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Part 11 & 12 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Trouble, Trouble!!!!

Riddhima: Armaan…will you tell me where you are taking me??

Armaan: Riddhima…even a slightly literate person knows this place is called a bathroom…you know, where we change, and bathe and…

Riddhima: Shut up!! I know this is a bathroom…what I don't know is, why you brought me here??

Armaan: umm…yeah…(hears a shout from down: ARMAAAN)…listen..i gotta go…main D ko bhejta hun, she will explain everything…

He runs out of the bathroom…

Riddhima: wait…Armaan…listen….GOD!! He is going to drive me nuts…

Armaan runs down from his room, adjusting his shirt, closing the buttons as he went down. In the hall, there were a lot of people crowded. As he came, the crowd, which was basically all his cousins and family, dispersed to show an old, bald man sitting on a wheelchair, wearing a traditional 'dhoti' and holding a cane. As Armaan walked forward to him, a smile came onto his wrinkled face. He raised his arms towards him, while sitting on the seat. Armaan jumped the last two stairs and ran towards him, and hugged him tight, sitting on his knees. Then they separated from the hug, and the old man held his face with both his hands.

Man: mera bachaa!! Kesa hai tu…

Armaan: main theek hun Da-jee…ap kese hain??

Da-jee: ab tujhe dekh lia hai to theek hi hun….(smiles)

Armaan smiles too, then holds his hand.

Armaan: ap fikar na karain…ab to main yahiin hun na, ap ke pass…

Da-jee: haan haan….pehle bhi yehi keh ker gaya tha, ke da-jee, jaldi wapas ajaun ga…aur dekh, puray 3 saalon baad aya hai…

Armaan smiles and looks around at everyone. They all look down at the grandfather-grandson together and smile adoringly.

Armaan: aa to gaya na Da-jee…aura b bilkul nahi jaunga…promise….

Da-jee: hmmmm….(he stares at Armaan) ab ghaur se dekhne de mujhe…3 saal angrezon main reh ker aya hai…kahiin koi gori maim to nahi phassa li??(laughing)

Armaan laughs, but before he could say anything, an old, petite small woman comes forward and holds his ear.

Bey-jee: gori maim kia phasaye gay eh nalaik….shadi ker ke agaya hai!!!

Armaan stands up, holding his ear, making a painful face.

Armaan: OUCH!!! Bey-jee….kia kar rahi hain??

Bey-Jee: kia kar rahi hun main?? Tu kia kar ke aya hai khotay…(hits hi back) sharam nahi ati tujhe…bina bataye bina puchay shadi ker li…na bataya na koi sallah li..pata nahi kiss se shadi ker li….teri jaisi hi hogi koi who bi…

Everyone laughs…Armaan puts his arms around his adorable grandmother.

Armaan: Bey-jee….ab ap yeh dadi banana band kero na….girlfriend ho meri, aissay thori na marte hain…(winks at her)

Bey-jee: hatt besharam…(hits him, laughing) ab shadi ho gayi hai…ab to insane bann ja…

Just then Da-jee calls him again. His grandfather was the strictest person in their family. Nobody dared say anything in front of him. Armaan was his 'laadla', and only he could get away with a few things, but even he was afraid of him. Whenever he got angry, everyone used to get really scared of him.

Da-jee: Armaan….(in a strong voice)

Armaan gulped and sat down next to him.

Armaan: jee Da-jee…

Da-jee: dekh beta…tu ne shadi ker li hai, uss per humne kuch nahi kaha, yeh soch ker ke tere maa baap khud iss barray main faisla le leinge ke kia karna hai….ab who larki iss ghar main agai hai, usko iss ghar ki parampara aur riwajon ka khyal rakhna hoga…ab who humari izzat hai…samjha??

Armaan: jee Da-jee….ap fikar na karain…Ragz wohee keregi jo ap kahain ge…

Da-jee frowns as he hears the name.

Da-jee: Ragz?? Ye kesa naam hai???

Armaan: (gulps again) umm…nahi who…uska naam Riddhima hai…par main ussay….Ragz kehta hun…

Da-jee stares at him. In the meantime, Bey-jee intervenes. (just in case you guys were wondering, everyone had dispersed to do some work)

Bey-jee: yeh tum bachon ke bhi ajeeb shauq hai….humare zamanay main to hum aik dusre ko naam se nahi bulatay thay…aur tum logon ne to nicknames rakhay huay hain…

Armaan giggles a little.

Bey-jee: acha ab jaa…aur le ker aa apni…kia tha who…haan Ragz ko….hum bhi to milaain…

Armaan nods and goes upstairs. Hopefully, Divya had done her work by now.


part 12 

Just before going down, Armaan had barged into Divya's room, said something to her in hushed tones, steered her towards his room and then run down. Now: In Armaan's room.

Riddhima: You have GOT to be kidding me!! (looking at Divya in shock)

Divya looks at her and raises her eyebrows.

Riddhima: I mean…main yeh nahi pehen sakti…

Divya: (looks at the shalwar-suit in her hand) kyun…iss main kia problem hai??

Riddhima: dekhain D….i have NEVER worn an Indian suit…I don't know how to carry it…

Divya: ohooo…don't worry….its no big deal….you just go and change, I will be right back.

She goes out of the room, and Riddhima goes to the bathroom. She changes into the Patiala shalwar and short kameez, which was in the tones of light blue and off white. Try as she might, she could not reach the zip at the back of the shirt and couldn't zip it up. Huffing at it, she barged out of the bathroom and into the room. She stood in front of the mirror and tried again. Just then someone entered the room and closed to door behind him.

Riddhima: D yeh zip…(turns to find Armaan standing in front of her)

Armaan looks at her and is pleasantly shocked to see her dressed in the Indian suit. She was looking simple yet beautiful and he just felt a tiny spam in the pit of his stomach which he ignored as she started talking.

Riddhima: oh, thank God you are here!! I was waiting for someone to come help me…

Armaan: (frowns) with what??

Riddhima: with this!!! (sighing, she turned around and put her hair on one side)

Armaan is a bit shocked to see her bare back at such a moment. However, he ignored all the weird feelings inside him and walked over to her.

Armaan: here…let me help…

He deftly zipped up the shirt, his fingers lightly brushing against her bare skin. His mind kept giving him orders to do something weird, which he tend to ignore at the moment. This was probably not the time for one of those uncomfortable moments they kept having.

Armaan: yep…done!!

Riddhima: ahh thank God!! (turned to look at him) now please tell me…why am I made to wear these clothes??

Armaan: yeah…ummm….actually…my grandparents are here!!

Riddhima's eyes widened in excitement and she clapped her hands like a two year old.

Riddhima: Woww!! That's great…I love old people….mere koi grandparents nahi na….i just love them….i wanna meet…!!

Armaan: umm..yeah…I know!!! But the thing is….my da-jee is a bit strict….to unke samne, no jeans, no tops, no skirts, no capris…proper Indian larki bann ke rehna parta hai…!!

Riddhima gulped…

Armaan: and…unke samne, thora tameez se rehna parta hai…wese he is very sweet…but he is going to ask you a lot of stuff…so just be confident and don't panic…

Riddhima: okkaaayyyy…(gulps again) pata nahi kia hoga…what if I screw up??

Armaan: you wont!! Main hoon na…come on lets go…

Riddhima: hmmm..chalo…

She barges towards the door but Armaan holds her hand from behind.

Riddhima: what??

Armaan smirks and picks up the dupatta from the bed. Then walking closer to her, he drapes it around her shoulders.

Armaan: iske beghair gayi to Da-jee wahiin hum donon ko qatal ker deinge…(smirks)

Riddhima: oh no!! please…I can not for my life handle this dupatti thing…

Armaan: (laughs loud) it's a DUPATA….and it looks really good on you…seriously!!

Riddhima: yeah…I look like a real dumb-ass wearing this huge mound of cloth around my legs and this dupatta around my shoulders…its so slippery…(holding up the duppatta)

Armaan laughs and puts an arm around her…

Armaan: awww…come on…you look really pretty!!! I swear, I am like, a proud husband right now….

 Riddhima looks at him, eyes narrowed

Riddhima: aren't you taking this marriage thing a bit too seriously?? Husband…?? (laughs)

Armaan laughs too.

Armaan: okay come on lets go…they are waiting…and yeah, please meri maa….(folds his hands together) behave yourself…

Riddhima: oh you just see…I will be the perfect, wat u call it, haan…the perfect 'bahu'!! Ab chalo…
She opens the door and Armaan looks at her, following her, praying that everything goes right.


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