Monday, 17 June 2019

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You might i think i write a lot of this stuff..this, where i often tell you little things about him that make me die or live or wish for or thank and blah blah..but what do i do! Sometimes, maybe just like today, when i sit at my window with a cup of coffee and i miss him, i can't hold back my thoughts..maybe that's coz all my life is about him. And it has always been..since i met him. He makes me feel beautiful with his presence around and then in the most cheeky way says that i'm the prettiest girl he has ever seen. But he doesn't know, that it is the eye contact with him, that makes me blush and go is his touch that makes my body shiver in excitement..he says he couldn't have got anybody who would love him better or take more care than i do..but he doesn't know how much more love do i have within myself for him..i fall in love each moment..more and more deeply. My mornings are beautiful coz he's the first person i see as i open my eyes. And when he kisses me, even when i think he's asleep, oh he takes my breath away! With him, i don't have to think what am i weraing or how am i looking (he would in fact love it if i don't wear anything at all :p ) he kisses me even when i think i have bad breath in the morning..he plays with my hair even if i think they are the messiest skin dry, or my lips swollen, it doesn't matter to him..he has always loved me unconditionally..he compliments my beauty even when i am in the oldest pair of my pyajamas..and i am proud to have him..i know i fight with him a lot and tell him each day to go away and that i hate him and all of that shit, but he too knows it, that the day he goes away from my life, he would take my life with him..i would die..

he is the worst cook on the face of this earth, but he still tries to be with me in the kitchen and learn, only so that we can have some more time together..even when he is not on call, he would go to the hospital with me and sit in my cabin..when i say i don't wanna go out, he cancels all his plans..

he has his share of authority too though, but it doesn't seem like authority to me..they are just things i like to do for him..i like to listen when he tells me not to talk to a certain man or not to drive home late at night..i like to obey when he says a certain food can be bad for my health or warns me against eating street food..

and trust you me, its not like its always lovey dovey and we never fight..we do..a lot..but then, when we know we are going to be together for the rest of our lives, we just keep them pending for later..its convinient that way..and then sometimes when i am in the mood, i do remind him of something he did the past week or month and then fight about him..but then, he knows its juts my mood speaking so he knows how to deal with it..we fight especially about his carelessnesses and my over carefulnesses (if that's a word).. he is wrong about certain things, and i do punish him in my way..i know he can't live without talking to me for a single day and so when i do that, when i don't talk to him..he gets it all. He doesn't mess the room that day and he doesn't eat on the bed, nor does he mess the washroom with his shampoo and conditioner and hair gels and stupid stuff all around..i like it though, when he makes that cute pout and requests me to kill him if i want, but not stop talking..i feel blessed..i feel loved..and only and only he has the power to make me feel that way..but boy, when he gets angry! No amount of coochy cooing or manaoing or pataoing can help me! It doesn't matter if i keep sending him lovely text messages all day or request him, or try my all time pouting hathiyaar..when dr. Armaan sadu mallik has to get upset, he won't leave you! No i mean, he won't leave Me!

And then, like any other married couple, we have boring days too..when we both feel too lazy to bathe or get dressed or go out or even make love that we just lock ourself in our room and watch cartoons all day..or talk about all the random things in the world..those days, the most boring days, are usually my favorites..we have the most fun on those days..we surf the net about the funniest things..we read stupid magazines and gossip like two teenage best friends..we talk in fake accents and laugh hysterically..and then we order for some junk food or make noodles and a big mug of coffee to end our day with..

you know i was happy before i met him, but i am happier life was good, but its better now..i had fun earlier as well..but it was never as much funny as it is now..i went out to shop earlier too, but never with a pouting husband dragging along, who doesn't like to shop but won't refuse me to buy what i want, ever..he has taken care of me like a parent and has behaved like a baby..he has been my best friend and has been the most romantic husband..he has been my partner in crime and has never failed to scold me when i'm wrong..he knows it before i say, he does it before i ask, and he loves me more than i could imagine. He is unexplainable, and yet i can tell you more and more about him..i still have a lot to say..and i will..but some other time! Coz before he gets home, i have to cook dinner!

She opened the door just when he was going to ring the bell and he smiled hugging her.. "how come you always get to know?" he nuzzled in his neck..

"that's a little pact of my heartbeats with don't need to interfere.." she kissed his head.. "tired?"

"very..." he made his hold tighter..

"freshen up and come for dinner..i made chicken curry for you.." she ruffled his hair, encouraging him to go and get fresh but he just stood there, with his hands round her waist and face hidden in her neck.. "i love you.."

"thank you.." she kissed his cheek feeling his lips on her neck.. "i can never thank you enough for that.." he smiled and looked at her wthdrawing from the hug, but still having a firm grip on her waist..

"what about your article? Magazine se last date milli thi na?"

she smiled wide at that and told him proudly.. "hmm..and guess about what did i write this week.."

"what?" he kissed her nose..

"us!" she pecked his lips..

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