Wednesday, 11 November 2020


"dadda, do you know this man? Does he go to gym with you?" angel squealed and karan picked her up in his arms as he entered...

"which man baby?" he kissed her cheek and peeked into the I phone...

"this man...running temple man..."

Karan looked at shilpa with a look asking about what was angel talking of... she gave a i-am-tired look as she came forward and gave a lazy peck on his lips. Letting her lips linger there for a moment, she hugged him. "how was your day?"

"hmm...good... you're tired?" he kissed her lips once more before withdrawing..

"oh! Don't ask.." she threw her arms up in the air...
"dadddaaa" angel intervened the conversation and shilpa took his jacket away and proceeded to the kitchen to get him water and karan settled on the couch with angel still in his arms..

"hmm btao ab...which man?"

"this one..the one who keeps running uselessly. He will never reach to the temple dadda..."

"oh! Why do you think so?"

"koki...who bas bhaagta hi reh- keeps running only."

"but he will reach to the temple in the end, if you don't make him fall..."

"I don't make him fall..."

"you do..vo khud thodi girta hai...vo toh bhagta hai..why do you make him fall?" he raised an eye brow at her.

"I do? Hawww" she pouted. She couldn't really find another point against it... "and the coins? Why does he need coins?" she shifted it to the coins..

"why do you need food? For energy na? he gets his energy from the coins..."

"food...mumma khilaati hai..."

"hmmm...I know baby.." karan kissed her head...

"to Why is there a monster after him?"

"to increase his speed...when breezer runs after run so fast's the same.."

"isn't he going on the path of truth...mumma said its coz of that..."

"mumma doesn't know the game..."

Angel giggled at that...

"and then...he...he keeps running..."

" make him do that na...giraate rehte ho aap usko baar baar..."

She frowned at that now.

Shilpa came out of the kitchen with a glass of water and asked "kya hua? Pooch liya sab kuch?"

Angel looked at her with pouted lips and said... "I don't want to play this game...mumma let's paint..." she threw the phone on the couch and went to her paint colors...

Karan held shilpa's hand and made her sit on his lap.. she fumbled with his hair and he kissed her neck. She kissed his head while he continued to draw imaginary circles on her waist...

"mummmaaa" and there it went again...


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