Tuesday, 11 June 2019

part 10 : Come Back to Me

It had been their first ever kiss and it had been nothing but full of love of love and passion. The love they held for each other. The love she held for him which I failed to understand he thought bitterly as Armaan turned on the shower. The cold water poured down as he felt his insides still hot from the anger he felt for himself. How was he to face her when she got up? What would he say? That he was responsible for the wrecked state she was in? He ran his fingers through his hair frustrated.

Riddhima got up and felt the cold marbled floor touch her feet. She was still in the same one piece from last night. Who brought me here is a wrong question she smirked to herself. I know it has to be him .But why?
When everything has been torn apart by him itself then why this pretense .It was him. She could feel him and his cologne fragrance from herself .Taking a step forward she immediately took hold of the table beside as she felt her head swirl. She looked about. Seeing the bathroom light on she decided to take the chance. Trying to walk steadily she made her way to the door just as the bathroom door open. Trying to quicken her pace she stopped as she his voice.

"Riddhima? Where hell do you think you are going?"

She turned around to face him as he came walking towards her rubbing the towel over his hair. Throwing the towel on the bed he came closer as she stood there motionless.

"Where are you going Riddhima?"

He gently asked taking hold of her hand. Taking back her hand she whispered.

"That's none of your business Mr. Mallik. But I don't fancy myself becoming your arm candy and muse in bed for even a second more."

 Turning away feeling her eyes fill up she took a step forward as she felt him hold her arm.
"What crap are you talking ridz? You know you weren't that? I loved you and..."

He stopped as she turned around.*slap*

"Love" she spat out.

 "Armaan do you even know the meaning of that word? No I was just a toy you played with and threw out once you got bored. I was your plaything you bossed over and used as much you could and.."

"Riddhima " he cried feeling his cheek warm from the slap that still echoed in his ears. He gripped her forward.

"How dare you say that? I loved you damn it and I know whatever happened was my mistake.."

"Mistake?" she mocked.

"You call that a mistake Armaan? You ruined my life and made me feel like some cheap used low scum and you call it a mistake? The fact is that I made a mistake of trusting you. Of taking your gestures and actions as love while it was just plain time pass and nothing but your lust you wanted to satisfy within you and once your pleasure was over you threw me, and broke me in everyway you could and you still are hurting me and you claim you love me?"

She looked at him straight in his eyes as loosened his grip feeling his insider break.

"i am sorry"

He lowered his eyes and took her gently in his bringing it to his lips.

 "I know I was a jerk .A fool Ridz. One chance Ridz, please don't do this to me. I can't imagine my life without you and..."

"And I can't imagine my life with you Armaan."

 "I am sorry ridz, you hit me, tell me all you want but don't leave me."

He whispered cupping her face in his palms. She removed his hands with force.

"Don't you dare touch me. Your sorry has no meaning Armaan."

"No please ridz listen to me , give me one chance atleast, I wont allow to go back to that world."

 "It was better of without you in my life and world Armaan. I curse the moment u came in my life."

Riddhima turned feeling herself shake and tremble as hot tears made their way down her cheeks. Armaan felt the fury rising in him.
She wasn't just listening to him. He turned her around and pinned her to the wall.

"You curse the moment I came in your life?"

He shook her as she closed her eyes feeling the hard wall behind hurt her back.

"You are hurting me again" she whispered.

"Yes I am hurting u and I will again. But this is not even of the pain you are words have caused me right now." he gripped her harder.

"My words are hurting u? And what about you Armaan? The pain you had caused me? You know forget it. You will never change. Just let me go."

 She tried getting out of his hold as he pulled her back.

"I am not letting u go anywhere" he spat.

"What do you want now? Haven't you taken enough? You have taken everything I have what more? Or is your lust still...."

 Twisting her arm he brought her face closer to his.

"Lust. Use that word once more and I'll hit u"

 "Haven't u fulfilled that too? Hit if u want but I am not falling into your trap again Armaan .Once a fool not always a fool."

She looked at him straight in the eye. Seeing the tears stream down her eyes he loosened his grip. Seeing the crimson marks on her arms he lowered his eyes. Brushing it gently he suddenly bent down to place a gentle kiss. The moment his lips brushed against her bare skin she jerked back. Pushing him she furiously spoke

"Don't you dare touch me. Just let me go"

"Ridz I am really .."

"Enough Armaan, don't even utter that word sorry. It sounds like some foul word from your mouth. And I don't want to listen anything you say. No explanations will work.."

 "Fine, then I will hold u here till u listen to me"

"You cant do that Armaan."

"I very well can" he pulled her arm and sat her down on the bed and before she could react he walked out closing the door behind him. Hearing the door latched from outside she ran to door

"Armaan open the door" she sobbed.

"Till u don't hear me out u are my captive"

He shouted back.

Slumping to the ground she felt her eyes dry and felt her arm still sore from his hold. Touching the spot where he had lightly placed his lips she tried rubbing his touch off her. She couldn't she knew shake it off. She slid along the door on the floor still trying to rub herself of his touch.
"I hate u Armaan." she whispered.
"More then u I hate myself for giving myself to u."
"Hate myself" she closed her eyes recollecting the moment when she gave it all.




She whispered.

"Omg Riddhima? Where have u been. Do u have any idea how worried I have been? I mean u almost missed the ceremony? Riddhima what happened. U know I should have come to pick u up. U seriously gave me an attack. I mean.."


She placed her hand over his.

"Can we talk once the ceremony is over?"

Looking at her face Armaan nodded.

"Are u alright?" he asked gently.


She whispered looking at the stage in front. He simply held her arm gently. He could now read her facial expressions like an open book. Afterall it would be almost a year of togetherness. Six months had passed since they had returned from Seattle and these months had been amazing. With her every moment seemed beautiful. Together they completed the course and finally today was the D- day. The certificate day. And Riddhima had been waiting with visible excitement for the day. She would be completing her mom's dream finally. And she had requested Armaan not to come that morning to pick her up

She wanted to visit her mother's grave in the morning and Armaan respected her wishes and agreed to come and pick her up. But then Riddhima hadn't turned up even when the ceremony started and Armaan went into frenzy when she didn't pick up the calls. Their names were just about to be announced towards the end when she walked in. A hundred question filled Armaan's mind. Why??? Her phone switched off??? He saved tem for later as he saw her walking up stage to collect her certificate.

"Congrats darling, you finally completed your mother's dream" he hugged her outside the hall.

"You too Armaan, it was your dream too" she gave a smile; it was a watery smile which didn't go unnoticed by Armaan.

Pulling her into the parking lot and making her stand leaning on his car he held her hands.

"Sweetheart what's the problem? Why were you late? And your cell ?? You know I was so worried. I was about to get up from the ceremony and come to look for you…..what happened, you alright?" he held her arms gently.

"Armaan….I….." Riddhima felt tears in her eyes.

"Hey omg you're crying? " Armaan went forward and hugged her. "What's wrong darling?"

"Armaan….I have been chucked out of my place….the landlord threw me out. So many years we have been there….Mom's memories and today….of all the days he just threw my stuff out. Saying he can generate more revenue from other tenders….I am homeless Armaan…I ……." Riddhima hugged him tight.

"That's it?" he pulled her out of the hug.

"This is a small issue for you? Armaan I have thrown out…no where to go and…." Riddhima looked up at him wiping her tears.

"Yes it's a small issue Riddhima….ok I agree you have memories related to that place but don't call your self homeless. I am still here Riddhima….with you darling. And with me by your side do you really have to worry?" Armaan smiled wiping his tears.

"But Armaan where will I go?" she whispered.

"Hmm I know where to take you…but right now I'll take you shopping and we should celebrate our day today honey. It has to be the happiest day of your life"

"But Armaan??" she looked at him unsure.

"Trust me Riddhima,…ok no more crying and come on lets go…."

"Armaan I don't have any finance to shop today" she lowered her eyes.
"Shutup" he looked at her sternly.

"Lets go….Riddhima no more buts…and we have to attend the farewell party too in the evening." he pulled her into the car and drove off.


"Armaan am I looking fine?" she nervously asked as the entered the party venue.

 The entire afternoon had been spent shopping and Riddhima felt as though she had been living a dream. He had pampered her to the hilt and had scolded her fiercely when she asked him the amount on the bills .Never had she been made to feel so special. She had tried to ask him would he had in mind regarding her accommodation as he had assured her he would be taking care….but he had put her off saying he would let her know as time comes.

She gave up later and now looked around consciously brushing her knee length glittery one piece. It must be her first time that she wore such an expensive outfit. Feeling his hand along her waist she felt his breath on her ear as he whispered.

"You are looking fabulous honey!!" she turned and smiled and he lightly kissed her cheek.

"Lets go shall we?" he gave her his arm as she linked hers with his.


"Armaan where have you brought me?" she looked outside the window quizzically as he stopped the car outside a neat looking one storey. The party had been fun. But Riddhima was preoccupied with her own world and Armaan wasn't just telling her his plans.

 The white gates looked welcoming and she could make out a small garden in front as they got down in the driveway. She was right. There was a beautiful garden in front .A small one. They stood at the doorstep as Armaan fished out the keys.

"Armaan where exactly have you brought me? And…….."

"Shhh" he placed a finger on her lips as they entered.

"Riddhima…" he took hold of her hand and led her inside.

"Armaan ?" she looked at him as he switched on the lights.

"Riddhima….honey with me beside you did you really need to worry about accommodation?" he smiled as she looked at him confused.

"Is it not obvious that I would take care of you?"

"Yea but….?"

"This is my place Riddhima" he simply added.

She looked at him smiling and blinked. It suddenly dawned on her finally where they were.

"You mean you brought me to your place?"

"Obviously….happy realization darling" he grinned.

"Armaan I cant stay here…..I mean…" Riddhima looked away.
Hugging her from behind and placing his chin on he shoulder he pulled her closer.

"Why? Riddhima…you are staying with me…you understand? As I were going to allow you to move on streets searching for a place" he looked at her sternly.


"Riddhima no….no arguments ok. I'll show you around come….afterall this is your future house too so might as well get used to it" he winked.

"Armaan….fine ok for tonight .But tomorrow I will start searching for accommodation. I can't be a burden on you" she moved forward and placed a hand gently on his cheek.

"Riddhima you are insulting me by saying that you know….burden?? Riddhima you are staying here and that's a fact. And I wont no further arguments ok." He moved forward and placed a gentle kiss on her lips and led her inside.


"Ok so this is my room….I mean our room" he winked slyly looking at the shock on her face as he opened the door to his room.

"Armaan…..?" she cocked up her brow and looked at him.

"Yea? Why did I say something wrong honey?" he moved in closer.
"Armaan I haven't yet agreed to stay with you here….and if I agree it will be separate rooms…..noway same room" she folded her hands and turned to walk out only to be pulled back by him.

"Ok honey….I was only kidding. As you wish ok…I'll show you your room" he led her out.

As they crossed the dinning room Riddhima observed…it wasn't a very huge place .A main hall…..kitchen adjacent to it and a small dinning room. The main hall led to a huge balcony facing the green patch outside. And the staircase led to the terrace .Nothing extravagant. There was a guest room opposite Armaan's room and a small room upstairs before the door leading to the roof. It was a modest little place and gave Riddhima a warm homely feeling. Or was this feeling because it was Armaan's place? She smiled to herself as he opened the guest room.
"Here…." He spoke. She entered the room. It was much smaller compared to Armaan but had almost the same furnishing. Armaan's room had been surprisingly very neatly kept. He wasn't one of those guys ….she mused .The typical ones.

"Riddhima?" he turned her around to face him.

"This is your place too ok. You don't need to worry about anything sweetheart. And seriously don't consider yourself as a burden. Just take this as a chance right? I mean we will get to know each other so well and its for the betterment right? We are going to ultimately spend our life together right? And you yourself agreed we should give each other some more time before we get married right?" Armaan asked.

She nodded as she recollected their conversation a month back as they decided to give their careers a chance before committing in marriage.
"So sweetheart this is best chance to know each perfectly…and I love you" he added smiling s he hugged her. Riddhima closed her eyes placing her arms around his waist. He was the perfect guy. She could do anything he wished. He was always there supporting her unconditionally and never once forced her though he was pretty dominant when it came to his opinions.

"I love you to Armaan…..you have given me so much…..I have nothing to give you….except that a promise that I will never leave you"

"Hmm there is something you can do" he grinned pulling her out.


"Shift to my room…" he whispered mischievously bending down close to her ears.

"Armaan….out…get out…its late I want to go to bed" she pushed him out furiously.

"Darling seriously….we have been together since so much of time…now atleast…" he held the door open.

"Armaan out" she closed the door on his face.

"Fine" he muttered annoyed. "But I still love you" he shouted as he made his back.

"she smiled sitting down on the bed but soon found herself thinking as his words echoed in her ears.

"Darling seriously….we have been together since so much of time…now atleast"
Now atleast what? She wondered as she got into the bed. Was it plainly said in mischief? she wondered as she switched off the lights.

"Ok Armaan its pretty late…..you need to get up early….you better hit your bed" Riddhima looked up at him as he lay next to her holding her hand.
It had been more then two weeks since she shifted in with him and the two weeks had gone in a blur. They had decided to take it easy…atleast Armaan had forced her to take a break for some time. They had submitted the bio-data and stuff in a few places and Armaan was confident he would soon take his first step in the music industry seeing his excellent performance.

Riddhima noticed he would be hovering around her all the time…..spending a lot of time in her room whenever she would be there. At night she would literally push him out. She got annoyed initially but he would respond so annoyingly that Riddhima feared she might be distanced from him at this rate. She couldn't even imagine her life without him anymore. Hence she put up with his acts and gave in. Tonight was no different. He had snuggled up next to her and refused to move out.

"Armaan out…." She got up as he pulled her back.

"Ridz let it be na" he mumbled closing his eyes.

"Armaan no…" she looked up at him as he opened his eyes.
"Fine" he got up and slid out of the bed.

Riddhima sighed. It was the same story everyday. He would get annoyed at the smallest of the things if she disagreed.

"Armaan I am sorry…." She whispered holding back his hand. He looked back at her. She looked so adorable in the sleeveless pink night piece that fell down right upto her feet.

"And I love you" she softly kissed him on his lips as he smiled slightly.
"I…….Riddhima I think my cell is ringing hang on…."

He dashed out to his room as she followed him.

"Yea….yes Armaan here…ok fine…yea sure I'll be there" he smiled and walked up to Riddhima as she stood at the entrance of his room.
Pulling her in he hugged her tight.

"OMG Ridz…it was that company from Forks…they called me for interview tomorrow afternoon .Which means they are interested and I heard that they call you for interviews only if they are serious about you…that means they passed my bio-data….OMG am so happy. "

He picked her twirling her around as he got carried away in the moment.
"Armaan I am so happy for you" she whispered placing her palm on his cheek as he still held her.

Falling back on the bed he clutched her waist tightly as fell on him…her hair on his face.

"I love you Riddhima…..ever since you walked into my life you changed it so much……Its never been so pleasant and wonderful" he whispered as he held her on top of him.

"I love you Riddhima" he whispered kissing her ear as he felt her stiffen.
"Armaan I love you too" she softly spoke as she tried getting up.

He held her firmly and shifted her beside him and turned to her side as she looked straight in her eyes.

"Love you sweetheart" he brushed his lips against hers and kissed her. Feeling his arms around him Riddhima felt herself loosing in his passion. As she broke the kiss he tucked her hair behind her ear and bringing his face close to hers he spoke.

"Tonight don't stop me"

As she found his hands now slowly pulling her nightly up.. "Armaan!" she whispered seeing the uncertainty in her eyes he panted looking at her succulent pink lips and her boson heaving under him. He was not going to stop he need her in more way then one now.

"I love you!" he whispered moving his hand into hers and kissed her.
Feeling her body melting beneath him he knew her body felt now responding to him he knew she surrender herself to him willingly..


Flashback end 

She closed her eyes feeling herself relive that moment. She now hated herself even more. She felt his touch all over all still and rubbed her tears with force venting her frustration.

"I hate you Armaan…." She muttered as she got up feeling the door behind her open.


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