona Di you two have to sing a song for each other"

Shilpa got stun with the dare which they have given to Armaan and her. She bit her lower lip and decided to interrupt.

She observed from her corner of eyes that Armaan left his place and Shilpa immediately scolded the children, "Kuch bhi bolte ho tum log"

"Kya kuch bhi? Bas ek gana hi to gana hai", the children pouted.

"Armaan! Hum ye nahi--", but before she could complete herself a whistling sound reached her ears which forced her to turn around.

Shilpa's hairs started blowing when she realized that Armaan was changing and taking himself from the past.

The kids took their command and started jumping like toddlers while humming.

Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo...

Armaan stepped forward in Shilpa's direction and started humming.

Hehhe Hehhe Hehhe He...

And he winked at which she smiled and took her command and shrugged her head.

LaLa LaLa LaLa LaLa...

Armaan stepped backward a little and picked a girl in his arms and started singing.

Ladki badi anjaani hai..
Sapna hai sach hai kahaani hai

And then he gently put her down on the floor and knelt down while pointing towards Shilpa.

Dekho ye pagli bilkul na badli
Ye to vohi deewani hai...

At which Shilpa laughed out loud and Armaan continued dancing with the children and stepped forward to her with a broad smile on his face and he poked her nose with his forefinger at which she opened her mouth in a perfect O which forced her to join them.

Ladka bada anjaana hai
Sapna hai sach hai fasana hai
Hay hay ye pagla bilkul na badla
Ye to vohi deewana hai...

Shilpa bowed down to explain a child and showed him her tongue to tease him and when he followed her, she ran and rescued herself behind Dilshad, who was witnessing all this at which he stopped and put his palms on his waist at which she smirked and he laughed.

Dilshad patted Armaan's cheek and stepped aside so Shilpa couldn't rescue herself behind her and Armaan again followed her.

While running Shilpa realized that he wasn't there but was playing with kids, who were sprinkling water on each other.

Paas rehke bhi thi doori
Jaane kaise thi majboori
Vaqt vo bhi ajeeb tha
Jab tu mere kareeb tha

Shilpa's eyes became moist and being senseless she started thinking about those gold moment which she spent with Armaan and her dupatta started blowing in the air.

Kho gayi tu ye kis jahaan mein
Main wahaan hoon dekh to zara...

Shilpa gulped her sorrow down and scrunched her brows when his voice reached in her ears and she turned back and found Armaan who wiped her tear droplet from her cheek.

Armaan sprinkled the water from his hairs on her face at which she chuckled and snatched in the crowd of children to jump in the water.

Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo...

The children started jumping and chuckling along with Armaan and Shilpa.

Finally Shilpa ordered the children to go inside and change their clothes. She was giving Hi-Fi and naughty glare and smile to the children, kissing their cheeks which were not unnoticeable by Armaan.

Hmm... bheed mein bhi thi tanhai
Yaad har pal teri aayi
Roke koi mujhe zara
Bhar na aaye ye dil mera...

Armaan stared at the floor and gulped down when he realized that, Shilpa's heel slipped from the muddy floor who was two steps away from him but he immediately grabbed her in his arms to not let her fall and their eyes met.

Behke behke mere kadam hain
Aise mein tu sambhaal to zara...

The children saw that and again started singing to tease them at which they felt embarrass.

Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo...

Armaan and Shilpa joined them again Armaan pinched her nose again.

Ladki badi anjaani hai
Sapna hai sach hai kahaani hai

Haan haan ye pagla bilkul na badla
Ye to vohi deewana hai..

At which Shilpa shuffled her hairs and they all kept dancing and giggling.

Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo...

Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo...

All innocent kiddies were dancing now but Armaan and Shilpa were lost in each other and smiling hesitatingly from a bit distance.


Next Moring, Sanjeevani Mussorrie

The whole gang was having lunch in the canteen when a handsome guy with a well-built body entered the canteen and greeted them from the entrance door.

"Hey Guys!!", the guy greeted.

"Hey Anshuman How are you yaar?", Zaroon hugged him and asked.

Anshuman Rathore

"Bas I was missing Mussoorie a lot so aa gaya", he shrugged his shoulder.

Samrat and Gunjan too gave him a hug, whereas Shilpa passed a smile and shook her hand with him.

"Where is Kashaf?", Anshuman asked.

"Duty time!", Zaroon said with a gloomy face at which all chuckled.

Anshuman shifted his eyes in Armaan's direction and then shifted his head to his friend and widened his eyes as was asking "who is he?"

"Hmm! He is Dr. Armaan Mallik the new senior doctor of the hospital", Zaroon introduced him with Armaan and Shilpa continued his incomplete introduction to Armani, "He is Anshuman Sir, previously he was working at your place but now he lives in Delhi"

"Hey Anshuman/ Armaan", they both shook their hands and said in unison with smile.

"Well! Itne dino baad hum sab ki yaad kaise aa gayi?", Samrat taunted him.

"Hmmm! Actually my fianc Paakhi, uska birthday hai aaj, and I want to give her a surprise party", Anshuman said with a smile.

"Aham! Kya baat hai", Samrat teased him.

"Yeah and Mussorrie se acchi jagah party ke liye koi ho nahi sakti thi. So bus I'm here", Anshuman shrugged his shoulder and said.

And he continued himself, "So you all have to come with your partners. It's a cocktail party and mujhe koi bahana nahi chahiye", he said as he was ordering them.

"Partners!", all of them asked in unison.

"Partners ke sath ana jaruri hai", Shilpa questioned.

"Obviously or koi miss nahi karega ye party.", he announced.

"You too Dr. Mallik!", Anshuman said to Armaan.

"Main?", he asked.

"Hmm! You are a friend of my friends to aapka aana banta hai, but with a partner", he winked and completed himself, "Chalo abhi jana hai bahut kaam baki hai, aur ana compulsory hai"

And finally he bided a good bye to all of them while leaving.

Samrat mumbled, "Gosh! Itne dino baad party mili but a PARTNER party", he emphasized the word partner.

At which Zaroon giggled.

"Hmm! You already have a partner so you are enjoying my pain", Samrat pouted and the same time something stroke his mind but he kept it in his mind.

Shilpa and Armaan looked at each other but the same thing was revolving in his mind about the partner party theme and they had no partner.

With an announcement they all left but Shilpa and Armaan didn't as the theme wasn't for them.

Shilpa while sipping her coffee asked, "Will you be my date?"

"Excuse me!", Armaan arched his brow.

"I mean. We both don't have a partner for the party", Shilpa tried to let him understand.

"Why not? It will be a pleasure for me to be a date of such a beautiful lady", he smiled while sipping his coffee and she too passed a smile.


Shilpa and Armaan were passing the corridor from the general ward to approach the lift for upper floor.

Gunjan was writing a prescription for her patient when Samrat came to her and asked while rubbing his palm, "Will you be my partner for the party?"

"Dr. Shergill, please mujhe meri duty karne dein", she replied sternly.

"Why are you behaving like this with me? Afterall we are best buddies", he asked in a bit loud voice.

All the nurses and the patients in the ward were noticing them along with ArSh, so she whispered, "Hospital hai ye and secondly main kisi aur ke sath ja rahi hoon"

"Kisi or ke sath? Ab tak to aisa kabhi nahi hua", he asked with disbelief.

She kept the prescription pad on the table and while folding her arms on her chest said, "Ab ho gaya na."

"But why someone else?", he asked while gulping his saliva down.

"Kyuki usne mujhse pehle poocha. Aur jab tum kisi aur ke sath ja sakte why not me?", She replied him as a slap on his face and was leaving the ward so ArSh entered inside the lift.

Armaan asked Shilpa about this between Samrat and Gunjan and Shilpa narrated him the whole scenario at which he sighed and lowered his eyes.

Loads Of Love


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