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part 12& 13: ye saazish hai boondon ki (arsh ss)

Part 12

Armaan, who was thinking, "Beta Armaan! Propose her fast nahi to pata chala Shilpa ki shadi pe use propose karu main, but shrieked off the thought.

"Pheron ka samay nikal raha hai, panditji announced and everyone smiled as now Sid and Riddhima were going to tie a knot.

Armaan stopped for the while as he wanted to wait for this pious moment, when Sid and Riddhima took pheres and Sid filled Riddhima's hair partition with sinddoor and make her wear mangalsutra and she was finally his, when they looked into each other's eyes and a tear fell down from Riddhima's eyes.

She was going to be a part of Sid's family and a paraya dhan for Gupta's. Anjali was giving a shoulder to Shilpa to cry out loud. Armaan wanted to wipe her tears but he was helpless now.

After all tears and bidai ceremony it was Armaan's time to confess his love to Shilpa, when he heard, "Sanskaar! Tum mujhse pehle yaha kyu aaye

"Keh to raha hoon Shilpa ne kaha tha, Sanskaar justified.

"I understand. But kyun?, Swara asked.

"Kyunki. Kyunki wo Armaan Riddhima di ki tarah use bhi pareshan kar raha tha and she needed help, Sanskar looked here and there.

She frowned, "Kaise?

"Do you know he is a Casanova sort of person? Ridz di ki life bhi spoil ki usne, Sanskar elaborated what Shilpa told her before and forgot to tell the reality.

"But I like him. Accha ladka hai, she said genuinely at which he lightly patted her, "door rehna use, Shilpa ne bataya yahi uska jadu hai jo sab pe chalata hai

Armaan was aghast with the opinion Shilpa has about him, he immediately ran from there and Shilpa kept searching him.


"Ye Armaan kaha gaya?, Shilpa thought and looked here and there for him.

Armaan was punching the punching bag in his apartment, tying a black blindfold. All his body was sweating, but he wasn't worried about all this, all he was worried about was Shilpa's opinion about him. A Casanova flirt, who has spoiled her sister's life.

"Tum mere bare mein itna ghatiya sochti ho?, he thought and the words of Sanskaar was echoing in his mind.

His back of the palm was bleeding when the same time his phone rang, he avoided it a lot but finally unfolded the blindfold and without seeing the display he picked the call up, "Hello, he almost clenched his jaw when he heard the voice of other side.

"Armaan!, she again called him.

He disconnected the call and threw it on the wall with the velocity of light which destined it into pieces.

"I do not want to hear your voice, he declared clenching his jaw.

"Isko kya ho gaya, call answer hi nahi kar raha, worried Shilpa said.

"Shilps! That's fine you know Armaan is so careless, Anjali consoled her.

At which Shilpa nodded her head and Nikki came saying, "I am so sorry guys

"What happen di?, Shilpa asked.

"I forgot to invite Armaan in tommorow's reception party, Nikkie worriedly said.

Anjali gave her do-not-tell-me look and pressed her lips, "He is our friend, he doesn't need any invite, right

"Right! But its our duty to invite him, Shilpa said.

"Shilpa is right., Padma interrupted in between.

Anjali retorted, "but mumma who he will invite him in the night, his phone is also not working

"Shashank bhi nahi hai...who will go, Padma concerned.

Shilpa was in search for an excuse to meet Armaan when she said, "May I?

"Okay. But take care. Aur gaadi leke jana meri, Padma allowed her and she hid her smile in nodding the head.


Shilpa finally reached Armaan's apartment and took a deep breath, "finally. Pata nahi kaha chala gaya tha, she pouted and knocked the door.

He opened the door after two three knocks and was about to shut the door on her face but she did not allowed and pushed the door.

"Phew! Bahut jyada power tumme. Kya karoge muscles banake, she taunted him and the same time she saw the punching bag which had blood on it.

She tried to examine his palms, he didn't allow but she glared and examined, "OMG! Blood

"I am fine, he shrieked off.

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah I know, and sarcastically taunted while clutching his palm tightly.

"Where is first-aid?, she asked.

"I said, I am fine., he argued.

She took a deep breath, "Yeah yeah! ", she searched in few drawers and found a first-aid box.

"Here it is, she showed.

"Show me your hand now, and snatched his hand forcefully.

She applied antiseptic and then ointment on it. He glared in her eyes, "Dard nahi hua?

He nodded negatively and she said, "don't tell me mard ko dard nahi hota and all

She blew the air on the wound and said, "Kal reception hai di aur jiju ka, you have to come

"Why?, he asked.

"Because you are invited, she said clueless.

He looked here and there and smiled, "Kuch kehne ki baat hai ye bhi? I will definitely come, she smiled as well and left the apartment and he smirked mischievously.

"I will show, who I am, he clenched the jaw.


Part 13

The reception started, Riddhima was looking epitome ofbeauty so as Sid was looking handsome. Everyone has tried to look better thangood today; after all it was the day for which everyone has waited for so long.

Armaan too has cooked something in his mind to show what Casanovais, he had a bouquet in his hand and was searching for Shilpa. He handed overthe bouquet to the married couple, blessed them and started searching forShilpa again when his eyes fell on the flock of girls, where Shilpa was seemedto be laughing on a joke, was looking ethereal.

She was dressed in a silver crop top and skin color skirtwith silver work on it. Had wore the light diamond jewels with minimal make up.When all the girls started having some cocktails and mocktail someone surprisedher by patting her back and it was no one else then Armaan Mallik.

She smiled with shimmering eyes and took him aside, "Tum tosach mein aa gaye

"what did you thought? Nahin aaunga, he asked in husk tone.

She gulped the saliva, "No. I mean I thought tumne kabhimood change kar liya to

He laughed a little, "hahaha! Tum kaho aur main na maanu hosakta hai?, he winked at which Shilpa thought a little weird that how come aperson can change overnight.

"Tum thik to ho na?, she asked.

"Nahi lag raha?, he asked question on the question.

She smiled a little, "No aisa to nahi hai

"Phir, he caressed her cheek from back of his palm whichshe found a little weird, unexpected from him.


Everyone was enjoying the dance on the dance floor, so asShilpa was when she realized somewhere caressed her waist and it was no oneelse than Armaan.

She brought her aside and asked, "kar kya rahe ho tum

"Nahi samajh mein aa raha tumhein, he retorted back.

She closed her eyes tightly and warned, "Stop all this

"Nahi to, he threatened her and pinned to the wall.

He caressed his cheek with hers and said, "Beautiful andsoft as well

At which she freed herself from his hold and slapped himtightly.

"What do you think of yourself? Am I an object?, shescreamed on him and her scream gathered everyone there.

"See. This is Casanova samajh aya, ya aur samjhao, hescreamed even more loudly and left the venue and now she understood that he hascame to know what she has thought about him previously, but not currently.

he pointed a finger towards her, "aage se na kisi ke baremein kuch bhi sochne se pehle do baar sochna, he clasped his finger and shelowered her eyes, while he left.

Shashank put forward to protect his daughter but Riddhima stoppedher, holding his arms and he left with burning eyes.

"What was that?, Shashank asked Shilpa.

But she did not answer anything so he screamed aloud, "Iasked what that was?

She ran in Riddhima's arms who wiped her tears with her palmand while crying she recited everything, that how she developed a wrong imageabout him, how she came to know about his feelings for Riddhima and uncertaintyof when she developed feelings for him and fell in love, not with sympathy orrespect.

After narrating everything, she started crying in her sisterRiddhima's arms and her father Shashank caressed her hair.


The party was over, Armaan was roaming here and there inoutskirts of the city, gulping the bear down in a one go, whether with guilt ofhurting Shilpa, his love or whether not being this rough to a lady ever.

The first one was the most important for him, that he was sorough and not gentle with his love, Shilpa.

He threw the bottle of bear on a stone lying nearby, "If Icould be so mean and rough to you, then with whom I can be gentle, he almostscreamed looking at the sky.

On the contrary Shilpa was on the roof of the Gupta Mansion,looking at the sky with tears in eyes, "If you can be so rough to me, then withwhom you are not?, she sobbed and thought.

"To yourself Armaan Mallik? I hate this Armaan Mallik, hethought in tears and screamed loudly.

She cried and wiped her tears, "With yourself, then I hateyou

He cried and kneeled on the road, "But why did you maintainthis opinion about me?

"I maintained that opinion about you because..., she wasthinking and stopped in middle.

"Because of a misunderstanding, she thought and continued,"And it is but natural for you to react like this

Tears flew down her eyes and then kissed her chin, "I amsorry Armaan.

"I am sorry Shilpa, he thought in tears coming into thesenses about what he has done with his love.

"I love you, they whispered together and felt that someone in the sky was looking for them and the same time the thunderstorm started andclouds opened their wombs as if someone has opened the tap in sky in the form of rainfall.

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