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Chapter 18:The missing world (arsh ff)

Armaan was getting late for the hospital and was getting ready in hurry when his phone buzzed, "Shilpa hogi naya SIM card le lia shayad", and he picked the phone up immediately without noticing the number and greeted, "Hello! Haan Shilpa bolo"

"Armaan!!", the person on the other side of phone whispered and Armaan didn't took a second to understand the voice, it was Riddhima's.

His eyes popped out from the sockets as the caller was so unexpected and unwanted too. Her voice forced him to look back at the roller coaster ride of past which he wanted to forget like a nightmare, but alas those bitter memories were true and had a special existence in his life which she ruined.

He was disgusting at the fact that she was the one who demanding or he should say ordered to leave her life and he obeyed her but now one question was constantly disturbing him was why the hell she called him but he came to his senses with a pat on his head and then he realized the call was already disconnected and the dialed tone was the only sound he could here.

He turned around to check who has patted his head and he noticed Daddu was there in front of him in fuming with anger, he was still not so well but his assets were his tantrums which he always used to throw on Armaan.

Daddu narrowed his eyes and put his hands on his waist and clenched his jaw, "I'm shouting like a mad since 15 minutes and you aren't even responding me", he gave a deadly glare at the end.

"Sorry! Wo phone tha", Armaan said in low tone as he was still in shock.

"Aise kiska phone tha ke na meri awaaz sunayi di aur na hi...", Daddu asked obliviously and coming closer to Armaan he completed with mischievous expressions, "Aur na hi haseena ki awaaz sunai di", and he took his steps backward with a grin on his lips.

"Stop calling her Haseena okay, she has her own name and that's ...that's Shilpa. Do you get that", Armaan spilled out in a single breath and at the same time he noticed that a giggle was echoing in his room. He looked here and there and found Shilpa laughing on the door.

Daddu looked at her and stood beside her, "It looks like someone is jealous with my charm on you my dear HASEENA", he teased Armaan even more emphasizing the word Haseena, at which he rolled his eyes and she laughed out loud again which caught his soul to the eternity. He wasn't able to took his eyes off from her innocent face and pink rosy cheeks, but Daddu jerked him to took him back to reality.

"Dono abhi patient bed se uthe ho nahi bakwas soojh rahi hai", Armaan sulked.

"Oh Drama Queen! I'm much better now", Daddu said.

"That must be King!", he corrected him.

"Ki Faraq penda hai! Drama to tune karna hi hai", Daddu cracked the joke at which Shilpa again couldn't stop her to laugh and Armaan scolded both of them, "Enough!"

At his sudden Sadu expressions they both got worried and their face gloom down, noticing them Armaan also started laughing out loud and they both accompanied him.

After the laughter session, when Daddu was pouring the coffee for all the three of them Armaan asked Shilpa, "Subah subah yaha? Tumhe rest karna chahiye"

"I'm fine Armaan! Rest karke bore ho gayi thi to socha Daddu se mil loon", she answered.

Daddu coated his tongue with sugar and replied, "Ah! Sweetheart don't call me me ... dude"

Armaan chocked when he was having the gulp of water and commented, "Oh Dude! Pehle to sirf line maar rahe the ab to sidhe circle pe aa gaye"

"Chup kar", he glared in response at which Shilpa chuckled loudly.

"Hasna band karo ye batao tumne mere suggestion ke bare mein socha?", Armaan asked Shilpa and she understood that she was asking about to get the treatment from psychiatrist.

"I'm fine Armaan. In fact maine socha psychiatrist session ke bare mein but I don't need it", She pressed her lips and picked the coffee mugs both for him and Armaan and sat beside him and Daddu asked in amazement, "Psychiatrist ki to ise zaroorat hai not you sweety ... you are perfect! Screw to iska dheela hai", he pointed every time at Armaan at which he clenched his jaw and uttered under his breath, "Aur tumhara character dheela hai"

"Kya bola? Suna maine", Daddu tried to argue.

"That's great", Armaan gave a fake smile.

"Okay okay! Guys chill!", Shilpa tried to cool them down as they again started their childishness and explain Daddu about her claustrophobic state at which he blessed and she hugged him.

"But Shilpa I think you should go to a good"", Armaan was trying to make her understand but he get cut by Daddu who told in sincere tone, "Kya hua hai mujhe batao"

Armaan narrated the truth of Shilpa's claustrophobia and how she got stuck in the lift and saved by him with utter agitation. At which Daddu also try to make her understand and somehow she got ready to go for the treatment in the pressure of Armaan and Daddu.

"Ab chalein?", Armaan who has finished her coffee asked to Shilpa who was supposed to take her to Dr. Awasthi, the famous psychiatrist in Mussorie as he didn't wanted to let her go alone because his clinic was on the other end of the town which was all surrounded with cliffs and he was so worried after seeing her state in the lift and didn't want to take any chance.

He nodded his head positively collecting his car keys and when he was about to left he stopped and came back and took out some tablet box from the nearby drawer and said to Daddu, "Isme Medicines hain apki kha lena... humesha bhool jate ho", and then Shilpa smiled realizing that these two guys are more than friends whether they tease each other or crack jokes on each other fight, but at the end of the day they cares for each other.

Few Hours Later

"Dr. Shilpa! There is always a reason behind a phobia we all know and especially which is connected to our past or any mishap which has shrugged you", Dr. Awasthi, after taking the psychic session of Shilpa, spoke in the presence of Armaan.

At which Armaan asked in concern, "Shilpa! Please batao kuch hua tha kya ... it will help us in treatment".

Shilpa was numb and her hands were cold when he took them in his, but when he asked about the incident which might have happen, a lone tear rolled on her cheek and she ran away from the spot in tears without thinking about surroundings, not even once.

Armaan tried to stop her but Dr. Awasthi stopped him and said,"Well Dr. Mallik, there is something serious, she should be out of it anyhow"

"I think I should talk to her now", Armaan was about to leave when doctor replied, "No! aqsarr psychic session ke baad patient pehle disturbed feel karta hai but baad mein relaxed ho hi jata hai...because she needs herself more than anyone else"

"I've listen her carefully, she has pain and incompleteness in her soul, wo unhe khud dhundhni hogi", the Dr said.

"Is there any medicine or therapy, which can treat her phobia", Armaan asked.

"Hmmm...", Dr Awasthi think for a second and replied, "Time! Medicine and therapies aren't permanent solution for a phobia but yes time and the will power she should have in herself can permanently solve that"

Armaan nodded his head in yes and was about to leave when he heard, "mujhse chupana shayad easy ho unke lie because mujhe nahi lagta wo khud bhi ye baat share karna chahti hain,  Ap dono ki bonding acchi hai shayad aapko bata de!", the doctor hoped for the well and prescribed the medicines and handed over to Armaan who left the hospital and found Shilpa, who was leaning her back on the car and constantly gazing on the hills all around her. The tears were flowing down from her eyes to cheeks and destined to the floor and she was gasping.

Armaan took the slow steps and lean on the car besides her, she tried to be strong and wiping her tears roughly, was about to open the door when he stopped her from back and turned her around. Her eyes were puffy and red as she was crying badly. He cupped her face when he noticed the newly formed tears in her eyes and nodded his head negatively to not cry and she gasped and snaked her arms around his neck and hugged him and cried out loud on his shoulder. She cried, cried and cried and he kept rubbing her back when she parted from him and a new tear rolled down her cheek when she started, "I was just 11", and fresh tear destined to the floor.

She was looking lost in the memory lane as if someone has broke the door of her inner soul which she has jammed years back.

"Me and Ma Papa were at holiday for Kasauli. Papa was driving, ma was at passenger seat and I was sitting on the back seat of the car.", she was all lost in that day and started taking steps forward without knowing that if she loses her control on herself she can fall from the cliff.

"I was a stubborn child mene kaha papa please drive faster mujhe kasauli jaldi jaana hai... Faster faster and faster", there was a kind of looseness of senses was present in her while explaining it as no one was there and she was talking to herself.

"Ma was against it but Papa did it because his princess wanted him to drive faster", she said in hiccups and then after a silence of few minutes she spilled out, "And then papa-papa papa lost the control over the car", she sobbed in between and continued, "We were trapped in the car, a person... a person saw my hand out of the window and he somehow saved me I don't know after how long, but my ma papa ... they left me alone...that car ... that car slipped from the hill Armaan... I lost them ... I lost them forever...", she broke into tears and was about to step a foot forward Armaan snatched her hand as she was about to fall and saved her.

"Mujhe jab hosh aya to main rescue camp me thi aur Ma-Papa...", the fresh tears formed in her big eyes and she wrapped her arms around him.

"Ma papa are not with me ... just just because of me", she cried out loud blaming herself for all that happened.

Armaan patted her back and whispered, "Shhh!! Your mom dad wouldn't be happy seeing you crying, right?"

"Now don't", he tried to console her and breaking the hug he wiped her tears kissed on her forehead but her eyes, he thought that they were saying something ... to stop, to not let her leave like that and be with her forever.

He was so lost in her eyes that he forgot the intensity of moment and those two pairs of eyes were talking to each other. They came closer and closer and now they could even feel each other's breathing, so deeply. She closed her eyes tightly and he grabbed her waste and softly but passionately captured his lips on hers, firstly he didn't get any response but after few nanoseconds she cupped his face and respond to his kiss. Her hands were now in his hairs clutching them so hard but the same time the loud sound of horn distracted them and they immediately get separated from each other.

They both were in utter shock at their behavior and wasn't able to meet eyes with each other but they chose to leave the spot for the moment and sitting in the car, Armaan drove off with Shilpa.

In the Night, @ 7 p.m.
Sanjeevani Mussoorie,

Shilpa and Armaan were in the same premises but were trying to avoid each other as they didn't want to face each other, after that kiss.

"Armaan! When you weren't here Dr. Sehgal has dropped a message for you to take surprise inspection for", Zaroon informed Armaan on behalf of Dr. Sehgal, the head of Sanjeevani Mussoorie.

"Okay!", he replied back.

In Children Ward,

"Great. There is no fever now", Shilpa touched the head of patient and checked the body temperature.

"Wow. Now I wouldn't have to take medicines", the child excitedly asked.

Shilpa smiled, "No.  you have to complete the course of the whole week otherwise it can affect you again"

"Oh no! I hate medicines. They are so bitter in taste", he replied with gloomy face

"I know but you have to take medicines. Thik hona hai na", she asked.

And he nodded his head positively and somehow gulped the syrup, when Shilpa noticed someone's presence, she turned and found Armaan.

After seeing him suddenly she got surprised and a gasp escape from her mouth at which he indicated to get relaxed, "cool down, its me"

"Sorry", she apologized.

"Please pass the prescription", Armaan asked to her.

"Oh yes!", she said while passing it and he said while checking and stealing glances from each other, "ummm... I am I am on surprise inspection"

She looked here and there and nodded her head in okay.

"Okay everything is fine", he gave the prescription back and was in intention to discuss about the accidental kiss between them in the morning but she excused and left the spot.

They both were shocked with the accidental kiss and neither she nor him was able to share a glance with each other they have avoided them whole day but they didn't even share a line with each other which wasn't professional.

Sanjeevani Mussoorie @9.oo pm

Shilpa was waiting for the public vehicle but wasn't succeeding it was the dark moonless night when a bike stopped in front of her and the driver unveiled his helmet, she noticed it was Armaan.

"Come with me I'll drop you", Armaan asked.

"No its okay I'll manage by auto", she replied as she hasn't forgotten the incident happened between them.

"Shilpa aaj strike hai public vehicle ki, there is no option I will drop you", he replied back at which she agreed and hesitantly jumped on his bike and he drove off.

Armaan was driving when he didn't noticed the speed breaker as he was lost seeing Shilpa through the mirror who was so hesitant and the bike jumped with a jerk at which she tightly hugged him from behind so she cannot lose her balance.

"I am sorry", he apologized.

"It's okay", she pressed her lips.

"Please thik se pakdo otherwise gir jaogi", he said as she wasn't holding anything except the career of the bike which was so weak in grip for speed breakers and the damaged road.

She just put her hand on his right shoulder when an another jerk shrugged her, he stopped the bike and while stealing the glance, grab her hands from behind and wrapped them on his waist which shivered her and drove off.

 When they reach Armaan's apartment which was in the way to orphanage Shilpa spoke, "Armaan, in the morning I have forgotten my purse at your apartment, can you stop there"

"Oh yeah sure", he replied.

They both were ringing the door bell since 15 minutes but no one opened the door so Armaan unlocked it with his keys and they both rooted in utter shock, when they noticed the collapsed Daddu on the floor a few steps near the staircases, and his head was bleeding.

"Daddu! What happen", Shilpa patted his cheeks and Armaan sprinkled water on his face to take him in conscious but he didn't came to conscious state.

Sanjeevani Mussorrie, @9.45 pm

Armaan and Shilpa along with two ward boys were running with the stretcher on which Daddu was lying and admitted him, he was bleeding so Dr. Sehgal immediately called for an emergency surgery.

"He is bleeding Shilpa. It's my entire fault", he said in tears, being lost in something but nothing.

Shilpa let him seated on the bench lying beside and sat on her toes on the floor and took his hands in hers, "Nahi Armaan. It's not your fault. It's an accident sab thik ho jaega"

"Tumhe pata hai Zaroon said that he felt dizzy due to weakness and rolled from ... from the stairs", he sobbed in tears.

"Agar main pooch leta ek baar ke medicines li ya nahi khana khaya nahi to kya jata... I'm so careless pata nahi kahan kho gaya tha aaj", he blamed himself completely.

She looked in his eyes he was totally engrossed in something which she can feel but can't see as in it was the pain and fear to lose someone special which she has dealt with in her life many a times.

"You know, hum kitna bhi ladein but we care for each other... Agar unhe kuch ho gaya to I wouldn't forgive myself", he cried and rested his head under her crook of neck and hugged her tightly as she was the pillar of his strength.

She caressed his head and said, "Armaan look at me."

He looked into her eyes like a child and she cupped her face in her palms, "He is a fighter. Unhe kuch nahi hoga. You know what he highly believes in God bataya tha unhone mujhe, aur wo Bhagwanji humare daddu ko kuch hone hi nahi denge", she said as she has predicted the future.

 "How can you be so sure?", he asked like a child looking into her eyes and tear droplet rolled from his cheek.

"Yes I'm sure because I believe in God. Mujhe pata hai wo tumse kitna bhi jhagde tum unse kitna bhi jhagdo you both care for each other", she smiled and continued, "Aur kuch nahi to tumse ladne ke lie to thik hona hi padega", she giggled at last line and take him to the ideal of the Lord Ganesha placed near the reception and joined her hands in prayer, he too did the same.

 "Blood to abhi bhi nahi ruk raha hai sir.", Zaroon said to Dr. Sehgal in OT.

"Keep wiping it", he ordered.

The doctors and nurses were trying the BP was not normal and the blood was still flowing from his head and even Dr. Sehgal wasn't sure what to do when tears rolled from Armaan's eyes and he prayed, "Aapki meri kam hi banti hai, but Daddu ki to aapse banti hai na, to please unhe theek kar dijiye, sister Seema ne kaha that BP low hai, unka blood bhi nahi ruk raha par please unhe thik kar dijiye ... Please ..."

Shilpa pressed her lips and prayed, "Please bhagwan ji meri duniya hai Armaan mein, chahe wo mera ho na ho but please uski wish poori kar dijiye"

And the same time just like a miracle the BP comes in control and Daddu's head stopped bleeding to an extent. Armaan and Shilpa were still praying and they didn't even know what miracle has happened due to their prayers and the same time someone called them from behind.

"He is fine now stitches de diye hai sir ne bas kuch time mein hosh aa jayega", Armaan and Shilpa turned and found Zaroon saying this with a smile on his face.

Tears flew from Armaan's eyes and his lips automatically curved in a giant smile. Both Shilpa and Armaan thanked God and he suddenly hugged Shilpa in a tight hug which shrugged her and she couldn't stop him.

"Thank you thank you so much it's all because of your faith", and a happy tear rolled on her shoulder from his eyes and he kissed her forehead and ran to check Daddu leaving Shilpa numb.


Around 11 p.m.

"What the hell were you thinking? Kaha tha na khana khake medicines le le na kyu nahi li", Armaan bombarded on Daddu without thinking that he has just came in the conscious state.

"Armaan he needs rest", Shilpa eyed him not to bombard the questions.

"Arey kahe ka rest. He thinks he is the hero of south Indian movies who can live alive without food for days but he doesn't know that he isn't a superman ... dekho sar phod liya na", he curtly taunted him.

Shilpa grinned and controlled her laughter.

"Oh hero itni si chot hai. Abhi to main jawan hoon. Chalta rehta hai", Daddu on the hospital bed also continued his comic sense.

"Ah! Haan Mr. Superman!", he sarcastically replied.

"Kyu dar gaye the?", Daddu asked seriously this time.

"Why would I have been scared? I don't care", he lied whitely.

"How many times I've to say that don't lie if you don't want to know how to lie", Daddu patted Armaan's cheek lightly.

The tears poured in Armaan's eyes and he said in tears, "Okay I accept but don't do this again. Promise me"

Daddu smiled and promised him, looking at the scene the in charge doctor Shilpa wipe the tear formed in her eyes and changed the topic, "Okay now stop this drama, leave it for your home okay, he is my patient"

"Tumhari jaisi doctor ho to main roz patient ban jau", Daddu joked.

"Hahha", she laughed and continued and gave her medicines, "Come on have them now and then sleep", at which he denied first but agreed when she became strict and after few minutes due to the medicines slumber trapped him.


Shilpa entered the changing room which was unlocked and get shocked witnessing the shirtless Armaan and quickly ran out.

"Dekhke nahi aa sakti kya I was changing", he yelled from inside.

"Can't you lock the door", she clenched her jaw.

"Accha thik hai I'm done", he said while buttoning his shirt and came out.

She was going inside when he called her from behind, "By the way what are you doing here"

"What a person do in changing room?", she asked sarcastically.

"Tch! I mean in hospital", he asked.

"You are forgetting I have a new patient now who has just admitted so my duty hours have changed, now I have night duty as well", she replied back.

"Hey please go home I am here", he said.

"No it's my duty I have to do", she denied.

"Okay! but I will be here whether it is duty or not but it's my responsibility", he said at which she smiled and he clicked fingers on her face and came closer near to her ear and whispered, "Now go and get change, your clothes are stained with blood"

She came to senses and entered inside the changing room and he grinned outside.


Armaan and Shilpa's heads were touching each other's head as they were in the slumber, outside the room where Daddu was admitted and the sun spread his arms as he was buzzing the wake alarm and disturbed their peaceful slumber. She was about to took his head from his shoulder when her earring get stuck in his shirt and they rested in same close position for few minutes when she was trying to removing her earring carefully. He was feeling her breathing on his neck and pressed his lips but when she didn't succeed he finally took out the earring from her ear carefully and she left, without realizing that she has left that earring with him.

He tried to stop her but she left in haste and he took the earring from his shirt and looked at it with a smile, "Tum humesha kuch na kuch bhool hi jati ho mere paas kabhi bracelet kabhi yeh... earring", and he giggled.



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