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Chapter 3: The missing world (arsh ff)

Armaan's POV:

I picked myself from the bed, massaging the temples as I couldn't sleep last night. The whole night, her unknown unsaid words kept echoing in my mind. Why was she effecting me so much, that too when I didn't know who was she.

"Who was she? Some people don't have the etiquette to live in a residential area.", I blabbered in my mind.

"Itni raat gaye koi gaana gata hai. That too in an orphanage.", I said to myself with amazement at her irresponsible behavior.

"Par...Par wo awaaz kaha suni hai maine. Why am I feeling connection with that voice?", I confusedly asked myself.

 "Pata nahi kon thi! Who cares?", I stretched  my arms.

"But jo bhi thi. Bahut dard tha us awaaz mein. Aisa, jaise dil toota bhi par usne khudko bhikharne nahin diya.", I speculate the feelings behind her pain, which was hiding in her voice.

But my own words made me realize that Daddu was right yesterday, I was trying to pretend of being moved, but the reality was opposite to it. I couldn't even able to pretend it; the memories are still around me and eating my soul.

I don't know what, but something forced me to snatch the laptop, lying on the corner table and when I opened my mail account, the sound of unread message beeped but I figured out who was it.

Shilpa's Pov:

I was brushing my hairs unconsciously, but my heart was roaming around. Why from few days, I was feeling that one part of mine was now around me, somewhere. But I was oblivious with that, Oh my god! I was already broken from inside and this feeling, it was disturbing me more. I threw the hairbrush on the bed and grabbing my bag, I took an exit for the road, just to get busy in something, but not him.

"Where are going?", Masi asked.

"Hospital", I answered back while sitting in the cab.

Masi shrugged her head helplessly; I know she was worried about me, as I was her dearest Shona, to whom she raised with love and happiness. But what an irony, her chummy and childish Shilpa was nowhere.

Armaan's Pov:

I was very much aware with the sender's name of that unread message, Dr. Shashank Gupta which took me 2 week back.

2 week back

I shifted my eyes at every corner of Sanjeevani Mumbai, the hospital which was engulfing the memories of me and my friends, love and broken heart in its warmth. I was broken into million pieces when Riddhima requested me to leave Mumbai, as her last wish or I should say, order for me. I being crazy for her love left everything of mine for her, once again.

I was outside the Sanjeevani's entry door when a voice took my attention forced to turn me back. I was surprise; no I was shocked when I saw the person, as he was none other than Dr. Shashank Gupta, who always disliked me, from day 1.

"So finally, leaving?", Dr. Shashank asked.

I smiled at his question and replied, "Aap to kabse chahte the."

"Hahha.", Shashank laughed and continued, "If you knew then, why didn't you leave before?"

"Aapki beti ne pehle kabhi kaha hi nahi. Kehti to chala jaata.", I retorted back.

"Do you know what Armaan, you have always proved me wrong. I always used to think, that you doesn't have the qualities of being a good doctor, but you proved me wrong. Then I thought that I would never agree to permit my daughter to being your fiance, you again proved me wrong and now...", Shashank sighed.

 Settling his hand on Armaan's shoulder he continued himself, "and now when I started believing that Armaan is from those, who never let themselves to break from inside, you again prove me wrong.", and pressed his lips.

"I'm not broken, Sir", I replied and cleared my each word.

"Yes, but you are leaving that Dr. Armaan Mallik here, to whom I used to know. Armaan Mallik, the Maalik of Sanjeevani.", Shashank replied back with moist eyes but a smile.

"That Armaan was mentally ill, after all he used to believe people so easily. You have always been right, that Armaan wasn't worthy", I retorted back again and turned to leave finally when a hand came in my direction in order to stop me again, with an envelope in it.

"What is this?", I asked piercing in his eyes.

"Your resignation letter.", Shashank answered.

I laughed and sarcastically taunted, "beti jane ke lie kehti hai aur father rok rahe hai. Wo bhi mujhe"

Shashank interrupted, "I'm not asking you to not leave. I'm just giving want to give you transfer letter"

"I don't want it", I replied rudely.

"Okay. Take it back and mail me, I'm giving you 3 weeks, decide between transfer letter and resignation", Shashank humbly said.

"3 weeks baad bhi aapko resignation hi milega. It's better to take it now", I scorned him, being hurt.

Shashank requested again, "Take it as request. Please, you are a very good doctor, afterall. Plus there are some vacancies also."

I taunted back again, "Really? I am amazed Dr. Gupta. Well if you have decided to waste your time, what can I do", snatching the letter from his hand I drove off my bike in the velocity of light.


"Tea", the curt voice took me back into the senses with a jerk.

I smiled when that voice reached my ears and uncovering my blanket I called him from back, "Daddu"

"Ahan Mr. Sharma", he corrected me curtly.

"Oho! Johny Walker bana Alok Nath", I chuckled and pinching the earlobe apologized, "Sorry maaf kar do"

He forced himself to not laugh but he couldn't and embraced me while giggling, "Okay just for this cute Ammy, not that Khadoos boss of mine", which made me laugh too.

Shilpa's Pov:

I entered Sanjeevani Mussoorie, which wasn't a complete replica of Sanjeevani Mumbai but being a hospital it was much identical. I reached the nurse station and grab the duty file for assigning the duties to the interns, as a disciplinarian. I was glaring into the file but my mind was somewhere else, even I don't know where it was. The interns took me back to the reality with a jerk and I assigned them, their respective duties.

I took an exit from the nurse station with my case file, in order to accomplish my duty for today. My long hairs started blowing with the flow of air which were disturbing me, but something stopped me from walking, even I don't know what was it, all should I say an unknown but familiar feeling and presence. 

Armaan's Pov:

I decided to accept Dr. Shashank's proposal who informed me that there is a vacancy in Sanjeevani Mussoorie. I immediately visited the hospital to meet the dean, Dr. Arniruddh Sehgal.                                                           >>Aniruddh Sehgal

Reaching the nurse station I asked, "Where is Dr. Anirrudh Sehgal's cabin?"

"Ah! 2nd floor", the nurse instructed.

"Thank you", I replied with a smile.

I was leaving for Dr. Sehagal's cabin but rooted on the floor. There was something familiar, but what? Even I don't know. So I decided to turn but there was nothing. I thought that the atmosphere of the hospital was reminding me, Sanjeevani Mumbai. Taking a sigh, I called the elevator.

Shilpa's Pov:

I was far away from the nurse station but still I spun on my heels and checked who was there on the nurse station and I found a girl filling some form. I sighed and closing my eyes took the steps in my destination's direction. 

I was lost in the case file and press the call for the escalator but my heart took me a month back, when the elevator accidentally stopped working and I, being claustrophobic was feeling dizzy but Armaan tackled me with care and I found solace in his eyes, as he was assuring me,  I am with you.

I took my hand back immediately when I came to reality gaspingly. I still tried to relax myself, gulping the fresh lump, and choose staircases. I jumped few steps in haste would be an understatement, being restless and lone tear destined to the floor.

Armaan's Pov:

The elevator's gate opened I was amazed when I saw that no one was there, I said in my mind with hopelessness, "Log lift call karte kyu hai, if they doesn't want to chose it!"

I was frustrated but still there was some connection which cannot be named, as it was the battle of feelings. I was even more fretted with the presence of these feelings, and that for whom?

I left the hospital in haste and frustration.

Shilpa's Pov:

I was in the locker room, caressing my locker no 57, which was the same locker no. allotted to Armaan in Sanjeevani Mumbai. I know, it was a co-incidence, but it was diverting me from my decision of moving on.

I was anxious and at the same time my pager beeped which was from the dean. I cupped my face to grab the strength and left picking my lab-coat.

I knocked the cabin door of the dean who was busy in a file.

"Come in", he allowed and kept the file on the table.

"You called me Sir?", I asked confusingly.

"Yes. Ah! Dr. Shilpa I wanted to inform you that a new senior doctor is joining us, from tomorrow", he informed me as a professional.

"Okay", I nodded.

"And it is your responsibility to introduce him with the new atmosphere", he ordered me.

"Yes sir", I obeyed.

"Now you may leave", he said with a smile.

I was about to leave when he called, "And Dr. Shilpa being a disciplinarian it's your duty, ke use koi problem na ho."

"Especially from the interns.", he completed himself emphasizing the word interns.

I nodded affirmatively and left the cabin.

Armaan's Pov:

I left the cottage for a walk in the morning, but stopped near a basketball court to tie my shoe laces. I sat on the stone lying near the court and took a seat. I was tying the laces when something hit my head, which frustrated me and forced to turn back and I was stun after inspecting the player.

Shilpa's Pov:

In the morning, at the stubbornness of the elder kids of the orphanage I agreed to play basketball after a long time in the nearby basketball court. I was dripping the basketball constantly when it diverted its direction and hit someone's head. My back was facing to him but I figured it out when the boys hooted continuously, "Bullseye!!"

I eyed them to not hoot but they kept hooting and I turned my back to view, who it was and I remained aghast.

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