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Chapter 23: The missing world (arsh ff)

*past* - italics

After few more dares the bottle pointed Armaan and every person persent there demanded for ArSh couple dance.

"Main kyu dare manu?, Shilpa pouted, she argued but Armaan cupped her in arms and rested her on the ground near the huge fountain.

Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin

The same time Samrat played the music from his phone, She was standing in her heels when He grabbed her back and engulfed her in arms, put her one hand on his shoulder, held another one and makes a rainbow with her and his arm.

Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

He swirl her around on her toe, rolling with her finger and keeping his one hand on the back.

Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho

He cupped her face, caresses the cheek and holds her hands again and they kept taking cross steps.

Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

He stopped taking cross steps and rolled her again before clutching her from the waist which lent her on his chest.

Aha ha ha o

He cupped her in his arms and took spins in which she was holding him tightly from the neck and shoulder and he remain taking few spins.

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida

He make her stand on her heels and hold both of her hands in his and made rainbow again with both of the arms

Teri baahon mein hai mere dono jahaan
Tu rahe jidhar meri jannat wahin

He clutched her from the waist tightly this time, put her both her hand around his neck and caressed his cheek with hers which shivered her from the top to the bottom

Jal rahi agan hai jo ye do tarfa
Na bujhe kabhi meri mannat yahi
Tu meri aarzu, main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari, main teri mausiqi

And then brushed his lips on her nape, forgetting that few people were witnessing them as in they were lost in each other.

Talab talab talab bas teri hai mujhe
Nason mein tu nasha banke ghulna yunhi

She then realized the existence of others, loosened the hold from his neck and took a few steps back when he again clutched her from lower back and looked into her eyes.

Meri mohabbat ka karna tu haq ye adaa
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida

He spins her around forgetting that rain has started and they were fully drenched everyone was calling them to not do the dance but who could stop the two love birds. Their dance was intense when a pair of foot entered the space, but ArSh were unaware with that and kept dancing, even in rain.

Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho, tum hi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida

He then left her and she took few steps backward and ran with the velocity of light in his arms and he engulfed her and both of them kept taking turns.

Aa alvida
O na na

They were all drenched in water of rain when a pair of puffy red eyes rolled tears from them which was quiet noticeable but why would Armaan and Shilpa would be looking at them, after all they were lost in each other.

They enveloped each other in their arms and he kissed her forehead and then eyes, he cupped her face and was caressing her cheeks with her thumb pads when he heard a scream which took them back to reality not only with a jerk but with a shock.

"Armaan!, screamed Riddhima from the entrance who was witnessing everything and was standing with Sid.

"Please pack the bag, we have to go in hurry, Sid said.

Riddhima thought in her mind, "Tumhare saath jane mar nahi rahi hoon main

"To kyu chal rahi ho, he asked joining his head on chest.

"You know very well, saying this, she left and again gets engrossed in packing her bags.

"Dad aren't forcing you, Sid clarified.

Riddhima stopped her work and pointed her finger, "Do not drag my father in all this. He favours you more doesn't mean that I am not his daughter

"Chill! I am not saying anything against him, he justified.

"Tumhare friend ke nikaah me jaana jaruri hai kya, she asked.

"Haan. He is one of my best friends, he told.

She faked smile, "fine. Sirf papa ke lie

"Bahut zaroori hai jana. Otherwise tumhare depression mein jaane ke chances hain aur wo main afford nahi kar sakta, Sid thought in his mind. He tightly closed his eyes, "Armaan nahi aa sakta, to hum Armaan ke paas jayenge

She finally packed all her bags and lay down to sleep, covering herself with a duvet and Sid looked at her, caressed her hair, "I am sorry Armaan. Riddhima ko tumhari life mein wapis lane ke liye, and a tear droplet fell down from his eyes.

He collect a picture from his hidden items, "Dono beheno ko milana bhi to hai, it's my responsibility

He tightly closed his eyes, "Sorry. Maaf kar dena mujhe main nahi janta aage kya hoga. Par agar Riddhima tumse nahi mili to zaroor kuch ho jaega

 Dr. Shashank has told Sid that if Riddhima will be behaving the same way, she will lose everything, just like her father. Medically she wasn't that strong, it was really important to let her meet Armaan, because he was the only person who could have made her realize that she is not a part of his life and it was only possible if she meet him, otherwise she would have been depressed even more.

Armaan immediately shifted his eyes from Shilpa to the lady who was calling him, Riddhima. He was amazed, aghast, numb, he did not ever thought in his wildest dream that she will be back like an invited guest to ruin it, after all her existence is enough to ruin something, especially when the thing, moment or life belonged to him. She has always given him pain, and was she there to give him pain or something more than that...

"Hey Zaroon! How are you man?, Sid joined his hand with Zaroon and gave a tight friendly hug to him.

They parted away, "Yaar! Tere aane ki kami thi ab to sab best hoga, said Zaroon.

"Makkhan marna chodenge janaab, and tell me where is our, aham bhabhi jaan, he coughed and winked while saying jaan.

"Badtameez ka badtameez rahega tu., Zaroon did not appreciated his joke and completed while snatching Kashaf softly with her hand, "and this is your bhabhi, meri jaan, janebahar gul-e-gulzaar and so on...but only mine, he laughed while completing the sentence and Sid too enjoyed his joke, "by the way she is mine, pointing towards Riddhima and continued, "job hi tumne kaha haan, aur sirf meri, Riddhima fake smiled and rolled her eyes looking here and there.

Shilpa slipped her hand from Armaan's hold and tears filled in her eyes. There were a sort of fear that what will happen with Riddhima's comeback in their life, especially when they have came closer a while ago.

Armaan noticed it and realized when his Shilpa left the spot did; he followed him but stopped by Zaroon, "Armaan! Meet my friend and his wife yaar, he is in Sanjeevani Mumbai, you might know him

He nodded his head and told, "Yup! I know, it brought a smile on Riddhima's face but the smile vanished when he left saying, "I know he is Sid. But I don't know about the lady, we have never met

Tears rolled on her cheeks which were noticeable by everyone and Kashaf did not take much time to recognize who the girl is, Riddhima, Armaan's Ex, but before she could told anything Zaroon threw a Cocktail party and ended by saying, "You have to come Riddhima, juice is also allowed in a cocktail party right, he smiled while saying and Riddhima mysteriously nodded her head saying, "why not

It seemed that something was cooking in her shrewd mind and Sid and Kashaf were not able to crack it.

@9.00 pm in the Cocktail party

"Wo pagal ho jaegi Armaan!, Sid persuade in the party to Armaan to just meet her once.

Armaan immediately turned and pointing finger said, "Hoti hai ho jaye, I don't care about her

"Don't be so selfish, Sid tried to persuade even more.

He was about to walk off when he stopped, "Tumhare jitna accha nahi hoon main Sid, ke apni biwi ko uske ex se milane le jaun

"Koi mahaan nahi hoon main, I am just doing this to save her life, Sid objected.

Armaan laughed, "Tune kabhi bicchu aur kachue ki kahaani suni hai? Nahin. Let me tell you, he folded his arm on his chest and narrated, "Kachue ko ek bada sa daulat ka pahad dikha, he informed bicchu about that, bicchu ne kaha I wouldn't bite you, mujhe bas apni pith pe le chalo. Turtle agreed and end mein nadi paar karke scorpion bit the turtle.

He loosened the hold from his chest of his arms, "Do you know why? Because ye uski fitrat hai jo kabhi nahi badalti, Riddhima is that bicchu

"Armaan!, Sid screamed aloud and hold him  from his caller, "Don't utter a single word against my wife

"Hahah, Armaan laughed once again with tears in eyes, "dekh, do doston ki dosti bhi das gayi, Riddhima, Sid loosened his hold from his collar when he realized that what was happening between him and Armaan.

Armaan was about to left with saying, "Milna to door, dekhunga tak nahi use, he said with disgust and put his foot forward to leave when Sid said, "Meri biwi, teri ex se na sahi, apni Shilpa ki behen se to milega na, which stopped him immediately and he turned back with the expression of what the heck are you saying.

"Tu bahut sochti hai Kashaf, she is just a guest, Shilpa tried to excuse.

Kashaf tightly held her shoulder and forced her to face her, "Yeah! Zaroon's guest right?

"Yes. You got it right now, she looked here and there and lied.

"Yes. That is why you ran away when she entered. It did not affect you, right, she asked sarcastically.

Shilpa closed her eyes tightly, "She is my sister. Mujhe definitely farq padhta hai uske hone se, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Kashaf wiped the tear, "Sirf behen hai? Armaan ki ex nahi

"Oh please Kashaf don't make me weak, she cried and hugged her best friend tightly and cried on her shoulder.

"Soch ke bola kar, Shilpa aur Riddhima, never., Armaan shrieked off even the thought of Shilpa and Riddhima being sisters.

"Thik hai ja, jake khud poochle use, Sid gave him open challenge because he knew that Shilpa and Riddhima are sisters, half sisters and the truth cannot be changed.

Shilpa put of his head from the Kashaf's shoulder and wiped her tears, "Mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai, kahin ek baar phir main kisi apne ko na kho doon, her indication was towards Armaan.

"Kuch nahi hoga, Armaan hai na, she gave her strength.

"Agar Armaan ko apna purana pyaar wapis...no aisa hua to main apni hi behen ke hathon apna pyaar haar jaungi, A tear droplet rolled down her cheek and when she realized a pair of eyes were looking at them which made her scared, even more than before.

 "Agar Armaan ko apna purana pyaar wapis...no aisa hua to main apni hi behen ke hathon apna pyaar haar jaungi, A tear droplet rolled down her cheek and when she realized a pair of eyes were looking at them which made her scared, even more than before.

It was Armaan who was confirmed now that Shilpa and Riddhima are sisters, and his fate has taken him in front of Riddhima again. He has understood that the tension which scaring was scaring Shilpa as well, to lose each other, after all for him Riddhima was like a storm which takes away his happiness from him always.

"Why did not you tell me?, Armaan wanted to clear that sister fiasco with Shilpa.

Shilpa who was more scared with the thought of losing his love, "Armaan meri baat suno main samjhati hoon na, she tried to be maturely handle this situation even being the most scared person.

"Why?, Armaan again asked, he almost screamed.

"Kyuki I have afraid, main dar gayi thi I did not want to lose you again, saying this a tear destined to the floor from her eye.

He envelope her in a hug and caressed her head, "Do you think ke itni si baat ke liye main tumhe chod deta? he looked into her eyes, "It does not matter to me ke Riddhima tumhari behen hai ya koi aur, it you who matters me, he hugged her again and she too responded back, "Agar tumhe sirf is baat ke lie chod deta, to haar meri hoti, this time she looked into his eyes and he kissed her tears and then forehead and then finally engulfed her in a tight hug.

@9.45 pm cocktail party

Armaan's POV:

I and Sid narrated everything about health of Riddhima to Shilpa, and after knowing this I clearly noticed tears in her eyes, she was crying.

"Hey do not cry, I wiped her tears and said.

She held my palms tightly and requested, "Please ek baar di se mil lo na Armaan

I was aghast. I have never thought in my wildest nightmare that Shilpa who was insecure about her love because of the presence of Riddhima will tell me to meet her.

"No!, I denied.

"Please, she requested.

"On the one side you are worried about losing my love and on the other you are telling me to meet her. No Never, I announced and denied to meet that selfish woman.

Yes Selfish. In my words she has always been selfish because she has done whatever was in her behalf. She has never thought for others so why would I have to think for her. I too wanted to live happily with my love, Shilpa.

She pressed her lips and hold my palms tightly, "Bas ek baar please

But when I was about to deny this girl tied my hands, "Agar unki health ke liye ye zaroori hai to just once...for me, please

She almost begged in front of me and I could not deny to her this time.

She hugged me back and kissed my forehead, "thank you

"Lekin sirf ek baar, I announced and continued, "Usse jyada mujhse ummed mat rakhna Shilpa, I declared once again and she too nodded her head positively.

I left her hand and put forward towards her sister, when she called me back, "Be softer, nicer to her

"Yeah!, I retorted sarcastically at which she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip.

@On the other side of the party, near the bar counter, Riddhima was having apple juice when I ordered for one me as well and she turned to look at me. Her eyes were shinning, as if she wasn't expecting me, being oblivious of her health.

She caressed my face and whispered, "Armaan!, I put my feet backward and said, "Please do not come closer to me, I was as strict as a teacher.

Shilpa's POV:

I wasn't much far from them, I could easily witness them, when she touched Armaan, a sort of insecurity ran in my blood and a tear drop fell from my eyes. But when he stepped backward I was a little secured that what may ever happen in life, he will never leave me, for anyone.

"Why am I thinking all this?, I stopped myself from thinking all this after all I was the person who send him to Riddhima.

"Tum kyu chale gaye Armaan?, I heard Riddhima di asking him.

At which he laughed louder, "Jaha tak mujhe yaad hai, you were the person who asked me to leave

"I am sorry!, she apologized with tears in her eyes.

"Maaf kar do mujhe, she pleaded.

"You know how to apologize. Great! Eureka, he made fun of her, in spite of knowing that I requested him to be nice to her.

I know it is not so easy to forgive Di after all she has hurt him to the core.

I noticed her tears were rolling down her cheeks, "Please accept me, Armaan

"And Sid?, he asked very sharply to her.

"I will leave him, she retorts.

He laughed louder than before, "Just the same way you left me, my Scorpio, and he taunted her at the end.

"I didn't get you, she said cluelessly.

"Oh! You didn't get me, the Selfish Riddhima Gupta, he taunted her again.

I stepped forward to interrupt in between when Sid held my hand.

"Armaan!, she was too louder.

"Bura laga, logon ko to bura lagta hi nahi jab tum unhe chod deti ho, he pierced the knife inside her heart and twisted at the right point.

Tears fell down from her eyes and angst was rising, "Oh! This is what that Shilpa has fed in your mind

"Yes. She has fed up love in my heart and mind. Did you get it, he made her clear and I saw him leaving the spot when she held her hand tightly to stop him and she step forward to come near me.

Armaan's POV:

Riddhima was too close to Shilpa, who was gasping loud in tears, scared and with trembling hands tried to explain her sister everything as she was everything for her.

But I have understood what Riddhima much is before. I know she was ill but, it doesn't matter she will hurt my love.

Riddhima did not listen her and slapped Shilpa tightly, her five fingers were printed on Shilpa's cheek which made me more angry than before. I took quick steps and was about to slap Riddhima, she held my hand.

Yes. Shilpa did it.

I was shocked that how kind a person can be.  I looked at her and she gave me a look as if wanted to say please don't hit her, for me.

I noticed tears were in Sid's eyes the same guy, to whom she wanted to leave for me a while ago.

Riddhima doesn't have any idea, that to whom she hates the most, loves her most, both Shilpa and Sid.

I laughed a second at this irony when she asked me clenching her jaw, "What happen now?

"Tumhe idea bhi hai ki jitni nafrat tum in dono se karti ho, ya shayad jitna pyaar main karta THA tumse use kahin jyada they love us, especially you, I spelled the word THA enhancing hardly.

"What do you want to say?, she asked me.

"Ek baar tumne mujhe mere dost ke liye chod diya tha na?, she looked here and there when I said this and I continued, "Aaj main tumhe tumhari behen ke liye chodta hoon, I declared very surely.

"Behen?, she questioned and I looked at Shilpa at which she become aghast and loosed her sight and then become unconscious.



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