Monday, 7 June 2021

Chapter 22: The missing world (arsh ff)

*past = italics*

"Everything is over...", he said and with this cloud opened their wombs and released the water tap and rain has started pouring with his tears as the clouds were also trying to participate in his pain.

He cried and almost beg in front of Zaroon, "Please tell me where has she gone

"Sorry. I can't, he answered.

He scrunched his brows and clutched his collar, "tell me where has she gone, and screamed aloud.

He shrugged Armaan's shoulders and whispered, "She has taken promise from us

Armaan immediately left his collar and tears rolled down his cheeks as his all hopes have finished.

"But not from me, the strong powerful voice took everyone's attention, and Armaan turned back, where he witnessed his Daddu.

"Yes. Not from me, Daddu assured him.

"Matlab, he asked.

Daddu laughed a little and said, "Actually main teri sister Martha se milne aaya tha chupte hue, aur galti se cabin se maine baat kar li, isilie to subah se dhundh raha hoon tujhe..., he clarified everything and chuckled, "And you are searching her here, wo to gayi Simla dono ka nikaah bhi to wahi hai, he pointed towards Zaroon and Kashaf, and Armaan ran towards her hugged him tightly, "Thank you Thank you so much, YOU are my angel and kissed his forehead

"Kitni baar bola puppy mat lia kar, Daddu faked.

"Wo mera dialogue hai haan, Armaan poked a finger.

Daddu joined his hands and said, "Okay baba go and meet Haseena, and winked at which all laughed.


Armaan was in thoughts of the past, holding her hands in his. Shilpa wanted to clasp fingers on his face but her hands were engaged so she kissed his cheek which immediately took him to the reality with an utter shock and she wink.

But before he could say anything she interrupted, "Shh! Tell me one thing

"What?, he husked.

She asked, "Mere piche piche jana humesha jaroori hota hai kya?, and rubbed his nose with hers.

But this time as well he could say anything the gang interrupted, "Jahan mein jaati hoon wahi chale aate ho, chori chori mere dil mein samate ho, ye to batao ke tum...mere kaun ho?, sung Samrat to tease them but everyone were speechless at his bathroom singing, especially Zarroon, who gave a killer look to him which nervous him a lot.

He gulped down fresh lump of saliva formed in his throat but the same time all started singing, "hum to tere aashiq sadiyon purane, chahe tu mane chahe na mane

With their singing, correction, bathroom singing even Armaan and Shilpa blocked their ears and ran from the spot, together, the same time Samrat started laughing at them especially Zaroon, but after a second all started laughing together.

@An hour later

"Please pack the bag, we have to go in hurry, he said.

She thought in her mind, "Tumhare saath jane mar nahi rahi hoon main

"To kyu chal rahi ho, he asked joining his head on chest.

"You know very well, saying this, she left and again get engrossed in packing her bags.

@In the night

"Hey let's play truth and dare, Gunjan suggested.

"Very good idea, Armaan encouraged her.

Shilpa faked smile, "Haan good idea. You loose everytime

"Not me, it's you who loses, he taunted her back.



They started arguing and said, "Okay okay! Let's play only dare

"Fir to Shilpa gayi kaam se, after all truth se kaam chalati hai na, he taunted her again.

She smiled again, "Yes, tabhi to is Dhanno se hare the Looser, she enhance the word looser while making "L sign from her thumb and forefinger.

"Tum log abhi bhi lad rahe ho?, Kashaf asked.

"Humara pyaar aisa hi hai, right meri dhanno, Armaan answered and gave a loveable look to Shilpa at which she blushed and everyone coughed.

"Okay then let's start, said Samrat.

Zaroon rolled the bottle and it was Gunjan who loosed first and she has to call a random number and talk as much she could, and she did the same and everyone enjoyed that fake call a lot.

After few more dares the bottle pointed Armaan and every person persent there demanded for ArSh couple dance.

"Main kyu dare manu?, Shilpa pouted, she argued but Armaan cupped her in arms and rested her on the ground near the huge fountain.


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