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chapter 24 : The missing world (arsh ff)

Armaan's POV:

Riddhima was unconsciously lying on a bed in a room, covering with a duvet and Sid, sitting on her side.

 Shilpa came near to me and asked in tears, "Will she be alright?

 I hugged her tightly, caressed her head, "Everything will be fine, don't worry, and kissed her forehead.

 The same time Sid came rushing, keep her apart from me and clutched my collar, "You. Armaan Mallik you are responsible for her situation

 "No. you are responsible., I shrieked him off and continued in the same tone, "I agree she was in depression not taking things properly, and asking for me but it really does not matter ke tum use mere paas hi leke chale aao, I gave him a piece of mind.

"Would I have any choice?, Sid argued.

"You may have at least asked me, I made him realized that it would have been an another option but I kept continuing, "At least ek doctor ke tarah se soch lete

"I know. I have done wrong with you, but for her health, Sid said with tears and completed saying, "But I did not know, you have become heartless for her

"Oh really? Wasn't she heartless for me, when she chose you over me?, I blabbered out hearing his words, my friend, Sid's words.

He gulped his saliva and said, "I am sorry

"Sorry for what? That I have said that this girl ..., stopping in between I turned him towards Shilpa, "...this girl is her sister and I love her

"You left me for her, Riddhima overheard the whole conversation and whispered coming out.

Shilpa's eyes were moist and she cupped her mouth as she thought that she took them wrong and will go to the worse situation than before.

"You were right Armaan, I deserve this situation, Riddhima gulped tears.

I tip-toed towards her saying, "No you ", I was thinking that her health and her obsession towards me was becoming harder so I thought to persuade her.

"It's okay Armaan, I am fine. Trust me, she smiled and left us in disbelief that how come this Riddhima has taken birth.

She patted my palm, "Is she really my sister?.

I can see the depth in her eyes which were questioning me at which I nodded my head.

"How?, she gulped and asked.

"Matlab?, Shilpa asked being clueless that what does she mean by saying "how

"As per the records, your parents have died---", but before Riddhima could complete anything Shilpa took the command, "My parents have died in a car accident in valleys when I was a child, she blabbered in a single breath as if she was expecting this from her.

"But my parents, my father and mother both are alive, Riddhima argued.

Shilpa smiled sarcastically, "You forgetting Dr. Gupta, about your biological father

Shilpa was done with all question and answers about how being she by Riddhima's sister and somehow Riddhima as well after all she has done a lot but now Shilpa wasn't in a mood to hear a wrong word.

"Aur kuch?, Shilpa asked Riddhima and left saying, "This is how I am your sister, so as you are mine


Shilpa was left but Riddhima was aghast, now she realized that she has another sister Shilpa to whom she was avoiding and insulting in Sanjeevani, Mumbai while her posting, and she was also listening and witnessing her behavior, but this girl was different. She had some strength in her and now realized that she herself has gifted that strength to her, Armaan Mallik, in a way.

I clasped fingers on her face, "What happen? She is your sister after all, I sarcastically joked.

She glared me, "And that is why you are choosing her, because she is my sister?

"Not at all., I proudly declared.

"I am choosing her because she is a beautiful soul, I again said proudly.

I lowered my eyes and looked at her before leaving, "Being your sister

Only Sid was left there and Riddhima asked, "Do you agree that she is better than me?

"Learn from her, Sid to left her alone and no one was standing with her. She was too alone. Tears flew down from her eyes and she remained rooted and remained on her knees.


Riddhima's POV:

I was sitting near the pool keeping the legs inside it, tears were still flowing from the eyes when someone put a hand on my shoulder.

It was HER, my so called sister, Shilpa Malhotra.

She too jumped her legs inside the pool and sit beside me and asked, "Main, Armaan aur Sid mere khyal se kuch mayene nahi rakhte, she too said too easily but I was so clueless.

"Matlab, I asked.

She wiped my tears and continued, "Riddhima, this means a lot, even more than us... Do you know why?, she shifted her gaze towards me.

And I looked towards her, "Why?

"Because it's you. Every person owe itself more than anyone else., she said simply.

"You know what? After mum and dad, I would have been died, but I chose life..., she again shifted her gaze towards me and seemed as if she was lost in that time, "and see I am alive

"Sabko lagta hai that Riddhima gives importance to herself more than anyone, but no... you have given importance to everyone over you, Shilpa stopped but I wanted to know that how she belief that, after all I have been hearing that I love myself than anyone else, from my own father as well.

"Armaan OR Sid

"Sid Or Armaan

"Papa Or Armaan

"Papa Or Sid

"Shilpa Or Anjali

"Papa Or Mumma

"Everytime, you have thought about others, not for yourself, iss sab mein Riddhima kaha hai?, Shilpa asked me very boldly.

"Apko sirf aur sirf Riddhima ko choose karne ka right hai kisi aur ko nahi, she was so clear at her point and somewhere on the earth I was agreeing.

She held my palm and said, "Kisi ko bhi select karne ka koi choice nahi hota

"Khaskar khud ko, Shilpa left my palm.

"I am sorry agar aapko bura laga ho to, she left and I was lost in her thoughts.


Siddhanth's POV:

I have realized that I couldn't have taken Riddhima here, to meet Armaan, after knowing from the Sanjeevani Mussorrie, that both Armaan and Shilpa have taken a bid to Shimla.

Armaan was preparing for Zaroon's nikaah when I reached there, "I'm really sorry

"For what?, he jumped from the chair and asked clueless.

I took a deep breath, "You know very well

"No. I don't, he tested me a lot and finally I decided to accept the reason in words.

"I couldn't have taken Riddhima here, it was dangerous, I lowered my eyes and he tilted my chin up, "Just shut up your non-sense, do chaar batein kya keh di, dil pe laga li tune haan, and shrugged me back.

I gave him tight hug in tears, "you are my true friend

"I know, he hugged me back and chuckled.

Shilpa joined us and I noticed her smiling, "I need a hug too, and hugged both of us when we heard HER saying, "I too need a hug, May I?, of course it was Riddhima and we all were looking at her with amazed.

I frowned and held her from elbow, "What do you want now? and continued, "Tamasha kya karna hai tumhe ab?

"Sid please let her speak, Shilpa stopped me and allowed her to talk at which Riddhima exchange a smile with us.

"Armaan, Sid, can't we live like before?, she asked us and we two turn our faces back.

She made Armaan to face her, forcefully, "I am really sorry. I am your criminal, in tears she said and I looked at her so Armaan and Shilpa.

"Everytime you were the victim of my crime, she almost chocked.

"Tum dono ne humesha wahi kiya jo maine keh diya, she looked into my eyes as well and held our hands.

She chocked in tears, "Maine kaha I will choose from both of you, you too agreed, who were I to choose, she cried and completed, "No one, in whisper.

"Rid-", I was about to say something when she shushed me, "please let me speak today, requested she.

She gulped the fresh saliva formed and looked at Armaan, "Why did you do this? Why?, he looked at her clueless.

"Maine keh diya mujhe chod do Mumbai chod...sab chod diya tumne itna easily aur apna crime bhi nahi poocha, she cried a little loud and then turned to me, "And you, I married, still I ignored you, found this guy in you ...bahut pareshan kiya tumhe phir bhi tum..., she blurted out in a single breath and then stopped to take a sigh.

"Why you both were so kind to me when I was your criminal, she asked us and cried out a louder.

I held her tightly when she was about to fall on the floor and looked at Shilpa, "someone has told me, I have right on my own self, not others, she looked deeply into her eyes and continued, "the person was right

Shilpa's POV:

She came towards me with trembling feet and held her tightly, "sabne mujhse rishtey tod die par sirf tumne nibhaya akhir tak

She turned back towards Sid, "you were right, I should learn something from her, after all I am a thug and she...she is an angel, she said with tears in her eyes and smile on lips at the last sentence.

"Can I get a hug from you, my dear little sister, she said this with so peace and calmly that broke down in a tight hug with her.

I was crying when she wiped my tears when she looked at Armaan, "You given me a lot Armaan, can I ask for the last?, she has depth in her eyes.

Armaan nodded his head positively and said, "anytime

"Meri choti behen ko humesha khush rakhna please, she smiled and Armaan gave her a tight hug while saying, "Always

He parted away wiped her tears and she said taking a deep breath, "you told me na, think about yourself

"I have thought, she excitedly said when all three of us were clueless.


"love the one, who loves you, said Riddhima di with a pleasing smile and I looked at her questioningly when she pointed towards Sid, who smiled and hugged her back, tightly.

"don't do any compro-", he asked when she shushed him and nodded her negatively and hugged him again at which both me and Armaan smiled as well and hugged each other.

"I have found missing world, said Riddhima di when I intervene and said, "no. we all have found our missing world, with a wide smile.


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