Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Last Part : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

Shilpa walked into the gates of the Mehta Mansion with a smile on her face, as she thought about what just happened in the church, and why it happened. 'I thought we were just best friends right? Then why do I feel like this when I'm around him?' She thought as she walked back into the party. But as she did, she realised it was pitch dark. There were people alright, she could sense them but then why was it so dark, she thought. She took a step further until she heard,

'Shilpa..' She heard his voice.

The spotlight on the stage came on, and he stood there, a mic in his hand. Another spotlight shined, as she looked up, she realised it was shining on her. He stood on stage, giving his million dollar smile. She looked at him as she saw a dimple form on his cheeks. For a moment, they just stood where they were, looking at each other. And then, Karan began to walk down the stage, not letting his gaze off her. Shilpa too began walking towards him, slower than him though. When at last, they stood in the middle of the hall, looking at each other, oblivious to the fact that there were a 100 over people looking at them.

'How did you get here before me?' She asked him, folding her arms.

Karan laughed at that question.

'Umm.. I have my ways.' He said, before winking at her, which made Shilpa smile.



He smiled at her and then the lights of the hall turned back on. Shilpa gave a confused look before looking around. She saw her Mom & Sister, who were both grinning. She looked back at Karan, still confused.

'Saajna,' Karan started turning towards the crowd. 'A tale of two lovers, two best friends, who meet on the crossroads of their lives. HE was a guy who never believed in true love. He had girlfriends, of coz. But he never truly understood the meaning of love, until he met HER.' He said, turning to look at Shilpa.

'And she..' he continued, 'She was girl with an agenda, she knew what she wanted in live, she knew what she wanted in love. She became his best friend before he even realised it. And before they both realised it, they were heads over heels in love with each other.' He said.

Shilpa looked at him, straight into the eye, she knew this was no fictional story.

'But then, how were to realise that they were meant for each other?' He shrugged before continuing, 'She left him. And his world comes tearing down apart. Will the meet again? Would destiny bring them back? Would he make his own destiny? THAT is the story, of Saajna.' He finished.

By then, Shilpa had tears rolling down her cheeks. But she was smiling. Karan looked at her with moist eyes & came closer to her, wiping the tears off her cheek.

'I'm sure, Destiny will bring them back, too.' He told her, almost whispering.

With that, she couldn't control herself, and she hugged him, tightly as she could. She shut her eyes, never wanting to leave him, ever. He hugged her back, caressing her hair as he did.

Then, they heard a roar of applause from the crowd. It was then, when they finally let go of each other, and Karan gently kissed her forehead.

'Yes, my friends!' Mr Mehta stood on stage, adressing the crowd. 'Mehta Productions new venture, Saajna, starring Karan Singh Grover & Shilpa Anand!'

The crowd gave a round of applause to them, once again.

'One second, Mr.Mehta,' Karan said. 'It's not Karan & Shilpa. It's..' He said before looking at Shilpa again, who was smiling with moist eyes.

'KaSh.' Karan & Shilpa both announced together, and the crowd cheered for them.


Shilpa hugged her sister.

'I still can't believe it. Karan was the guy?' Sakshi asked Shilpa in disbelieve. 'Wow.'

Shilpa just laughed, nodding her head, and she saw Karan standing behind her sister, moving his lips, probably trying to say something to her, but Shilpa didn't get it.

Sakshi turned around to see Karan, who immediately turned to look up at ceiling. Sakshi turned back to her sister.

'Looks like someone has something to important to say.' Sakshi winked at her sister.


Sakshi laughed & left her sister.


'Karan.. Karan! Where're you taking me?' Shilpa asked him for the umpteenth time now.

They were outside of the mansion. Karan held Shilpa by her wrist and was taking her somewhere. They finally reached a gazebo.

Shilpa sighed. 'Okay.. now will you tell me what is it?' Shilpa asked Karan.

Karan turned to face her and slowly started moving towards her. He started coming closer & closer to her. Now, he was so close that as he took her step forward, she had to take a step back.

'K-Karan..' she let out a whisper.

But he continued walking towards her, and she kept going back.

'Kar.. oww.' She realised she her back was against one of the pillars in the gazebo, she couldn't move back any further.

He kept looking at her, with an expression she had never seen before. He looked different, he looked serious but at the same he also had a smirk. Karan gently caressed her face with his hand as her eyes went shut. He brought his face closer to hers, admiring every single facial feature of hers. 'She was beautiful.' he thought. He looked down at her lips, which were parted slightly. He lifted her chin, so that her lips were closer to his.

'P-please..' Shilpa whispered.

But he continued, he drew his lips closer to hers, as they were about to touch his, there was a roar of thunder. Her eyes suddenly opened,and she lowered her face. She tucked her hair behind her ear and walked pass him. She looked around her & realised that it was raining. A smiled formed her lips, and she ran out of the gazebo to feel the rain.

He watched her, as she lowered her gaze, and walked pass him running out of the gazebo. He saw her playing with the rain drops, feeling them as they dropped on her beautiful face. He just kept looking at her as he too started walking out of the gazebo. She had this huge smile on her face, which made him smile too. He was right. He never knew the meaning of life & love until he met her, until she left him, and he felt incomplete. But now, he had her, right in front of her and all he could think about, was her. He wanted to hold her, and to love her. With her, he could only give love and not expect anything in return.

He grabbed her arm & turned her around so that she faced him. She looked at him in the eye, his eyes at that moment, were speaking. They were telling her to love him, to just hold him, and to be his forever. His hands made their way to the back of her hips, pulling her closer to him, and her hands, which were on his shoulder moved the back of his neck. They're faces were inches apart. They felt themselves being drifted towards each other as they stood there with rain drops pouring on them. Slowly, they shut their eyes as their lips touched. They kissed, gently at first, but then later they started kissing passionately. Her hand ran through his hair, deepening the kiss. He pulled her body closer to his, as they kissed a kiss of love.

Then they broke apart, gasping for air and looked at each other.

'I love you, Shona.' he said it like he would die any moment if he didn't.

'I love you, too.' Shilpa said caressing his cheek, before he pulled her into a kiss again.

And they stood there, under the rain in the arms of each other. All he wanted was her and all she wanted was him. Though it may have taken a long time for them to realise that. But now, they were together again, destiny brought them back together and this time hopefully, forever.



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