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Chapter 2 : Numb

The sun's rise peeped through the cracks of his blinds and onto his face disturbing his slumbered state. He groaned in his sleep as the blaring light played its tricks on him forcing him to open his eyes. Why was it morning? He whined as he removed the blanket from over him and climbed out of bed and towards the bathroom. He had spent half the night thinking about how he was going to solve the Riddhima problem and had ended up falling a sleep late. He had never had such a disturbed sleep before. He was usually a sound sleeper and wouldn't wake up very easily. But today had been different he just couldn't find any peace within him. He couldn't understand what this strange woman was doing to him. Why was she after him? Why couldn't she just leave his mind? It was enough that he had to take care of her but she didn't have to invade his sleep. The one thing that was his and she had to take that too. What was next she'd want to come live with him? No! He would never let that happen! She couldn't invade his life anymore! This had to stop! He had to meet Rahul and ASAP! And so without wasting another minute he ran out of the bathroom door only to hear the shrilling sound of his phone vibrating on the bed. He went towards it and grabbing it looked at the caller Id to see who it was. Seeing Rahul's name flashing he slid his thumb across the green line and put the phone against his ear.

"Dude! I'm so glad you called! I wanted to know if you figured out what I should do?"

"Um? Hello? Rahul?"

"Armaan...she's sinking."

"Who's sinking?"


Hearing the dial tone vibrate into his ears Rahul registered that Armaan had left and he wasn't surprised. He knew the minute he would hear that Riddhima was sinking that he would come running. Rahul had figured out after thinking for half the night that Armaan had for some unknown reason developed feelings for Riddhima. He didn't know how but Rahul just couldn't find any other explanation. He had tired very hard to brush the idea off but as hard as he did in the end he would end up back in the very same place. He just had to make sure that what he was thinking was right and that was why he had told Armaan about Riddhima sinking. He wanted to know what his reaction would be so he would be able to confirm his doubts. And now after getting the right one all he had to do was wait for Armaan to reach the hospital and the rest would be history.

I'm waiting for you man. I just hope that what I'm thinking is right. Cause if it is I am going to be so happy.

Armaan's heart began to race as he disconnected the phone. Riddhima was sinking? How was that possible? She was fine the day before then what had happened all of a sudden? Well what ever it is I have to go find out! I can't let anything happen to her! And so without wasting another second he grabbed his car keys and ran out of his room.

Where is this dude? Man if he doesn't show up soon not only is Muski going to kill him but Riddhima isn't going to make it, and then I will never be able to confirm my doubts. Hurry up Armaan!

Rahul stood outside her door pacing back and fourth. It had been 10 minutes since he had spoken to Armaan and he still hadn't shown up. He was starting to get nervous. What was taking him so long? Why wasn't he here yet? He better make it on time! Rahul's heart was starting to beat faster and faster as his mind began to tense up as scenario after scenario popped into his mind. Rahul was never one to become stressed out easily but on a rare occasion he would and today was one of them. That's it! If he doesn't show up in the next second I'm going to call him! And as if god had somehow read his mind he finally saw Armaan running towards him.

"Dude! Finally! I've been waiting forever!"

"Sorry I got stuck in traffic! Anyways how is she?"

"Well the last thing I heard from the nurse was that she was having trouble breathing and that her heart was slowing down. But I think you should go see for your self."

Hearing Riddhima's state Armaan froze in his spot. This couldn't be true! Riddhima couldn't be that bad. No this was a joke. Rahul was lying. She was probably fine. Yeah he was just playing around with him. But then...why was he feeling a sense of pain. Why was his brain telling him that Rahul wasn't lying? That she really was failing.



"Where are you lost?"

"No where. I better go check on her."

Rahul watched as Armaan's facial expressions changed from shock to worry in a matter of seconds and he couldn't believe it. His doubts had been cleared. Armaan had feelings for Riddhima.

So Armaan Mallik is falling for a girl! I never thought this day would come. But now that it has...I'm so happy for you.  I just hope you realize this soon.


He walked out her room closing the door behind him. His heart raced like a speeding train inside his chest. He had never been so terrified to check on a patient in his life. He was used to being in situations where a patient would suddenly weaken but for some reason unknown to him he had actually been scared of what the outcome would be with Riddhima. He didn't know why but he just hadn't been able to see her in pain. He didn't know why but he wanted to do anything in his power to save her. He didn't know why but he wanted her to be okay. He didn't want to see her die. And that's what scared him all the more. The fact that she was affecting him and he didn't know why.

What is going on? Why was I so scared seeing her? I have seen and been around so many people who have gone through the same situation as Riddhima and yet with her I was so overly concerned. Why? She's just a patient and nothing else! Then why the hell was my heart breaking when Rahul told me that she was sinking? Why did I feel as if it was my responsibility to save her? I mean okay so I am her part time doctor but that doesn't mean that I have to act as if I own her! Armaan you need help! Speaking of help... Rahul you *** where are you! Stupid was supposed to help me but instead gave me a heart attack! I'm just glad I was able to save her. Man that was a close call.

"Yo dude!"

"Oh god Rahul don't do that! You scared the crap out of me!"

"Sorry man! Didn't mean to but you weren't listening to me. I was calling you and you just kept on walking so I had to catch up with you and tap you on the shoulder."

"Oh sorry. I was thinking. Anyways what did you want?"

"I wanted to know how Riddhima was?"

"Oh she's fine. Resting now. Why?"

"No I was just worried that's all."

"Really? You and worried? Since when?"

"Since now."

"OMG! Rahul Gerewal and worried! Now that's new."

"Oh shut up!"

" I can't cause this is like breaking news. I need to tell EVERYONE!"

"YOU want me to HELP you or NOT!"

"Okay! Sorry! Please help me."


I am once again left alone as I watch his retreating figure close my door and disappear. I had just been brought back from death's bed by him. I don't know why but for a mere second I thought I wasn't going to make it. I didn't know if I was going to be saved or not and yet he came into the room like a speeding bullet and took control. I can still see the look of determination that he had on his face. It was like he wasn't going to give up until I was saved.  But why would he do such a thing? It was obvious I wasn't going to live then why was he so petrified? Does he feel something towards me? But how can that be? He has no idea that I feel anything towards him. Then what could it be? I really wish I could talk right now. Stupid coma!


Rahul sat back into his chair as he finished his sentence and stared at his best friend. He had finally told Armaan what he felt and hoped that he hadn't crossed a line. He prayed that what his inkling had been towards Armaan's behavour was true. He really wanted Armaan to be with Riddhima. He felt that they would make a great pair. But the only way he would know was when Armaan spoke up.

Come on man! Say it! Don't leave me hanging! Talk!

" really think I like her?"

"Well do you have a better explanation?"



"I guess your right. I do like her but how is that possible?"

"Armaan some things are just meant to happen and there is nothing we can do. When our heart finds the right person it automatically starts doing its job. And that's what your heart is doing right now. It's trying to make you realize that you have feelings for Riddhima."

" will I know if she feels the same way? She doesn't even talk!"

"I know that. But that's were you come in! See now that you know what you feel it will make it easier for you to help her get better."

"Yeah. I guess your right. Thanks man. You really helped me."

"Anytime. What are best friends for?"

"Okay I better go duty calls!"

"Yeah bye!"

So I Armaan Mallik finally like a girl huh? Wow. I never saw that coming! I mean yeah I have been around and dated my fair share of girls but I never thought that I would develop such strong feelings towards a girl and that to someone who I don't even know that well. And yet I feel really amazing just knowing that I like her. I feel like I'm in a movie and about to break out into a dance. Okay I know that went kind of overboard but still! I don't know how this happened? I wonder what she thinks of me? I bet she thinks I'm really hot. I mean why wouldn't she after all she did move only with me. Anyways I need to get back to the main point. How am I going to get her out of coma? There has to be a way? But what? I need help! But from who? I need to talk to someone who has dealt with this kind of situation. Who is an expert in it? But who?...Think...Think...Rahul? No he doesn't know anything about this? If he did he would have been handling this case not me. Muskaan? No she's the one who gave me this case because she wasn't getting anywhere.

Abhi? He does know a bit about people in comas but he's out of town. Then who?...Atul! Omg! Why didn't I think of him first! He's a medical encyclopedia! He would know! Champ! Here I come!

Hearing the constant ringing of his door bell Atul reluctantly put down his watering can and walked towards the door. He being an avid plant lover would spend hours on end just being in their company. He felt a sense of peace being around them. He always said that they were like his family. They were always there for him whenever he needed them. But today he wondered who was at his door disturbing his time with his family. He placed his hand on the door knob and turning it to the right he opened his front door only to see his best friend come brother Armaan.

"What brings you here?"

"Hey Champ! I need your help!"

"YOU need MY Help?"

"Yes! I need your help! What's so surprising in that?"

"No it's just that you NEVER ask me for help!"

"Well this time I need it okay!"

"Okay so what's it regarding?"

"I need to know how to help a patient who is in a coma."

"Oh okay. I think I can help you. Come with me."

Armaan walked in through the front door and followed his dear friend ready to take notes.


July 13th, 2011.

Today has been a really eye opening day. I have learned a lot and that too from Atul. I know it's not everyday that I write about him but today after listing to him talk I have gained a new sense of respect for him. I mean this guy is not called a living encyclopedia for no reason. I had never expected that he would be able to give me so much information that I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. I got to say that he told me things that I had never even known existed. I really have to give it to him. He knows his stuff. I really feel confident now that I will be able to help Riddhima. I feel like I'm going to finally be able to make a difference in her life and knowing that makes me feel good. I can't wait until she comes out of this coma. I can't wait to hear her voice. I can't wait to see her move. Please god let that day come soon. Well better get back to my notes. See ya.

Closing his journal he placed it to one side and grabbing his notes he once again returned his attention to them. He really wanted to spend as much time as he could trying to understand what being in a coma was all about. He had never known much about the topic as he had always been interested in cardiology but now that he was getting a chance to expand his knowledge he wasn't going to let the chance go. He was going to take full advantage of it.


It was 9 am and finally time for his shift to start. He had spent the entire night going over his notes that Atul had helped him make. He wanted to be fully prepared for when he came face to face with her. He wanted to make sure that this time everything went right.

Okay here goes. Time to put all that information and studying into action.

Opening the door to her room he walked in ready to get the day started. He slowly walked towards her bed and saw that she had been helped up and was in a sitting position. She looked a bit weaker then before but he couldn't blame her since she was recovering from a major health scare and so today he had decided to take things easy. He wanted to treat her as if nothing was wrong with her. Today he was just going to spend his time talking to her.

"Good morning fruit loop! How are you today?"

Fruit loop? What the hell? Did he just call me a fruit loop? Where did that come from? Since when am I a fruit loop? I hate fruit loops! Ooo you wait until I get better! I'm going to kill head!

Armaan who was busy avoiding eye contact with her briefly took a glance at her and he could see that she was trying to react to his words. It seemed as if she didn't like what he had just called her. He himself didn't know where that nickname came from but for some reason it felt good to say.

"You know you are the first woman I have ever met who hasn't tried to hit on me. I mean most girls at the sight of seeing me start hovering all over me."

Really? I'm the first! Cool! I feel so special.

"I mean it's not like I don't like all the attention but sometimes I wish that I could find one girl who would love me for me."

Omg! He wants a girlfriend! I'll be your girlfriend! ME! ME! ME! Pick ME!! I love you!

"Oh wow! Look at the time! I got to run! Anyways it was nice talking to you fruit loop! I'll see ya later! Bye!"

Getting up from his chair Armaan began to walk back to the door. He knew he had made progress today and he felt good. He had seen the way she had reacted to him as he kept on talking. He could see that she was trying really hard to respond and seeing that he knew sooner or later she would. Smiling to himself he placed his hand on the door knob when he remembered something that he had forgotten to tell her. And so turning around in his spot he faced her and spoke.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you fruit loop! I won't be seeing you for a few days. I have to leave town for a conference but I'll be back in four days. And until then I don't want to hear anything negative. You are going to take good care of yourself! Okay? Okay! I'll see ya soon! Bye!"

4 days? Nooo! 4 days! How am I going to live without seeing him for 4 days! This is so NOT fair! Why does he have to go? Why can't they send someone else? What am I going to do without him for 4 days! I know this sounds crazy but I'm actually going to miss him. At least he treats me like a normal person. All the other doctors treat me as if I'm dying. And now I have to stare at some random person I don't know for 4 days! He better not forget me and run off with some stupid chick or I'll kill him! This sucks! For the first time I actually spent time with him and now he's being taken away! These 4 days better go by quick or I will scream! Armaan come back soon!


He stood in front of the stove watching over the boiling pot of water. He had just gotten home after a long day of running around preparing for the conference and had decided to make a quick cup of coffee before finishing up on some left over paper work. Today had been a day of victory. He had managed to finally see some improvement in Riddhima. He had finally seen her trying to respond to him. He had finally seen some emotion in her eyes especially when he had told her that he wouldn't be seeing her for the next 4 days. He could still imagine the expressions her eyes had when he had told her. He could have sworn that she was hurt. He almost felt as if she wasn't happy. That she didn't want him to leave. His mind once again reeled back to his moments with Riddhima. He had spent a good hour just talking to her and despite her not being able to respond vocally she had with her eyes. Every time he had said something to her she had changed the look in her eyes as a way to respond to him. He knew that in a real sense that what he had done with Riddhima today wasn't really a typical conversation but for him it was. He had learned from pure observation that people communicated in different ways. Some where vocal, some used gestures and some wrote what they felt. Riddhima who couldn't do any of those had resorted to using her eyes. If she didn't like something her pupils would dilate and become big but when she was happy her eye's wouldn't move. Armaan had never expected that he would ever observe a patient to such a degree. But now that he had he couldn't wait to see what he would discover next but for that he would have to wait 4 long days.

 4 days! I don't know how I'm going to do it. I just hope they pass by fast. I'll miss you Riddhima. I'll miss you. But I promise that I'll be back as soon as I can. Okay enough about Riddhima time to get down to some boring paper work! God help me!

Placing the pot into the sink he grabbed his coffee mug and walked out of the kitchen towards his room ready to tackle some boring paper work.



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