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Chapter 8 : The missing world (arsh ff)

"I love you", Shilpa kept saying and knelt down on the ground, while crying constantly.

Whereas, Armaan was in surprise would be an understatement, he was shocked and left standing like a lifeless stone.

Armaan sat aside and kept faltering backward with utter shocking state and shuffling his hairs, he finally knelled down, beside the nearby pillar, resting his head on it with aghast.

Few minutes later, Armaan explained himself that Shilpa's confession was reality not his fantasy and he has to accept that.

"Kab kaise k-kyu hua mujhse p-pyar", Armaan stuttered and tried to complete himself, gathering his whole world.

Shilpa closed her eyes and after few seconds replied, "I don't ...don't know!"

"Hmmm! I know love has no reason and time. Bas ho jata hai", he whispered with chocked throat.

He caressed his temples and said looking in her direction, "Par nahi hona chahiye tha."

"Why?", she asked.

Armaan collected himself from the floor and said, "You don't know this love Shilpa. Kuch nahi deta ye...sab le leta kuch", he chocked in between.

Shilpa immediately caressed her cheeks to wipe the tears and got up from the floor.
She replied back strongly, "Mere pyaar ne mujhe bahut kuch diya hai"

 "Maine? I have not given anything to you Shilpa and I can never be!", Armaan whispered with confusion.

"Hmm! Tumne. You have given me blissful memories and those memories are enough for me to live my life", Shilpa replied back with a confident smile playing on her lips.

"Tum mujhse confess bhi kar sakti thi, yaha aana koi solution to nahi tha.", he replied back immediately.

She nodded her head in affirmation, "Hmm! I know. Par us time mujhe wahi thik laga"
"Par main tumse pyaar kabhi nahi kar sakta", he replied.

She sighed and replied with a smile, "I know that you don't love me and love in not something to conquer. Ye zaroori nahi hota ke jisse hum pyaar kare wo humse pyaar karta hai ya nahin, zaroori ye hota hai ke humara pyaar saccha ho bas.", she replied back with a smile but he could notice the tears flowing in her big almond shaped eyes.

"Bhula nahi sakti mujhe?", he asked.

"Tum bhula sakte ho Riddhima ko?", she retorted back.

 "Shilpa! Agar apni ankho ke samne, apne pyaar ko aage badhte dekh paana...bahut mushkil hai, to use apni ankhon ke samne dekhkar, apne aap se door rehte dekhna bhi mushkil hai", he said while holding her palms in his.

He left her hands and was about to leave when she called him from the behind, "Armaan! Saccha pyaar or sacche dost kabhi door nahi jatey", and confidently smiled in tears.

Armaan smiled at this and replied back under his breath, "You are unbelievable!!"
She chuckled, "Hmm! Just like you.", and winked.

"Haha! Chalo saccha pyaar na sahi par main apne sacche dost ka hath kabhi nahin chodunga", he smiled.

"Are we friends?", she mocked as she was the same Shilpa which he used to deal with, in Sanjeevani Mumbai.

He laughed and forwarded his hand, "To! Mujse dosti karogi"

She too forwarded her hand, he thought she will shake it with his, but took back and giggled, "Dekhungi, sochungi kal parso kuch kahungi"

They both kept laughing but Shilpa's laughter couldn't hide her tears from his vision and he engulfed her in a friendly hug.

At the same time, Sid has taken Riddhima to the restaurant to have dinner with her, which these two had cancelled night and ended with a fight as usual. But Sid decided to give another chance to their relationship.

They were having a peaceful dinner when Riddhima broke her silence, "I am sorry Sid! Maine kal kuch jyasa hi over-react kar diya. I didn't---", but Sid cut her words in between and rested his palm on his said, "It's okay Riddhima!"

She passed a lame smile and sighed, "Phew! Everything has changed na. Na purane friends hain na rishtey. Sab mujhe chodke chale gaye!!"

Listening this Sid stopped himself to have another bite and retorted back, "Hmmm! But we can't blame them. Tumne khud unhe door kiya hai apne aap se"

Whereas Riddhima creased her brows and snapped, "How am I responsible for this Sid? What do you mean to say?"

"Why? Aren't you the same one who asked Armaan to leave Mumbai", Sid cocked his brow and countered back.

"How do you know that?", Riddhima asked with shock.

"Jaha se bhi pata chala ho, but it's the reality", Sid replied back Riddhima as he was showing her a mirror.

Riddhima was stun with this and left the spot smacking her fist on the table.
She gave him a deadly glared and left alone while Sid left alone caressing his temples.

In the late night, Armaan was gazing at the moon with regret and thought, "Agar maine Shilpa ko use nahi kiya hota Riddhima ko jealous karne ke liye to ye sab nahi hota. Sab meri galati hai"

And shutting the lids of his eyes he got seated on the bed.

Next Morning, Sanjeevani Mussorrie

Shilpa entered the locker room and found all the three interns.

"Lo Aagayi daily soap queen", Samrat taunted Shilpa.

"Samrat! Aaj mera dimag kafi kharab hai, so better be careful and stop cracking PJs", Kashaf threaten her with a killing glare at which Samrat gulped down.

Shilpa and Gunjan hid their grin and winked passing a look to each other.

Shilpa stepped-forward towards her locker and while snatching her lab coat and stethoscope asked, "Kya hua Kashaf?"

"Ask this to your favorite Zaroon Sir! I mean Zaroon Bhai", she snapped back and mocked while saying Zaroon Bhai.

 And the same time a voice took their attention, "Zaroon Bhai? Main tumhara bhai nahi hoon.", Zaroon announced as someone has steal a chocolate bar from a 5 year old kid.

"Wo bhi ban jaoge ek din, agar Ammi se nikah ki baat nahi ki to", Kashaf retorted back with angry glare at which all laughed out loud.

Zaroon remained with a pout and Kashaf with an angry glare.

And the same time the announcement to report on the Nurse Station called them. All left except Zaroon with a big O shaped mouth.

"Zaroon Bhai!! No!!", he said with a pout.

In the Canteen

Shilpa was caressing her temples due to headache. She lay down her head on the table, when the canteen boy came with her order of a cup of strong coffee.

She lifted her head and mouthed, "Thank you!"

She took a sip of her coffee and closed her eyes, but kept sipping her coffee. She opened the lid of her eyes when the voice reached her ears.

"Shall I join you?", Armaan asked for the permission.

She opened her eyes and said, "Sure!!"

"Are you okay?", he asked.

"Yeah!! Thoda sar dard hai. That's it.", she answered while sipping her coffee.
He asked, "If you aren't feeling well, I can grant a half day for you. Have some rest"

She smiled and denied, "No its okay!! All is due to fatigue and my favorite coffee is enough to beat this"

"Are you sure?", he confirmed again at which she nodded her head in affirmation.

He too nodded his head and ordered, "I would like to have a cup of tea?"

Listening this, Shilpa amusingly kept her coffee mug on the table and asked with astonishment, "Armaan Mallik and tea?"

Her eyes popped out from their sockets like soccer balls.

He creased his brows and casually asked, "Kyu nahi chai pina mana hai yaha?"
She rolled her eyes and said, "Jaha tak mujhe pata hai aap coffee prefer karte hain"

"Tum!", he corrected her and continued himself, "Karta hoon nahi tha, ab main chai prefer karta hoon", he said stealing his eyes from his.

She picked her coffee mug from the table and while sipping asked, "Kyun?"

"Har baat ka reason nahin hota, time ke sath preferences bhi change hote hain", he sincerely said.

"I didn't change my habits and preferences", she said as she wasn't saying about the coffee but him and smiled.

He stopped sipping his tea and started saying, "Because, you are a strong girl", and he smiled back.

"Wese how are you feeling now?", he continued himself to change the topic.

"It's fine. Sab COFFEE ka kamal hai", she pressed her lips and replied.

He was about to say something but couldn't as a melodious voice stopped her to open her mouth.

"Can I join you both?", Gunjan asked with lame smile.

Shilpa and Armaan gave her wide smile in reply.

In the Night

"Rickshaw!!", Shilpa waved a hand on the road so she can get Auto rickshaw or cab.
The temperature of the area was very low. She has engulfed herself in a woolen coat but still it wasn't enough to protect her from the cold.

She was trying again and again to call a rickshaw or cab but she wasn't getting the rickshaw. The same time a car stopped in front of her, the driver has closed the glasses of car, so she thought that he might be a loafer, and stepped aside to avoid him.

He opened the glass of the window and peeped out his neck from the window. The face skimmed out and he was none other than, Armani Mallik.

He asked politely, "Do you want lift?"

"No I don't", she immediately rejected as she wasn't even looking at him but when the voice again echoed in her mind. She shifted her eyes towards him.


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