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Chapter 19:The missing world (arsh ff)

Shilpa left from the bench, realizing that the night has over, and it is now finally a time to wake up. She lifted her head from Armaan's shoulder and realized, how adorable child like smile was creeping on his lips, she adored that very well known but pleaseful smile and couldn't take her eyes off from his face, but then with the chirp of nurses, wardboys and other visitors make her realize that it was the time to collect her belongings and leave the spot, so as Armaan was about to come back from the hard sleep with the nuisance. Shilpa quickly collected her bag and dupatta but when she was leaving, but did not realize that in haste, she left her earring on his shirt.

"Tum humesha kuch na kuch bhool hi jati ho mere paas kabhi bracelet kabhi yeh... earring", Armaan who was trying to stop her but did not and chirped in his mind.

2 hours later,

Shilpa speaks,

"Oh No! I left my earring with him", I patted my forehead when the whole earring story I realized.

I wanted to remove those hair strands which got struck in his shirt's button, but when I realized about the whole earring episode, while pulling out my hair, it was hurting me so badly when i was pulling my earring as well but alas! it was sher waste of time and pain, so I left it there. Though, tomorrow, whatever happened between me and him, I do not know what opinion he would probably hold for me after noticing that earring.

The wierd thoughts were passing by the passage of my mind, regarding his views about me but one thing was constant. I always forget my belongings with him, whether it is bracelet, earring or... but with that my mind stopped and a lame tear rolled down my cheeks, after all, the most precious thing of mine I had left with him was my... my HEART and it couldnt be taken back, after it is LOVE.

But he was never mine, so as I. Some people are not made for each other, alike me and him. Riddhima never accepted him, nor she betrayed him but he was always her's. I was never made for him...after all it is a real life story not novel's or film's, which have happy endings, they are made for each other or and ... "they happily live ever after.

But I've always wished, that it could be...but alas!!

Armaan's Apartment,

Armaan Speaks,

I was picking my towel up from the bed before entering the washroom, to have an instant cold shower when something caught my view and it was nothing else then HER earring. It was really hard to figure it out for me, why her belongings who were very dear to me. Her fragrance, her aura and her touch has always present in her belongings, even in her absence...but the point which was most difficult to identify was, why and when I'd started thinking and observing, this much about her...why she has become someone special for me, from nothing special to me...

Wait!! what did i thought...someone special, and Shilpa...when, why and how?? Oh gosh! please save me from this unknown feeling...after all we are JUST FRIENDS...just friends.

Ah!! yes, by chanting these two authentic words I can pursuade myself... which was not ready to agree with these two words...and if we were not JUST FRIENDS according to my so called left out HEART, then what we are...

This question has just strike to my mind from the heart but my stupid phone disturbed me, and buzzed in high volume.

I think it is from hospital, what happen to Daddu? Is he fine? Only this struck to me first but was not from Mussorrie, some unknown number, while thinking a while I picked it up and left with a thud...

"Why did you call me?", I clenching my jaw tightly.

"But...", before the person on the opposite side complete the sentence, I interrupted, "Don't you dare to call me again, Dr. Riddhima, I took a pause and completed sarcastically, " ...whatever", and disconnected it.

@09.25 a.m., Modi House, Mumbai

Riddhima Speaks,

"Don't you dare to call me again, Dr. Riddhima ... whatever", saying this disconnected the call, intentionally.

I could realize how angry was he, no... angry will be an understatement, he hates me. His tone, pitch, sarcasm, every bit of his few words had hatred for me. Now, he has started calling me whatever as if I change my second name like a pair of cloth, or did he meant it, and was being sarcastic.

I lost him, no... all was not left, at least he can recognise me with my voice, at least he called me Riddhima, may be he still have feelings for me and showing this behavior of his, from the upper surface.

I wipe my tears with the back of my palm and a smile creep on my face, All will get well, after all we have parted our ways but we still have feeling for each other...what if...

A beautiful thought has just banged my head when a voice reached my ear, "Then what will you do Riddhima Gupta?", I turned back immediately and realized he was listening everything!!!


After 5 days,

Sanjeevani Mussorrie,

"Soup pi lijiye Daddu!!", the linient and Shilpa requested.

"Not at all. Mujhe ye boiled food nahi khana", Daddu made a face and rejected the soup.

Sister Martha requested, "Dr. Shilpa, kuch samjhaiye na inhe, almost adhe ghante se sirf soup ke liye hi request kar rahi hu inse", she discontinued to make faces and completed, "But he want aloo ke parathe and all", she again made faces.

"Daddu...galat baat", the linient Shilpa has become strict, a little.

Armaan was leaning from the window to hear the conversation carefully and enjoying it.

Shilpa said to Sis. Martha, "Sister, ye soup mujhe de dijiye, I will make sure about it"

"Okay", sister shrugged the shoulders.

When the sister left the room, Armaan pointed her to not tell anything about him at which she murmured okay and left.

This time Riddhima tried herself, "Daddu, aaj me aapko soup...", but she get interrupted in between, "No."

"Par..", she maid puppy face.

"Hospital ka khana khake me bore ho gaya hoon, aur khilate bhi kya ho...breakfast me soup...yuck kaun khata hai", Daddu made childish face.

"Kuch khaoge nahi to medicine kese loge?", she scolded.

"Nahi...", he objected.

"Pina padega"



"Bas!!", the frustrated Armaan blurted out.

"Ye kaun bola", Daddu and Shilpa spilled in unison.

"Main. Dr Armaan Mallik, senior doctor of Sanjeevani Mussorrie and care taker of Mr. Dhurandhar Sharma aka Daddu...and", before he could complete his thesis about his identity she interviene, "Stop."

"Care taker ho na, then take care, that he will be finishing the soup asap", she handed over the soup bowl to Armaan and was about to leave with a smirk but stopped when he said,"lag gayi wat!! Even the god will not be able to let him have soup... ab kya karoon", Armaan made cry baby face.

She grinned and mumbled, "Both are alike, childish"

"Koi kuch bola?", Armaan asked her and her tongue stuck, "Umm!! yeah, soup thanda ho jaega, and pointed towards the soup.

"Wo to hona hi hai, he patted his head and said in his mind with creepy smile, "Idea!!

"Daddu!! kha lo warna Shilpa madam ko pata chal jaega ki aap use Haseena bolte ho", he tried to blackmail the adamant Daddu.

"Accha blackmail karega? Meri billi mujhi ko miyao"

"Ha karunga"

"Ye dono kya badbada rahe hain, only god knows", she took a deep breath.

"Gadhe use already pata hai", Daddu chuckled.

"What happen Dr. Armaan aap ne soup abhi tak nahi finish karwaya?", sarcastically said she.

"Karwa raha hoon", he made a fake happy face, taunting her.

"Sister Martha ke bare me bataun, kaise aap unko...aham, line marte ho, he pressed Daddu's painful nerve.

"Sis. Martha?", Shilpa turned back being oblivious and Daddu nodded in a no.

"Umm. Wo soup layi thi na... pila na gadhe bahut accha hai", Daddu pretend to be a good child and finish the soup in few minutes.

"Dekha I'm the DR. ARMAAN MALLIK, yaha ka MAL...", he was about to continue his sentence with malik , as he used to do in Mumbai, but now it shrinked his smile and Shilpa realize, it is a right time to left.

"Kya hua chup kyu ho gaya, and she left too", Daddu asked.

"Nothing, just like that"

"Nothing? I know you a little now, you and she both know about it, kuch to hua hai", Daddu concerned.

"Kuch nah...", but before he could complete his phone buzzed and increased the level the wrath of angst, and the same time he threw his phone on the floor, with utter force which made it crush and destined into small pieces.

His eyes were in puffy red and wrath of fire and Daddu get worried and asked patting his cheek, "Kya hua baccha?

Armaan immediately hugged him tightly and cried, "you have always asked about my past has back and i don't want it to...", with that he narrated everything related him, Sid, Riddhima and cried and cried on Daddu's shoulder.

Daddu murmured in his mind, "Sometimes faces say the whole story and sometimes the flip, you will be the second case, I've never thought"

"Oh my dear god, please bless my child", he looked up to the skies.

Armaan shared his pain and situation with Daddu being unaware of the presence of the person who has just left before the call has buzzed, yes, Shilpa.

Shilpa has by mistaken left her file on the nearby coffee table of Daddu's bed and the same time she heard all this, and came to know that Riddhima has again started contacting to Armaan with which he was hurt, no it would be an understatement, he was broken, shattered.

Understanding the situation she slowly left the spot again with tears in her eyes, and all the happenings and mishappenings were moving in her mind like a picture. She kept walking and walking without realizing that Kashaf was trying to make her understand his presence, but she didn't and reached fire escape anyhow.

"To forget her was a challenge to me, I've forgotten her with utter difficulties...ab dobara use life mein nahi ...", his words were cutting each other as in he was not in his state of mind to concentrate his words.

"Na kuch nahi hoga, dont cry", Daddu concerned patting his back.

"She is so stubborn, I really don't know, how and from where she got my details...", he stuttered in between, "But why the hell she is contacting me", he clenched his jaw.

"Sssh!! everything is fine"

He parted away from Daddu and asked, "How and why? jab jab meri life thik thak chalne lagti hai fir se kyu aati hai wo use bigadne"

"Kuch nahi hoga", daddu cupped his face.

"Is baar me use kuch nahi bigadne dunga", he wiped his tears confidently as if he knew for what she was calling him again and again.

"But tell me one thing., Daddu asked being unaware.


"How it is related to Shilpa?

"Shilpa?, he looked here and there for her presenece but she wasn't there, "Actually she is aware about those happenings...may be that is why, he replied and gulped a glass full of water.

Fire escape,

Kashaf sat near Shilpa who was crying silently and rested her warm palm on her shoulder which jerked her. Shilpa took a relaxed breath and replied, "you scared me"

"you are scaring me even more", Kashaf said wiping her tears.

"Woh... actually... ese hi", she tried to ran away from the topic.

"Nothing happened ese hi, especially with you. Tell me!", Kashaf said."

Shilpa closed her eyes tightly, "Nahi sach me kuch nahi hai"

"Kuch hai Shilpa, today is nothing new. From the day Dr. Armaan has came it happens with you more.", she said in a single breath and Shilpa lowered her eyes but Kashaf continued questioning, "Nowadays you behave very weird. kabhi bahut khush rehti ho kabhi achanak se rone lag jati ho...", and shrugged her shoulders.

Kashaf asked her,"ankhein niche tab hi hoti hai jab baat me sachai ho batao. Tum to wese bhi Armaan ko Mumbai se janti ho na phir...", but the frustrated Shilpa cut her words in between.

"Yes I know him, I know him...itna jitna wo khud ko bhi nahi janta...itna jitna mene apne aap ko nahi jana...itna jitna mene kisi ko nahi jana ... itna janti hoon usko...aur kuch", Shilpa increased her pitch of tone in frustration and bombarded.

Kashaf was stun, taking a deep breath she cupped Shilpa's face in her palms, wipe the tears with thumbpad, and let her cry on her shoulder. Shilpa cried and cried.

"Janti hoon use...kyunki...kyunki chahti hoon use", the lone cold tears rolled down from her eyes, "Par wo nahi chahta... wo use chahta hai jo use nahi chahti", she parted from Kashaf and sarcastically said, "Har kisi ka pyar mukkamal nahi hota... na mera uska"

She narrated each and every bit of the story of his, Armaan's and Riddhima's and what was happening right now.

"Riddhima is calling him, I dont know why, why... but I need to talk to her after all she is...she is sister.", she lost herself in her own words and cried again.

She wiped her tears, "Wo mushkil se use bhula hoga, di kyu uski life me wapis dakhal de rahi hai"

"Everything will be fine Shilpa", Kashaf concerned.

"Par agar kuch hua to?

Kashaf gave her a tight hug and shilpa murmured, "Is baar wo toot jaega...aur uske sath main bhi"


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