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Intro & part 1 : Come Back to Me

"If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one."

As he entered his eyes automatically tried to adjust to the dim lights and for a minute or two he literally covered his ears as the loud music was on the verge on tearing his ear drums.

Looking around, trying to move ahead, pushing the swaying bodies he frantically searched for her.

'How on earth am I going to find her in this? And omg she will be a complete wreck if she has been hanging out here. I have to find her, come on Baby where are you?' he muttered to himself closing his eyes momentarily wishing she would just appear in front of him from no where.

Sighing in desperation he took out his cell and quickly dialed, frantically clutching the phone.

'Hello Anjie? Are u sure she is here? I mean does she come here? This place is like''''.I can't even imagine her here. But'.? Ok ok fine I'll see here once more.'

Making his way to the bar his eyes constantly roving about trying to make her out from the jungle of people madly swaying about he finally reached the bar. Standing there he looked about. Not here too he thought very disheartened. He was about to move away when he stopped hearing,

'One more Vodka please!!!

Turning about he saw her standing there, looking ever so beautiful. He stood there without even a blink looking at her. She always had this effect on me he thought. A deep enchanting spell out of which he never would want to get out.

He snapped back to reality as he saw her picking up the glass and holding it to her lips.

Moving forward, closing on her, he put his hand on her putting the glass down.

'Riddhima? Not a sip more. Stop it'

Looking at him she stared into those deep gray eyes. They always had this commanding effect on her. Loosening her grip on the glass she looked at him.

'Good now you are coming with me ok!! What on the earth were you doing here baby? Don't you dare refuse me or I will''..'

'What will you do Mr Armaan Mallik? Hit me or drag me out of here or even better throw me out from here too, as you did a few days a go remember?  Threw me out on the streets?' Looking at him while muttering all this Armaan sensed from her tone she was on a real high now.

'Look Baby''''..'

Moving forward just inches away from his face she pointed her finger on his face swaying a little and spoke.

'No you look, you cannot throw me out from here as you don't own this place and don't call me Baby, am not your Baby. I am just Riddhima, just plain Riddhima' saying so she laughed out a little then suddenly finding tears in her eyes she spoke again.

'Just plain Riddhima and you cant ask me to get out, no here no one can ask me to get out.' Saying so she turned her back on him and tried to move away.

Getting annoyed he pulled her back, turning her around he gripped her shoulders tightly.

'You are not going anywhere. You are coming with me you understand!'

He spoke gripping even more. Seeing tears streaming down her face he loosened the grip. Cupping her face he spoke in a much gentler tone

'You are not in your senses honey. Please understand, come with me ok. No one can throw you out from our home honey!'

Looking into his eyes she tried retorting.

'No one can throw me out of here. Not even you .As you don't own this place. No Armaan you can't throw me out, how could you do that?'

Saying so she staggered and fell in his arms .Holding her immediately he supported her. Pulling her close to him he hugged her tight. Pulling her out of the hug he saw she had fainted. Scooping her in his arms he took her out and put her in the car.

Driving along the silent road he looked at her worried. She looked a complete mess. Cursing himself he thought. It's all my fault .Armaan how could you do this to her. Just look at her. Running his hand through his hair he stepped up the gas peddle. Parking the car in the driveway  he quickly got out.

Opening the door he gently picked her up and went in through the door. Placing her on the bed softly, he put the covers over her. As he moved away to switch off the lights, She took hold of his hands. Grasping it tight she murmured.

'No you cant throw me out Armaan, you cannot do that' She kept mumbling.

Sitting down beside her, still holding her hand, he touched her face softly. Moving closer to her, he kissed her forehead gently. Clutching her hand tightly, he brought it close to his heart and kissed it. Continuing to stare at her, he turned his mind back two years to the day he and Riddhima met for the first time''.


He saw her stir a little, still clutching his hand tight. Seeing her in this state pierced his heart like a thousand needles. Unable to see her in this state any longer he gently bent down and softly placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Placing her head gently on his lap he the day he and Riddhima met for the first time''.two years ago......



Driving recklessly on a hot summer morning in July to reach the university on time, he quickly moved his Mercedes through the narrow lane in a zigzag manner making his way across the traffic, and took a right turn only to find the lustrous gates standing erectly in front of him. The gates belonged to none other than The University Of Chicago, one of the most prestigious universities there. Seeing the gleaming reflection on those gates made him feel proud of his abilities, 'Being one of the very lucky ones to have got an admission here, I would reach the top in the music industry one day' he passionately said.


Tossing over the benches, rushing through the crowd, he hurried towards the lecture room Z410. 'Yes, I am here' he said to the lecturer breathlessly, making his way through the doorway to occupy the only vacant seat available in the front row. He was happy to make it on time, arriving late on the very first day for his masters degree would have been a big disappointment for him.

Sinking in the seat, he excitedly twirled his head starting from one side, in a clockwise direction to get himself acquainted with whatever he came across; cream colored walls, half opened windows, glossy plastic furniture and of course, young enthusiastic faces. All types of faces, excited, bored, happy, sad, even sleepy ones, were present in the room. He analyzed each and every one of them carefully, until his eyes came across one particular face at exactly 90 degrees on his right, which grabbed his attention more than others.

This was the face of a girl sitting next to him, who appeared more tensed and nervous than excited to him. He thought she looked extremely stunning in the blue blouse that matched her radiant grey-blue eyes perfectly. Sitting in an attentive posture, her svelte figure beautifully molded itself with the curves of the chair. Her sleek legs exposed off the black slit skirt, tapping musically on the floor, added to the anxiousness on her face.

While removing a strand of hair that seemed to be enjoying the feel of her soft cheeks with a shaky hand, she noticed him investigating her. With his intense gaze making her even more nervous, she looked at him questioningly.

Somewhat embarrassed on being caught red-handed, he passed her a faint smile only to receive a blank expression in return. 'This girl seems to be full of attitude. To hell with her' he annoyingly muttered to himself.

************************************************************ ********************************

Today's lecture was based on music composition. John Willis, a senior lecturer in the university, introduced himself to the students first and without wasting any time, started off with the explanation of orchestra and vocal compositions.

The lecture was particularly interesting for him as he had a passion for musical compositions. Composing music, whether in the form of piano or electronic, had always interested him a lot. He had always imagined himself as an outstanding musical composer, with top-notch companies approaching him for his high quality work.


The lecture had already finished five minutes ago, with each of the students been grouped in pairs for a 'Speech-sound composition' project. He was shocked and annoyed at being paired with the same girl who had ignored him during the class. He wanted to ask for a replace but chose to be calm and quiet instead. Eventually, placing the biro pen and lecture notes in his bag and rising from the seat, he progressed towards his new group partner.

'Hi, I am Armaan', he initiated the talk in a friendly tone. To his surprise, the girl feebly smiled and replied politely 'I am Riddhima'.

She looked drop-dead gorgeous he thought again. Standing close to her, he could easily explore her facial features in detail. Her skin was beautiful, silky and vanilla colored with a rosy blush on her cheeks making them stand out even more. Her warm, exotic grey-blue eyes could alone be enough to light a fire he thought. The frequent flashing of her long, well-shaped eyelashes, as if to protect her innocent eyes from the dreadfulness of the world, enhanced her skillfully designed face. Even the russet colored hair-locks falling freely over her shoulders complemented her face well.

'Excuse me'''Armaan'''.Are you all right?'

Hearing those words, he came out of the magical charm of her beauty.

'Oh'.yes of course. So''um'.we have been paired for this new project. Shall we start working on it now?' he said swiftly changing the topic to avoid making a fool of himself.

'I am sorry, I am not feeling well. I would rather leave now.' She said in a serious yet polite tone.

'Oh ok. Is everything alright?' he inquired with concern.

'Yes, everything is fine. Thanks for your concern. See you tomorrow'. Saying so, she briskly left the lecture room.

Her behavior was strange for Armaan. He wondered what she was upto. 'Was she full of attitude? Or, was she nervous? Maybe, she really wasn't feeling well.' With all such questions popping in his head, he decided to call it off for the day as all his lectures had finished.


The next day in the university had been very tiring with four back to back lecturers with no time for the students to even breathe. Armaan had enjoyed the 'Radiophonic and Computer-aided music' lectures. He even played some of his own compositions in class, which were appreciated by everyone.

Throughout the day, he kept wondering about her. 'Why didn't she come? What happened to her? Was she sick? Was she stuck up with some other work?' Her absence on the second day of university left him in doubts. He couldn't stop thinking about the reason for her absence.

With some of the handouts given to them related to their 'Speech-sound composition' project, he even wanted to discuss the details of the project with her as they were supposed to hand in their initial concept the following day.

Still sitting on his chair, flipping the biro between his fingers, he heard someone say a 'Hello'.

It was a girl, tall, with brown skin, black eyes, quite pretty, he concluded after sketching her appearance in his mind.

'Hi, I am Armaan', he greeted her warmly.

'Hi Armaan, I am Anjali, doing masters in music too. I noticed you sitting and thinking something, so thought of bugging you' she said sarcastically.

'I was about to leave now. Today's lecturers were pretty full on eh' he said rising from his seat.

'Yeah, I am so tired today. I might need a physiotherapy session after I reach home' she said smilingly.


Passing through the tacky, dingy street, he made his way in search of house no. 28. He was happy to get Riddhima's address from Anjalie in the class. Expecting to get her contact number, he was disappointed to some extent when Anjalie said she didn't have her number, only her address and that too because she had dropped her off the previous day.

He cursed himself for being so impulsive, 'Couldn't you wait for her to come to uni tomorrow? You could have tried to get her number instead Armaan. What will she think? You are such an idiot.............But''..we have to hand in our project submission tomorrow as well. I had to discuss it with her. How could I let her suffer with the grades?' Justifying his actions to himself, he finally managed to find the house he was looking for, number 28.

Gathering all the courage, he knocked the half-cracked door lightly. On receiving no reply, he knocked the door again, harder this time, and there came a reply'.

'Who the bloody hell is it?'


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