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Chapter 9 : The missing world (arsh ff)

Shilpa shifted her eyes towards the man who was offering the lift to her, when his voice sounded audible before and she found Armaan.

"Do you wanna lift?", Armaan asked again while peeping his head out of the window.
Shilpa smiled and hesitantly replied, "No its okay, I can order a cab from cab service. Tum kaha pareshan hoge"

He sighed and taunted, "Ma'am for you kind information, we both live in the same area. Kashmir aur Kanyakumari jitna distance nahi hai."

She pressed her lips to not laugh and opened the door of the passenger seat to get seated.

Armaan was noticing that Shilpa was sitting quiet, joining her palms in a fist and was looking outside the window. He knew that nothing could get change with a finger clasp; she will take some days to get normal and forget him.

 He too needed some more time to accept the reality that he was the reason which forced her to fall in love with him and her condition.

Armaan gulped down and decided to break the silence.
He said, "Its cold here. Haina?"

But she didn't reply and kept looking outside. He licked his lips and repeated himself in a little high pitch.
She came to his senses and replied with a light smile, "Hmmm!"

Armaan kept concentrating on the road and requested, "Hamesha aise muskurati raha karo, I feel less guilty", and halted the car with a thud on the traffic signal.

Shilpa scrunched her brows and asked, "Guilty? Why do you feel guilty for me?"

He looked at her and replied, "I was the one who used you for my-my selfish reason"

She took a deep sigh and rested her head on the seat, "Armaan! Mujhe pyaar hua kyuki wo hona tha, waise bhi, maine tumse islie pyaar to nahi kiya tha ki tum mera sath dance karte ya, mujhe apni date banakar leke jate the."

Armaan kept staring her with disbelief and when he was about to say she interrupted in between, "Then why --"

"Please Armaan! I don't want to discuss about the past more", she requested humbly.

At which he nodded in agreement and completed himself in his mind, "Then, why did you love me Shilpa!"

But the same time, the horn of the other vehicles rescued her and Armaan drove off.

Armaan was in his thoughts and something was forcing him to follow the right path.
"Stop!!", Shilpa immediately ordered him at which he stopped the car with jerk.
He took a deep sigh, "Kya?"
"We've reached Armaan!", she made him realize and he shifted his eyes and found the Little Angel's Orphanage in front of him.

He closed his eyes whereas, Shilpa asked while opening the door, "Tomorrow is a birthday party of the youngest kid in the orphanage. All the interns and senior doctors are coming for the party, tum bhi aa sakte ho"

He immediately retorted back, "If I want? Why don't you want me to be invited?"

She glared him and smiled whereas he completed himself, "I will definitely come"

"Okay! So we will meet tomorrow", she bid a goodbye and entered inside the orphanage and Armaan too drove off.

 Armaan's House
Daddu was engrossed in cooking the food for his arrogant and not so friendly boss and the same time the door bell rang.

"Aa gaya!", he exclaimed with the ring of door bell.
Daddu opened the door and let Armaan enter inside the house.

Armaan quickly took a shower and changed into his usual night suit and few minutes later, He entered inside the living area when Daddu informed, "Let me make a cup of tea for you"

"Ahan! Not tea", Armaan stopped Daddu in his tracks and continued himself, "Not tea, coffee"
"Coffee?", Daddu replied being highly shocked.
"Yes! Any problem? In fact, I think I should make coffee for you and me, both", Armaan bombarded in normal tone at which Daddu asked popping his eyeballs sockets out, "Are. You. Okay?"

"Yes I'm. Apko pata hai, Armaan Mallik se acchi coffee koi nahi bana sakta", Armaan winked.

And started making the coffee at which Daddu whispered under his breath, "Kuch khila to nahi diya ise kisine?"

Armaan gave him a deadly glare.

Few minutes later, the coffee was all ready and they both shared the coffee together.

While sipping the coffee Daddu taunted, "Such a sudden change"
Armaan glared him and pressed his lips to control his laughter and replied, "Haan"
"And how come?", Daddu again bombarded.
Armaan gulped down and answered, "Kyuki aaj kisi ne realize karaya ke, preferences, situations ke sath nahi badalti"

"Really? He or SHE might be so special, after all jo kaam main itne dino main nahi kar paya, 2 minute mein kar diya", Daddu immediately retorted back while emphasizing the word SHE.

Armaan gulped down his coffee and giggled, "Yes SHE is."

And they both laughed out loud, whereas Armaan thought, "Yeah! She is special, but she didn't get what does she deserves to have", and pressed his lips.

Next Morning
Around 11 a.m., Shilpa was roaming here and there in the orphanage and was decorating the whole orphanage with the help of kids, as it wasn't a usual weekend, it was the special one.

Anya was turning to 6 years old and it was a party to make her feel special, not alone in the huge World, without her parents.

Shilpa was arranging all the decoration in the messy condition, her hairs were tying into a messy bun and the dupatta was tying on her waist.

She was ordering to blow the balloons to kids, when a "Wooh!", sound jerked her.

She turned and found Armaan, she widely opened her mouth and shockingly asked, "Are you real?"

"Shut up! It was the birthday of a gorgeous girl, yaha se pass ho raha tha so I thought, thodi help kar doon", he replied as he was more normal than normal.

She arched her brows up with surprise whereas Armaan bend to peck Anya's cheek and greeted, "Happy Birthday sweetheart!"

"How do you know that she is the birthday girl?", Shilpa arched her brow.
He gave a fake smile and replied, "Birthday girl doesn't look messy like you", and gave a hi-fi to Anya.

"Anya, sweety aap jao", she ordered Anya at which she obeyed.

"Okay Shona Di", she obeyed like a good girl of her di.

"Shona Di?", he arched his brow at which she nodded in a yes with smirk.

"Is there anything left?", he asked looking at the decorations.

"Yeah!! Balloons lagane hain", she smirked.

He gave a fake smile and whispered under his breath, "Arey yaar! It's such a hectic job"
"Did you say anything?", Shilpa asked pretending to be so innocent and bit her lower lip to control her laughter.

He passed a smile, "Nah! I mean ladder, I need ladder"
"Samne hi to hai", she pointed towards the ladder and twisted her lips.
"Yeah!", he replied.

Around 1 p.m.
"Hey! Where is the birthday girl", Kashaf and Zaroon asked while entering with the gifts.

Anya ran towards them like a toddler and smiled. They showered wishes on Anya and offered the gift.
"Dr. Mallik aap bhi hai?, Zaroon teased Armaan when he noticed, who was dressed in a formal shirt and denims with a sweater.

"Armaan", Armaan corrected Zaroon.
Kashaf whispered in Zaroon's ear, so Armaan couldn't listen, "Why you and Samrat can't stop spilling your blabber, it's such a lovely day, at least you can stop your blabber for today", and glared him.
Alike a good fianc, Zaroon smiled and Armani scrunched his brows as, guessing what she has told to Zaroon.
Meanwhile, Samrat entered yawning and shuffled Anya's hairs, "Happy birthday meri jaan!"

He was trying to open his eye lids when Kashaf asked, "What happened to you?"

"Poore career ki pehli night shift thi bechare ki", Zaroon giggled and Samrat gave him a deadly glare.
Kashaf ignored their blabber and asked Armaan gently, "Where are Shilpa and Gunjan?"
"Shilpa is inside to get ready", Armaan answered.
"And Gunjan?", Samrat asked immediately.

"Gunjan is here!", Gunjan said in a low tone with a thought that does her existence matters to Samrat.

She gulped and pecked Anya's lips and greeted her. With that Anya left the spot at which all were surprised.

"Haw! Sab ke gifts ka wait kar rahi thi, naughty girl", Samrat chuckled.

All laughed and the same time Shilpa entered in a simple but elegant turquoise churidaar suit in chiffon fabric.

She has applied a minimal makeup, just kohl and a light gloss whereas her hairs were opened and left over on her shoulder.

"Here she is", Zaroon took their attention towards Shilpa.
Armaan turned and couldn't take his eyes off her, his lips automatically curved into a smile and kept gazing her for a while.

But the birthday girl, Anya took him into senses when she ran towards Shilpa and pouted, "You are looking more beautiful than me, Shona Di it's not fare"

Shilpa knelt down and pecked her cheek while cupping her face, "Who told you that I'm looking more beautiful?"

"Guys! Am I looking more beautiful?", Shilpa asked mockingly.

At which everyone nodded negatively and Anya jumped with happiness, which took an adorable smile on all the faces, especially Shilpa's.

The birthday celebrated with fun and happiness, Anya was feeling as she was the most beautiful and happiest kid in the world.

Few Hours Later

"Why are you sitting here, all alone?", Shilpa asked sitting beside Zaroon.

"Aapki Kashaf madam ki duty thi, wo chali gayi", he pouted cutely.

Shilpa laughed while teasing him, "So what? We all are here in your khidmat"

He glared her on the taunt and exclaimed, "Samrat ke sath jyada rehne lagi ho?"

She laughed, "accha tell me Zaroon Bhai, what's the problem"

He rolled his eyes and exclaimed, "This Zaroon BHAI is the problem", and he emphasized the word Bhai.

"Hahha!", She laughed out loud and continued genuinely, "But I always say that"

"Yeah! You and Gunjan say that. But now your best friend is threatening that if I wouldn't ask her Ammi for the marriage she will call me bhai. Can you believe it", he squealed in disbelief.

"Heheh! I'll tell her that Zaroon bhai kehne pe sirf mera aur Gunjan ka copyright hai", she chuckled.

He gave her a deadly glare this time at which she stopped laughing and questioned, "But why aren't you ready now, you have to marry one day after all"

"I'm waiting for the completion of her internship, because I know that she too want that somewhere. But she wouldn't say after all she loves her mother a lot", he honestly answered her question.

"Hmm! Waise I think you two should discuss at this matter", she advised.

He sighed and replied, "I too had told that but she so stubborn haan! Padhaku Awwal", and he ended with a pout.

Shilpa laughed at the name which Zaroon has given to Kashaf and she assured, "I'll talk to her"

He smiled and enveloped in a friendly hug and said, "That's like my angel sister", and blinked his eyes.

And she pulled her collar up and they broke in laughter.

An hour later,
Everyone has left, bidding a goodbye to the kids and Shilpa and finally Armaan was taking an exit.

He pecked Anya's cheek; she too replied back with a kiss on his dimple and ran inside.

"Ohkay! I should take a leave", Armaan informed Shilpa.

She smiled and expressed her gratitude, "Thanks for coming, and yes helping me in tucking the balloons", she grinned at last.

He laughed and teased her, "Whether you allow me or not I'll come here whenever I want to"

"You still love kids?", she asked popping her eyes out.

"Yes! Can't you notice it?", he replied while pointing towards his dimple where Anya kissed.

She walked with him towards the exit gate and confessed, "I thought you have changed completely"

"I thought the same about you, wo love stories abhi bhi sunati hu bechare bachon ko?", he commented back.

"No discussion about the past", she strictly declared.

Armaan offered his hand and asked, "Deal?"

"Deal! Let's start new", she shook the hand and promised.

They passed a smile for each other and shook his hand in goodbye and took an exit while thinking in his mind, "You still help people in their problems. You are literally very special"

And he reminisced what he has prayed for her when she was leaving Mumbai, but it didn't fulfilled. He prayed that she will get all that she deserves, but what she received was completely opposite to his wish.

He pressed his lips, looking towards her and drove off.


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