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Epilogue : The missing world (arsh ff)

Armaan was playing with a little baby girl of around a month and calling, "Shilpa please come faster yaar, we are getting late

Shilpa jumped down the staircases and sighed, "Chalo

"Aap girls taiyaar hone mein itna der kyu karte ho?, Armaan played with the baby girl's chin with his forefinger and asked her, as if she can understand everything at this young age.

Shilpa wearing a light pink and grey shaded saree, was looking adorable in a sleevless blouse and light ornaments. He hasn't shifted his eyes over her and made her mood swing.

"Now we aren't getting late na!, she mocked folding her arms on her chest.

He finally shifted his eyes on her and whistled at which she opened her mouth in a perfect O shape. He closed her mouth tilting her chin up and huskily said in her ear, "Someone is looking hawwt, and winked again, which made her blush this time.

"Mad guy, she almost giggled at his behavior.

They were about to leave when she realized that they have forgotten the baby bag, so she picked it up, took the baby in the arms carefully and they left.


Reaching the Gupta Mansion, everyone welcomed them with open arms.

"Papa!, she called Shashank who was marching in the hall and was waiting for his little daughter, to whom he has accepted as his own after knowing the whole truth of her identity, so he has pardoned Riddhima.

He ran towards the door to welcome his daughter and son-in-law-cum son, "come hug me, he opened his arms and she uttered, "Sorry, she showed the little girl in the arm who was sleeping peacefully will lost the slumber if she will hug him, the both daughter-father duo pouted.

Riddhima carefully taken the baby girl in her arms whispering, "Aww mela baby aa jao mumma ke paas, masi ko nanu ko hug karne do, come on, the baby lost the slumber but didn't cry as if she has understood everything what her mother has told to her.

Shilpa and Shashank hugged and in this hug, her eyes become moist, "Aap logo ki bahut yaad aati hai

"Arey meri ma 7 din pehle shadi hui hai, aur Riddhima to ghar bhi aa ke gayi thi subah, Armaan reminded her that she has not lived apart from her family for so long.

She pouted like a child as in every girl is a child for her father, "See. He scolds me a lot, she complained her father about Armaan at which he pouted and Shashank laughed at their childishness.

He broke the hug and she now hugged her mother and Riddhima whereas Armaan touched his father-in-law's feet, at which he showered blessings on him.


Everyone was having lunch, the little baby has slept in her tiny bed, so everyone can easily have food and chit-chat.

"Sid you have been so fast haan, Armaan winked and murmured this in his ear, about the child.

Sid elbowed him which everyone noticed and Riddhima asked, "What happen? Why are you hitting each other?, with a frown.

Shilpa who has just filled her spoon with rice stopped in between said, "Di chodo na! it there habit you know SidMaan, and laughed with her sister, at which Shashank eyed them.

"No actually I was saying that only one year has passed when they came to Manali and everything has became fine, Armaan changed the topic slightly so as Riddhima and Shilpa smiled.

"Arey haan, Shilpa gulped down the spoonful of rice and said, "Aaj hi to ZaShaf first anniversary hai, I forgot, she licked her lips and tried to call Kashaf and wished her.

"See tumhara husband kitna responsible hai, cheezein yaad rakhta hai meri jaan, He picked his collar up and showed his highness when Shilpa eyed him calling her jaan in front of everyone.

He looked at everyone who were trying to control their laughter when he stood up, "what's wrong in calling jaan, she is my jaan after all, and made a round shaped pout and Shilpa snapped her head but the same time call was connected.

"Hey Kashaf, my friend how are you?, she asked and connected the call on the speaker.

"What are you asking for? How are you?, Kashaf frowned a little and this time Armaan snapped his head and everyone laughed.

"What happen to you Shilpa? You there?, she asked for Shilpa.

"Yes we all are here Kashaf, answered Riddhima to come to the topic.

All together wished Kashaf and Zaroon, "A very happy wedding anniversary to both of you, and clapped at which she blushed and looked at Zaroon, "Thank you so much everyone, they thanked everyone.

"Are you all coming tomorrow?, Zaroon asked.

"Kab? Kahan? Kyun?, Armaan all together asked the questions at which Shilpa rolled her eyes.

"Shut up Armaan!, Zaroon shut him up at which Shilpa said, "Good. Aaj na mera pati paagal ho gaya hai, at which Armaan pointed at her and signaled his father in law that how much she scolds him at which he giggled.

"Par still kis liye?, she repeated the question in a different style.

"Don't tell me this idiot hasn't told you, Zaroon told her.

"Actually SaJan wedding is preponed, a simple court marriage and then a reception at tomorrow night, he informed them again which opened her mouth in a O shape.

"No he has not, she uttered and gave her husband a deadly glare.

"Agar...Agar shadi Mumbai mein nahi hoti na to I would have been kill you okay, Shilpa blasted over Armaan at which ZaShaf laughed and so as everyone.

"Oho! Please continue your shadi ke side effects at your home, Sid said or we may say taunted them.

"Huh!, they both looked at him as in he was trying to let them go from the home so Riddhima interrupted, "Shurtup sid! Khao beth ke dono and keep quiet everyone, and with this she cut the call from Kashaf's side.


"You both are married from now, the collector announced in the collectoratte office when after completing all the formalities he has declared Samrat and Gunjan married.

When everyone congratulate them and hugged them and coming out Zaroon narrated the day before incident at which Samrat held his collar, "sale! Meri shadi bhul gaya tu

"aye senior hoon tera collar chod, Armaan set himself at which Shilpa laughed and Armaan taunted, "haan saree mein koi collar hoti to pakadti na Gunjan tumhe kaunsa yaad tha

She rested her elbow on her waist, "Excuse me! Mujhe pata nahi tha tum bhool gaye makes a difference

"Arey yaar fir shuru ho gaye, the whole gang chanted in unison.

Armaan was ready in a cream suit with peach tie at which Shilpa who was changing on the other side of altar whistled and he who was buttoning the cufflinks tried to look what was she doing on the other side of altar.

"Aye! I am changing., she loudly scolded him at which he retort, "Phir to dekhna banta hai, she covered her bare body from her dress and scolded, "Go, and he left laughingly.

"Jaldi aana, I am waiting, he said huskily, sounding with lust.
"Kyu mare ja rahe ho dekhne, she asked casually to tease him but he said, "Yes!

Now also he was playing with the little daughter of Riddhima and Sid and asking, "maasi aati hogi she is beautiful but not more than my princess, and he kept playing with blinking his eyes and she kept chuckling.

The same time Shilpa jumped the stairs but he didn't realize but when Sid and Ridz eyes fell on him he realized that his lady has came down. He took the baby in his arms carefully and handed over her to Ridz and turned towards her beautiful wife, who was adorning in a skin color crop top dress with golden and peach crystals, light ornaments and minimal make. Her hair were tied in a rough bun and she was ready to go.

"Wow Shona! You are looking adorable in this dress, Ridz complimented her sister and Shilpa made her husband stone took the baby Ahaana in her arms, "Come come to the masi, who giggled and came in her arms.

Both the sisters went out for jumping into their car when Sid said to the mesmerized Armaan, "Ab samjha how am I so fast? Biwi aur uski khoobsurati

He hit his shoulder and said, "Chal

Armaan was about to jump on the driving seat when Riddhima teased, "leave it Armaan Sid will drive, tumse nahi hoga aaj, and controlled her laughter.

He sat on the back seat with Shilpa and caressed his palm with his but she took her palm back, "Jiddi, he thought and this time she winked and said in his ear huskily, "Dekh lia?

"Aham! We three are also here, Riddhima coughed and Sid laughed out loud.


All the four have reached the venue, so as Zaroon and Kashaf were already there waiting for them. They congratulate couple of the day, Gunjan admire Shilpa a lot as in she was looking something more than gorgeous.

All of them clicked photograph with the married couple and then sat for the dinner. She was having her juice when Ahaana kicked her hand and the juice fell on her dress, "Oh no Ahaana

She asked the waiter for the washroom and was about to go alone when Armaan stopped her, "Wait main bhi chalta hoon

At which all the three boys started singing in unison, "tera picha na chodunga soneye, and the girls laughed.

"Guys! Kabhi to serious ho jao, said Shilpa and everyone nodded head in affirmation.

"Main aati hu, she told Armaan when she entered the washroom and looking here and there he asked, "Are you fine, he asked, "Yes I am fine it's just a stain, said she without any idea what she wanted to say and it became height when he asked coming inside the washroom, "tum akele ho

"What sort of question is this? And how can you enter in a women washroom?, she highly objected but she was unaware with the intention of her husband.

He checked the washroom which was empty; he silently locked the door and snatched his wife in his arm, "I literally die

"Shhh!, she shushed him putting her finger on his lips and his lips curved in a U shape, "I love you, coming closer to her ear.

At which she started sighing as his words was reaching to her spine. "Armaan!, she said in husk and took her finger back when he kissed her bare neck.

But she was more quick, opened the door and ran outside, "Sh*t, Armaan bit his tongue but smiled.

She was gaspingly came to the table, "Di! Di!

The worried Shilpa came to her, "Kya hua?

"Nothing I am not just well main aur Armaan ghar ja rahe hai, she said this in a single breath.

"Yeah kyat ha, all of them remain thinking.


They reached home when she snatched him holding his tie, "Mar dala?, and winked and smirked at the same time. "Jane do na Shilpa, he tried to change the topic.


"Nahi?, he asked.

She again denied and he snatched her in his arms and kissed her nape again at which she sighs, "Armaan

He shifted his lips from nape to the cheek and then forehead to the lips, but still apart from them as if they were asking for the permission when she sucked his lower lip and exchanged the position with him.

He simultaneously opened the chain of her top and turned her back, he kissed her back and the shoulder and turned the light of after all, after this it was a matter between the husband wife, because they were going to become one, after finding their missing worlds.  


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