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Chapter 25 : The missing world (arsh ff)

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PS: Last chapter, after this you will be having an epilogue.


The very next morning, Sid and Riddhima were bidding a goodbye to Shilpa and Armaan and their friends when Shilpa tightly hugged her sister in tears, the same time Armaan hugged his friend Sid.

"Will miss you di, Shilpa said in tears in the embrace of her sister.

Riddhima retorted, "I wouldn't you allow to miss me, which vanished all the colors from everyone's face; especially Shilpa's which become yellow and let her rest speechless. She parted away from the hug and asked the meaning, "What did you meant to", she stopped in between and Riddhima laughed the same time.

"Arey baba, I will call you there in some time na, she shrugged her head with laughter and everyone laughed too with her as it was just a half sentence.

Shilpa took a sigh and said, "Aap bhi na di. Sid ke saath majak karna seekh gaye kya, she hit her brother-in-law's arm.

"So we should leave now for the bus stop, Riddhima suggested to Sid and gave a hug to Shilpa again.

"I think today is our Nikaah, and you two are invited, Zaroon interrupted in between.

"When?, Sid questioned shrugging his shoulders.

"Now, Kashaf answered at which Sid and Riddhima tried to avoid it but Shilpa and Armaan announced, "Yes. They are going to be a part of ZaShaf nikaah, Riddhima tried to objected with awkwardness but Shilpa intervened, "No ifs and but that's final matlab..., she pointed towards the gang who declared in the unison, "Final

"Okay, all the nervous and embarrassed reasons of SidMa remained in the corner and the whole gang hooted, "yeah...nikaah time, which blushed the bride Kashaf in the crimson red.


The whole venue was adorning with the lights and flowers, whereas the ladies were singing some ritual songs for the bride. The qaazi sahib was waiting for the bride where as the groom was already seated on the one side of the altar in the cream sherwani which has floral embroidery, wearing a floral sehra, to hide his face.

Everyone was waiting for the dulhan, All the guys, Armaan, Samrat and Sid were waiting not for the bride but their better halves, when Riddhima entered from the corner and patted Sid's shoulder. But he was expecting, coming her from the stairs with the dulhan, so he removed her palm from his shoulder. She again patted his shoulder being surprised, but he again removed her palm, this time her anger was on the top floor so she held his ear tightly and forced him to turn around and he was amazed a little.

He tried to set her mood which was not going to be set so easily so, he said sorry but she is the wife, and wives don't understand so easily.

He was trying to persuade her when his eyes fell on something, he moved forward towards it to pluck the rose for his rose at which she smiled and gave her saying, "rose for my rose

She smiled and happily accepted it but the two guys standing beside him laughed at the cheesy line, so Riddhima hit their shoulders a little and pointed towards the stairs.

Shilpa who was embellished in a simple but elegant red lehenga with light jewelry, started humming and dancing along with Muskan.

Bano Ki Mehndi Kya Kehna
Bano Ka Joda Kya Kehna
Bano Lage Hai Phoolon Ka Gehna

Armaan couldn't shift his eyes off from her and prying her even without blinking for a while. He didn't saw anyone else, but his love of life.

Bano Ki Aankhen Kajrari
Bano Lage Sabse Pyaari
Bano Pe Jaaon Main Vaari Vaari

Both Gunjan and and Shilpa helped the bride to get seated on the seat and the qaazi sahib asked for the Kashaf's agreement on the marriage and she said, "Qubool Hai, thrice so as Zaroon and the nikaah completed at which everyone clapped and Shilpa was the happiest one being the best friend of Kashaf and Zaroon's sister.

She started announcing the news of the accomplishment of the marriage to everyone, going near them and in her happiness she forgot that it was Armaan to whom she informed, "qubool hai

He retorted, "Mujhe bhi, and this made her blush crimson red and he winked looking at her, which forced her to run from there.

It was Walima time in the night, when everyone was wishing for the newly married couple for their upcoming married life. Shilpa was dressed in a peach sharara and Armaan was in a grey kurta pyjama with a stole.

Shilpa was sitting beside Kashaf and was smiling but when her eyes fell on Armaan made her blush again.

Bano Ki Saheli Resham Ki Dori...
Chhup Chhup Ke Sharmaaye, Dekhe Chori Chori

Everyone was surprised with their existence but they enjoyed the song, flirt Armaan and the blushing Shilpa, who hid herself in the flock of ladies.

Banno Ki Saheli Resham Ki Dori
Chup Chupke Sharmaye, Dekhe Chori Chori

He grabbed her hand and started rotating her in a circle; holding her finger at the line, Resham ki dori. But she again ran and hid herself, behind Kashaf.

Ye Mane Ya Na Mane, Main To Ispe Mar Gaya
Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah
Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

He sat on his knees and bowed down to announce his feelings for her in front of the crowd through the song, at which she blushed in crimson red. 

Babul Ki Galiyaan Na Chadkhe Jaana
Paagal Deewana Isko Samjhaana

But Shilpa took the command and answered him through her dance and song as she denied agreeing him, and winked.

Babul Ki Galiyaan Na Chadkhe Jaana
Paagal Deewana Isko Samjhaana

She repeated herself while showing a thumb to Armaan at his confession and in her denial at which he folded his arms on his chest but she kept teasing him.

Dekho Ji Dekho Yeh To Mere Peeche Pad Gaya
Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah
Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

Shilpa shrugged her shoulder with his while answering him in his own tone and winked but he grabbed her hand and kept singing while pulling her towards himself.

Lab Kahe Na Kahe Bolti Hai Nazar
Pyaar Nahin Chupta, Yaar Chipane Se
Pyaar Nahin Chupta, Yaar Chipane Se...

But he retorted her back in the singing conversation, while emphasizing his each word looking in her eyes at which she blushed and winked while hitting his chest with her shoulder.

Roop Ghoonghat Mein Ho, To Suhana Lage
Baat Nahin Banti Yaar Batane Se...
She hid her head with a veil and unveiling it she patted her cheek with his hand and their game of yes and no kept continuing.

Yeh Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane Ya Jaane Khuda
Yeh Ladki Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah...

He stepped towards her and while singing in her ear and showed the stars.

Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah... 
Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

She started herself and didn't allow him to continue and kept teasing him.

Mangne Se Kabhi Haath Milta Nahin
Jodiyan Banti Hain Pehle Se Sabki
Jodiyan Banti Hain Pehle Se Sabki

Shilpa forwarded her hand and snatched it back immediately and winked.

Oh Leke Baaraat Ghar Tere Aaonga Main
Meri Nahin Yeh Marzi Hai Rab Ki
Aree Ja Re Ja Yun Jhooti Moothi Baatein Na Bana

He stopped dancing and held her palms as he was proposing and assuring her in front of the huge crowd.

Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah
Yeh Ladka Hai Allah Hai Hai Re Allah

They kept continuing the song with teasing, taunting and retorting each other, but finally when the song ended, Armaan knelt down while gaspingly and forwarded his hand.

"In this whole crowd, I want to ask you--", Armaan gasped and stopped in between.

Shilpa turned and scrunched her brows looking at him when she heard this, gaspingly. She was expecting what he wanted to ask so as all the friends of there.

All the boys made noise, so as the girls hooted to make her blush but he wasn't in a mood to take the steps back and confessed his feelings, "Will you marry me the beautiful girl, I want you make mine

She nodded her head negatively and was about to leave again, but the same time he tightly held her hand and said, "Itna ghamand...hmm

At which Riddhima laughed.
"Proove it, that you love me, she tilted her chin and said.

"I love you Shona! Not for what you are, but for what I become when I'm with you. So be with me forever.", Armaan confessed his feelings for her forgetting everything except her and their love.

"Are we made for each other?", he innocently asked at which she giggled.

The happy tears came in Shilpa's eyes, after all the flirt of Sanjeevani was asking her hand in front of such a huge crowd, which is a blissful feeling for every girl. This wasn't only a confession but a commitment and now they were going to complete their Missing World.


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