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Chapter 15:The missing world (arsh ff)

Samrat and Gunjan both made angry face and turned their respective backs which were facing each other.

They again faced each other with a jerk and uttered together, "Blind date?", they both were highly shocked.

"Jo tum-tum ja rahe ho", Gunjan clenched her jaw.

"Ji nahi! Tum ja rahi ho", he denied.

The argued for few minutes and then Gunjan stopped Samrat, "Wait! Who told you that I'm going for blind date?"

"Oh shoot! Ye dono khud to phase hume bhi phasa diya", Zaroon tapped his forehead.

Kashaf fakely smiled, "Aur maano inki baat"

"Inki nahi Mumbai wale--", Zaroon interrupted between Armaan and Shilpa and clenched, "Bhago!!"

But before they could run away Samrat and Gunjan traced them and she gave a deadly glare resting her palms on her waist and they caught red handed.

"Ye kya tha", Gunjan said with fake smile.

"Kuch nahi wo--", this time Kashaf was about to lie and run when Armaan interrupted, "Wo hum dono ka plan tha", he showed both him and Shilpa.

"Aur kis liye", Samrat gave a deadly glare to Shilpa.

"So you both can confess your love", all the four said together and smiled.

"Love? And where it is?", Gunjan and Samrat asked.

"Everywhere!", Kashaf replied.

"Yup we can see your missing world clearly", Shilpa continued and Armaan completed her, "And it has proved with your jealousy"

Zaroon shrugged his shoulders, "Come on guys! Apni apni zidd chod bhi do"

Both Gunjan and Samrat looked here and there Samrat whispered, "Do you love me"

"Haan", she answered.

"To bataya kyu nahi", he bombarded.

She screamed, "Tumhe hi to chahiye thin a not so padhaku ladki"

"Accha aur tum jo ghum rahi thi us Ghatiya Jai ke sath wo", they started fighting.

"Tumne bhi to alchohol li na", Gunjan clenched her jaw.

"Aur tum dono ne confess bhi kiya na!!", All the rest four screamed with joy.

They both look here and there and finally smiled. They wanted to embrace each other in a hug but due to presence of other four they stopped their feelings in mid.

"Uhu Uhu!! Chalo guys", Shilpa said and they all departed leaving the love birds alone and they wrapped each other confessing their love in hug.

In the Night,
Little Angel's Orphanage, Mussoorrie

"Finally my best friend Gunjan is happy. She got her love", Shilpa shared her feelings with Armaan.

"After all idea was mine fail kaise hota", he teased her shrugging her shoulder with his.

Shilpa's mouth remained in O shape, "It was mine to okay Looser--",but she cut herself in between as the word LOOSER slipped from her tongue as she used to call him looser in Mumbai, where she fell in love for her.

"Ummm!! Accha thik hai hum dono ka idea tha okay?", Armaan tried to change the topic and she gave a faint smile.

Shilpa was tugging her hairs behind her ear when she noticed her wrist which was tied with the S bracelet which she lost in Mumbai.

She pressed her lips in a thin line and asked, "Armaan shall I ask you something?"

"Hmmm", he replied.

"Why did you kept this bracelet with yourself since long?", she asked looking into his eyes so innocently that he couldn't give her answer as he even didn't know the reason of keeping it with him.

He took a deep sigh and look here and there, "Ah! Mere - mere locker ka saara saman yaha aya to ye bhi aa gaya"

He successfully lied the reason which wasn't true, the truth was even invisible from his eyes "Socha tumhe de du, but why did you ask"

This was tough for Shilpa to explain so she stuttered, "Ah!! Ai-aise hi pooch-pooch liya maine", and she changed the topic, "It is too close to me so--", he interrupted her, "Its okay, by the way I should leave now", he replied.

They both knew the reasons they were giving to each other wasn't true but what the true was not even known to them.

Armaan was about to leave when thunder roared and Shilpa tightly clutched Armaan's arm, closing her eyes. He couldn't take his eyes off from her. She was looking mesmerizing like an innocent child.

"Shilpa!!", he came to senses and tried to calm her down.

"Shilpa it's just a thunder storm", Armaan said so Shilpa opened her eyes and he said, "Don't tell me abhi bhi dar lagta hai", at which she nodded her head positively and he pressed his lips in a thin line to stop himself to not laugh but at last he laughed out loud and she too joined him and the same time God shower the water on the, as rain.

They both became a bit wet when a child threw his basketball when he was going inside which unknowingly hit Armaan's head which took them to reality.

So that when she started laughing out loud at his situation he dribbled the ball and ran behind her so that he can throw it on her.

But she quickly ran from there but her wet hairs brushed his face, her aroma stopped him there but when she teased to be afar from him he again followed her. He was trying to catch her but no, he didn't succeed.

And finally he caught her from her dupatta from behind rolled around it in his fist and dragged the tender trembling Shilpa towards himself and she closed her eyes  tightly as she imagined he will hit her from ball but what he did touched her heart. He wrapped her dupatta around her wet body so that she can be covered.


After around an hour when Armaan left but the rain wasn't stopping Shilpa was laughing on her sofa when the S dropped down from the bracelet and reminds her question that why did Armaan kept the bracelet with himself for such a long time and his answer wasn't also satisfied.

She was confused that why destiny is planning games with their life when she has missed this world of love then why she was again falling for him with which she was denying.

Whereas, on the other side, Armaan was thinking the same that why did he kept that bracelet with himself when Shilpa doesn't matter for him not more than a friend at least then why he kept it so safely.

And with this the night over to the eternity in the thoughts, confusion and finding answers of the questions.


"How many times I have to tell you to not drench in the rain like children?", Armaan screamed on Daddu who was hiding under blanket and Armaan was offering a mug of coffee.

"Arey! Tum bhigo to kuch nahi?", Daddu argued.

Armaan started with sugar coated voice, "Mujhme aur apmein bas--", he cut himself and scolded, "Bas ek generation ka hi difference hai"

"Which kind of doctor you are? This is the way to behave with a fever patient", Daddu dramatically made faces.

"Nahi nahi"humein to aap mahashaye ki sewa karni hai", Armaan taunted.

"Tumhare liye main bhi us drunk ladke ko jhel gaya jhappi pappi kitni usne meri", Daddu complained like a child.

"Accha thik hai natak band karo banata hu breakfast aapka", Armaan put his arms down.

"Ata bhi hai khana banana", he argued.

"Aap aram karein mein banata hoon", Armaan taunted again.

"Okay", Daddu too showed his tongue and sleep.

"Hadd hai main to bas natak kar raha tha ye to sach mein so gaya...kuch kar armaan. Kya karein ab banana to padega", Armaan pouted and started surfing the net and tried to cook sandwiches but while cooking the favorite potato stuffed sandwich for Daddu his hand burn and a scared voice reached to his ears.

"Armaan!!", it was Shilpa who has came first time to his apartment for some urgent work but witness that his finger has a bit wounded.

She blow air on it and asked for the ointment, "Khyal nahi rakh sakte apna?"

But he pointed towards the drawer and she immediately massaged ointment on it and kept blowing air.

"Tum pagal ho? Everyone knows ke tumhe khana banana nahi ata then---", she scolded him hardly when he interrupted, "Bas Jhansi ki rani! Aap baad mein datengi? Pehle in bimaar dukhi ko breakfast karaana hai", he giggled.

"Shutup!", she snapped his shoulder and introduced his cook to Shilpa, who cooked food for Daddu.

"Yum!! Maja aa gaya. Barkhurdar waise ye hasina hai kaun?", he winked and joked looking at Armaan.

At which Shilpa bit her lip and Armaan immediately said, "Daddu... so jao"

"Aur tum yaha?", he asked Shilpa.

"Dr. Sehgal has given me a file yesterday but sab bhool gayi tumhe deni thi", Shilpa reasoned.

"Okay!!", he replied.

"Chalo main bhi Sanjeevani hi ja raha hoon", he said to Shilpa who agreed and when they were departing on bike Daddu said, "acchi bacchi hai", and shared a smiled with Shilpa.

With Loads Of love,


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