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Part 1 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

He entered the discotheque and looked around for his friends. It was so dark in there that he couldn?t make out anyone from the crowd. Lightly cursing her for her stupid idea under his breath, he made his way through the tightly jammed crowd. He was often pushed from either side as he made his way to the centre of the hub, girls were falling over him from both sides. He excused himself with a gentle smile, flashing his dimples at them. Clad in a pair of ripped jeans and a white T, he was still able to have a drooling effect on all the drunk girls who were dancing away to the beats of the high-volume music.

He usually preferred to stay away from such places, and he was here today just because of her. It had been such a peaceful Sunday, till that call an hour ago. Damage control, his friend had said. And he had heard long enough to jot down the address of the discotheque, and then rushed down here to help her. He looked around frantically, in search of any recognizable face, and then he saw her. His eyes widened with surprise. He had presumed that she?d be drunk, but to THIS extent, he hadn?t thought. Smiling unwillingly at her stupid dance, he walked over to the bar. She was standing ON the bar and dancing away, not realizing that she was doing ?bhangra? on a Britney Spears? number. He looked at the helpless faces of their friends standing near the bar, looking up at her in shock.

As soon as her eyes landed on his handsome face, she shouted out in ecstasy: ?BABYYY!!! You made it?.yayyyyyyY!!! Come lets?..DANNSSSHHHHh!!!!?

He laughed out loud. She always tended to go all child-like and even spoke in childish way when she was drunk. He came and stood with Rahul, his mate who had called her up, who was looking extremely helpless.

?How much did she have?.??? He questioned her.

Rahul gave him a side look. ?Thank God you are here, mate?.she?s completely lost it. I guess she had quite A LOT?.!! That?s why I called ya here?.she?s gone bonkers?has been dancing her arse away for the past half an hour?

Armaan smirked back at him. He again looked up at her, and she had her eyes closed, and was now slowly moving along the tones. He took hold of her hand and that forced her to open her eyes.

Armaan: come on baby?..get down?I am taking you home?.

? NOOO!!! I wanna dannnshhhh?.!!!!?

Armaan: Ragz?.get down this minute?(in stricter tones)

? Oh come on?don?t do this na?.plllleaaaaaassshhhh!!?

Armaan: Don?t try to get cute on me?.get down?.(pulling at her arm, which she got away)

Knowing that she wasn?t going to agree, he scooped her up in his arms in cave-man style and took her out of the stuffing discotheque. As he got out, he finally took a breath of fresh air and then walked over to his car. He put her in the passenger seat and put on her safety belt, then walked over to the driver?s seat and sat down himself. He looked at her, and she was as hyper-excited as he had last seen her when she was drunk.

? I dun wanna hoooommmeee??I wanna dannssshhhh!!? (she said, pouting)

Armaan: No Ragz?we are going home?.we will dance tomorrow, ok??

? Na na na na naaaaaaaa!!! NOOOW!!!

Armaan tried to calm her down

Armaan: baby you are drop-dead drunk?.let?s get you home first..okay??

?NOOOO??ARMAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!!!! PLeeeeeeeeeeeeasssh naaaa?.? (she said, clasping her hands together like begging him)

Armaan smiled back at her extremely childlike ways

Armaan: No Riddhima?.!!! (in strict tones)

Riddhima: Armaan ghar neee jana naa?..(her face looking extremely innocent)

Armaan: AHAA!! Now you are speaking hindi to manipulate me?.nooo babes, won?t work on me?.i know, you only speak hindi to get me to do something?.nope, wont work this time?..i am taking you home?

Riddhima looked at him, glaring?then gave up and sat back in the seat, folding her arms and pouting. She was wearing her favorite black jeans and a skimpy dark blue top. Her hair was a mess, and she looked in a really bad condition.

Riddhima: Fine?.i hate you on a general basis now?..gandaaa armaaan..!!!! (muttering to herself)

Armaan snickered at her rambling. He was now so used to this routine, he had become a master at the art of handling her. Riddhima, or Ragz, was his best friend since 3 years. He called her Ragz, cuz her full name was Riddhima Gupta, and he had made a short form of it. She was a typical tom-boy, as far away from being a girl as he was. All she wore all the time were loose jeans, hoods, and tops. Rarely was her hair opened, she tied it back in a pony tail. They had met on the basketball field. She was a pro at every game, but basketball was her specialty. She had never worn mini skirts or such clothes and she was friends with practically every person in college. She was a part of the guy gang, which was a rare privilege given to any girl at Queensmary University. She was born and had lived her entire life in London, whereas he had come here just 3 years ago from India. It didn?t matter how or when they had met, it didn?t matter how many fights they had had, all that mattered was that they were best friends and they had been for each other all the time. She was more of a small kid from inside, though she acted all tough and strong in front of everyone. In their case, she was the extrovert and he was the introvert. He had a few friends, while she was friends with all the college. She was popular in both the girls and guys. Girls admired her tough exterior and her ability to deal with anyone on her own, while guys loved her for her being different than other girls. She was born to two Indian parents, but she could hardly speak hindi at all. She had never been to India ever before. Armaan knew the inside out of her life, and they were like two inseparable friends.


Riddhima woke up with a start, as she felt someone tugging at her blanket. Bleary-eyed, she looked around to find herself in her own bed, in her own room that was supposedly the messiest one in the house. Looking over the piles of clothes on the floor, the ramshackle mess on her dressing table books lying all around, she sighed and looked at Armaan standing at one end of her bed, eyebrows raised, looking at her. He again tugged the blanket and this time got it off her. She saw herself to be in her favorite turquoise sleeveless tank top and her white shorts. Her hair was a mess, locks of her thick black mob pushing out of the excuse of a pony tail she had made the previous night. She looked away from the dressing table and looked at Armaan, giving him a cheesy smile.

Armaan: Late. Drunk. Danced. Cried your eyes out over that stupid moron. AGAIN!! (he said, with his eyebrows still raised, telling her the events of the previous night)

She gave him a sheepish smile

Riddhima: Sorrryyyyyy?.(sitting up in the bed)

Armaan: Stop getting cheesy with me. I am making breakfast today, get ready and down within 10 minutes. I don?t want to be late again. (ordering her around)

Riddhima, like a small kid, obediently got off the bed and went into the bathroom. Armaan looked around at the mess in her room, and shook his head in exasperation.

Armaan: this girl is gonna drive me nuts one day?.(muttering to himself, he went out of the room)


?Hmmmm!! Cheese omelet?.my favorite!!? Riddhima said, as she hosted herself up on the kitchen counter next to the stove. With her legs curled under her, she sat up on the counter, her face washed and clean, her hair tied in a neat pony tail. But she still hadn?t changed. Meanwhile, Armaan was busy putting toast in the toaster and whipping the eggs together at the same time. He was dressed in his favorite blue jeans and a simple white dress shirt with it.

He turned to look at her and sighed again. Moving in front of her, he put both his hands on the counter and smirked.

Armaan: Ragz?how many times do I tell you?.that thing is for putting on toasts?not to be eaten by a spoon!!

Ridhima nodded, her lips smeared with chocolate. This was her fav habit, sitting on top of the kitchen counter with her legs under her and eating the chocolate spread Nutella with a spoon.

Riddhima: and Armaan?how many times do I tell you?I like eating it like this?(licking the spoon with her tongue)

Armaan: you are such a baby I swear?.(smirking, he looked at her fondly)

Riddhima: yes?and that?s what you have told me always?and as I have always said in response, who cares how kiddish I am when you are around to take care, huh? (she said with widened eyes)

Armaan: yeaaah?but?(putting his hand forward he wiped away a drop of chocolate from the side tip of her lips) I will not always be around?

Riddhima: why?? (she quipped) why do you say that?where are you going??? (she said, fear taking over her face)

Armaan: (smiles) Relax?I am not going anywhere?.what I meant was that one day we?d both get married to different people, and then have our own lives?friends drift apart you know?

Riddhima looked at him with narrowed eyes

Armaan: (naughtily) and then maybe your husband wouldn?t let you meet up with me cuz he duzn?t like me or sumthing?.

Riddhima: YEAH RIGHHT!!! As if I am gonna listen to him?(a determined look on her face)

Armaan: oh?so you are not gonna listen to him? (cheekily)

Riddhima: Of course not?I?d divorce him, I?d say?if anyone stops me from meeting you, he?s no husband of mine?heck man, you are my best friend?.(she said, using her hands to express the intensity of her words)

Armaan smiled, shaking his head at the child sitting in front of him. Undoubtedly, she was a grown up, but when she was with him, she tended to be very kiddish and amateurish. He liked to pamper her as her best friend, and she loved it too. He had come to her life as a saving grace, as a lifeline. She, who hadn?t experienced comfort and love and care from anyone before, not even much from her parents, loved it when someone as caring as him became her best friend and took it upon himself to pamper her to the fullest. She could never even imagine a day without him.

Riddhima: what are you smirking at??? (suspiciously)

Armaan: nothing!!! Now drink this lemonade?.will take away that nasty hangover you are trying to hide from me?(giving her a look as he handed her a glass of lemonade)

Riddhima took it, looking guilty and drank it quickly. Armaan got himself busy in making the omelet, while Riddhima kept on looking at him intently. He looked up to see her looking at him, and smiled, raised his eyebrows as a question for why she was looking at him like that.

Riddhima: I love you Armaan?(as simply and straight away as if she was reading it out of a novel)

Armaan smiles, put a hand on her head and lightly shook it.

Armaan: love you too, kiddo?!! Now?here?s your omelet?finish it asap?I am going to get ready?.ok??

Riddhima nodded, her mouth already stuffed with the omelet. She gave a side hug to him, and he squinted his eyes at her. Then they both did their famous hand wiggle thing, which was so complicated no one understood it and it ended with both of them punching their hands together, and then lightly hitting their foreheads with each other. However, this time Armaan was in a naughty mood.

He lightly started tickling Riddhima around her stomach and she at once squealed out. She was a very tickly person, and Armaan got a kick out of seeing her laugh like that. He held her around the waist, so that her back was towards him and his arm went around her waist while the other tickled her. She laughed and squealed, slapping his hands away. They both were laughing their heads off, oblivious to a svelte figure in a black dress emerge at the kitchen door, arms folded, looking at the scene with raised eyebrows.

Clearing her throat, she made her presence known.

Girl: ahem ahem?.having a moment here, are we???

Armaan and Riddhima both froze in their tracks and turned to see Ryna, Armaan?s girlfriend, standing at the door of the kitchen.

Ok guys.this was the intro, or rather I should say first part of the story!!! Those of you who don?t get it, Armaan, Riddhima and two more of their friends live in the same apartment, with one room allotted to each person. They are a brilliant group of friends, and NO Armaan Riddhima are NOT in love?!!! So let?s just see what happens from now on.

 Love Kiran

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