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Chapter 20: The missing world (arsh ff)

 "Then what will you do Riddhima Gupta?", Riddhima turned back immediately and realized he was listening everything!!!

"Papa, Riddhima called him with full of love and ran bare feet to hug him tightly as she was not alive yet, and wants to get back a life.

Dr. Shashank stopped her in between by showing a palm, "Stop! Don't you dare come to me again, he looked to the floor as if his eyes have been lowered by his pride, "Waise bhi, you have insulted me a lot and forgotten the right to hug

A lone tear fell down through her eyes, "Papa!!

"Don't call me papa, you have lost the right to call me that, he retorted back and tears rolled down from his cheeks as well, as if he was saying this with utter pain.

"Par maine aisa kiya kya hai papa, atleast tell me my crime, she asked in utter pain.

Dr. Shashank took a deep breath, "phew! Aap Armaan ko kyu dhundhna chahti hai Dr. Gupta

"Kyuki..., but with this she was speechless, but Dr Shashank continued, "agar koi jawab nahi hai to aage se aap koshish bhi nahi karengi aur apne pati ke sath badtameezi agar aapne ki hai to yaad rakhiye..., he screamed finally, "I would never pardon that

Riddhima left with no answer when Dr. Shashank stopped and Sid called from the back, "Papa aap yaha, and smiled.

Sid has just left from the hospital being oblivious of the fact that Dr. Shashank knew everything. He knew because the watchman has spotted Riddhima while searching Armaan and Shilpas' official files to get aware of the fact where they are, but Riddhima took it differently, she thought that Sid has narrated all this to her dad, which she cannot pardon.

Shashank who didn't want to inform about the conversation Riddhima and him had, so he wipe his tears and controlled his anger, "Haan wo, i was passing from nearby so i thought to give a visit

"You are always welcome, aap hi ka hi to ghar ..., but she stopped when his eyes fell on Riddhima's tears, "Riddhima you are crying?

"Oh papa has visited after very long na, enjoy the papa beti segment and let me arrange for the refreshments, and immediately he left for the kitchen and Riddhima kept taking it wrong.

But Shashank stopped him, "No thats fine, i have met both of you, now should leave. Padma wait kar rahi hogi, he gave a fake smile.

"Okay, as you wish, Riddhima replied curtly and with that Dr. Shashank left.

Sanjeevani Mussoorie,

Fire escape,

Kashaf gave Shilpa a tight hug and shilpa murmured, "Is baar wo toot jaega...aur uske sath main bhi"

"Shh!! Everything will be fine, Kashaf consoled her caressing her back and look at the skies to wish good about the future.

Shilpa parted back and held Kashaf's palm, "Promise me, ki tu... tu meri uske lie abhi bhi feelings hai is bare mein use kabhi nahi batayegi. Promise me.

"But why? After all he knows everything", Kashaf become confused.

"Because he treats me as friend and main chahti hoon ki ab woh wahi samjhe", Shilpa blurted out with heavy heart.

After so many ifs and buts Kashaf agreed with heavy heart.

Next Day,

"Huh! Now she cannot contact me, while changing the SIM card of the cell phone, Armaan took a deep breath.

"Phones are not allowed in the hospital, a voice reached to the Armaan's ears and he looked besides, and found the beautiful Shilpa in a simple blue suit was standing nearby.

Armaan answered, "Just changing the SIM card

"Why are you changing your SIM card, she purposely asked while rubbing her palms as she wanted to know whether he tell the truth or not.

He was admiring her deep ocean blue eyes when she asked so he sheepishly replied, "aise hi

Shilpa's smile shrink because he didn't tell her the truth but hide it, for a second she wanted misunderstand him but after a minute she thought that if he is hiding then there may be some reason, a valid reason.

"Armaan!!, she called him but he didn't replied back as he was lost in her eyes.

"Armaan!!, she shrugged him by shoulder and he recollected the words, "huh! Haan

"kuch kaha tumne?, he excused and looked here and there.

Shilpa pressed her lips and handover a file to him, "Daddu was requesting a lot, so i discharged him and..., she was cut in between by him who was excited, "really, but immediately stopped when realized she has stopped too.

"Well...waise bhi ghar me jyada jaldi thik honge, she exchanged a sarcastic smile when she left by saying, "Sis. Martha ke bina bhi..., at which Armaan laughed aloud.

A week later,

Days were passing and Armaan-Shilpa was coming closer to each other as well, even more. In the happiness of each other's company they have forgotten the danger of Riddhima's phone calls which have been stopped. The good news of, Kashaf and Zaroons' nikah came as a cherry on the cake at the same time, so everyone was very excited, especially Armaan and Shilpa, the best friends of, the too be married couple.

Some feelings were blooming in Armaan's heart with which he has started introducing. He didn't know what it was but yes if he started realizing that it was related to Shilpa. He gradually started noticing her beauty, her smile and her simplicity. On the other side, Shilpa who has decided to forget to not think about Armaan has started losing in the battle of her love. She too started realizing that Riddhima was a past and can never come back, but thinking of herself as a present was not even in her hand. Basically she was living in a dilemma, both of them were living in different feelings of Love, but feelings and emotions respond back, because they never die, they take breath somewhere in the heart, so as the situation was same.

In the morning @ 7am,

Armaan was jogging around the Kasauli bazaar and fetch some fresh cherries and finally reached to the Little Angel's orphanage, he handed over the cherry basket to the warden and fetch a handful cherries for Shilpa.

"Hey Shilpa! Cherries?, he asked but she didn't turned her back as she was drying her wet hairs .

"No Armaan tum kha lo, I'm busy, she replied being busy.

Armaan rolled his eyes, "ek to main tumhare lie, i mean bacchon ke lie cherries laya and you aren't ready to taste, he lied white.

He forcefully makes her turn around and she accidently fell on him and with the jerk he too destined the grass ground. The long black wet hair of Shilpa's were covered his face due to the wetness, so he immediately turned around and now Shilpa was under Armaan's body. Armaan couldn't took his eyes off her, there was something new in those red rosy cheeks, they were natural, no makeup has been painted on them but still they were looking even more red than those cherries. A satisfactory and peaceful smile automatically creep on his face and she kept gulping the saliva down her throat as her eyes were on him and was living with fear that he shouldn't see something that she posses for him in his heart and feelings, after all feelings and love never die, neither with live nor after it. They are immortal.

The children of the orphanage who noticed this came into the mischievous mood as always and started showering the water from the pipe, which took both of them into senses and Shilpa pushed Armaan, "Pagal baccho! Kuch logo ke sath rehke unke ideas bhi adopt kar liye, she taunted Armaan.

"What do you mean by kuch logo, say directly what do you want to?, Armaan came into the challenge mood being unaware that children were constantly showering the water.

"Oh hello! Mere baalo ki halat dekhi hai tumne aaj hi dhoye the aura b dekho, she showed her wet hairs which were now even more wet.

"Hey hero! Stop showering yaar, ek to teri Shona di waise hi baras rahi hai aur tu pani bhi barsale, Armaan whispered in the boy's ear, which Shilpa pretended as she has heard.

"Kya bola tumne, Shilpa asked and continued, "And you Sahil stop this shower now, she screamed being frustrated.

"Yahi ke jhadu jaise baal hai tumhare, he commented at which her mouth opened in a perfect O shape.

Armaan pressed his lips, "why are you shouting at the child bechara!

"Kahe ka bechara ye shaitaniya tumne hi sikhaya Dr. Mallik, she stared him and immediately snatch the water pipe from Sahil's hand and started showering on him, "Now bear with this, she showed him tongue and started showering the water on him, "kya bola jhadu jaise baal hai mere?, she started irritating him but still even he didn't know was he enjoying it.

But it remain Shilpa oblivious and surprised more, so she threw pipe on the ground and started drying her hairs again, after switching off the tap.

He hairs were flying in the cold breeze of the atmosphere and warmth of the dryer but he was feeling as the water drops which were flowing from her face were kissing him, not her.

"what has happened to me, he thought.

With the passing month, the chemistry of Armaan and Shilpa was changing. They have become friends and Armaan was quiet unconscious over his feelings for his so called friend, Shilpa. On the other side Shilpa was hiding the truth what she feel for him, what she literally wanted to confess in his arms after her Tandav dance, month back in Mumbai.

But the strongest feelings were burying in Armaan's heart, after a long time and he didn't want to accept those feelings but those for letters are miracle, they develop with their own consent and die with their own consent, which they both were not ready to understand.

Armaan was entering the Lil'Angel's orphanage to pick Shilpa up from there for Sanjeevani, but when he entered his bike, he felt something strange in his heart, as if something beaten and heaved his breathing as dhak dhak.

Kya Hua Tujhe

Armaan found Shilpa in front of his bike, he quickly press the brakes, he was aghast his body become numb seeing her out of the blue.

Bechain Dil Ho Raha

Shilpa opened her mouth in awe and wander around him and pinch his cheek to ask,

Kyu hua bhala

She blinked her grey orbs and he slammed his own head with his palms to answer,

Mujhko nahi kuch pata 

At which she laughed out loud and tickle his nose at his innocence and thought for a while, 

Aisa bhi kya ho gaya re,  She pinched his cheeks and disappears, he looked around for few minutes but she was nowhere and he patted his back of head.

Jane Mujhe Kya hua re,

He hums this and suddenly felt she was again in front of him and his eyes popped out from the sockets.

Dhadkane badhi 

She asked to tease him jumping on his bike's back seat and plunging her arms within his arms. 

Dhadkan to ruk si gayi  He was in his lala land and feeling as her hand was on his heart, but the same time she patted his shoulder and asked   

Saanson ka kya

 He turned back and looking into her pair of orbs he was mesmerized and felt everything was bliss 

Saansein bhi bas mein nahin 

She felt pity for him and made fake gloomy face and kissed his cheek at which he remained astonished. 

Arre re re ye kya hua re Voh to nahi ho gaya re

  She laughed at his condition and pointed in the air indicating as if she is talking about those four golden letters, LOVE. 

Kya hua tujhe 

She asked again laughingly and revolved around him but she was nowhere when he found for her.   He patted his back of head when realized he was in his own lala land and stopped it in front of Shilpa, who was Shilpa in real. She tilted his head and asked, "what happen?  But he nodded his head negatively as nothing has happened. She frowned and jumped on the back seat.They finally reached the hospital and she jumped from the bike to enter the hospital and he left to park the bike. 

Kitna mushkil chhupana Usse bhi mushkil batana

He put off his helmet and giggled at his own condition, he again found her in front of his eyes with a pout 

Dil ki baato ko lekin Apno se na chhupana 

She was in tears, he came forward to wipe them but she disappears again and he slammed his forehead again.  He entered the hospital where Shilpa was scolding him in real but he though she was just his imagination, so he didn't care of her but she in a little angst patted his shoulder but he didn't care she did the same again but he didn't care again so finally she called, "Armaan, and then he realized that she was in real. 

Mm kehna chahu mai lekinKuch kaha bhi na jaye 

She again asked about what strange thing has happened to him but he didn't answer, so she left in angst keeping his duty chart on the reception but he thought she was still present in the spot.

 Rog tumko laga joUsse rab hi bachaye

She, his imagination smiled held his palms rubbed them and encircled his shoulders with her arms.

He asked in childlike face,

 Iski dava

She giggled and answered,

 Iski dava kuch nahi 

He opened his mouth and obliviously hit his own foot with nearby chair.

Ab hoga kya 

She cupped her face, sitting on the same chair,

 Arre mujhko pata hi nahi

 He sits on the nearby chair and asked, 

Arre re re ye kya hua re
Jane mujhe kya hua re
Kya hua tujhe 

Everyone was glaring him, realizing this he become amazed and looked at the chair, where Shilpa was not. He looked here and there but she was nowhere and this time he tried to slam his head with the nearby wall, dramatically.    Zaroon was passing the reception area and thought Armaan was literally banging his head on the wall, he ran towards his friend and asked what happen. Armaan being Armaan thought that this was also Shilpa, not Zaroon. 

Hey ae ae Aa aa aa aa aa 

 He started singing which amazed Zaroon, he thought in his mind, pagal to nahi ho gaya 

Dil ki baato ko dilbar
Jo na humse kahoge
Dekhna zindagi bhar
Tum tadapte rahoge

 This time Zaroon wanted to bang his head on the wall at his friend's madness. But the same time Shilpa, who has forgotten her pager on the reception table came there and witness all this. 

Kaunsa mod hai ye

 Armaan witnessed that Shilpa has came now as all were laughing on him. 

 Kaisi ye bekhudi hai 

He came forward to the Shilpa who was frowning, but he kept walking. 

Mai kaha hu mujhe to
Kuch khabar hi nahi hai

 Shilpa was bewildered and wasn't understanding what all this happening with her. He looked into her eyes which were her biggest weakness. She immediately turned back and the nurses started singing. 

Kuch to khabar lo tum
zara apne dil ke 

Armaan looked at the nurses and glared Shilpa with the corner of his eyes which she noticed. 

Dil to mera
ab paas mere nahi 

 He danced with the nurses to change the topic and started singing and dancing with them

Tera hua kya karu re
Arre re re pyar ho gaya re 

 And everyone started singing except Shilpa and Zaroon, who were present there but Armaan give a hint to Shilpa 
Tujhse hi pyar ho gaya re
Tujhse hi pyar ho gaya re
Tujhse hi pyar ho gaya re
Tujhse hi pyar ho gaya re 

Shilpa immediately ran from the spot, tears were there in her eyes and cried and cried in the washroom. She splash handful of water on her face twice, thrice but she was still huffing, taking deep breath as she was feeling that she wouldn't than it wouldn't left her alive.   She leaned her back on the basin and huffed, "I know what has happened to you...I know..., but suddenly tears started rolling down her cheeks like fountain, "And i know what i have to do to save you from ... from that "I know...I know..., she kept chanting and slipped down on the floor like a water droplet slips on the tree leaves. 
Next morning, @ 10 a.m.

A bike zipped inside the orphanage and the driver asked chirpily, "Hey, Khala!! My darling, and

Armaan jumped from the bike and asked for her hand to dance but Khala didn't allow unlike everyday which amazed him.

 "Accha, he thought she might not be in the mood so he kissed on the cheek of the little girl Anya and tickle her she hardly stopped herself and threw his hands in the air.

"I don't like these things at all...go now, she rudely said which was unexpected for Armaan as he used to do every day and Anya enjoy it as well. He coughed and asked in a slow tone, "Shilpa...  Before he could asked about her Khala interrupted in between, "She has already gone with rickshaw

"Gone with rickshaw? But why and and how?, he was numb from top to the bottom and inquired all the questions in a single breath.  Khala turned her back facing his face to not show her real expressions, "Before your arrival she used to go with rickshaw only, and tightly shut her eyelids.

  "But before my arrival, he questioned in a low tone, disappointingly. 

"Yes, she always used to get late with you, she tried to answer sternly.

 At which he remained numb and the first question came into his mind was, only this much he used to be important to her, that she didn't even bother to discuss the, getting late issues with him.

 He was highly disappointed as someone has broke all the ties of a relation with him, and relation what was that even he didn't know. 

@10.25 a.m. Sanjeevani Mumbai,

  Riddhima was roaming here and there in her cabin; all lost in her own island of thoughts when a door knocks disturbed her and her thoughts.  She didn't even bother to have a look over the door and allows the person to come inside, "come in 

"good morning mam, the person on the door greeted.

 She turned back as she found the voice so familiar and found Sid there.

  "Sid, only a single word slipped from her mouth.

 "No Dr. Siddhanth Modi, in your strict Dr. Keerti style, he tried to laugh fake.

"What happen Sid...come to the point, she gave him the last warning to tell what has happened.

 "Fine. I'm last time telling you I have not done that, Papa ko to bas..., he tried to give explanation about the incident happened that night when Dr. Shashank came to know everything about Riddhima's behaviour towards her husband and the trial to search Armaan.

 "Don't call him Papa. He is just my father did you get that?, she immediately stopped him and kept continuining, " and after that incident when you have complained about me to my father...sid you have lost every right to call him Papa

 She finally stopped slipping in a deep breath and he thought on the same time, "what will happen when you will find that your Papa has a missing another daughter... your li'l sis 

She clasped her fingers on the face and he came to the reality with a jerk and gulped down, "whether you believe or not... I've not complained about you to Dr. Shashank 

"I don't ..., before she completed her disbelief a voice came from Sid's back, "and what if he had  "Papa, the same word slipped from both the little ones tongue.

 "Yes me, he completed their sentences with they wanted to say.  Dr. Shashank took a deep breath with a pause and confessed, "but Sid has not complained about you, at which Riddhima lowered her eyes and Shashank continued, "and what if he had, he is your husband after all... he thinks about your good and bad

 "But Papa, she took few steps towards him but he again stopped her, "I said don't call me that, you have lost all the rights on me  "Par..., the tears were in her eyes like someone has stolen her life from her, "Aap kehte the na bacche galti karti hain

 "tum bacchii nahi ho aren't a child, she remained stunned but tried again, "aap kehte hain aapke lie to bacchii hi hoon na Shashank became nostalgic and tears rolled down his cheek, "to, but he still tried to be strict.

"Galtiyan bacche nahin karenge to kon karega, she said in the most childish tone. He turned his back facing her so he can look less emotional,

 "Har galti ki maafi nahi hoti "Saza to hoti hai, she immediately asked.

"Thik hai, he sounded more strict and narrated her punishment. 

 @Sanjeevani Mussorrie,

 Armaan in hurry reached the hospital and tried to search for Shilpa but she wasn't anywhere on the reception, after all he was guilty that he has committed the huge mistake. He has awaken the feelings, which she possesses for him.

So he asked about her to the nurse who was passing from there with a heavy box of medicines.

 "Uhh! Sister Annie, have you seen Dr. Shilpa anywhere, he asked but the nurse looked with a gloomy face towards him and said, "kahi dekha hai? Humari Dr. Shilpa to gae

 "Gayi? Kis side, he asked. 

"that i don't know but haan hospital se gayi, he remained numb when he heard this like a stone he remained to a same place.

"Kab? Kyu?, he asked shrugging her shoulders. The same time Zaroon and Gunjan who were passing from there stopped Armaan immediately, "Stop it!, Zaroon slapped him to take him to reality.  "She has gone forever, Gunjan was in tears.  Armaan came towards her and inquired, "But why and where?

 "I don't know but yesterday she has came to me for urgent transfer, a voice they heard which left them stun.   



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