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chapter 1:The missing world (arsh ff)



                                     Banner credit: Sameera_12 || FF name credit : Anita (.LilGreenRobot.)
Armaan slowly took his hands away from the window, glaring as he wanted to say "Don't leave", but wasn't able to.

The cab drove off and he whispered in his mind, "Bahut hi alag ladki ho tum Shilpa, you're amazing...kuch nahin diya maine tumhein, phir bhi tumne hamesha mera sath diya..."

He pressed his lips and continued himself as was praying to the God, "I hope tumhe ek din tumhari sacchi chahat miley...koi aisa jo tumhein usi tarah pyaar de sake jaisa tum deserve karti ho"

"I love you Armaan. Jabse pyaar ke ehsaas ko jaana...aur samjha bas tumhi se pyaar kiya aur karti rahungi...Hamesha", Shilpa stuttered in her mind while travelling in the taxi. A lone tear fell from her cheek and she closed her eyes tightly.
They finally, parted their directions away in opposite direction, but who among them knew that the story was yet to begin.

After one Month: In Mussorrie

Armaan jerked from his slumber on his bed, when he saw the nightmare in which Shilpa was leaving Sanjeevani and her saying "Sachcha pyar or sacchi dosti kabhi door nahin ja sakte."

The words of her kept echoing in his mind and he tightly pressed his ears, to free himself from the tight hold of the words, but they weren't ready to leave him as they weren't echoing in his ears but in his mind, heart and soul.

In frustration, he grabbed the glass paperweight from the corner table and threw it somewhere but nowhere. He threw it with his whole strength and it shattered into pieces.

The loud thud of the paperweight snatched the attention of a man in his last fifties and he ran towards Armaan to calm him down.
He caresses Armaan's shoulder and embraced him in a hug to feel him relaxed and peaceful.

"Relax!! It was just a nightmare.", The man whispered while hugging and then parted away.

The sweat buds were settled on Armaan's face but he tried to be strong and mumbled while shutting his eyes, "I'm okay Daddu. Don't worry, I am okay."

"Pakka?", he tried to confirm

Armaan nodded his head in affirmation and smiled a little.

The old man was about to leave when Armaan called him from behind, "Ah! Daddu.."

Daddu faced Armaan and Armaan continued, "Thanks!"

"For what?", he asked.

"For...for consoling me." Armaan replied back.

"Ah!! Ek week se kar raha hoon, ab to adat ho gayi hai", he giggled and winked.

"Haha! Seriously I'm indebted to you, after all the landlord allotted this house on your recommendation only.", Armaan thanked the old man for his help in the new and unknown city.

"Accha! To ab ek cook recommend kare to wo bhi ehsaan hai?", Daddu sarcastically said and continued his blabber, "Jao I'm firing myself from this job."

Daddu said in such a way which automatically forced Armaan to laugh and he too joked, "Ha I know, you aren't going to leave this job even if I fired you...bade aye job chodne waley."

"Arey wah!! Impressive. You have understood me a lot barely in a week.", he winked and laughed.

And the both cook and the owner of the house, correction Daddu and Ammy of the house shared some beautiful moments of teasing, taunts, laughter, mimicry and so on, just like best friends.

Few Minutes Later, Daddu said, "Hmm! I'm still young but you will get sick if you will stay awake, a little longer."

"Arey rehne do daddu, when are you going to accept that you want to sleep.", Armaan taunted.

"Daddu mat bola karo mujhe, I am pretty young.", Daddu scolded Armaan and proudly said about his age.

"Ahan!! Ye Jawani Hai Deewani.", and laughed Armaan.

Daddu left the spot shrugging his head and Armaan's smile shrink itself.

"That day you left me, when I needed you as a friend and the next day, my so called love left me, when I need her a lot.", Armaan mumbled in chocked throat.
Armaan's eyes became moist and he mumbled under his breath, "Saccha pyaar aur sacche dost kabhi door nahin ja sakte...", he gulped and completed himself, "Yahi kaha tha naa...huh. Shilpa tumne."

He took a deep sigh and whispered again and again, "you were wrong Dr. Shilpa Malhotra..Agar ese hota to sirf 2 din mein, apna saccha pyaar aur sacchi dosti nahi kho deta." and a tear drop rolled his cheek down.

Armaan left his bed and tip-toed towards the French window of his room , caressed his hands with cold breeze and kept glaring at the divergent fog, just like him.

At Some Distance: Little Angels Orphanage, Mussoorie

In the midnight, when the whole Mussoorie was sleeping peacefully wrapping their blankets, she was starring outside the window without even blinking, when someone clothed her with a shawl and took back in her senses and realized that a lady in her middle forties asked, "What happen Shilpa?"

"Nothing Masi!! I don't know why, today I am feeling that someone is remembering me.", Shilpa confusedly replied.

"It happens sometimes.", Masi answered casually and continued herself with a smile, "Now go and have some sleep, if you will be here for the whole night then you will catch cold."

Shilpa nodded and pulled her covers on herself and reminded Armaan's words when he was injured in a street fight and replied, "Mere paas aaogi to tumhe dard ke siwaye aur kuch nahin milega."

A tear rolled down from her eyes and she gulped the fresh lump formed in her throat, "You were wrong Dr. Armaan Mallik, Dard tumhare paas ane se nahin, tumse door rehne mein hai"

And again tears rolled down her cheeks and only the God knows when sleep engulfed her in its existence.


"Daddu please make a cup of tea for me fast.", Armaan rigidly said while reading the newspaper.

"You are such a rude boss", Daddu complained with a gloomy childlike face.

"Rude?", Armaan kept the newspaper on coffee table and intertwining his fingers in a fist asked emphasizing the last word, "Why don't you accept that you have became OLD aur kaam nahin ho raha aapse"

"Aye Ammy!! How many times I've to tell you that Don't you dare call me old", Daddu asked while showing him the knife.

"And how many times I've to tell you to not call me Ammy", Armaan questioned in low voice, as he wanted to disconnect all his memories with his whole past life.

"Umar ki baat mujhse karte ho aur jawani tumhari dhal rahi hai.", Daddu sarcastically said and laughed.

Armaan left his seat and asked crossing his hands on chest, "How come?"

"How come?", Daddu became astonished at his question and giggled, "The guys of your age have coffee, not tea. They use to enjoy their life on internet, aur tum abhi bhi baba adam khan ke zamane ke newspaper mein lage ho."

"Hahha!! Very funny. Those guys are idiots.", Armaan taunted at his reply.

Armaan again ordered, "Chaliye kaam pe lagiye."

"Huh Akdu!! By the way, you have taken this house a week ago at rent and I'm asking from the whole week, that tell me something about you, but you didn't. Why so?", Daddu asked while giving the tea.

Armaan, who has untied his knots with his past a month ago, was trying to forget his life and was pretending to enjoy his present as a rude and arrogant man, who didn't came into contact with people so easily because he has decided to not become so close to anyone.

Armaan himself as assumed that, whoever comes near to him, he loses that person, because he hurt him. Now he has found a cook in an unknown city Mussoorie, who was trying to come closer to him in his own chirpy way, which was taking him again and again to his past, especially Riddhima to whom he has loved.

"What will you do by knowing this?", he whispered while sipping the tea.

Armaan left the house in search of any vacancy in hospital, from which he was failing since a week.

 While Daddu shrugged his head and whispered in his mind, "I know you are never going to tell me about yourself. But I'm very sure you aren't at all a Sadu or Akdu, in fact I can bet that.", and smiled.

"I think, you are in search of your Missing World. I hope you will find it soon.", Daddu wished and pressed his lips.

Little Angels Orphanage
Shilpa was smiling while starring the kids who were playing in the playground and after a lot of ifs and buts they decided to play blindfold game and a boy tied blindfold on the eyes of a little 5 year old girl.

They all were confusing the girl whereas she was trying to find other children, even Shilpa doesn't know when her eye poured a teardrop and she realized when she felt warmth on her palm, in the cold breeze of Mussorrie.

As her heart was reminiscing the day when Armaan taught her to punch with blindfolds and she felt something for him, first time.

She caressed her tears and whispered with a chocked throat, "You were right, tum kuch bhi kar sakte ho Armaan Mallik. Jitna tumhe bhoolne ki koshish karti hoon, tum utne hi yaad ate ho. Why Dr. Armaan Mallik?"

Shilpa came to her senses when the little girl held her hand in search of the other children and started bouncing, "Yeah! I found you.", and then unfolded her blindfold.

But her innocent smile faded when she realized that she has found Shilpa, who wasn't the player and the other children started hooting and making fun of her, which forced the innocent 5 year old to cry.

Shilpa collected herself and knelt down to caress her tears. She cupped her cheeks and said, "Hey don't cry Anya"

"But I lost.", Anya sobbed with gloomy face.

"Oho!! It's not a big deal, we can't win every time", Shilpa tried to explain.

"But they are laughing at me.", Anya again cried.

"Arey re!!", Shilpa again wiped her tears and called the other children, "Come here you all shaitans."

The children gulped down and Shilpa scolded them, "Why are you laughing at my sweet little angel. Koi nahin hasega ab."

"Okay Shona Di.", they all replied in unison.

"What okay? Apologize.", she ordered them pointing towards Anya.

They apologized to Anya in unison which brought a smile on her face. She kissed her Shona Di's cheek and thanked, which brought a smile on her face.

"Now go and play, idiots. Aur koi ladega nahin.", Shilpa chuckled with disbelief.

"No", the kids denied.

Shilpa cocked her brow and asked, "And why so?"

"You never play with us. Mumbai jaane se pehle to khelte the, why not now?", the kids innocently complained.

Shilpa started looking here and there as she had no answer of their questions that why their Shona Di, doesn't play, prank and enjoy with them. She pressed her lips and started re-memorizing her own decision when she has promised herself that she will try to forget Armaan, which is very difficult for her but she has to.

Shilpa smiled and decide that she will live with his memories but not to re- memorize him but to forget him.

She took the blindfold and started playing with the kids as she was always used to do. She was running here and there but her blindfolded eyes were unaware with the fact that someone was there who was witnessing her, it was Masi.

Masi shook her head and thought in her mind, "You are never going to accept that we can't run away from ourselves."

"I hope you will get success in finding your Missing World, in fact I've a strong feeling about this.", Masi prayed looking at the sky.

The two different poles, Armaan and Shilpa, who have parted away their ways a month ago, were now parting their ways with love. There was just a thin boundary between their situation, feelings and world that Shilpa loved Armaan but Armaan loved Riddhima.

Shilpa has left Armaan without even confessing her feelings for him, just for his and his love's sake and respect, which was no more in his life. His love, his Riddhima herself denied sharing her world with him, and now the two different worlds, Armaan and Shilpa were missed in their missing world.

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