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chapter 5 : Deception

Riddhima paced around in her cell waiting for the door to open. It had been a week and there was still no sign of Armaan. She had tired to ask the other officers who would walk by her cell but they would always say that they weren't at liberty to tell her. Ever since he had walked out of her cell that day she had not only felt bad but she had felt guilty. She hadn't realized until he had lashed out on her about how much she had put him through. He had been trying so hard to help her out in anyway that he could and she had just pushed him away. And just knowing that had made Riddhima realize that maybe it was time for her to bring down the wall that she had hid herself behind and just tell him the truth. And so she had decided that the next time he came to talk to her she would finally open up and tell him everything. It was the least she could do after what she had been doing to him for the past 1 year. She owed him that much.  But where is he? She wondered as she continued to pace back and forth while keeping her eye's on the door. It wasn't like him to be this late. He was always there are 11 am sharp and now it was 12. He was an hour late. I wonder what's going on? Riddhima racked her brain trying to find a possible answer but before she could even comprehend what it was the sound of the door opening halted her in her tracks and in walked a man she didn't recognize. Who is this guy? And where is Armaan?

"Hi. You must be Riddhima. I'm Ryan Smith. I'm the new officer who is going to handle your case from now on."

"I'm Sorry. But where's Armaan?"

"Oh Armaan. He took up another case. He said that he couldn't handle your case anymore.  He felt like he wasn't getting anywhere and so he told the chief to hand over your case to someone else."

Riddhima stared at him wide eyed as his words sank into her brain. No! This couldn't be true! He was lying. Armaan wouldn't leave her like this! He couldn't! He had to come back so she could explain everything to him! He was supposed to give her a chance to tell her story! No! He had to come back! There was no way she was going to let some new guy take over!

But wait? Why am I being so affected by this? I should be the last person to care about who is handling my case. I'm the one who has been screaming that I want to die. I'm the one who has been keeping everything inside, Armaan was the one who yelled and said that he didn't care! But then again I did yell at him too. I said things I shouldn't have. Then why am I getting so upset? I mean I should be happy right...Right?

Riddhima tried to rack her brain trying to figure out what was going on all of a sudden with her. It was like she was stuck in a maze and she was trying to figure out how to get out. She thought about the past year and how much she had been through. She thought about how she had met Armaan and how he had been working day and night just to save her. She thought about how he had told her numerous times that she had done nothing wrong. She thought about how she had yelled at him and told him that she didn't need his help. The why was she feeling as if something wasn't right? Why was her heart telling her one thing while her brain was saying something else? Had she over the last one year without knowing developed an attachment towards Armaan or was it something else? Had she maybe fallen for him?

Have I fallen for him? Am I in Love with him?

It was then as if something inside of her woke up. She suddenly felt a sense of content and peace. Her heart and mind that had been battling with each other suddenly stopped and become one. Riddhima closed her eyes as a tear escaped her eye as it finally dawned upon her that she had unknowingly fallen in love with him. She had given him her heart and didn't even know it.

I love you Armaan. I love you. But before I tell you anything. You deserve to know the truth. I just hope that you will understand.


Ringing the doorbell he stood in front of the door waiting for it to open. He still couldn't comprehend how he had made it through the week without having to see her. His mind had tired to wonder off into thinking about her but he stopped that each time his mind had slipped. Z had been a big part of that. After he had talked to Muski he had informed Z about what the final verdict was and just as Armaan had predicted Z had cried his eyes out. Muski had been the one to handle him and Armaan was left off the hook. But in the end it had been a difficult week. His decision regarding handing over Riddhima's case to someone else had been hard but he knew in the end that he had made the right decision. She deserved better then him. If she didn't want to talk to him then maybe she would feel better talking to the new officer who would handle her case. He had never thought that one day he would have to do such a thing. But he had been left with no other choice. She had caused him to back off. She was the one who had made it clear that she didn't want his help anymore. And so he had respected her decision and handed the case over to someone else. Then why am I feeling as if I made a big mistake? Why am I hurting inside? What's going on here?


Hearing his name being called Armaan came out of his thoughts and looked up to see his mom Molly standing infront of him with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh. Hi ma. Sorry I was just...

"Thinking about a case. I know. Come in. She's doing her homework."

"Oh good. I got off early so I thought I would come and pick Ava up."

"So what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong Molly! Everything is fine."

Molly cocked a brow up and looked at her son in disbelief as he sat down across from her. She knew he was lying. Ever since Armaan was little every time he lied about anything he would always call his mom by her name. He would never say ma. And today wasn't any different.

"Don't lie to me boy! Spill it!"

"Fine. It's about the case I gave up. I mean I know I did the right thing but...


"But for some reason I feel like I made a mistake. I mean it's like my heart is just not into it. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah I know what you mean."

"You do! Then can you please tell me what is going on here? I just don't understand!"

"Let's play a game!"

"What? Ma! I'm asking you for help and you are telling me to play a game!"

"You want my help or not?"



"Fine. Start."

"Okay. I'm going to say a word and you say the first thing that comes to your mind. Okay?"













"Riddhima...I mean...

"Stop torturing yourself. Listen to your heart Armaan. It will never steer you wrong."

Armaan stared at his smiling ma as she got up from the couch. He still couldn't believe how a stupid game had just caused him to blurt out what he had never known he felt. How could this have happened? He didn't even know much about her and yet he had somehow fallen in love with her? Was that why his heart was aching? Was that why he had spent the entire week thinking about her? Was that why he had stuck to the case trying to fight for her for the past one year? Was it because he had fallen in love? Yes. His heart finally screamed through his jumbled mind. You are in Love Armaan. You're in love.

I can't believe this! I'm in love with Riddhima! I'm in love! Me! Who didn't want to have anything to do with love after what happened last time. Omg! But how am I going to tell her? I don't even know if she feels anything towards me. Hell she doesn't even know anything about me? What if she doesn't approve of Ava? Then what am I going to do? Well the only way is if I come clean. I need to tell her everything about me first and then I will tell her that I love her. Yeah that will work. Good job Armaan. Now all I have to do is go see her and hopefully everything will work out. Oh god. Please help me.


"Thanks for coming with me."

"No problem. What are friends for? And besides I wasn't going to miss my best friend telling a woman he loves her."

"Yeah. I mean it's been a while since I last confessed to a woman. But this time I'm actually scared. I mean what if everything just falls apart."

"Don't worry dude. It's going to be fine. Just go in there and be honest and I'm sure everything will work out."

"Your right. Thanks Rahul."

"Anytime. Now get in there and tell her. Best of luck."

Okay. This is it. Time to face the music.

Putting in his key card Armaan walked into Riddhima's cell not knowing what was going to happen next.


Closing the door behind him Armaan turned around to the sight before him. Riddhima was sitting against the wall on the floor with her knees against her chest. She was lost in her thoughts and she didn't notice that he just walked in. It wasn't until he spoke that she turned her head and looked at him.


Riddhima who had been deep in thought about how she was going to tell Armaan her story popped out of her mind and turned her attention to his voice that was coming from in front of her. She almost for a second didn't believe that he was actually standing in front of her. If he hadn't spoken out she would have kept thinking that it was all a dream. But what was he doing here? Hadn't he given her case to someone else?

"Oh. Armaan. Hi. I didn't expect you here. I thought you were Ryan."

"No. Sorry to disappoint you."

"No it's nothing like that. Actually I'm glad you're here."


"Yeah. I actually wanted to talk to you."

"Oh sure. But before you say anything there is something I need to tell you."

"Armaan. Please. I really need to tell you something."

Armaan could see the urgency in her tone. She really wanted to talk to him. Well if she wanted to go first then so be it. He could wait a few more minutes. Armaan nodded his head gesturing her to go ahead.

Riddhima seeing him give in took a deep breath and with all the courage she had slowly began to finally tell her story that she had kept inside of her for the past one year.


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