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New Year Jealousy: AR OS

  New Year-the day that everyone is happy.  Happy, because the old year is coming to an end.  Happy, because a new year is coming.  A new year means a fresh start.  For many people, it's a very happy occasion.  And for some, it's not.

  It was the same for 2 people -Armaan and Riddhima.  Armaan and Riddhima were middle school students, who were in 8th grade.  They lived in one of the most famous towns of United States -Nashville.  They had been studying there for approximately 3 years.

  When they had met each other, it was nothing but hatred.  They hated each other because of their personalities.  Armaan was the cool dude, the Casanova of the school.  All the girls fell head-over-heels for him, except for one.  Who?  Riddhima Gupta.

Riddhima was the sweet girl.  If she had an aim in life, then it was only to become a doctor, as that was her parents' dream.  She was the one that lives for herself, but could do anything for the people that she loves.  Though she had practically no interest in any boy in her school, pretty all the boys went gaga over her.  She was the Ms. Perfect of the school.  Good grades, good friend, good singer, good dancer, good student, etc., etc., etc.

  As the time went by, both started to take special interest in each other.  Though both denied it, but they liked each other a lot.  Like?  Shoot!  They loved each other!  But if they reciprocated each other's feelings, then what was the problem?  Arrogance!  They were sure that they did LIKE each other, but both were way too arrogant to accept the fact that they loved each other.   After all, they had a reputation to maintain.  And the most important thing was, that neither of them knew how the other felt!  The only people that knew about this were Atul, Anjali, Rahul, Muskaan, Abhimanyu, and Nikita.

  One day, there was this announcement that they had a special program for the New Year this year.  They were going to have a dance where the girl asks the boy out, not the other way.  At first, the boys were shocked.  And the most shocking thing was that the boy just had to say yes.  No, 'no'.  They all just prayed that the girl they had a crush on, would ask them out, and Armaan was no exception.

  He prayed that Riddhima would ask him out, before anyone else would, but he knew that after knowing this, almost all the girls would go, and ask him out.  Why was he praying that Riddhima would ask him out?  No idea!

  On the other hand, Riddhima was nervous.  She wanted to ask Armaan out, but what if he insults her in front of everyone?  What if he rejects her?  After all, he was the cool dude.  No one would care if he broke the rules.  He always does!  That won't be new for anyone!

"Oh come on Ridz!  Just go and ask him out!  What's the big deal?" Said Nikita.

Nikita was Riddhima's best friend.  They both were very close to each other, and would share almost everything, as both were quite similar.

"But it's not easy Niki!  I mean, I don't even know if he likes me or not."

"Does it really matter?" Asked Muskaan.

Muskaan was another friend of Riddhima.  She was the most talkative girl of the school.

"It matters to me Muski.  It's important for me if he likes me or not."

"Don't worry Ridz.  He does like you.  In fact, I think that he loves you." Said Anjali.   

Anjali was Riddhima's sister.

"Are you sure Di?"

"I'm positive sweetie. "

Riddhima thought for a while.


  In a while, Riddhima went to the place where she knew Armaan would be at this time 'gym.  She bit her lower lip seeing him playing basketball alone.  Usually he's with his other friends.  Why is he alone today?  She wondered.  She gulped, and moved forward, but then stopped when she saw a girl running up to him, and hugging him.  The girl was Tamanna.

  Tamanna was the cool girl of the school.  She was the cheerleading captain of the basketball team.  She was usually seen around Armaan all the time, and Riddhima didn't like this at all.   Whenever she saw Tamanna around Armaan, she would boil up.

"Hey Amy!  I missed you sooo much baby."

"I missed you, too sweetheart."

"I wanted to ask you something." Armaan knew what it was going to be.  No, no, no!  Please don't let it be that!

"Will you be my date for the dance?" Armaan was about to jump off a cliff.  His worst fear came true!  But obviously he couldn't say 'no'.

"Of course babes, is that even something to ask?" Saying this, he kissed her full on mouth.

Riddhima was heartbroken.  She had thought that Armaan likes her, but this just broke her heart into uncountable pieces.  She didn't know why she felt that bad.  It was just a crush for God sake!  She has had a crush on guys many times, but she never felt so heartbroken.  Controlling her tears, she ran to the place where her friends were.  They were shocked seeing Riddhima crying.

"Ridz!  What's wrong?  Why are you crying?" Muskaan asked worriedly.

"Muski... Armaan... he said yes to Tamanna." Riddhima said between her tears.

"What?" The girls exclaimed together.

"Yes.  He... then... kissed her."

"OMG!  I was probably wrong.  I'm very sorry Ridz.  I thought that he does love you." Anjali said.

"It's okay Di.  I thought the same.  But I'm not gonna cry over him.  If he doesn't like me, then fine.  I'll get over him." Riddhima said wiping her tears.  She got up, and hugged Anjali.

  They attended their classes, and then went to the cafeteria to have their lunch.  Riddhima, as usual, was sitting with her friends.  She was talking to them, when she felt someone say her name.  She turned around and saw Sid standing there.

  Sid was another one of Riddhima's friend.  They had been friends since elementary school, and were seen with each other most of the times.

"Can I sit with you all today?" Sid asked very politely.

"Sure Sid!  Come!" Riddhima said with a sweet smile, and he grabbed a seat beside her.

"So did anyone ask you out?" Nikita asked.

"No, not yet.  But I would feel blessed if you would." He flirted with Nikita, and she rolled her eyes.

"Wow Sid!  You're pretty fast!" Muskaan stated.

"Well thank you beautiful." They all chuckled at the little flirting at the table.  Riddhima hi-fived Sid, and then hugged him.  While hugging him, her eyes caught the sight of Armaan looking at her with piercing eyes.

  Armaan didn't like Sid and Riddhima's closeness at all.  He always hated it when he would go and hug Riddhima.  The dislike was clearly seen on his face.

  They broke apart, and then out of nowhere Riddhima asked.                                 

"Sid, will you be my date for the dance?" Sid looked at her shocked.  He had never expected this to come out of her mouth.  Not only Sid, but the girls were also shocked, but they knew the reason for this.

"Um... sure." Sid said unsurely.  Riddhima smiled widely, and hugged him.  She said something in his ear, to which he smiled, and hugged her back tightly.
  Armaan was only at a few feet's distance, so he had clearly heard Riddhima asking Sid.  He clenched his fingers into a rock solid fist under the table.  How could Riddhima ask Sid for the dance?  He wondered.

  So the couples were decided; Armaan-Tamanna, Sid-Riddhima, Atul-Anjali, Rahul-Muskaan, Abhimanyu-Nikita.  How were the other 3 people going to the dance together?  Well, they loved each other, too, so they decided to go to the dance together.

At the Dance

  The boys wore a suit, while the girls wore the best dresses.  Tamanna wore a short black dress with a little bit embroidery on it.  Riddhima wore an elegant white dress which came down to her knee.  Anjali wore a light red dress.  Muskaan wore a pink dress which had long sleeves.  And last, but definitely not the least, Nikita wore a baby blue dress.

  They all started to come in with their respective partners.  First came Armaan and Tamanna, with their hands entangled together.  As expected, all the girls went gaga seeing Armaan.  He wore jeans, with a white shirt, along with a black coat over it.  He smirked seeing his effect on girls.

  Slowly, Atul-Anjali, Rahul-Muskaan, and Abhimanyu-Nikita came in, too.  But someone's gaze was looking for someone.  Though Armaan was with Tamanna, and talking to her all the time, his gaze was only set on the door, waiting for Riddhima.
Where's Riddhima?  Is she with that Sid?  Are they...  But why do you care Armaan?  You're with Tamanna, the hottest babe of the school.  And you're thinking about that Riddhima?  Ugh!  Concentrate on Tamanna, Armaan.  Concentrate!

  Armaan started to talk to Tamanna, though his mind wasn't completely on Tamanna.  Suddenly, he felt a gush of wind go pass him, and a smile came on his face.  He looked at the door, and saw Riddhima at the door.  She hadn't done anything special to herself, but was still looking like a princess.  The smile soon, faded away, as he saw Sid joining Riddhima, and entangled his arm with her.  Both came in the party with a smile on their faces.

  Armaan heard some comments made by the boys beside him like 'Wow, the girl is hot!' and many other comments similar to that.  Armaan felt like going, and punching the boys hard in their mouths, and breaking them, especially Sid, but controlled himself.  He tried really hard to concentrate on the girl in front of him, but his eyes kept going towards Riddhima.

  He saw her laughing at something Sid said and chit-chatting with the girls.  His gaze fell on her glossy lips, and then slowly travelled down her body.  Her throat was fully exposed because of the dress, and her dress had slipped down just a little below her chest.  Her milky white legs were exposed, making Armaan go completely crazy.

"Armaan.  Armaan!" Tamanna called for him, and Armaan looked at her.

"Where are you lost?"

"In you, sweetheart."                                   

  Soon, the couples were called to the dance floor, and Armaan-Tamanna and Sid-Riddhima went to dance, and the song started.

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me,
I still feel your touch in my dream
Forgive me my weakness,
But I don't know why

The couples dance with the girls having their hands around the boys' neck, and their hands around their waist.

Without you is to survive...

Cuz every time we touch, I get this feeling
And every time we kiss, I swear I could fly...
Can't you feel my heartbeat fast, I want this to last

Need you by my side...

Cuz every time we touch, I feel the static
And every time we kiss, I reach for the sky...
Can't you hear my heartbeat slow, I can't let you go...

Want you in my life...

As the beat fastens, the couples start to swirl, and twirl, and Riddhima looks at Armaan.  Seeing him all happy with Tamanna, Riddhima gets hurt, and looks away, and closes her eyes.  Armaan looks at Riddhima and when he sees her so close to Sid, he gets angry and twirls Tamanna harder and faster than needed.

Armaan and Riddhima look at each other and keep staring into each other's eyes.  But seeing Tamanna all close to Armaan, Riddhima looks away, and pays attention to Sid.  The boys swirl the girls, and they switch partners.  In this switch, Riddhima ends up with Armaan, and Tamanna ends up with Sid.

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky...
They wipe away tears that I cry...

Riddhima gets shocked knowing that she'll have to dance with Armaan, though she is somewhere happy.

The good and the bad times we've been through them all...
You make me rise when I fall...

They both remember the time when they fought with each other and made fun of each other for silly reasons.  Armaan scooped her down, and then brought her back up.

Cuz every time we touch, I get this feeling
And every time we kiss, I swear I could fly...
Can't you feel my heartbeat fast, I want this to last...

Need you by my side...

Cuz every time we touch, I feel the static
And every time we kiss for the sky...
Can't you feel my heartbeat slow, I can't let you go...

Want you in my life...

They danced with each other, moving perfectly with the beat.

Cuz every time we touch, I get this feeling
And every time we kiss, I swear I could fly...
Can't you feel my heartbeat fast, I want this to last...

Need you by my side...

  The danced ended, and they two, came out of the trance.  Riddhima left Armaan, and stood with Sid, and Armaan just stared at her retreating back, waiting for her to turn around.

Turn around if you love me Riddhima.

  The next second, Riddhima turned around, and looked at Armaan.  She had many questions in her eyes, but above all this, she had love and only love in her eyes.

"Ridzi.  What are you looking at?  Come on."  Said Sid.

"Yea, come on." She left with Sid, and went to where her friends were.

  Though she was with her friends and was talking to them, she was only physically there, not mentally.  She was constantly thinking about her dance with Armaan.  She had seen the same feeling in his eyes that she has.  But was it really love?  Riddhima was confused.  She decided not to think about it and pay attention to the party.  It was New Year's Eve, and she wanted to enjoy to the fullest.  There was only 15 minutes left until it would be a New Year, a new start for all of them.

  She excused herself and went to get a drink of water, which she could find outside.  She went outside, and didn't see anyone.  She was about to get a drink of water, when she got pulled to the other side, and was pinned to the wall.  She was completely shocked we she saw Armaan there.

"Armaan?  What are you doing?  Leave me." She whispered and started to go, but Armaan blocked her way.

"Not until you answer my question."

"I don't think I have to answer any question of yours." She pushed him, but Armaan took hold of her hand and pinned it to the wall, too.  Riddhima winced.  He was really close to her.


"I love you. " Armaan whispered.  Riddhima looked at him.  She was shocked.  She had never expected Armaan to say this.  Armaan read the doubts in her eyes, and leaned forward and captured her lips.  The kiss conveyed his love and longing that he had.  At first, Riddhima was really surprised, but then she left her doubts, and kissed him back.  They broke apart after a while for breath.

"I love you, too." Riddhima whispered back.

  Just then, a bell rang, signifying that the New Year has begun, and along with the bell, Armaan and Riddhima pulled each other into a long kiss.  They broke apart again.

"Happy New Year." Armaan said.  Riddhima smiled.

"So you were jealous huh?" Riddhima asked.

"Jealous, and me?  Pshh.  No ways."




"Actually, yes.  I was jealous.  I couldn't see you with that Sid.  In fact, I can't see you with anyone else, other than me." Armaan confessed really cutely, and Riddhima smiled.

"You know you're very cute."

"I know." Riddhima chuckled at this.

  With that, their New Year had given them a new beginning.  A new beginning of love, and only love.

After 12 Years

  After that day, Armaan and Riddhima were always together.  They had told their friends about their love, and all were happy for them, except Tamanna.  She didn't accept this relationship, but later, she found her true love; Sid.  Even they were together.  After 12 years of love, Armaan and Riddhima had gotten married, and they had a really cute and sweet daughter named Riya.  Their life was just perfect.  Neither of them knew that the New Year jealousy would bring so much happiness in their lives.



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