Saturday, 22 June 2019

Part 1 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

He had looked for her everywhere on the sets, but couldn't find her anywhere. How was he going to live without her again? That's when he saw a taxi drove by the exit door of 'Sanjeevani'. He knew she was in it.

"Shilpa!", he screamed as he started running after the taxi. He ran as fast as he could. If it wasn't for Shilpa, he would've joked about how he could've been in the Olympics considering the speed he was running at.


He couldn't let her go. Not again was he gonna lose her, and this time god knows for how long. He sent a silent prayer to god, and that's when he saw the taxi in front of him come to a halt.

"Shilpa..", he whispered to himself before running towards the taxi.

"Bhaiya, kya hua?", Shilpa asked the taxi driver anxiously.

"Pata nahin ma'am saab, main dekhta hoon."

"Kya?", she asked sounding annoyed.

"Shilpa!!", he screamed out to her as he reached the back window of the taxi.

The way he said her name gave her shivers, and as much as she tried to control it, her tears came rolling down her left cheek, which did not go unnoticed to him.

"Shilpa, please. Just listen to me once, and I promise you, I won't stop you after that."

"Bhaiya, please jaldi kijiye!", she shouted out to the driver, as if she didn't hear a word he said.

"Shilpa, ek baar.. please," She remained silent. "for the sake of our friendship, for those 2 years, for KaSh."

She looked up to him, and in those miliseconds he felt as if she spoke a million words to him. She looked down again quickly. She knew he wasn't gonna leave. He's Karan, he never rests without saying what he wants. She knew him. So, she opened the door of the taxi and walked to the back of the taxi. A slight smirked formed on his lips. He knew she could never refuse him. "Shona..", he started.

"Shilpa," She turned towards him. "It's Shilpa, Karan."

"Why're you doing this to me?" he asked, as if pleading.

"I'm doing? What am i doing Karan? You're the one who's done everything. You and your..", she stopped mid-sentence.

"Shilpa, please.. you're my friend."

"Really now?"

"Yes, do you seriously think I would do this to you?"

She remained silent.

"When you left me, 2 years ago.. do you know how upset I was?", he felt as if someone was tearing a piece of his heart out as he remembered those moments he wished she hadn't left. "and when you came back.. do you know how happy I was? All those moments we shared together.. they were not Armaan,Riddhima,Shilpa.. they were just US. Karan & Shilpa.. KaSh. How could they not have been real?"

She remained silent, but every single word of his pierced straight to her heart.

"You don't believe me right? Fine.. come with me.", he said as he reached to her hand & held her by the wrist.


"Shh.." , he held up his finger. "Chalo.."
Karan dragged Shilpa to his vanity.

"Now, tell me.. what?" Shilpa asked, "and, why'd you bring me HERE?"

Shilpa looked at the mess his room was in. She wondered how this guy lived in this place. Karan looked around his room for a sec & pulled open one of the drawers of the dressing table. Shilpa just stood there looking confused, wondering what he was up to.

"Urghh. Where is it??" Karan pulled open the other drawer and this time the whole drawer fell to the ground.

"Karan!" Shilpa ran to him.

Karan looked at her, and she at him. He saw the worry in her eyes which she always had for him, and Shilpa took a step back when she realized nothing happened to him, she bit her lower lip. She was confused, confused over her own actions. She quickly turned her back towards him and Karan slowly knelt down to pick up the things lying on the ground, when a smile formed on his lips. "She still cares.." He thought to himself.

"Why do I still care?" Shilpa thought to herself.

He found it, what he was looking for. There were around 20 pieces of paper or letters, rather & close to 10 collages of their pictures, sent by their fans. He stood up & turned towards her.


She slowly turned to look at him, but she realized he was looking down at something. She was surprised when she saw it. "He still kept them?" She asked herself in her mind.

"Yes, I did." Karan smiled, while Shilpa was shocked. How did he..? "These are our memories, Shilpa. How could I lose them? How can I let them go? And when I can't even let go of the memories, you're telling me to let YOU go? How Shilpa?"

She kept looking at the pictures & letters as he spoke & a tear rolled down Shilpa's cheek. He took a step ahead and gently, with his thumb, wiped off the tear.

"Even you can't let us go like that. I know you." Karan said.

"But I have to go, Karan."

"You don't have to. I know there are problems and things have been changing, but we can sort it out. We WILL sort it out.. together."

She looked deep into his eyes, as she remembered all of the time they spent together, 3 years ago, and then when she came back. She smiled.

"I trust you, Karan. But not anyone else. Your friendship is too important for me, I don't want to lose it, especially not because of someone else. Please, this time let me go. Destiny had brought us back after 2 years, and I'm sure.. Destiny will bring us back again." She smiled at him.

"And what if it doesn't?"

"Hmm.. then, you know where I live, right?"

Both of them laughed, when tears formed in his eyes again.

"I'll miss you, Karan Singh Grover." Shilpa said, smiling.

"I'll miss you, too." He said, almost whispering. But she heard him.

She turned back to leave when he called for her again.

"Uhmm.. Shilpa!"

"Hmm?" she turned towards him.

Karan rushed to her & pulled her into a tight hug. Shilpa was shocked by his gesture, but she hugged him back. Both their eyes were shut tight, they didn't want to feel the pain of letting each other go. But closing their eyes didn't help with that, not even a bit.

"Karan.." she whispered.

And that's when he opened his eyes and slowly let go of her, after which he scratched the back his head, in a complete Armaan style. Shilpa couldn't help but smile.

"Byee." He waved idiotically, feeling embarrassed.

Shilpa simply nodded, not wanting to say Goodbye, she can never say goodbyes. He watched as she turned back & walked away from him, leaving him in his empty yet messy room.

"Destiny WILL bring us back, Shilpa. Because I make my own destiny, and I will bring you back, I promise." He said to himself, as he stood there teary-eyed yet smiling at the same time.

To be continued..


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