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part 10& 11: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

The wholly drenched Shilpa was aghast when her skirt caught the fire and she started gasping, asking for the help, "Bachao! Somebody help me please. Help!

 "Shilpa!, Armaan screamed noticing the fire and realized the rain has been stopped a while ago.

 He did not think for a second and ran towards her. He tried to extinguish the fire caught by her skirt, without realizing that his own hands burnt and wounded. He held her from her shoulders and embrace in a tight hug, "Are you fine?

Parting from the hug he fumed, "What was the need to become drench in the rain, and start dancing? Are you a child?

He hugged her again tightly and remained like that for a long time, she too did not opposed it and hugged him back. A tear droplet rolled down her cheek and like a child of 5 she blubbered, "I am sorry. I will not repeat.

At which he smiled widely and cupping her face said, "You are too innocent, and kissed her forehead. Both of them were lost in each other without realizing that what the heck they were doing.

They parted the hug and smiled when Shilpa noticed his wound, "Are you mad? Dekho kitna jala hai

"Koi baat nahi., he said

"Aise kaise? You are very careless, she scolded him and dragged him holding his hand to the door, so she can apply ointment on the wound but they realized that the whole Gupta clan and Sid have noticed them, including Sanskaar and Swara.

Riddhima came forward to rescue her sister from their father but Dr. Shashank point a finger and asked Shilpa, "What was going there?

"Sir hum wo..., Armaan tried to clear the misunderstanding but Shashank stopped him and asked Shilpa, "I have asked something, kya ho kya raha tha yaha

"Papa wo ..., she was damn scared with the reaction of his father but he stopped her and said cupping her face, "Thank you so much!

"Papa?, she scrunched her brows so as Armaan was astonished and each and every person standing there was with the reaction of Dr. Shashank.

"Yes. Aapne meri tension hi door kar di, he patted her cheek at which Riddhima asked, "Tension?

"Yup! Tension ki meri sabse pyaari acchi bacchi ne apne liye ek accha partner choose kia hai, he kissed Shilpa's forehead when Armaan came forward to clarify everything but Sid stopped him, "Kya baat hai doston se chupke, not fair

"Ek minute, aisa kuch nahi hai, Armaan tried to clarify.

Atul pouted his mouth, "Don't cover it up haan

"Wow! Armaan and Shilpa, ArSh what a cool name, excited Anjie said.

Shilpa and Armaan were numb witnessing the reaction of everyone. But everyone was in utter happiness when Riddhima came forward and held Armaan's hand, "I am very happy for both of you. You know I have always been in a guilt ke maine kahin na kahin tumhare sath galat kia., she wiped her tears and continued with a smile, "But I am happy that you have moved on and that too with Shona. Believe me or not but I am really very happy for you

"Stop it di., Shilpa interrupted in between and continued, "Aisa kuch nahi hai jo aap log soch rahe ho, he has just saved me from fire, that's it

Shilpa was so very much clarified and her scream talked much more than anything which they have thought about ArSh and the same time, Armaan nodded his head in affirmation, and then they finally clarified that there was nothing cooking up between them, but the only question rose in their minds was, "Why the hell they were possessive to each other? Why did they react like that? Why did they cared this much for each other that they have never done for anyone?

"I am so sorry, maine galat samajha, the hesitant Shashank apologized to both Armaan and Shilpa.

But both of them interrupted, "No Sir/Papa..., they both looked at each other. Shilpa was pleased by knowing that how he respects her father.

"I think mujhe chalna chahiye, he looked at her and left.


Armaan has came back to his apartment, was sitting in a superman tee and applying ointment on the wound he has got while saving Shilpa from the fire. The only weird but factual thoughts were running in his mind were about why did he reacted like that when she was in danger, as he felt that his life was in his throat when he noticed her skirt catching fire.

"To save her was my duty but why did I hugged her? Who has given me the right to touch her and show concern for her, not even I have given that right to me? Then why did I..., his tongue stuck in his mouth as he wasn't able to complete the sentence.

He finally bandaged his wound without realizing that on the other corner of the city Shilpa was also thinking about the same questions. Her conscious was asking the same. The rain has started yet again and she looked out of the window, "Why did he so rightfully hugged me, and I returned back? But his hug was soulful as if I have never got that pure soulful hug in my life ever, why did I wanted to be rested like that forever, in his arms as if I found solace

Ek Ajnabi Sa Ehsaas Dil Ko Sataye

Shayad Yahi To Pyaar Hai

He looked at moon which was blur in the rain. A few droplet kissed his cheek which reminded him the dance of Shilpa when she was dancing in the rain and he couldn't close his eyes and a smile creep his lips.

Betabiyon Mein Dhadkan Meri Chain Paye
Shayad Yahi To Pyaar Hai

When the few rain droplet kissed her cheeks, it reminded her that he kissed her forehead and embrace in a tight hug , not with concern but with a feeling which was unknown and unnamed.

Kutch Bhi Kaho Na
Kutch Bhi Suno Na
Phir Bhi
Bechain Dil Hai Humara

He was still in a thought that why did he kissed her? Why was she so precious to him at that time that he forgot everything and hugged her tightly, as if he was about to lose his world.

Behke Kadam Hai
Mushkil Main Hum Hai

She was turning from the window, her hair started flying in the air and she rememorizes how he saved her from falling from the roof and then wounded his hands while saving her from the fire.

Sambhle Bhala Kaise Yaara
Chahe Bina Bhi
Nazdeek Hum Chale Aaye
Shayad Yahi Toh Pyaar Hai

He thought, how closed they were while hugging each other, as in she did not oppose the hug but hugged him back.

Nazrein Bichade
Pehre Laga De
Dil Pe..
Par Dil Kisiki Na Maane

they parted away when he walked off the roof and something hit her back as if a knife was inserted in her heart and twisted it.

Kaaton Pe Chalke
Sholon Mein Jalke
Milke Rahenge Deewane

Only questions were in their minds because the key of the locks were in their heart which was playing game with them, teasing them and taunting as well.

Chahat Ki Lau To
Aandhi Mein Bhi Zhilmilaye
Shayad Yahi To Pyaar Hai
Ek Ajnabi Sa Ehsaas Dil Ko Sataye
Shayad Yahi To Pyaar Hai

But what was the feeling and why was in their hearts, they were so intertwined with the feelings which were unnamed.

Ye Mulaqatein
Yeh Teri Ankhein
Ek Pal Na Main Bhool Pau
Kitni Mohabbat
Hai Kitni Chahat

Only her face was in front of his eyes, to which he was still admiring and adoring with love, but why it was the only question for him.

Kaise Bhala Main Bataoon
Acha Lage Jo
Tu Samne Muskuraye
Shayad Yahi To Pyaar Hai

The broad smile creep on her lips automatically when she realized that the feelings were developing between them and was it love? That was the saazish of that bearish which made her blush and he smiled, closed his eyes tightly because he wasn't able to name the feelings, but he after sometimes that Yes! It is love and both of them started dancing in a waltz pose when Shilpa hid her face after a second.

Part 11

"Hey! Anjie di, when is the beautician coming?, Riddhima asked to Anjali as it was her day, the wedding day and she was the bride to be, so was very excited and particular to get ready.

Anjali rolled her eyes, "you have asked this question 7 times Ridzi, she is on the way, you know Mumbai ka traffic, she explained her.

"Is traffic ke kaaran mera make up, touch up, sab reh jayega, pouted Riddhima.

"Chill di! Don't be so nervous, agar wo nahi aayi to mere hatho ka jaadu hai na, Shilpa calmed her down as she was the most sorted Gupta sister. But also she has realized her feelings for Armaan, and dying to confess him before the time flew.

Riddhima gave a wide smile to her little sister, "Aww my Shona, perfect at everything. I wish tujhe na, Sid jaisa..., she thought for a second and continued, "Nahi use bhi accha husband mile, and all the three Gupta sisters embrace in a tight hug.

They parted away when Shilpa thought, "I hope aapki wish kaam aa jaye

"May I come in ma'am, finally the beautician came and both Anjali and Shilpa left Riddhima's room.

Shilpa was smiling in herself and was passing through the corridor, all lost in the thoughts of Armaan, so as Armaan was coming from the other side of the passage when they collide with each other but Armaan finally managed to balance himself but Shilpa, she was in his arms, closing her eye lids tightly as she literally thought, she is going to fall on the floor flat on her face, but didn't happen.

She slowly opened her eyes and found herself safe in his arms. She wanted to confess her love that time only but he was all lost in her and whenever she tried to lose herself from his hold she became fail. So she decided to tell him, "Armaan!, the sweet chirpy voice was magic in his ears so he wasn't able to listen.

"Armaan!, she almost screamed and finally succeeded.

She took a deep breath and he helped her to stand carefully. He was so concerned about her, "Dekh ke nahi chalna aata tumhe, what if you have been hurt yourself

She gave a blank look to him when he excused, "I mean...aaj tumhari behen ki shadi hai make up wagerah kharaab to karna nahi chahogi tum, he said because he thought she wasn't at all interested in him.

She bit her laughter and said, "Thank you for saving me Dr. Armaan Mallik nahi to mera make up kharaab ho jata, she mocked as she thought he has an idea about her of a typical girls who cares for makeup and all but in reality she doesn't.

They both thought to confess their feelings for each other at the same spot when Atul jumped in between.

"Are you fine?, he asked Shilpa.

"Yeah jiju I am very much fine, I am not a child after all, Shilpa answered at which Atul gave him a smile and patted her cheeks with his palms when she pouted, "Kya jeeju maine abhi makeup kia tha

Listening this Armaan bit his laughter and when she glared him he screamed, so she left the same time for getting ready properly.


Siddhanth was waiting for his bride from a long time, so as the other guys for their wives and girlfriends but the girls were all busy in their "makeup.

"Ladkiyan aur unka makeup, Armaan bit the words in his jaw.

He has just said these four words when the girls jumped with the bride. Anjali in the right of Riddhima and Shilpa was in left, whereas Swara, Nikki and Muskan were at the back.

"Wow! Beautiful, slipped from Rahul's toungue.

"Aye! She is your bhabhi now, Sid warned him.

At which he rolled his eyes, "I am looking at YOUR bhabhi idiot

"Oh! Sorry, he apologized.

But the boys couldn't take their eyes off from their better halves.

Sid stood up from the chair and put his steps forward to bring Riddhima from the stairs and they finally get settled on the bridal couch.

Armaan was remained rooted when he saw Shilpa, smiling even more than the night, the moon and its brightness. Her regal blue blouse with red floral work and white lehenga with light golden floral work and the matching dupatta with pink floral border and golden and regal blue floral work on it, adored her, as if any fairy was jumping the pebbles of the sky.

 The mangtika, a light golden chokar necklace with pearl work and a rani haar of golden work with pearl maded chain, light jhumkas, matching bangles and a golden and red floral waistband, with a bun were enough to make her more beautiful than beautiful.

Armaan couldn't take off his eyes from her. She was simple but elegant, gorgeous but innocent. The innocence she has in her pure heart was reflecting on her face and eyes.

She too shifted her innocent grey orbs at Armaan who was drapped in a regal blue and black tuxedo with a white shirt, properly gelled hair, cufflinks and a matching pocket square.

"Only god knows how come we dressed matching colours, Shilpa chuckled in her thoughts.

He too thought, "Baarish ke sath ab bhagwanji bhi saazishein kar rahe hain

"Par thik hai, ye saazish acchi hai, she looked at him and smiled.

All the girls were on the floor when Sanskaar raise a toast, "Attention ladies and gentlemen!

All looked at him and he settled down on his knees in front of sweet Swara, picking a wooden box from his pocket, "Will you marry me Ms. Swara Maheshwari!, the happy tears were in her eyes.

She just simply nodded her head positively and all smiled widely. He slipped the ring in her finger when all clapped with happiness and smile on their faces whereas he embrace her in a hug at which all chuckled and whistled.

Armaan again shifted his eyes towards his love and thought when he will get chance to propose her in the same way, so he tried to not so huge but asking for hand simply.

But the same time Padma said, "Kaleerein ki rasam to reh hi gayyi Shashank

Dr. Shashank chuckled, "To ab karlo!

"So waise to humein pata hai ke ab Swara aur Shilpa mein se pehle Swara ki shadi hogi but rasam is rasam, right guys, Padma winked looking at Sanskaar at which Swara blushed.

Riddhima finally started doing Kaleerien ki rasam, firstly Swara sat but no kaleerien fell on her head, she was disappointed, but when Shilpa sat on the stool the kaleeras fell on her head, as they too were included in the saazish of the God.

 "Wow! Matlab pehle meri Shona ki shadi hai, Riddhima kissed Shilpa's forehead and hugged when Shilpa blushed. And from the corner of eyes she looked at Armaan.

 Armaan, who was thinking, "Beta Armaan! propose her fast nahi to pata chala Shilpa ki shadi pe use propose karu main, but shrieked off the thought.


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