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Chapter 21: The missing world (arsh ff)

"She has gone forever, Gunjan was in tears.  Armaan came towards her and inquired, "But why and where?

"I don't know but yesterday she has came to me for urgent transfer, a voice they heard which left them stun.

"Where? Where has she gone?", Armaan asked clenching Zaroon's collar.

He looked here and there and whispered, "Sorry! but she has taken promise from me to not tell you"

Armaan left his collar and took steps back with velocity of shock and helplessness. He fell down on the knees and murmured, "Shilpa! why did you do this to me" 

"Why the hell did you do this to me dammit", he screamed in tears when he heard a soft voice, "because she loves you"

He immediately looked at the direction of the voice and found Kashaf, he ran towards her and said, "Say it again"

She took a deep breath and removed his hand from her shoulder while clenching her jaw, "Because she loves you"

"Really?", he asked while wiping the tears.

"Yes! she loves YOU Dr. Armaan Mallik ", she disgusted while saying "you", and continued, "And that's the most disgusting thing", while saying this she pinches her finger on his heart.

She bawled hand in a fist, "Do you know what, tum jaise insaan se pyaar karna sabse disgusting baat hai", she said which pinches his heart and a tear of helplessness rolled over his cheek.

Zaroon tried to stop her but she did not and kept continuing, "Tum to jante bhi nahi kabse pyaar karti hai tumse, tabse jabse...", she looked here and there and stopped.

But he forced her to tell but still was in tears, "Please tell na...batao na kabse pyaar karti hai mujhse"

"Jabse tum uske taraf dekhte bhi nahi the, jab tum sirf aur sirf Riddhima ko dekhte the", she stopped herself or forced herself to stop, but he shockingly looked at her.

"Aur isliye Mumbai chodke Mussorrie aa gayi", he faked the smile and cried while setting himself on the knees.

"Everything is over...", he said and with this cloud opened their wombs and released the water tap and rain has started pouring with his tears as the clouds were also trying to participate in his pain.

@In the bus

Shilpa was traveling through bus for the Shimla, she was running from her love being oblivious with the condition of Armaan's and the happenings of Mussorrie. She with tears of second separation, without being separated from him, were flowing tears from her eyes. The days she spent with him were rolling like a camera video in front of her eyes, the dance, the rain pranks and the kiss.

The way he used to care for her, and the way he yelled at her was the most important memories. Indeed, he yelled at her many a times but she knew what he is and why used to do. He was a man of broken heart in her perception, without realizing that, that broken heart has found the missing piece of the puzzle of the word, called LOVE.

The tears kept rolling her cheeks and with the passing time she engulfed with deep slumber.

@Next Night

Shilpa jumped from the bus for Shimla and find out the address where she was going to stay for a week, before joining and reached the hotel.

The rickshaw stopped on the gate of a 5 star hotel and she asked him examining the hotel as it was decorated like a bride with flowers and lights.

"Bhaiya, are you sure this is the address?", she confirmed.

He nodded his head and said, "Yes madam"

"But... okay may be I have a wrong address", A thought passes through her mind but she brushed it away.

"Okay", she said while paying to the driver and dragged her heavy and overloaded bag inside the hotel.

"What if I am on the wrong place?", she questioned herself.

"Accha andar to chalte hain hi", she answered herself as well.

She kept walking and her eyes fell on the fountain fall which was flowing colorful water which remind her of her and Armaan's water pranks which made her laugh and with a laughter her eyes became moist but the same time she found an image.

Her breathing increased its velocity and she screamed, "who is there?", as she felt it was HIM. But after a second the image removed and there was no one. She looked here and there but no one was there.

She calmed herself and found him in front of her eyes when she put forward her step and with a jerk of the heavy bag she fell in his arms.

She closed her eyes tightly and opened slowly when heard, "Hey bracelet!"

She opened her eyes and found HIM, whose arms were holding her tightly, she kept looking in his grey orbs and with this tears rolled down from the corner of her eye, which she wiped and she shrieked herself from his arms and screamed, "What are you doing here"

"I am here to stop you", he answered.

"From what", she roughly asked.

"From running... running from your self, running from me...", after this he stopped and tightened his hold on her arms, "running from my love, your love...OUR love"

"Par, tum kaun hote ho mujhe...", she said in the flow of the turmoil but stopped when she realized what he said.

She stopped automatically, or she could not able to say anything when he cupped her face, rubbed her tears from thumb and kissed her forehead. His eyes were moist and expressed his feelings, "Please do not go! do not go away from me, please. Main mar jaunga", hearing this she stopped him from saying this wrapped her arms around him in a bone-crushing hug and declared in his arms, "Aise mat bolo na...please"

"Why? you were suppose to leave me behind na", he said like a tiny child.

"No I was running from you because I do not want to hurt you", she explained in tears.

"Accha! jhoothi", he said and parted from her.

She pouted, "No I am not a jhoothi sach main"

"Then why are you going?", he asked.

she replied, "because i want to see you happy"

"which is in you stupid", he ended in a kiddish tone.

Shilpa looked in his eyes as they were asking something from him, "yes. my happiness is in you because...because i love you", and then he again cupped her cheeks, "yes I love you Dr. Shilpa Malhotra"

"I love you too", she confessed her love as well.

And the whole hotel enlightened with beautiful LED lights, rose petals were showering over them and they hit their head with each other and hugged again.


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