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Chapter 12 : The missing world (arsh ff)

Armaan asked Shilpa about the rift, going on between the two besties of the hospital, Samrat and Gunjan and Shilpa narrated him the whole scenario about Gunjan's love for Samrat and Samrat's opinion for Gunjan, when everyone linked his name with her.

At which Armaan took a sigh and lowered his eyes. He extended his arm to direct Shilpa when the lift door opened and they entered inside the lift.

"Hmmm! So she is behaving roughly with Samrat?", Armaan asked her.

"Yeah! In fact she is highly ignoring him since that canteen incident", Shilpa agreed and elaborated more.

He nodded his head positively and informed her, "I know! That's why she was requesting me to not give her duty with Samrat"

"Really! This girl na...if someone don't love you it doesn't mean that we should avoid him, after all its his feelings for her and she can't force Samrat to lover her na", Shilpa shrugged her and spilled out in a single breath without realizing to whom she was having the conversation.

But when she realized he interrupted her excuse which she was going to give.

"Actually who...", she started but he took his command, "Har koi Shilpa Malhotra nahi hota", and gave a faint smile looking into her eyes.

She turned towards him and they lost their concentration in each other's eyes. they both were so lost that they couldn't realize that their destination has came and the lift doors are open, but a hand came in between when the doors were about to lock again so it can stop and coughed, "Aham!!"

They came to their senses and started blinking their respective eye lashes to ignore the contact, when again the person coughed and their eyes fell on the person.

"Are you both done?", smirked Dr. Sehgal.

"Ye- yes Sir", they both stammered in unison and looked each other when they heard the respective voice.

They left the lift and avoid the eye contact even they didn't knew why but the feelings were developing between them which their hearts and deeds were roaring but they were ignoring that.

Little Angels Orphanage,

In the evening, when Shilpa was getting ready for the party as the partner of Armaan Mallik and she immediately grab a chudidar and kurta for herself and changed into it. She was brushing her hairs looking into the mirror when a voice reached her ears.

"Night shift to hai hi nahi tumhari. Then for where are you leaving?", Shilpa rolled her eyes and turned to find Dilshad.

Shilpa looked into the mirror and kept brushing her hairs and pressing her lips she replied, "Maasi! Koi duty nahi nahi, bas Dr. Rathore ne party mein invite kiya hai"

And Shilpa was done with herself and started arranging her dupatta when Dilshad cocked her brow, "And you are draping your usual dress for a PARTY", Maasi literally emphasized her last word.

At which Shilpa shrugged her shoulders and was wearing her footwear when Dilshad opened, Shilpa's closet and started shuffling it to find something stylish but sober to wear and finally she succeeded, to find the dress which she bought for Shilpa but she never changed into that.

Dilshad handed over the dress to Shilpa and ordered, "Go and get a change!"

"What is the problem in this dress?", Shilpa asked with a gloomy face and showed the dress in which she has already dressed and continued herself, "And wese bhi Armaan will be coming in a few minutes"

"Change kar rahi ho ke nahi?", Dilshad pouted while pointing towards the washroom at which she replied, "Okay! I'm going" and left towards the washroom while taking the dress.

Armaan's Apartment,

"Kya musibat hai! Couple party", Armaan rolled his eyes while buttoning his cuff links.

He continued his blabber while applying gel to set his hairs and sighed with a relief, "Thank God Shilpa is here otherwise pata nahi kise le jana padta", he shrugged his head.

Daddu yelled from the door, "What are you blabbering with yourself?"

"Nothing", After closing his eyes he replied and slipped his wallet in the pocket and was about to leave when Daddu called him from behind, "Ho gaye taiyaar?"

Armaan cocked his brow and asked sarcastically, "What do you think?"

Daddu looked him from his toe to head he was dressed in a black formal suit with a white shirt and after thinking a lot he replied with a twisted mouth, "No!", and smiled fakely.

"Who is going to wear this?", Daddu showed a red tie and ask while arching his brows.
Armaan's face faded seeing the sauce wala red color tie but daddu forced him to wear it and he did when Shilpa's words echoed in his ears, I didn't change my preferences.

He tightened the tie and pressing his lips and mouthed a thank you to Daddu for the tie at which he smiled genuinely. And finally Armaan was dressed in a formal black suit with a red tie on a crisp white shirt and left to pick Shilpa from the orphanage.

Little Angel's Orphanage,

Armaan reached the orphanage hardly in 10 minutes and connected Shilpa's number and jumped out from his car to pick her up from inside, but she was quick and met him at the path of the orphanage garden area. 

He was looking at the grass but when his eyes fell on Shilpa, who was dressed up in a red simple but elegant and stylish boat neck gown whose flare was on the floor with minimal make-up just kohl with light lip color and ear rings at the name of jewelry, whereas  her long hairs were left open on her shoulder with curls at end.

He couldn't take off his eyes from her; she was looking even more beautiful in the light of twinkling stars and the moon. Her innocent and beautiful smile was making him nostalgic and was forcing him to just glare her innocent mesmerizing beauty. She clicked her fingers on his face to take him back from the dream land and it worked too.

Shilpa didn't get why he was he glaring her but she pressed her lips to change the topic she asked, "I'm looking like a cartoon don't you think? Yeh maasi bhi na", she pouted.
He semi-consciously mumbled, "Looking beautiful"

Shilpa immediately turned her face and looked into the pair of ocean blue eyes which were just at him. 

And he realized that he wasn't in his senses and pinched his nose and to change the topic and her hesitation he said, "I meant you are complementing my dress", and showed his red tie to her at which she smiled a little.

"Shall I?", he ask for her hand to get seated inside the car when he opened the car door. 
Shilpa gave her soft palm in his hand and he gently let her seated inside and closed the door and jumped to driver seat.

They passed a smile to each other and he drove off, the path has only sounds of horns and vehicles and they reached the venue finally.

Purple Tulips, Mussorrie

Armaan opened the door and asked for his date of the night, being a gentleman so she can easily left the seat at which Shilpa giggled and took her feet out and left the seat finally.

"Ho gaya drama. Ab andar karna Mr. Gentleman lets go", chuckled Shilpa and was about to stepping inside when a tug at her wrist stopped her.

She turned to check and Armaan was holding his wrist at which she scrunched and giggled, "Armaan puhlease!! Not hand in hand formality. For this party I have wore this isn't it much?", she pouted showing her flair.

Armaan smiled at her innocence and stepped forward to mumbled near her so only she can hear, "something is missing!!"

"What?", she scrunched her brows.

"This!", he picked out the  S bracelet belonged to her from his pocket, and somehow reached to Armaan in Mumbai.

She was shocked when she realized that he has this S bracelet and on the top of that he has saved it till now with him.

"Yeh!!", she asked but he asked for her wrist to slip the bracelet and he gently locked the bracelet on her wrist.

He smiled, "Perfect! Let's go"

Shilpa shockingly jerked out when he asked to go with him inside and took a glimpse at the bracelet locked on her wrist and nodded to enter inside with him.

Few Minutes later,

"You are looking gorgeous Paakhi!", Shilpa greeted Paakhi while handing over the orchid bouqutte to her and hugged her.

They parted and Paakhi winked, "Not more than you"

Shilpa passed a smile to Paakhi in return whereas Armaan gave a side hug to Anshuman.
"Hmm! Armaan! She is Paakhi, my beautiful would be wife", Anshuman introduced Paakhi to Armaan and then looked into her eyes. 

Armaan greeted Paakhi at which she thanked him and said, "Please enjoy the party"
"Sure!", Armaan and Shilpa uttered in the unison.

Sid's House, Mumbai,

Riddhima and Sid were trying to start a fresh and new life as it was their own decision to live together till the last breath, whether Armaan was there with them in their life ever or not. Dr. Shashank insisted her daughter to be constant at her own and at least a single decision at which she obeyed. They both were trying their best but destiny has another wish.

"Oh Shoot! Ab kya karoon it was so urgent", Riddhima shrieked her laptop from her lap and bit her lower lip when her laptop hanged.

"It is such an urgent report ab kya karoon?", she mumbled with herself when her eyes fell on Sid's laptop at which she sighed a bit relaxed.

She thought in her mind, "Ek kaam karti hoon Sid ke paas ek copy hai uske mail ID mein Password poochti hoon. I hope it will help me out"

Thinking this, she screamed a bit loud as Sid was taking a shower in the washroom, "Sid!"

"Yes Baby!", he replied.

"Tell me your mail ID password, my laptop has got stuck somewhere", she explained him and completed, "it's so urgent"

"My mail ID is already logged in, just open it", he yelled from inside being careless and oblivious with the upcoming co-incident.

Riddhima punched some tabs of her phone and called, "Hello Dr. Shah! I'm really sorry my laptop has stuck somewhere; I'm passing you an e-mail ID. You can send the report there."

She forwarded Sid's email ID and checked her report and after taking the prints she realized in the sent message there was familiar name, to which she was trying to forget, Armaan Mallik.

She was stun when she realized that the message has sent few weeks back before there truce so she checked the whole email at which a tear droplet fell down from her eyes and destined to the tab of the laptop.

Purple Orchid, Mussorrie

The same time Armaan and Shilpa were about to left the stage but at the same time the host of the night announced.

All the eyes were on the host and he announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen! Its a couple party so there should be some couple spice don't you think?"

He chuckled and whispered, "No No No! not in that sense.", at which all laughed and he continued himself with the serious gesture, "So! One of the finest piano players of Mussoorie is here with us on the night of couple, don't you think there should be a couple dance? So a huge applaud for the couples and the great artist"

He has just completed when Anshuman took Paakhi on the middle circle of the floor and after pressing his lips Armaan asked for Shilpa's hand. She gently gave her hand in his with a smile and then the melodious music started.

Armaan placed her left hand on his right shoulder snaked his right arm gently on her waist and joined their either hands into a fist. Her innocent and genuine smile was on her lips and he was swaying her from left to right and then right to left.

When the music held the grip he twirled her gently holding her palm in his and again gripped her with his arm on her waist. 

"Kya baat hai! This piano artist is really good", he mumbled.

He held her hands in his and turned her so her back should face him and slipped his both arms around her waist at which she kept her hands on his arms.

"From when you started taking interest in Piano?", she sarcastically commented.

Armaan swayed her on the music and turned her to face him in the same position from where they started. 

He mocked to think a bit and mumbled with a grin, "Shayad abhi se!"

At which Shilpa pressed her lips to stop her laughter and swayed with him on the melodious music, but she was kept twisting her lips at which he arched his brow and asked, "Kya hua?"
She giggled, "Split personality disorder! Chala gaya itni jaldi?" and burst into laughter.

Armaan couldn't stop himself to chuckle a bit but their eyes met and they kept lost in it but merely in a mili-second, Shilpa started glare here and there on the floor, so he understood her awkwardness and spun her again, but this time her forehead has wrinkles when she faced him.

"What happen?", he asked shrugging his head.

Shilpa gently put her hand on his shoulder and he gently and genuinely snaked his arm under her waist and they swayed to right and left.

"Can you see Gunjan there behind me?", Shilpa worriedly asked.

Armaan inspected mocking as he was parting their dancing position and holding her arms in and out in him moving backward and forward and when Shilpa came closer to him. He found Gunjan with a guy who was dancing with her.

"Yes I can! But why are you so tensed?", he mumbled when Shilpa came closer to him.

"Because he is a jerk!!", she scrunched her brows.

At which Armaan replied, "Don't be tense, there is nothing to"

And coming to the dance position Armaan kept dancing and swaying with him.

"You aren't getting me Armaan", she was trying to explain him.

But Armaan closed his eyes tightly and gently holding her head pushed down whereas she slipped his arm on his torso as she was finding a security in it and he held her waist again with another hand took her back and shushed her, "shush!"

 She left the dance in between and immediately replied, "Ah!! Armaan tum please dekho Kashaf kaha hai, we need to talk Gunjan"

"Aisa bhi kya hua?", Armaan incognizant asked.

She sighed out loud at which he calmed her down, "Okay Okay!! I'm finding her fine"

At which she nodded and handling her gown marched towards Gunjan to talk.

Shilpa snatched Gunjan and took her aside glaring the guy with him and took her to the corner, "What are you doing with this jerk?"

"Uska naam hai, Jay!", Gunjan immediately retorted back.

"I know your neighbor jo tumhe ek waqt tak follow krta tha because he is obsessed with you", Shilpa greeted her teeth.

Armaan on the same side found Kashaf and took a sigh of relief, "Thank God! Jao tumhari Tantrum Queen madam Shilpa ka order hai, tumhe bulaya hai"

"where?", She asked

"Dekhlo!!", he replied and pressed his lips together.

Kashaf took the exit and the two guys were there alone so they decided to refresh their respective minds on the beverage counter.

"What happened to Shilpa?", Zaroon asked.

"Pata nahin!", Armaan shrugged his shoulders at which Zaroon chuckled and his eyes fell on the counter where Samrat was highly intoxicated.

"Oh Shoot!!", they both shrieked in unison.

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