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Chapter 14:The missing world (arsh ff)

Samrat entered Canteen where both, Shilpa and Kashaf were having breakfast. He tip toed to the counter to grab his sandwich and coffee. His back was facing the girls when Shilpa indicated Kashaf that she is going to start the drama.

"Ye Gunjan na...she is such an immature girl. I mean what was the need to take that idiot obsessed man to the party as date", Shilpa started a bit loud so Samrat can hear clearly as their conversation which was drama.

Kashaf started acting too, "Hmm! Zaroon was also shocked when he saw that guy, I hope he'll clear with her after operation"

Whereas on the other side, outside the operation theatre when Gunjan was undoing with her surgery gown with the help of a nurse, behind the curtain, who were all set for their drama too.

"Operation was successful but mujhe samajh nahi aata why do people drink when they know it affects lever", Zaroon acted so naturally which even amazed Armaan.

Armaan appreciated him showing thumbs up sign and continued, "Logon ka kya hai aajkal to doctor bhi drink karte hain, see Samrat. Badi mushkil se sambhala use raat bhar", he made a gloomy face as he knew Gunjan was done with her gown and nurse had left and now Gunjan was hearing them from behind the curtain.

"Zaroon Bhai kya samjhayenge use, she has gone mad", Shilpa dramatically said and sip her coffee.

Kashaf was nervous so she denied continuing at which Shilpa showed her eyes and snapped her foot with her high heel so Kashaf started, "Ah! H- haan. You are right, ab dekho aaj kya kar rahi hai Gunjan...", and stopped in between as she has forgotten her dialogue and Samrat was hearing them.

Zaroon got what Armaan is trying to say when he forgot his dialogue, he narrowed his eyes and continued to handle the matter, meanwhile Gunjan was hearing them clearly, "Kya kar raha hai?..haan kya kar raha hai Samrat dekho na...he has planned a da-date with a girl tonight"

In the canteen, Samrat who was about to leave stopped automatically in his tracks hearing about Gunjan is planning date with a guy so as now he was trying to control himself.

"But ja kiske sath ra-rahi hai DATE par...wahi obsessed Jai?", Kashaf asked Shilpa with a grin.

"No!! But only god knows kaisa hoga, you know BLIND DATE", Shilpa made a fake gloomy face when Samrat turned to look at her.

 "Oho BLIND DATE!!",  Zaroon added fuel with a grin so Gunjan can hear them properly with teary eyes.

Armaan nodded his head positively and Gunjan immediately left the area and rushed out, so as Samrat left his plate and coffee mug on the counter table and left the canteen area. All the four felt bad as they were filling their friends' head with wrong stuff.

Few Hours Later,

In the Changing room, near the Locker room, Armaan opened the unlocked door of the changing room. He was too exhausted with the tired day so his eyes were closed due to headache. He started unbuttoning his shirt without realizing that someone was already there. He got amazed when the outflow from water tap took his attention and he opened his eyes out and shouted, "Ahhh!!!"

He tightly closed his eyes and another shout also resonated in the room, "Ahh!!!"

He somehow grabbed the strength to open his tightly closed eyes and looked at the innocent face which was in front of him but the eyes were tightly closed, so her eyes cannot fall on him. An unknown smile captured his face and he couldn't take his eyes off from her. Her face was wet and the water droplets were tracing the arches of it and running, caressing it.

"Can't you knock the door?", she clenched her jaw but her eyes were still close.

This took him to the senses and he sarcastically started, "You're right Dr. Shilpa... ab aap to door lock nahi kar sakti haina..."

"Arggh!!", she screamed and started searching her dupatta, here and there with close eyes.

He too immediately looked at his bare chest and buttoned the shirt and helped her in giving dupatta. He turned back and said, "Now you can open your eyes"

She managed her dupatta again and opened eyes and found that he was nowhere in the changing room. She looked here and there and smiled at his all time gentleman behavior for a girl.

Shilpa came out of the changing room and found that he was there changing the pages of file. She too started reading her file, in fact pretending to read. He too was noticing her from the corner of his eye and a thought came to both the minds that what was happening to them? What flow it was in which they were flowing and their respective heart wanted to flow in that, what was it? What was now missing in their world?

They were lost in their thought when footsteps pulled their attention. They realized that Gunjan was coming inside the locker room as per the plan scheduled by all of them. They hid their files and books and pretended to argue.

"Samrat chala date pe...bas yahi baaki reh gaya tha", Armaan sarcastically said.

"So what? Why are you having problem by this?", she replied as it doesn't matter to her.

Armaan got confused with this because this dialogue delivered by his drama partner wasn't supposed to be delivered, so he took few seconds to think the next as the script has changed by her.

"Umm! Wh-what do you mean by that? How you can be so carefree about this?", Armaan popped his brow.

Gunjan gulped down the saliva and pretend to hide at the entry door of locker room pretending not to hear them.

Shilpa looked Gunjan from her corner of eye and asked him, "But why do you think that I should be worried?"

"Arey! Gunjan ka bhi to socho after all she is your friend", Armaan argued fakely.

She folded her arms on her chest and continued his words from Gunjan, "Gunjan...who has decided to move on", and arched her brow.

"What? Usne bhi move on karne ka decide kar liya?", Armaan asked as he doesn't even know about that.

"Usne bhi matlab?", she too asked in the same tone and continued, "Matlab Samrat ne bhi decide kar liya MOVE ON karne ka?"     


They both look at the hiding Gunjan who marched in haste.

And with her exit they both give a hi-fi to each other, "Plan 3 successful", and extended the arms to hug each other and then realized that they have promised themselves to forget the past, their missing world.

Few Minutes passed and Shilpa pressed her lips in a thin line, "I'm feeling bad to hurt my friend, my sister that too with a lie", she said as she was child.

He looked at her and jumped on the bench to sit near her, "And what do you think? Am I feeling happy?"

She looked at him who continued himself, "We all are feeling bad but we're doing this for their happiness and their happiness is dearest to us right?"

She nodded positively and he held her shoulder so she can face him, her eyes were lowered and he tilted her chin up. She was expecting that he will wipe her tears but he murmured, "Ab please meri ma over-acting mat karna", and grinned which opened her mouth in a perfect O shape and she hit him with her book and shouted, "Tum na...tum na..."

"Aage bhi bolo." he taunted.

"Go to hell! Huh!!", she replied curtly.

He laughed and she left giving him a deadly glare at the duty alarm, whereas he remained smiling as he has noticed her wrist, which was still tied with the bracelet which he returned her last night, outside the party venue and her innocent face was revolving in front of him like a painting and drawing him towards itself.

In the Evening,

Armaan and Zaroon were outside the OPD, waiting for Samrat to come back from his duty, so they can start their drama again.

Zaroon started when he noticed Samrat coming outside from the ward, "So finally, my would be sister in law cum sister Gunjan is finally going to MOVE ON!!",

"Yeah! Finally", Armaan agreed and continued, "Well sab decide kar liya usne kaha milegi use?"

Zaroon made a fake gloomy face and lied, "Obviously. Kashaf keh rahi thi bahut handsome hai ladka mujhse bhi zyada. Gunjan is so luc-"

But before he could continue Samrat departed from there as he has decided to do something really serious.

"Jhoote!", Armaan taunted and they both laughed.


Gunjan was passing the corridor with the velocity of light, as if she is going for such an urgency when Samrat came and stopped her path. She glared him rudely and moved to walk away from other side.

Samrat stepped and again stopped her path, at which she closed her eyes and, "Leave my path", she curtly said.

"I wouldn't", he clenched his jaw.

She closed her eyes to calm herself and walked away, at which he too followed her and she pushed terrace's door. She entered and he too followed her.

"Stop following me and get out. I want to be alone for sometime", she ordered in tears, but her back was facing him.

The other four were hiding themselves behind the exit door and Kashaf murmured, "Abhi tak to plan sahi ja raha hai"

"Haan! Age tumhari awaz sunke flop na ho jae, jo mujhe lagta hai hoga", Zaroon immediately taunted.

"Oh Tom and Jerry! Let them take some footage now", Shilpa sarcastically said.

"She is right. Sunne do", Armaan agreed.

"Uhu Uhu! Kya baat hai.  She is right", Zaroon mocked Armaan and bit his lower lip when Kashaf hit his back.

Samrat held Gunjan's shoulders and came in front of her, "What the hell are you doing now?"

"What am I doing? It's YOU who is doing.", she let herself free from his hold and stepped forward.

He shut his eyes tightly, "Haven't you decided to move on?"

"Yes I did. But not like they you have decided to move on", she immediately replied.

Shilpa pouted, "Sidhe point pe aao na door ke piche or nahi chupa jata"

"Ms. Restless! Abhi point pe bhi ayenge", Armaan murmured in her ear at which she looked into his ocean blue eyes.

Samrat clenched his jaw and held her elbows and drag her towards himself, "Accha kese move on kar raha hoon main? Kaam mein busy rehkar aur tum kese move on kar rahi ho batao?"

"Tumhari tarah blind date--", she pierced her eyes in his but he interrupted, "Blind date-blind date subaah se bas yahi sun raha hoon"

"Haan kyu nahi sunoge jaana hai tumhe after--", she screamed.

"Stop it now!, Jo karna hai karo par chupao to mat", he jerked her from his hold.

Zaroon and Kashaf glared Armaan and Shilpa and clenched their jaws, "Ye tha Mumbai wale Armaan Shilpa ka plan??"

"Pehli baar fail ho raha hai, kya karein?", they look at each other quizzically when they heard.

"Chupa to mujhse. Mere paas to kuch hai bhi nahi chupane ko.", she was going to utter without taking breath when they both realized what has happened.

"Haan sab mere paas. Kitne easily move on ho gayi na", he glared her.

"Aur tumhe to jaise bada time laga move on hone ko, blind date pe jaya jar aha hai", she clenched her jaw.

Samrat didn't listen her carefully and started from blind date, "Yes blind date. Yahi plan ki hai terrace pe? jaana hai blind date pe par ek baar mera to khyal karo"

"Haan sab tumhara hi khayal kare aur bind date pe jao tum. Aane do us chudail ko yahi se niche dhakka dungi main use", Gunjan boiled in anger as she took his question as reply and she thought he has planned the date on terrace.

Samrat quizzically asked, "Haan dhakka bhi dunga us ladke ko aur marunga to itna ke Sanjeevani ke best doctors bhi ilaaj na kar paye. Bada aya mere pyaar pe nazar maarne wala"

They both made angry face and turned their respective backs which were facing each other.


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