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Chapter 17:The missing world (arsh ff)

"I'm going to get a shower, bahut bhookh lagi hai...", and he was about to left for his room but took two steps backward and threatened, "Ake class lunga", and left , with his departure daddu smiled, "Pyaar to hua hai...ikrar ka pata nahi", and widened his smile shaking his head.

And he started singing the song pyaar hua ikraar hua hai

Armaan's Room

Armaan snatched a towel and clothes from his cupboard and tip toed towards the washroom. He spun the knob of shower and removed his shirt. He was about to throw it in the corner but stopped when the lipstick mark reached to his vision.

The memory lane started painting pictures of the day which he spent with Shilpa. The awkward looks of the Sanjeevani staff but all vanished when Shilpa's chuckle came to his mind through the passage of heart, and the water started sprinkling the memories with each water droplet and he relived them without blinking his eyes.

Little Angels Orphanage

"My car is the best Anya", a boy was trying to impress the little Anya with his toy car when the other jumped, "No Anya! Girls ko bike ride jyada acchi lagti hai"

Shilpa was pressing her lips from a little distance and was witnessing the mischievous behavior of the boys with the little and stopping herself to not laugh.

"No Anya Car, this is BMW you know", he showed his car to her at which the other one interrupted, "Its bestest bike of the world...", he picked up his bike and showed to her.

"I will decide whose vehicle is best not you too silly guys", she showed tongue to both of them at which Shilpa couldn't stop herself from laughing and tip toed towards them.

She bent down and pinched the cheek of the boy with the toy bike, "What's going on here?", and raised his brow up pretending to be angry.

Anya thought it was a golden chance to complaint, "Shona di khullam khulla ladki ched rahe hain dono", and pouted.

Shilpa chuckled and asked making a serious face, "Accha aisa?"

"No di!! I was just telling my car is best but he was like ke ladkiya bike jyada pasand karti hain", the boy with car defended sheepishly and threw all the weight on the other boy.

"kyu bhai ladki ched rahe ho?", Shilpa too was in a mood to throw prank over the little ones and bombarded.

"No Di! I was saying my bike is best", he defended himself.

"Main kese maan loon", Anya interrupted in between.

"Silly girl Armaan bhaiya wali bike hai bilkulll waise hi chalti hai", he justified himself.

Anya's eyes popped out and she asked, "If you will drive and I will seat at the back hum kese lagenge?"

"Jaise Armaan Bhaiya Or Shona Di lagte hai buddhu", he replied back and snapped her head.

"Matlab like best couple of the world?", she asked innocently at which he nodded in agreement.

This shrinked the mischievous smile from Shilpa's face and the only word echoing in her ears were "the best couple of the world"

She pressed her lips in thin line and she step backward the children kept chanting but she wasn't hearing them but that line, the best couple of the world. She gulped down the fresh lump formed in her throat and she ran with moist eyes into her room.

She was sitting on the window sill, her long hairs were flying but her eyes were sprinkling the tears. She after few seconds roughly wipe the tears and giggled, "the best couple of the world"

"Huh! I hope it could be the truth but alas", her lips shivered and she ended sobbing and gulping the saliva. She rested her head on the wall and shut her eye lids which fall tears down.

Armaan's Apartment

Armaan opened his closed eyes ruffled his hairs and smiled, "Silly girl and silly me", he laughed at himself and left the washroom after taking a shower.

He was wiping his wet hairs with towel and taunted daddu, "Apki haseena khana banake gayi thi milega kuch ya sab apne kha liya"

"Mujhe bhukkad samjha hai. Listen I'm not like", daddu retorted back at which Armaan mocked and nodded his head in agreement.

He came towards him and while checking daddu's fever said, "Nahi koi bharosa nahi aapka HASEENA ne banaya to..."

"Arey yaar...", daddu was about to say something when he interrupted, "fever thik ho gaya now go and give me some food"

Daddu nodded his head in disbelief and murmured, "idiot"

"What did you say? Suna mene", he asked.

"Sunane hi bola tha", he retorted back.

"Sunna sunana kam karo jyada kaam karo aur haan...", Armaan cut his own words and said, "Beti ki umar ki hai to line pe aa jao nahi to la bhi sakte hain"

Daddu gave him a fake smile as he threaten him but Daddu thought while passing the plate of food, "Is gadhe ko kaun samjhae ke beti ki nahi bahu ki umar ki hai", and looked him with disbelief.

Armaan noticed it and asked, "Kya?"

"Kuch nahi khana hai", he ended the conversation and Armaan switch on the tv to watch cricket match.

Next Day,

Sanjeevani , Mussorrie

Shilpa was on the fifth floor when she was about to took staircases when she thought, "Oops! Stairs nahi. Meri saans phoolegi elevator ka wait karti hoon"

She called the elevator and when the elevator doors get open she was stun, Armaan was already inside the elevator"

Armaan's eyes fell on him she was looking gorgeous in peach color chuidaar suit, he couldn't stay away his eyes from her but her memory lane was only on that line which the children told in their childishness, last night about the best couple of the world.

She closed her eyes and thought, "Yaha se kahi nahi ja sakti main, meri kismet mein shayad tumhara paas hona likha hai saath nahi"

Armaan clasped fingers on her face and said, "Quickly come inside, I have to reach soon", at which she nodded in agreement and entered inside.

"So what if I'm not your love, I'm at least your friend", she thought and smiled when he exchanged a glance with her.

He murmured in his mind, "I don't know why you are getting something more than a friend to me", and smiled back.

They were exchanging the glance and the same time light disconnected and elevator get stop, which popped her eyes out.

"Armaan! Light chali gayi, please do something what if I will short my breath, please kuch karo", she sobbed.

Armaan remembered that Shilpa is claustrophobic and he immediately searched for his phone, "Oh no! cabin me reh gaya, give me your phone"

"I don't have it now Armaan, its not working", she replied.

He cupped his face when her breathing started shortening, he snatched the landline number of lift immediately which was already disconnected and they had no option except waiting for the light to come, and on the same side her breathing was shortening.

"Ar-ar-armaa-aan", she tried to say while taking deep breathings and Armaan hold her from shoulders, "Shilpa! Shilpa look into my eyes kuch nahi hoga I will make sure, you'll be out of here"

"K-aahh"kai---se", she stuttered.

"Main hoon na, sab thik kar doonga", and she loosened her control from herself and slid down to sit and was gasping.

He sat down and cupped her face, "Just look into my eyes and think that...", but she interrupted him, "th-that aha I'mm sa-safe hhh", she gaspingly completed him.

He closed his eyes tightly to control his emotions and said with moist eyes, "Calm down", she was gasping hardly and he wrapped her in his embrace, and started caressing his back.

Shilpa was feeling first time that she was safe in the dark and less oxygen. She was really feeling safe, as she was in HIS arms. On the other way, he was trying to control himself, his moist eyes destined a tear droplet on the floor and he closed his eyes and held her even more tighter as he knew that she can be safe only in HIS arms. Her head was on his shoulder and he looked at the sky as he was asking something to God for the first time in his life time. She rested her head on his heart and the same time light came back.

Armaan shut his eyes tightly and thanked to the good for the miracle and immediately scooped her in his arms and the unconscious Shilpa was in his arms, when he realized that she wasn't in her senses he ran and screamed, "Oxygen ready karo koi"

He ran with her in his arms he was crying and wasn't realizing too, he finally reached to the ICU and attached the oxygen tank and the glucose bottle to her.

Few Hours Later,

Armaan was leaning to the door of the room where Shilpa was sleeping, intoxicated with sleeping pills, and he was witnessing her pale and faded face. His memory lane was going through all the circumstances whenever Shilpa has suffered with the claustrophobic situation. He wanted to hug her hard on the patient bed but her good health stopped him and he even didn't know why that thought of hugging her tightly bloom in his mind and how.

Armaan was still when a voice from behind grab his attention, "Thank you"

He turned his back and found the whole Sanjeevani Mussorrie gang, "For what?"

"For saving our friend", Gunjan replied.

"Rubbish!! She is mine as well", this slipped from his tongue.

"Your what?", Zaroon twisted his brow up and grinned.

"My - My friend", he stuttered in reply at which all of them grin except Kashaf, but she said, "You are nice guy. Shilpa was right. I misunderstood you, I'm really sorry"

Kashaf has misunderstood him as she had a gut feeling that there was something between Armaan and Shilpa and when Masi told everything she misunderstood Armaan and started assuming that he is the reason for her dark nights, nightmares and cries.

Armaan in return gave her a friendly smile, tapped her cheek and gave a friendly hug.

Gupta Mansion,

All were celebrating Nani's birthday in Gupta mansion, all the Sanjeevani staff was invited. Nani has become 80 today, and all were cheered. Riddhima entered the Gupta Mansion with Sid, when the last night incident rememorized, when Shashank scolded her hardly for searching Shilpa and Armaan's transfer file, like a thief.

Riddhima gulped the fresh saliva formed in her throat down and Sid supported her to enter inside, at least for Nani at which she agreed grabbing all her strength. She put her right leg forward to enter when Nani's eyes fell on the apple of her eyes Riddhima and she smiled widely, "Riddhima! My child...", at which Riddhima smiled and ran towards her to wrap her in a tight hug, "Many Many Happy returns of the day Nani", and parted away at which Nani kissed her forehead.

Sid also wished her and the same time Shashank entered the space, Riddhima was utter confused how would Shashank react on her presence and he tip toed towards her and she kept gulping down while licking her lips. She was worried would be an underestimation she was afraid for losing her father's love, her eyes were moist when he came in front of her and gave a fatherly hug, with full of love, as he wanted to say that your deeds are wrong, but your papa will always be with you in every good and bad.

He kissed her forehead as well and a lone tear droplet destined towards the floor from her eyes, Shashank wiped the tears in her eyes and nodded negatively as he was trying to say not to cry, at which she pressed her lips in thin line to smile and the same time Padma came with cake.

They were doing the cake cutting ceremony and Nani was about to blow the candles when Sid stopped her and said, "Ahan Nani! You have to ask for a wish"

"Wish? Hmmm", she thought a while and wished, "Mujhe mere sare bacche khush chahiye pehle ki tarah, wo bhi jo mere paas hain...", she stopped for a while and looked Riddhima with the corner of eye and continued, "Wo bhi jo mujhse door hain...", and she blow the candle.

All understood that she was indicating Armaan who was away from her and became shocked but one person was there who was rooted to the ground, Riddhima, Nani cut the cake, the guests sung the birthday song but she was still numb and tears were flowing from her eyes and she ran away immediately to the corner and Sid followed her.

Sanjeevani Mussoorie,

Shilpa was alright now and was sleeping peacefully on patient's bed when Armaan entered and sat on the nearby stool, and the same time nurse departed, hearing an announcement for her. He caressed Shilpa's pale face and smiled witnessing her innocence and the same time she rolled and grabbed his hand in the slumber. He bit his tongue and was trying to free his hand from her hold but then the same time he realized that she will out of her peaceful slumber if he drags his hand out so he rested like that and smiled.

He murmured, "Sote hue bhi mujhe pareshan karegi", and pouted.

"Okay Madam as you wish", he smiled and tugs her hair strand lying on her eyes to disturb her from his right hand, but this deed disturbed her slumber and she opened her eyes creasing her brows, Armaan left with a wide open mouth.

She slowly opened her eyes and found Armaan in front of her, his hand was in her hold and the same time she left her hold from his hand and tried to get up at which he helped her placing the pillow on her back and she uncovered the blanket and glared him.

"Tum?", she shockingly said.

"Haan mar jati main nahi bachata to", he commented without any defending intension but to tease her.

"Haww! You are too selfish man", she opened her mouth in an O shape.

"Selfish? Thik hai rakhleta hoon title par tum kam careless ho", he commented again.

"careless? How?", she retorted back.

"Doctor ko dikhao ilaaj karao, I will not come third time to save you", he teased her again.

At which she argued, "Doctor ko kyu dikhau main"

"Kyunki tum pagal ho jake Dr. Awasthi ko dikhao, he is a good psychiatrist", he taunted.

She pointed her finger on his face and clenched her jaw, "Dekho main pagal nahi hoon"

"Ofcourse ho! Claustrophobia bhi to ek kism ka pagalpan hai", he argued and grinned.

"Haww!! Tumhe to main aaj chodne nahi wali ye nahi ke pooche shilpa tabiyat kesi hai, bas shuru ho gaye", she made a gloomy face.

He grinned and mocked, "Shilpa! How are you feeling now?", and he laughed.

"Tumhari to...", she stopped and hit a pillow on his head.

"Violence!", he shockingly mocked.

She smiled and nodded her head positively and looked at him sarcastically.

"Kya yaar tum bhi na, madam itni mushkil se bachi ho aur tumhe ladne ki soojh rahi hai", he hit her head lightly.

"Because you are irritating me", she pouted like a child.

"Accha madam galati ho gayi maaf karein", he commented sarcastically again and continued, "Mazak nahi kar raha sach mein Dr. Awasthi ko dikhao, tumhara dar nikalna zaroori hai"

She smiled and replied, "I know it's important but ..."

"But?", he asked creasing his brows.

She thought in her mind, "Agar ye dar chala gaya to tum mera khayal kese rakhoge", she lamely smile.

He looked down on the floor realizing what she meant, he distracted himself from the topic and said, "Par doctor ko to dikhana padega na"

"But mujhe nahi dikhana", she ignored.

"Kyu?", he glared her.

"Kyuki! Kyuki... main dawai-dawai nahi kha sakti", she lied sheepishly and he murmured in his mind, "Jhoot kaunsa bol sakti ho", he came to senses when she looked at his suspiciously.

"Anya ke jitni choti ho ya use bhi jyada", he giggled.

"Aur bhi jyada", she retorted back.

"Koi baat nahi but I'll make sure ke tum safe ho aur iske lie me tumhare sath jabarasti bhi kar sakta hoon", he ended and she immediately covered herself from sheet, "what do do you mean?"

"Arey matlab doctor ko dikhane ke lie idiot!", he replied back and hit his own head.

"Oh aise!! Karke dikhao", she replied back.

"Dikha dunga"

"Dekh lenge"

"Dekho Shilpa zidd mat karo"

"Kyu", she tilted her head stubbornly.

He tightly held from his arms and spilled out piercing her eyes, "Because main keh raha hoon aur is baar kya kabhi bhi main tumhari health ke sath risk nahi le sakta aur na tumhe lene dunga samjhi"

She looked at him with all her love and automatically agreed.

Few days Later,

Armaan was getting late for the hospital and was getting ready in hurry when his phone buzzed, "Shilpa hogi naya SIM card le lia shayad", and he picked the phone up immediately without noticing the number and greeted, "Hello! Haan Shilpa bolo"

"Armaan!!", the person on the other side of phone whispered and Armaan didn't took a second to understand the voice, it was Riddhima's.



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