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Chapter 16:The missing world (arsh ff)

"It's okay Armaan, I can go by myself", Shilpa hesitated when Armaan asked to drop her.

"It's NOT okay, I know you have always been an independent girl but my company isn't a bad idea", he winked and continued, "At least meri jaan ki company ko to tum reject nahi kar sakti", he chuckled signaling at his bike at which she giggled and agreed to go with him.

Shilpa, who has wore a lemon yellow chudidar somehow managed to sit on bike. She wasn't comfortable and when he drove off a speed breaker forced her body to touch his, which became awkward for her as well as him.

But they tried to control their emotions of the past and he took a turn, she again thumped to his body and he stopped the bike and whispered, "Acche se pakdo Shilpa...gir jaogi", she looked at him in the mirror with her big almond shaped eyes and gulped down. She finally grabbed strength and wound his torso with her arms and drove off but on another speed breaker, accidently her lips crushed with his shirt and her lip color left the impression on his shirt, and he didn't realize.

Shilpa gulped down and murmured in his thoughts, "Gosh! Ab kya karun. If he will come to know about this mark then beech raste mein drop kar dega", and a lie hit her mind, "Ek kaam karti hoon batati hi nahi hoon...hehe", and she smirked.

Sanjeevani Mumbai,
Record Room,

"Ek kaam karti hoon yaha search karti hoon. Papa ne Armaan ki file chupayi hogi Shilpa ki nahi...I want to know where they are", Riddhima said in her mind and started searching for the file of Shilpa.

"Kaha hai? Mil hi nahi rahi", she defeated said.

"Because it's with me... Dr. Riddhima MODI", a voice came from behind who emphasized her surname, hearing the voice she turned and Dr. Shashank Gupta, her father skimmed out.

"Papa!...", she whispered and pressed her lips.

"I don't believe this. What the hell are you doing here and why?", Shashank curtly said.

She gulped down and tried to reason, "Papa I was just", but he interrupted in between when Sid joined him, "You were just spying over here but why?"

"Sir wo",  Sid tried to explain and calm him down but he showed his hand to stop and stepped forward to her, "Have you gone mad? Aren't you enough now?", he clenched his jaw and a tear rolled down her cheek at which his heart melt a bit, "Look Riddhima ye hospital hai jo confidential hai wo confidential hai"

"But why Papa these are just profiles. You can't hide them", she gulped and stuttured.

"Don't you dare to teach me what I've to do or not Doctor, you are an employee, just employee here. Got it?", he screamed in clear words when she throw her cards, "But apne Sid ko bataya where is he", and looked at her husband.

"First of all Dr. Sid doesn't know where he is and by the way it's my deed to inform whom or whom not. Its none of your business", he harshly completed and was about to left when she called, "Papa aap...", but he left without listening her and she broke into tears when Sid consoled her and embracing her in his arms.

Sanjeevani Mussoorrie,

Armaan and Shilpa entered the hospital together but all the eyes were on Armaan and the lipstic mark on his shirt. Shilpa grinned when all smiled suspiciously looking at Armaan and she departed to the locker room.

When he thought, "What happen to them? Why are they behaving so weird?", he creased his brows and left for his cabin.

He passed the whole building and reached his cabin but the reactions from all were same at which he thought, "Sara sanjeevani pagal ho gaya hai kya", and pushed the door of his cabin where he found Zaroon who was already waiting for him.

Armaan put the case file on the table and was about to sit, the lip mark skimmed and Zaroon witnessed it at which he pressed his lips tightly to stop his laughter.

"Hey man! Itni subah mere cabin mein wait kar rahe the, kya hua?", he asked but Zaroon's focus was on the lip mark on Armaan's shirt.

"Haan discuss to ek case karna tha but koi baat nahi shayad ek case already discuss ho gaya", he winked but Armaan didn't get him.

And he thought that Shilpa has informed him about Daddu so he said, "Yes kaafi serious case hai. Fever aur nakhre dekho dengue wale", and giggled.

"By the way she informed you but when?", he asked to Zaroon.

 "Janab! Hum to chehra dekhke bata dete hain", Zaroon winked again.

Armaan made faces and uttered, "Ye sanjeevani main ho kya raha hai all are behaving awkwardly including you"

"Matlab ye kuch aur hi soch raha hai", Zaroon pressed his lips and said under his breath but Armaan listen half of it.

"Kya soch raha hoon main? Come on Zaroon now at least tu to aissa weird look na de", Armaan said.

"Matlab kuch nahi pata?", Zaroon confirmed.

"Kya bol rahe ho", he asked.

"Weird humare look nahi h apka shirt hai", replied Zaroon and clicked a picture on his phone of his back and show it to Armaan.

Armaan's jaw dropped when he saw the lipstick mark on his shirt and he didn't take more than seconds to tracing whose lips were they.

He crushed his jaw but Zaroon pulled his leg, "Tumhara serious case", and giggled at which he gave him a deadly glare and left the cabin.

Locker Room,

"You're looking gorgeous Shilpa", Gunjan gave her a compliment when Armaan entered the locker room, both the girls turned to check who was there.

Armaan gave a smile to Gunjan, "Dr. Gunjan can you please leave us alone, I have to discuss something with her"

"Yes Sir you can, akele mein", she giggled and while leaving she turned to wave her hand she too witnessed the lipstick mark and couldn't control her laughter which Armaan noticed.

"So Dr. Shilpa!!", Armaan gave a sarcastic smile to her while she didn't take time to understand what he wanted to say.

"Armaan wo! Let me clear, maine pehle hi bike pe bethne se mana kia tha ab ho jata hai", She tried to reason.

He came forward, gave her a deadly glare and crossed his arms on his chest, which made Shilpa conscious she was about to say something when he interrupted, "Tum ladkiya make up use hi kyu karti ho...itni buri lagti ho kya?", he taunted her.

Her mouth remained open in an O shape, "You! And why do you boys ride the bike so fast...ab mark lag gaya to lag gaya", she too taunted.

"And because of that mark all are glaring me ... Ghoor rahe hain...they are laughing at me from nurse to doctors...just ...", he stops himself and continued showing a finger towards him, "Just because of that mark and YOU"

Shilpa bit her lower lip to control her laughter when he clasped his fingers on her face, "Oh madam! Kya karu main in weird looks se bachne ke lie...doosri shirt bhi nahi hai", which forced her to burst in laughter and he couldn't continue himself, what he did, just looking at her without blinking his eyes.

"Hahah! Oh poor Dr. Armaan Malik...Sanjeevani ka maalik", she clasped his fingers in Armanish style which took him to senses and he said, "Haso mat and tell me what I should I do now to protect myself from these weird looks", an shook his head.

Shilpa blinked her eyelashes thrice and uttered, "Their looks are weird, but the solution is simple", she turned towards his locker and said.

"Simple there is nothing simple in this", but before he could continue she grabbed his lab coat and helped him to wear it so the mark can hide and her simple idea forced him to smile.

"See simple", she look at him with glittering eyes.

"Hmm.. so simple", he agreed looking into her eyes.

In the night,

Armaan entered the house blabbered, "Bahut bhukh lag rahi hai. I hate late duties"

But the same time the condition of sick daddu hit his mind, "Shoot! Khana bhi banana padega", and when he opened the door with his keys he found daddu having dinner when his eyes fell on him he get surprise and said, "Who has told you to cook in ill health?"

"No one", daddu replied.

"Then why did you"

"Calm down my boy. Mene nahi banaya", daddu winked in a low tone.

"Then who did", he asked.

Daddu coughed and uttered, "Subah wo haseena aayi thi na, what was her name, haan Shilpa, she has cooked the food"

"Pehle to ye haseena haseena band karo and tell me how is it possible? I mean how can she cook when she was in hospital", he scolded daddu and asked the reason.

"Oh Mr. bhul gaye she had a half day", he said.

"To islie half day chahiye tha use", armaan blabbered.

"Yes, because, my company is the best", he winked which forced Armaan to chuckle, "Nahi sudharne wale tum", at which daddu nodded in agreement.

They both laughed and Armaan said, "your medicine time"

"Yes and your medicine?", daddu said.

"Mujhe kya hua hai", Armaan strangely asked.

"Aham! Pyar hua...ikrar hua hai?", he said first two words and ended with a question mark.

"Now don't start again", Armaan warned dramatically.

"I'm going to get a shower, bahut bhookh lagi hai...", and he was about to left for his room but took two steps backward and threatened, "Ake class lunga", and left , with his departure daddu smiled, "Pyaar to hua hai...ikrar ka pata nahi in dono ko hua hai ya nahi", and widened his smile shaking his head.


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