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Chapter 6 : The missing world (arsh ff)

 "It's okay. I've born to be alone. Parents ne sath chod diya, purane doston ne sath chod diya...yahan tak ke pyaar ne bhi sath chod diya. Aapki aur meri pehchan hi kitni thi", he said in single breath but nothing got unnoticeable by Shilpa, especially about Riddhima.

"Pyaar ne saath chod diya? Matlab?", she asked in utter shock, which made him realized what he has spilled out.

Armaan was aghast when he realized what he spilled out from his mouth. He wanted to hide that as much he could but Shilpa was more stubborn them him.

"I'm asking something!", she said and faced him.

He tried to hide his eyes from his and said, "Nothing! Bas wo..", he tried to lie but couldn't.

"Bas what?", she asked and continued herself, "You know what? Tumne bhi sirf naam ka dost mana tha mujhe...agar ab main kahoon ke hum sacche dost kabhi the hi nahin to?", and asked curtly while turning her back to his face.

He sighed but she continued herself, "Tumne mujhpe kabhi trust kiya hi nahin. To kis haq se meri dosti pe sawal utha rahe ho?"

She completed herself but before she could continue, he held her elbow tightly and forced her to look at his face and shirked, "Do you wanna listen? Okay to suno!!"

Flashback starts...

A month back, Sanjeevani Mumbai

 "I hope Shilpa! Tumhe ek din apni sacchi chahat miley...koi aisa jo tumhein usi tarah pyaar de sake jesa tum deserve karti ho", Armaan said and shuffled his hairs and left the parking area.

With every passing minute, Armaan was desperately waiting for her decision to be announced. The pictures of the moments of love and emotions of three years were revolving in front of his eyes but the same time, he got a text from Riddhima.

Armaan entered Riddhima's cabin and noticed that Sid and Dr. Shashank were already present there and closed his eyes, while crossing his fingers, when she was about to declare her decision.

Riddhima finally broke the silence and said intertwining her fingers, "I've asked for a day to choose, one among you both. Thank you so much for the time you both have given to me"

"Riddhima! Please announce your decision; they aren't here for your thanks", Dr. Shashank said.

She nodded and grabbed the strength to announce, "It's going to be hard from one of you, so please have..."

Before she could complete Armaan interrupted her, "Who is that unlucky one Riddhima?"

She pressed her lips and announced, "You! You are that unlucky one, because I chose Sid!!", and a tear drop fell down from Armaan's eyes.

He tried to leave the cabin with faltered steps, Riddhima tried to give him a support but he denied, "Zindgi bhar sath nahi chalna humein, do kadam chalke kya karogi?", and he chocked in between.


Locker Room

Armaan was still numb with Riddhima's decision to leave him. The memories were knocking the door of his heart and piercing it. He was feeling as she has darted a bow on his heart and twisted it.

His red puffy eyes were shrieking his pain and suddenly, he fisted tightly on his locker, which was unlocked. With the thud of the fist, something fell from it. Even unwillingly his eyes shifted on it. It was silver bracelet which has an initial of S'. It was Shilpa's bracelet and her last sentence echoed in his ears.

"Saccha pyaar aur sacche dost kabhi humein chodke nahin ja sakte!!"

He clenched it to collect some strength and decided to not leave Sanjeevani, as he started believing that his true love will never leave him, whatever would be the circumstances and decisions.

A week ago, from the date

"Tum yahan kyu ruke hai Armaan! Chale kyu nahi jate meri life se", Riddhima yelled at him.

Armaan retorted back, "Tumhe humesha ye kyu lagta hai agar maine tumse pyaar iska matlab tumne kharid liya"

Riddhima turned her back in tears towards him and cried, "When did I say that?"

"You didn't say. But you mean It.", he curtly replied.

She sighed and shrieked, "Armaan tum hamesha kehte ho na...Riddhima sirf Armaan ki hai...tumne mujhse poocha hai main kiski hona chahti hoon?"

"Nahi! Kyuki ye tumhe khud nahin pata", he replied back piercing her eyes with his.

She gulped down and sobbed, "Please Armaan!! Tumne meri har baat mani hai sirf ek akhiri baar..."

But before she could say he cut her off and coldly replied, "Why don't you order? Blackmail karne se to better hi hai"

"Afterall maine bahut koshish ki tumhein phirse pane ki...I've never thought to snatch you from Sid. All I want was, ke kabhi to tumhe logo ke sacche pyaar ki kadr ho par tumhe kabhi nahin hui.", he showed her mirror while looking into her eyes.

"Tell me! What do you want?", he gulped down and said.

"Please! Meri aur Sid ke life se chale jao...jab tak tum rahogi, hum dono kabhi ek dusre ke sath khush nahi reh payenge!!", she cried out loud and begged, kneeling down on the floor.

"Hahha! I knew it.", he laughed at her selfishness and continued, "Tumhare lie seene pe goli khayi thi, ye bahut kam maanga tumne!!"

He shifted his eyes on her with disgust and left and he thought in his mind, "Saccha pyaar sacchi dosti...were all your fantasies Shilpa, if we met again in life, I will tell ye dono kuch nahi dete..."

Flashback ends...

The tears rolled down from her eyes and Armaan turned his back towards her and crossed his hands on his chest. She was almost rooted to the floor, because she has never thought that the girl to whom she treated as elder sister was such a selfish girl.

"I am so-sorry!!", she stuttered.

"It's okay!", all he could reply.

Before they could come back from the flashback's emotion a female voice snatched their attention.

"Shilpa! You are here? I and Zaroon are searc--", she stopped herself when she realized that Armaan was also there.

"I am sorry! I think main galat time pe ayi", Kashaf managed to say.

But she noticed that Shilpa was all in tears so she asked with concern, "What happen? All okay?

Shilpa nodded helplessly and was about to leave with Kashaf when Armaan said without looking at them, "Dr. Shilpa! Aapne bataya nahin?"

Shilpa furrowed her brows and asked, "About what?"

"Yahi ke! Your reason to come back", Armaan bounced the question.

Kashaf being unaware get confused and Shilpa's eyes were popped out from their sockets with surprise, as he asked it in front of Kashaf.

But without answering him, she decided to take a leave with Kashaf.

"About what he was asking?", Kashaf asked confusingly.

"Nothing", all she could manage to say.

Kashaf was amazed to see the state in which Shilpa was when she entered terrace so she finally decided to ask, "Sach batao Shilpa, kya hua hai?"

"Kuch nahin!! Bas wo case ke bare mein discussion chal raha tha", she lied whitely at which Kashaf nodded.

"Huh! Finally you are here!", Zaroon came into the conversation and sighed.

At which Shilpa smiled but her soul was with her Armaan. And the same time Zaroon asked, "Tumhe orphanage drop karde hum?"

Shilpa didn't answered as his words were echoing in her mind, so he clasp his fingers in front of his face and chuckled, "Kiske khayalo mein ho? Humare naye doctor sahab pe to dil nahin aa gaya?"

Kashaf glared him but he giggled again, "Nahin masshallah se bade handsome hain...kise pata!!"

"Shut up Zaroon!", Kashaf smacked his arm.

And she again asked Shilpa, "So let's go we will drop you", at which Shilpa nodded in agreement.

Little Angel's Orphanage

"Armaan and Riddhima! I thought these two were made for each other...but no! Riddhima never deserved him", Shilpa said with disgust.

"Itna saara dard! Usne apne gusse mein daba ke rakha tha. Aur ye mujhse behtar kaun samajh sakta hai", Shilpa confessed to herself.

"Thank God! Kashaf was there today. Otherwise Armaan to reason jaanke rehta aaj", Shilpa took a sigh and shared with Dilshad Masi.

Dilshad smiled and asked arching her brow, "What if he would ask again? After all now he is around you"

"I don't know", she replied.

"I think! You should tell him the truth", Dilshad gave her advice.

Shipla retorted back, "Just because now Riddhima is not in his life, I can't be selfish Masi"

"There is nothing to be selfish in it. Kabhi na kabhi to use pata chalna hi hai. Aur phir kahi aur se pata chalne se better hai ke tum use batao", Dilshad explained her but she denied.

Armaan's House

"What's her problem? I've told her everything about me and my life then why can't she spill out her tiny reason to leave", Armaan squeezed his jaw referring to Shilpa.

"Your TINY reason can be a HUGE one for someone else", Daddu said while offering the coffee mug, for a change.

"Hospital chodke jane ka aisa bhi kaunsa HUGE reason hoga", Armaan whispered under his breath but Daddu managed to listen it.

"Kabhi kabhi chote chote baton ke bade reasons hote hain", he shouted while leaving the room.

Armaan rolled his eyes and opened his mail box when it buzzed and when he opened the envelope icon, he remained stun, rooted to the same spot.



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