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part 1 : ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Armaan was hardly an inch apart from Shilpa, who too was feeling the same pain with which, Armaan was dealing.  Armaan and Shilpa, both weren't in their senses and she parted her lips to inhale and he bridged the gap at which she cupped his cheeks in her hands and allowed him. They shared a soft but passionate kiss at that moment but with the immediate the cold breeze and the thunder, Shilpa came to her senses.

She widened her eyes and leaving his cheeks, tried to get herself free from the situation at which Armaan too realized the intensity of situation. He picked himself immediately and gave a hand to her, but she rejected and collecting herself, immediately ran inside, pushing him away from her hand.

Armaan kneeled down and hid his face in his palms with utter shock.

"Ye kya ho gaya mujhse?", he mumbled and his knees rooted on the floor.

In Shilpa's room her tear droplets were touching the feet of floor and she cupped her mouth, "What happened to me ye mene kya kar diya?? Armaan ko--"

She stopped in between and clenching her jaw said, "Us Playboy Armaan ko kiss--- and he he too is a cheap man", she said with hatred as she has a misconception that Armaan was still the play boy of Mumbai and Sanjeevani but the truth was opposite.

"Love!! He claims to love my sister and kissed me...sab ki sahi opinion hai uske bare me guy", she continued with the utter hatred and tears were continuously flowing from her eyes when th kiss, HIS fragrance is still alive in her heart which she want to deny.

"I've decided now will maintain distance with him", she decided when her cell phone buzzed.

"Hello!!", she picked the call.

About an hour later, the water was flowing through the shower and hitting Armaan's body, as he was taking shower. When he was sprinkling water swaying his head, something attracted his attention towards which were Shilpa's wet rosy lips on whom the water was flowing, the aroma of her body which he felt and the last the feeling of warmth in the wet body.

He was lost in his own thoughts when a thought interrupted the beautiful reality and a thought came to his mind that why was he feeling for her?

"How can I? Why I felt something for her which I never did for anyone else, not even for - -", the chain of thought was disturbing him.

"Not even for Riddhima", he gulped down but his mind wasn't distracting his heart this time, "Then why I'm feeling this for the girl to whom I don't even like? Why do I have -", he stopped in between and then turned off the knob of shower.

And with this he completed himself to get out from the washroom when his phone rang and he picked it up immediately when the name Riddhima flashed on his mobile phone.

 He smiled while greeting, "Hello!"

"I'm getting married to Sid", said Riddhima in one single breath.

Armaan disappointingly knelt down in front of the decision of Almighty while all the memories of togetherness were revolving in front of his but the heavy  and asked in a sad voice, "Kab?"

"Kab nahi Kya. Kya tum khush ho?", asked Riddhima in sad voice.

"Hmmm", he uttered not concentrating on what she is asking just the rain, their kiss and most importantly Shilpa.

"To phir thik hai. Promise me you'll attend my whole wedding ceremonies", delightedly asked Riddhima.

"Promise", and now when he came to senses the reality had lost the grip of his fist and a tear of losing her took tears in his eyes.

But he agreed just for Riddhima's happiness and the first reason of being a part of her would be marriage he didn't even know.

"Thank you Thank you so much Armaan you gave me the best gift of my wedding", excited Riddhima completed with a wide smile but when she realized his feelings her heart became moist.

"I'm -", she was about to apologies when he uttered, "Its okay Riddhima. I'm leaving in the morning. ---and yes congratulations", he completed the conversation without congratulating her but when another tear destined floor from his eyes he completed and cut the call.

The rain was not only the water of clouds they were also the tears of four pair of eyes, Armaan and Shilpa. They cried and decided to maintain distance, Armaan with Riddhima and Shilpa with Armaan. But the tears flowed from the eyes to the eternity.


In the Morning, Armaan was packing his all the stuff roughly in the bag as he wanted to rush for Mumbai but when the towel with which he wiped his we tears reminded him of the last night.

"Strange. This feeling is strange"oh God why only me? Why can't I understand my own feelings?", he frustrated.

"Anyways! I should pick her too for Mumbai", he shrugged his shoulders.

Saying this, he left for the orphanage to pick Shilpa as well as he thought she will be going Mumbai with him and he found Masi.

"Shilpa! Where is she? I - I mean we've to leave for Mumbai now", he informed Masi to call Shilpa from inside so they can leave.

"Par Shilpa to chali gayi, in fact use gayye hue 2 ghante ho gaye honge", Masi dotted the time and informed the reality.

Armaan creased his brows, "Chali gayi, but why?"

...THE END...

Important Points: Here are some points related to story which are important to understand for further reading.

1. In this story, Shilpa has misconception that Armaan is a play boy kind of person and she knows about AR as well.

2. All knows about the reality of Shilpa being Riddhima's sister and accepted her as third daughter of Gupta's.

3. Armaan has no problem now with Sidma marriage.

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