Monday, 18 January 2021

Last Part : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

 “I love you”, they together whispered and felt that someone in the sky was looking for them and the same time the thunderstorm started and clouds opened their wombs as if someone has opened the tap in sky in the form of rainfall.

Armaan ran from the spot at the same time, with the velocity of light in the hurry of reaching to the Gupta Mansion as soon as possible.

A tear fell down from Shilpa’s eyes and kissed her cheek and she too ran to reach the gate of her house. For her these few minutes were passing like centuries, very filmy.

She gasping reached to the main door but no one was there,she found her instincts as failure, so she turned and found JP and Jiggy with gloomy face and she asked, “What happen?”

“Sorry flower ji”, the both apologized her.

“Kis liye”, she looked here and there and they replied,“humare mazaak ke kaaran aapne Armaan sirji ko galat samjha aur…”, both of them stopped in between and she completed their sentence, “Aur usne mujhe”

“Haan wo…”, before they could say anything she interrupted in between, “its okay, galati sab se hoti hai”

“Par nahi honi chahiye na sabse”, she heard this and turned to found Armaan there gasping very hard.

Her eyes became moist and lips curved into smile, but sheheard her dad saying from back, “Yes. Dr. Armaan, har kisi se galti nahi honichahiye”, he was fuming with angst and opened the main door to let him allow tocome inside.

“Papa!”, Riddhima wanted to say something when he corneredhis eyes and shut her, “Not today Riddhima”

Armaan took few steps forward to Shashank and looked down tothe floor, “yes sir har galti jaayaz nahi hoti”

“So why are you here?”, he retort back which stun everyone,especially Shilpa and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Armaan looked up and Shashank continued, “Yes you heard right, why are you here? Har baar galati maafi ke layak nahi hoti”, and clenched his jaw.

“To phir saza mujhe kyu nahi milti”, Shilpa interrupted in between.

“What did you do?”, Shashank questioned back and ordered Armaan to go back.

Shilpa smiled sarcastically, “Yahi to problem hai na papa,aapko apne favourites ki gali nazar hi nahi aati, whether it is me, di or sid”

“Shilpa”, he screamed on her daughter loudly.

Armaan gulped fresh saliva and requested, “Please do not fight because of me. Sir! I am going”

“No”, she held his wrist tightly and said boldly, “jab di ne Sid ko choose kiya wo bhi aapko nahi dikha, jab Sid ne apne friend ko hurt kiawo bhi aapko nahi dikha and aaj jab maine armaan ko galat samjha to aapko wobhi galat nahi laga”, she said in a single breath.

Shashank asked, “What do you want to say?”

“I misunderstood a person papa, jis kaaran usne ye sab kiya,as simple as”, Shilpa tried to make her father understand.

She continued herself, “The person who gave loads of happiness to this house, aaj agar di aur Sid saath hai to because of this man”,she sighed and completed, “but you wouldn’t understand, you will just blame him”

She wiped her tears when her dad lowered his eyes and hugged her tightly, “Thank you”

“Kisliye”, Sid asked.

“I just wanted to test her, she literally deserve this gem”,he replied and she looked at her dad with moist eyes and hugged back.

She smiled widely and turned to see Armaan who was going away back. She ran in his arms and gave him a back he held her hands and tearsrolled down from their eyes.

She sat down on her knees and smiled, “History mein pehlibaar ek ladki ladke ko propose kar rahi Mr. Eternal Ashiq”

He chuckled and held her palm in his, helping her to stand up and hugged her back and holding tightly she jumped in his arms and twist the lower legs and kissed his cheek at which everyone laughed and Sid hummed, “Humto chale the dost banke….”

And everyone replied, “Jane kaha dil mil gayye”

Thank you for all your love everyone


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