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Chapter 13:The missing world (arsh ff)

Samrat was sitting on the chair messily while gulping a large peg of alcohol and murmuring something to the bar tender, who was trying to ignore the drunken man.

"Wo...wo mere sath nahi ayi...", he pouted and kept blabbering, " ke sath ayi", he pointed towards the dance floor where he didn't bother to find her but pointed to show the bar tender who just nodded in yes, "Uske jagah jagah
dance k..kar ra..hi hai...kyun...", he drank the whole peg in one go.

He came closer to the scared bartender and shouted, "Pata hai kyu?"

The bar tender moves few steps back due to the unpleasant smell of alcohol and nodded
negatively at which Samrat came to his seat back and said, "Kyuki..."

But before he could complete himself Armaan and Zaroon spotted him and reached to his seat and took a deep sigh.

"Three large peg of whiskey please...", Samrat murmured cum ordered to the Bartender who was about to serve but they stopped him and Zaroon snatched the glass from Samrat's hands and kept it aside.

Samrat got irritated and mumbled, "Yaar! Here you aren't my do mera", he
said would be an understatement he literally ordered being highly intoxicated.

"Samrat! You've already drunk ...chalo ab yaha se", Zaroon said and tried to drag Samrat from that seat.

"Chill man! Ab tumhe to ladki mil gayi...tum kya jano dard mera...", Samrat chuckled and asked again for a peg.

At which Armaan smacked his head and suggested Zaroon, "Isi khich ke le jana padega. There is no other way", and they both struggled to drag him from that chair and when they were struggling to drag him, he childishly said, "Yaar ye senior log bhi na...Dono ne apne liye pata li...meri chali gayi to peene bhi nahi dete"


Whereas, Kashaf was in search of Shilpa and finally spotted her along with Gunjan and took a
deep sigh, "Shilpa! Have you gone nuts? Kaha ho ye to batana tha", and completed herself, "Accha bolo kya hua?"

Shilpa closed her eyes tightly and pointed her hand towards Gunjan, "Ask her"

"Kya ho raha hai? Koi batayega?", Kashaf irritated.

Shilpa narrated everything to Kashaf about Gunjan's partner in the party, who is Gunjan's ex-neighbor Jai and obsessed about her and used to follow her everywhere from college times and because of whom she has forcefully shifted the house also, many a times.

"Have you come with that jerk? Seriously, Gunjan you got mad", Kashaf shockingly reacted and
scolded her in concern.

"So what yaar, at least main jaisi hoon mujhe waise to accept karta hai na...aur bas ek party hi
to hai", Gunjan replied keeping the canteen conversation between interns and Samrat in mind and said as if she literally wanted it.

Shilpa pressed her lips as she understood why Gunjan has said this and replied in a low tone,
"I know Gunjan you are hurt because Samrat doesn't love you par...par iska matlab ye to nahi hai ke tum khud ko danger mein dalo"

Kashaf too agreed and said, "Yeah! That guy is dangerous; he can do anything with you."

Shilpa rested her palm on Gunjan's shoulder to support her, "It's not compulsory that to whom we love will also love us...par iske liye hum apne aap ko hurt to nahi kar sakte na"

"These words are made for books and cinema Shilpa, reality doesn't owe it. Koi itna accha nahi
hota...if you were at my place then you would have understood", Gunjan retorted back with moist eyes, but her intentions weren't to hurt Shilpa.

She shrugged Shilpa's hand off her shoulder which moist her eyes too. Kashaf noticed Shilpa's teary eyes and her instinct were shouting that it wasn't because of Gunjan's behavior but what Gunjan has said of being Shilpa at her place.

"Why you both are fighting yaar? Ab chalo ghar...", Kashaf scolded both of them and sternly ordered Gunjan, "And Gunjan stop all this silly childish behavior ...aur chup chap yaha se chalo", and she finally dragged her holding her tightly and Shilpa followed them as the words Gunjan said were loudly roaring in her ears as they were true, her reality, she was already at Gunjan's place.


Armaan and Zaroon struggled to throw Samrat inside Armaan's car and they locked him with the seat belt as he was highly intoxicated and locked the car too, so he cannot run from

"Huh Finally!", Armaan took a deep sigh and rested his hands on his elbows on the car and
clutched his head tightly.

"Isko main lekar jata hoon...tum please Shilpa ko drop kar dena aur...", before he could complete
Zaroon interrupted, "Aa gayi SHILPA", he highlighted Shilpa's name as he was teasing him.

He turned and noticed Shilpa with Gunjan and Kashaf at which he glared at grinning Zaroon and
mumbled bitting his each word, "You're hopeless haan! Samajh nahi aa raha ek to ho kya raha hai aur tumhe abhi bhi mazak soojh raha hai", and gave a amazed look to him but Zaroon giggled at it.

And licked his lips and said, "Okay okay!!"

The girls came towards the guys and Gunjan noticed Samrat who wasn't in his senses and got
worried, "What happen to him?", she asked as if it is matter of life and death to her.

"Relax!! Ise kuch nahi hua humari kamar tod di isne ulta", Zaroon mocked as a child and giggled.

Armaan showed him eyes and replied being hesitant, "He is highly drunk"

"What?", the shocked Gunjan retorted back and the other girls too in unison.

"Jee haan! And we two have suffered because of this. I don't know this man has or not par meri
kamar to gayi", Zaroon again chuckled while mocking and pointed towards Armaan at this man, at which he got a dose from Kashaf.

Kashaf smacked his arm and scolded, "Kabhi to band rakho apna radio", and clenched her jaw.

Gunjan tried to wake Samrat up sprinkling some water on his face and patting cheeks at which he
came to the senses for a second and smiled mumbling, "Gunj!", and again lost his senses.

"Aa jayega hosh use, Armaan ghar lekar ja raha hai apne don't worry...aur tum log mere sath
chalo ghar drop kar dunga", Zaroon rested his hand on Gunjan's shoulder and said portraying like an elder brother to Gunjan.

Gunjan nodded in tears and again coming to her fake adamant behavior turned her head to not look at him and immediately jumped inside Zaroon's car.

Armaan rolled his eyes which rested on Shilpa who was standing at the corner and asked looking into her eyes, "Where were you?"

"I'll explain you later...abhi ghar chalte hain", Shilpa replied coldly.

"Ah! I'm taking Samrat home so...I've to handle him. I'm sorry, but Zaroon will drop you", he hesitantly said looking here and there.

Shilpa replied in agreement, just nodding her head and left to get inside Zaroon's car, at which Armaan thought, "Ise kya hua", and scrunched his brows.

And then all the six left from the spot they didn't even bid a goodbye to the hosts and rushed in such haste.

Sid's House, Mumbai

Sid came out from the bathroom rubbing his hairs from the towel mumbling in his mind, "Aaj hi mile the na hum airport pe...hehe kya mulaqat thi wo bhi.", he giggled and continued in his mind, "That's why I've planned a surprise for you. You always had a complaint that I didn't propose you officially? I'm going to do this today...kaha ho wifey", and pressed his lips in thin line.

He tried to search her here and there and his eyes fell on Riddhima who was standing in the
drawing room, facing her back to him and folding her arms on her chest. Sid smiled and threw his towel on a chair kept aside, and came near to her.

He wrapped his hands around her waist from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder and huskily whispered in her ear, "I've surprise for you my lovely wifey...Can you guess it?"

Sid was expecting an excitement from his wife but she roughly shrugged off both his arms from her back and turned immediately, so his chin can remove from her shoulder.

"Yes I know what the hell have you surprised for me", she clenched her jaw in tears and gulped the fresh lump formed in her throat.

He immediately cupped her cheek being worried, "What happen? Are you...are you alright?"

She removed his hand harshly from her cheek, pointed her finger towards him and warned, "Don't you dare to touch me"

"Par mujhe bataogi hua kya hai?", Sid who was unaware about what has happened to Riddhima, shockingly asked.

"Kya hua hai?", she asked in disbelief as he already know what happen and kept continuing
herself, "Tum jante the wo kaha hai aur tumne mujhe ek baar bhi nahi bataya...Kyu", she roared in tears like a Lioness.

Sid frowned as about whom she is talking and look here and there and realized that in his
surprise which he has planned for her, he forgot that his E-mail Id has the mails which he has shared with Armaan months back.

He clenched his jaw and closed his tightly and asked, "Armaan?"

"Haan! Armaan! Tum uske bare mein jante the aur...", Riddhima as always was trying to shriek at him but he cut her off in between as it was enough for him now.

He held her shoulders tightly and crushed his jaw, "No I didn't knew it, I've just messaged
him and it's my decision to what to inform you and what not", he shrugged off her shoulders with a jerk and continued himself while pointing his finger towards her, "And I don't think that I've to tell about his whereabouts to you know why?"

"Because he himself doesn't want that, where is he? How is he? Nothing... Tumhare wajah se usne mujhe bhi nahi bataya where is he...", he gave a pity look to her and a tear drop fell from her eyes when she heard this.

He came closer to her and closed his eyes to relax himself down as he knew that Armaan was Riddhima's first love and it's not easy to forget the first love with a clasp of finger and it was her own decision to choose Sid over Armaan with whole heartedly, she wasn't sacrificing but love Sid and doesn't love Armaan anymore, this was just that she wasn't able to forget him.

He took Riddhima in his arms and engulfed her to support, whereas she kept crying and Sid
caressed her head to console her.

Appartment, Mussorie

Armaan, in such a late hour of night was dragging Samrat inside the house alone when Daddu came to open the door and noticed him struggling, so he too stepped to help him.

"Ahan!", Daddu came closer to Armaan and Samrat but the odour of alcohol from Samrat's breath forced him to take his steps back.

"Help karo na!",
Armaan opened his mouth when he noticed that his care-taker has held his arms
up to not help me.

Daddu made faces and said, "Yaar he is drunk"

"Wow! What a breaking news", Armaan smiled and faded it mimicking as he was serious.

"His breath is...yuck mujhse nahi hoga, you have brought him home to tum hi andar le jao", he replied folding his arms.

Armaan smiled back and grinned, "Naukri pyaari hai to lekar chalo..."

"Arey yaar naukri pe aajata hai", Daddu rolled his eyes and continued helping him, "Chalo
ye bhi kar lete hain"

They both somehow throw Samrat at the couch in Armaan's room as Daddu was adamant and denied to let him sleep neither in his own room nor the Living Area as they will smell so long according to him.

"You are going to clean your room, don't expect from me", he said while huffing.

"Accha thik hai", Armaan joined his hand clasping them.

Daddu left to sleep and Armaan too left for his room when he was about to get a shower he
heard someone's noise. He stepped out from the bathroom and stopped in his tracks.

"Gunj! You know, I always used to you that, knowingly...becauj you useddd to ghet
irritatedd with thaaat...and...I like...your...pouttt heheh", Samrat mumbled half-consciously.

He continued himself, "But why arrre you somethhhing more than aa friend to meee", and
stopped but all this get witnessed by Armaan who grinned.

Little Angel's Orphanage, Mussorie

"I'm sorry!", Gunjan who was sitting on Shilpa's bed apologized as ZaShaf forcefully dropped her to Shilpa's place, so she cannot get depress.

Shilpa took her eyes from the Moon and turned her back to her friend and faced her back to the window where she was standing.

"For what?", Shilpa smiled and sat beside her.

"Don't be so mahaan haan! I hurt you, mujhe nahi kehna tha par...", Gunjan tried to find words being apologized but Shilpa shushed her, "Don't be so stupid haan! Sorry apne paas rakh",", she smacked her head.

Gunjan hugged her and said being serious, "You're right by the way, it's not compulsory for
him to love me and I can't force him but at least I can try to forget him and separate my ways from him", she pressed her thin line grabbing strength while deciding.

Shilpa rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath, "Iska kuch nahi ho sakta"

Gunjan, who wasn't paying attention towards Shilpa, when she decided and asked after coming to senses about her mumble which she didn't heard clearly, "Did you say anything?"

Shilpa nodded her head negatively mocking as she was serious but she was not at all, she was a bit irritated now.

Next Morning,
Armaan's Apartment

Samrat came out in senses around 9 in the morning and looked here and there and came to the Living Area, where he noticed Armaan was sipping his coffee made by Daddu.

Samrat clutched his head in hands due to pain and asked, "Is this your house?"

"Haan!", Armaan replied after gulping down the whole coffee.

"Ah! My head is paining a lot", Samrat irritatingly said.

Daddu giggled hearing him, "Wo to hoga hi, daaru ke side effect", at which Armaan laughed out loud.

"Here I am dying with headache and you're laughing?", he glared Armaan and then asked, "By the way ye janab kaun hai?"

"Daddu", he replied.

"Daddu kis angle se...chachu hote to baat alag have maintained a lot haan", he took the sip from the coffee mug which Daddu gave him getting excited with his tareef.

"Heere ki parakh...", Daddu was about to add words in his own praise when Armaan
interrupted, "Thik hai thik hai... ", and looked back to Samrat and explained that he isn't his real Daddu, because his name is Dhurandhar, he used to make his fun at which Samrat laughed out.

Daddu gave a childlike look to both of them and get involve in his work.

"By the way! Daaru itni kyu desi hui thi? Matlab, why did you drunk?", he asked looking here
and there.

But Samrat ignored him, "Aise hi man kar raha tha"

Armaan chuckled and lied to test him, "By the way where was Gunjan in whole party...dikhi nahi"

"How do I know, but why did you ask me?", he looked here and there.

"Because you both are best friend, tumhare hi to sath...", Armaan was going to ask when he
cut him off sternly, "Nahi gayi mere sath and that's why I drank ...happy"

Armaan stepped towards the kitchen counter and kept his and Samrat's empty mug in the sink and asked, "Just because she didn't go with you and but someone else, you drank
this much?"

He rolled his eyes and said, "What's your problem? I drank because she has always gone with me in any party and now she was gone with that jerk...that's it"

Armaan tried to calm him down and Samrat took a deep sigh, "I'm sorry wo..."

"It's okay", Armaan replied back and continued, "So do you like her?", remembering the last
night and his words in subconscious state.

"She is my best friend. Of course I do", he genuinely confessed and washed his face in washbasin.

"Just a best friend?", Armaan asked while tying his shoelaces.

He wiped it with towel and continued, "Yes! Just best friend, but I have decided ke agar wo
mujhse door rehna chahti hai to thik hai...I will respect it"

"Iska kuch nahi ho sakta", Armaan irritatingly mumbled under breath which Samrat couldn't listen due to the distance and not a loud and clear voice.

"Did you say anything?", he frowned.

"Haan! Let me drop you to your house so you cannot get late to report your duty", he
collected his car keys and left with him while rolling his eyes at his back.

Few Hours
Later, Sanjeevani Mussorie

Shilpa was arranging her locker while humming a song when Armaan reached there. She has tied her hairs messily in a bun clutching them and was standing over a bench so her
hand could easily reach there as her locker was at the top of locker rack.

Armaan was noticing her from the entrance and smiling when she was arranging her stuff, he noticed that S bracelet was in her wrist which he gave to her but she was still unaware with the fact that Armaan has one another which she forgot on reception in Sanjeevani Mumbai.

"Aham!", he coughed to force her to look back when her one of her book fell on the floor with a jerk she got.

"Armaan! Picked that up and give me", she pouted and stubbornly ordered him which he obeyed and picked that book and she stretched her hand in process to take it back but he
himself kept it in the locker with which her hand brushed with her another hand which was engaged in holding the locker door.

They both took their hands back immediately and taking out her lab coat and stethoscope she jumped from the bench and was about to fell but Armaan immediately rescued her by holding her waist.

Shilpa was lost in those two ocean blue orbs of the man whom she loves a lot but Armaan was lost in her grey eyes as they were catching his attention and attraction towards them but with the entrance of Zaroon and Kashaf they both came to their senses.

Zaroon teased them, "Yaar Kashaf hum to engaged hain naam ke liye par ye dono to bina rings pehnaye hi engage ho jate hain...the new love birds", at which Kashaf giggled and Shilpa - Armaan looked here and there after coming to normal position.

"Ab thik hai nazaare mat dekho nazren mil gayi hain already", Zaroon winked looking at
Armaan who gave him a deadly glare.

"Bas karo yaar", Kashaf smacked his hand, and continued, "What hectic night!!"

Armaan Shilpa took deep breath when the topic changed and get involved into the conversation.

"True! Mujhse poocho, I have deal with that odour whole night and his constant mumbling...Gosh!", Armaan made faces and pouted at last.

The other scrunched their brows and asked in unison, "mumbling?"

"Yup!", and he narrated all what he mumbled not being in senses and what he said in senses.

"Really! He too has decided to part ways?", Shilpa shockingly asked.

Kashaf asked, "He too means? Does she also?". Shilpa nodded in yes at this and explained what Gunjan has decided.

They were discussing all this when Samrat came and they shut their mouths, "Itna sannata
kyon hai bhai?", and frowned, "Oh accha!...yar pehle kabhi kisi ko drink karte hue nahi dekha kya?"

"Dekha hai. Par itni nahi", Zaroon taunted.

"Whatever!", Samrat rolled his eyes and stepped towards his locker, he was snatching his
labcoat out when Gunjan entered.

She bided a Hi to all four except Samrat, and picked her stuff from the locker and was about
to leave but stopped and turned.

All the four thought that she is about to talk Samrat but they were wrong he came towards
Armaan and said, "Dr. Armaan! I need a half today"

"Dr. Gunjan! I will see if possible", Armaan replied and bit his lip.

All were looking at her with popping eyes when she left after few minutes Samrat also left after discussing about the case with Kashaf.

When he too left, all the four were looking at them popping eye sockets and open mouth.

Kashaf said, "Sab se baat ki"

"Bas ek doosre se nahi", Armaan continued.

"Gunjan ne bhi", Zaroon continued him.

And Shilpa said, "Samrat ne bhi"

And they all finished while saying in unison, "In dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta"

"But we have to do something na...we all can clearly see, how much they love each other but aren't ready to confess", Kashaf amusedly said.

Zaroon made faces getting irritated, "But what can we do in this, if they both are mad"

"Tum chup karo bakwas...we should do anything friends hain humare", Kashaf logically spilled out.

When the same time Armaan Shilpa looked at each other with a grin and twisted their brows

"Kya karein to?", Zaroon said uninterestingly.

"IDEA!!!", and the same time Armaan-Shilpa excitedly shouted and gave a hi-fi to each other at which Zaroon Kashaf exchanged a look amusingly and widening their eyes they both asked, "Kaisa Idea?"

"Mumbai wale Armaan-Shilpa ka idea", Shilpa and Armaan answered back while grinning and passed a look to each other.


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