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Part 12 : Love Me always

Shanshank looked over at him surprised as he spoke in firm but calm tone.

"Sir Riddhima will come with I mean………."

"But why should she come Armaan? I see no reason for you insisting on her coming unless you have forgotten the real reason you married her and are now………should I give your memory a jog?"

Armaan released what exactly he was hinting to do. Change of plan he thought. I will have to try another route to tackle my Sasurji. Man Riddhima you have some father, but you are coming with me no matter what he muttered under his breath.

"No no uncle, how can you ever expect me to forget it? I still am focused but you see if like we leave her here while I go for training then it will raise questions na? Like afterall its all under our name together and officially we both are in charge so if I go for the better then it will definitely raise eyebrows and Riddhima might get very suspicious too"

Hope you fall into this bait Sasurji, thought Armaan. I am running out of reasons to take her with me. Hang on do I know why actually I am insisting so much wondered Armaan. Oh well I am not going to think. My heart says I want her to come and I will make sure she does. I will not leave her alone in the company of this sly old man.

Seeing Armaan lost Shanshank snapped his fingers.

"Where are you lost Armaan? Well I see your point too. This deal shouldn't be known to everyone. Ok take her with you but you better take care that you don't forget your goals and get distracted."

"No no uncle never ever. I will definitely live up to your expectations." Armaan said smiling in an oily voice

As he left the Armaan felt like jumping with joy as the thought of going with her alone had aroused a strange exciting feeling in him.


As he sat in his cabin going around in circles on his chair waiting for her he just could not concentrate. His eyes were glued to the door. Last nights event flashed back. The way she had comforted him, consoled him, hugged him and then he went to sleep on her lap. He grinned thinking of all these. That has to be my most comforting sleep ever he thought smiling.

He longer thought why she was affecting or why was he so very eager to always be near her. She is different he thought. When she hugged me I wanted to hold her forever, I wanted her to promise she will always be by my side and………..she did as he remembered her words.

"Armaan, he is always there with you, within you he will live alive for ever. Don't cry as your tears will hurt him. You should make him proud of you Armaan. He will be with you where ever you go, whatever you do. And So will I "

So will I. His smiled deepened as he let the effect of these words feel through him. You are special Riddhima. No other woman has ever changed me so much. You supported me when I was at the lowest. Dude you have it bad he thought. Am I ……………….thought Armaan. Am I falling in love?

Stopping the chair midway he looked up. As he closed his eyes he could just see her face. Right from the ball when he danced , her shining eyes that time, he knew he had liked her there and then. But he liked any beautiful babe he thought. That time he had just put it off as his usual flare for women. But then as he remembered her, meeting her for the first time in the hospital, she was the same. Those same sparkling eyes, innocence and pureness so very visible. He wasn't ready to accept the fact that she was affecting him then. The feeling was slowly creeping and he was just not ready to accept it. But then when they got married, he remembered her pale face, all sparkle lost, her nervous body language. He wanted to comfort her at that time.

You have changed me Riddhima. Armaan finally opened his eyes. You brought the real Armaan, the one who had died years ago. You made my want to live life all over again. Love cannot be rationed on conditions and you taught me that. I would have completely become a wreck after father but you have instead changed my whole life giving it a complete now meaning. I think I have……….Armaan closed his eyes again.

I think I have fallen in love with you Riddhima. Yes he stood up smiling and laughing at the same time. I love you Riddhima. Throwing some paper in his hand in the air he swung around his chair in a complete 360 turn. Yes I love you Riddhima he spoke , loudly this time. He felt so happy. More happier then he had ever been in his life. The realization had finally dawned on him. The confusion, the hesitation now vanished. He had been battling since days. But now no more he thought. I love her truly. As the chair came to rest and the final bits of paper fell on his face he grinned.

Now where did I suddenly get inspired to do all this. Confess to myself in truly bollywood style huh? Armaan dude what about taking a jump in movies? You might give SRK some competition. Your right he thought. But my heroine should always be Riddhima he laughed at his chain of thoughts.

I have to find out what she feels he thought. Does she feel the same?? Armaan Mallik will fish it out he grinned. And even if don't honey I will make fall in love as I love you uncondionally he muttered.


He saw her entering the cabin smiling. Smiling he stodd up and pulled a chair for her. Surprise by all this attention Riddhima lowered her eyes. What is wrong today she thought. Ok he just pulled up a chair but first the saree in the morning and now?? Have I applied extra blush she wondered consciously.

"u called me Armaan? What happened anything urgent? What did dad say?"

'yes actually its very important Ridz"

She looked at him surprised yet again as he addressed her as Ridz, now he called me Riddhima this whole two months since I met him, wats with this Ridz, she mused.

"well actually sasurji ……imean uncle wants me to go for this work experience for 2-3 months to Mumbai, u know na we have another branch there under some Dr Shubhankar? Well he wants me to assist there in administration and leave for this immediately so ……."

"so u will leave soon?" Riddhima asked with a sinking feeling. Just when he was growing on her BANG……..he is going away she thought. And why didn't dad ask me too. Afterall I have equal share too.

Looking at her face Armaan smiled satisfied seeing what he wanted to see. She will miss me I feel Armaan thought that is if I will leave her which I will never. Ok Armaan so one thing cleared. She will miss you.

"Yes Riddhima WE will leave by this weekend." He stopped to see the effect of his words. Her expression changed from frown to shocked to finally a slight blush showing her happiness.

'We Armaan? I thought only you were going? "

'No ofcourse not, you are ofcourse coming along with me. How can I go without my better half? I mean from this entire administration point of view and will etc…….." armaan smiled looking at her expressions
Riddhima smiled back. Suddenly she remembered something.

"errm……Armaan can I talk to you about something? Its quite like……I hope you don't take me wrong. I mean its not to hurt you but I just felt…."

'Say it honey, do you really need my permission? And whatever happens I am not going to think wrongly of you dear" He smiled taking hold of her hand over the table.
Riddhima took back her hand lowering her eyes. Something was definitely wrong with him. Had he had a shot early morning she wondered. No no what is wrong with you Ridz, he is just being sweet. Ashamed of having her thoughts going wrong she stammered with what she had come to say.

"Armaan actually I was thinking about Rahul and Muskaan.I mean they were supposed to get married but we got instead and so Rahul delayed it for a few weeks and now with uncle's death I mean…………"

She stopped scared with what mite this trigger off. She didn't want him to be depressed again. Oh crap why did I mention this? Ridz cursed herself.

Armaan sensed her discomfort and nervousness. Bringing his father again on top did stir heart but he knew it wasn't her intention.

'Ridz go on, please don't stop, you don't need to be so uncomfortable. You are now a part of my family and whatever you are thinking will be good."

Grateful for his support Riddhima continued.

"Armaan its been such a long time there are together and both have been waiting to officially announce them as a couple , but first because of us and then……….they have postponed it so much. And Rahul seems so depressed nowadays. Really Armaan cant we do anything?"

"hmm your rite Ridz even I was thinking the same but Bhai has taken this too hard I guess, well he had too he was the closest and so was I to dad I mean………." Armaan stopped in midway unable to continue any further.

Riddhima took hold of his hand now and squeezed it gently. Giving her faint smile he continued.

"So what do you have in mind? Any idea how to convince him now since he is talking about postponing it for like 5-6 months!! He is right in one way though but I cant see him so depressed and Muskaan is the only who can handle him………"

"Armaan we can get them engaged? I mean marriage cannot just happen now. No one is ready for it so lets force them to atleast get engaged, like you know not a huge party and all, just a short ceremony among family and few close friends. It will atleast take his mind away from this shock?" Only if you feel it ok, otherwise………….."

'no no Ridz that's a great idea u know just among family and all. I will coax them into it don't worry and it will have to be this weekend itself before we leave right?" Armaan winked at her.


Rahul saw her in the kitchen busy with the preparations, she had taken a day off just for them.
"Riddhima?" Shall I help you with anything. I mean its so very sweet of you to offer to do all preparation by and you didn't even allowMuskaan to enter the house forget the kitchen , Anjali ofcourse you forbade and it was right as in such conditions I don't want her straining herself. But Muskaan……"

'Rahul, I mean bhai……..errm what to address you as I am sorry I don't know?" Riddhima smiled sheepishly .

Oh Rahul is fine Riddhima"

'Rahul its your engagement and you are not going to touch a thing in here neither is Muskaan. What do you guys expect? I will not allow you both to prepare stuff for your own engagement. So shoo out" Riddhima pointed the roller at Rahul smilingly.

"Aye aye Madam. As you wish fine!! I will, but Riddhima I am really glad to see the way you have moulded yourself in our family. I mean I am really happy to see this really!!  I just hope Armaan isn't much of……..I mean…………?"

'Rahul this is my family too now, am glad you accepted me so well and Armaan………." Giggling slightly as Rahul looked at her surprised

"Armaan treats me more than well or rather I never thought he will go out of his way to make things easy for me, he………….."

'Hmm someone is praising me huh?" Armaan stood at the door smiling.

'nop Armaan I was just warning Ridz about you. She hasn't seen your true colors as yet you see." Rahul grinned at him.

"Oye Bhai I will not argue with you today as its your day ok. Yougo out of the kitchen and get ready"

"Hmm Armaan cant you frankly say you want some time alone with Ridz "

Rahul mocked looking at Armaan.

"No no Bhai nothing like that……..i just came too…….." Armaan stopped blushing a little.

"Ok am out of here have fun" Rahul winked at Armaan as he went out.

"Riddhima its really so very sweet of you to do this I am really…….." Armaan came forward and stood behind Ridz.

' No no Armaan I am doing it because I wanted to and you don't need to…………" Suddenly she became aware of him being right behind her. She consciously took the knife slightly trembling a little.. not looking back she continued doing what she was aware of his gaze on her.

" No Ridz" He whispered. I still want to thank you" Saying so before she could react he gave a slight peck on her cheeks and went away quickly while Ridz stood there dazed touching her cheeks wondering at what just happened.


He looked at her moving around talking to Anjali and Atul as Muskaan joined them. She looks breath taking in green he thought. As he went forward to join them Muskaan spoke up.

"Wow Armaan u both matching today. Now is that a coincidence" Muskaan taunted laughing.
'Oh yes I didn't notice u both matching yaar. That's great you know!!" Atul spoke looking at Armaan who was dressed in a green too enhancing his already killer looks all the more.
"I pity all the lasses here Armaan, many are going to loose their hearts tonite once they see you" Anjali winked at Armaan while Atul cleared his throat a bit loudly .

"Hmm about the rest I don't know but will the one whom I lost my heart too ?" Armaan spoke up looking intently at Ridz while Muskaan did an "oooo" in the background.

He is openly flirting with me Ridz wondered? Whats wrong with him? How come in landed up wearing green too? As Ridz wondered , she was called as the ceremony was about to begin.


As the ceremony ended with everyone wishing congrats to the officially announced couple Armaan sat down beside them happy too see the smiles on their faces. All thanx to Ridz he thought his smile widening even more.

"Armaan, Rahul tld me you used to sing?" Muskaan looked at Armaan questioningly. " How come I never knew? I know from so many years?"

"That's because he stopped after……….dad……." Rahul answered softly. Giving an understanding nod Muskaan continued further.

"Armaan please I would love to see you sing once more. Please do so na for my sake. All those girls who have their hearts beating fast already seeing you will have an heart attack for sure." Muskaan giggled while Armaan answered negatively.

"No Muskaan Bhabs I left it ages ago, as it is I was never a good one too it was just I used tolove singing at that time and………."
"Armaan pls for me" Muskaan pleaded.

" see tonite after this party toh you and Ridz are going away for like 2-3 months pls try na for me once."

As Armaan still looked reluctant Rahul chimed "armaan she is coaxing you so much go ahead na.I know you had stopped but that doesn't mean you cant start again."

"But Bhai" Armaan argued

"No Armaan you have too atleast not for us then Riddhima your talent" Rahul grinned slyly as Armaan gave him a furious look.

After much convincing as he finally agreed , he saw Ridz waiting for him expectantly. He smiled as he moved towards her.

"Jo kwaabo khayaloon mein socha nahin tha

Tu ne mujhe itna pyaar diya

Mein jab bhi jahan bhi kadi dhoop mein tha

Teri zulf ne mujh pe saya kiya

Haan tu hai haan tu hai

Meri baaton mein tu hai

Meri kwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu

Irradon mein tu hai

Irradon mein tu hai"

Riddhima looked at him surprised he as he came closer. Moving around her he continued as she blushed.

Yehhh…we could fall in love

I say… I could fall in love with you

Yehhh…we could fall in love

And i say… I could fall in love with you

Koi bhi aaisa lamha nahin hai

Jisme mere tu hota nahin hai

Mein so bhi jaao raathon mein lakin

Tu hai ki mujh mein sotha nahin hai

Tu hai ki mujh mein sotha nahin hai

Haan tu hai haan tu hai

Meri baaton mein tu hai

Meri kwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu

Irradon mein tu hai

Irradon mein tu hai

Riddhma looked at him completely stunned as continued singing looking only at her. All eyes were on him but his eyes only saw her.She was aware of his intense gaze on her. She quivered a little as deep down she somehow felt it was only for her.

Hai teri innayat tujhse mili hai

Hoonto pe mere hasi jo khili hai

Usse mera chehra chupa bhi na paye

Tujhe paake hasil huye jo khushi hai

Tujhe paake hasil huye jo khushi

Haan tu hai haan tu hai

Meri baaton mein tu hai

Meri kwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu

Irradon mein tu hai

As thehall broke out in a round of applause Armaan looked only at her waiting for her reaction. As everyone came forward to pat him he looked at her smiling. As she came forward he waited expectantly.

"That was brilliant Armaan I never knew you could sing so well.!!"

"It was straight from my heart for some one very special to my heart." Armaan whispered as Riddhima looked away turning red.


He looked at her pushing te trolley along with him as they walked out of the airport gates. The flight though not long had been tiring and she had been so quite he wondered why. They came out of the main gates as Armaan breathed in the salty and smelly air of Mumbai.

"On behalf of Dr Shubhankar ?" Armaan enquired looking at the guy holding the board saying Armaan Mallik.


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