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Part 13 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


 Armaan woke up to the sunlight lighting up his room. He kept his eyes closed and breathed in, taking in a heavy scent of lavender. Smiling to himself, he nuzzled his head closer to the sweet-smelling scent, and felt something soft and silky touch his hair. Half conscious yet and not knowing what he was doing, he kept nuzzling his head in that soft texture till he felt his nose graze against someone's skin. Till now, he had thought he was dreaming it. However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he found himself nuzzling in Riddhima's hair, his nose touching the side of her neck. His arm was around her waist, lying loosely on her stomach, and he was lying upside down so that his head was on her shoulder. Practically implicating the fact, he was half-lying over her. He smiled as he saw a slight frown on her face, her lips pouted, making her look like a young, beautiful, innocent child sleeping. Unknowingly, his hand drifted upto her face and his thumb lightly grazed her cheek. A slight smile came on Armaan's face and he sighed lightly.

 He felt Riddhima move a little and instantly came back to his senses. Quickly taking back his hand from her face, he pulled back from the uncompromising situation he was in. She could wake up any minute and think something wrong had been happening. She had trusted him enough to sleep with him on his bed, he better maintain it and not do something he might regret. Riddhima was highly impulsive and could take less than a second to take things in a wrong league. Plus, she was his best friend, what the hell was he doing?

With all these thoughts going on in his mind, he gently got off the bed as to not wake her and then walked over to the bathroom.


Riddhima woke up with a huge yawn and sat up. She looked around to see where she was. For a second she was bewildered with her surroundings, then she understood that she was in Armaan's room. On his bed. But where was he?

She looked around for him. Seeing him nowhere in sight, she assumed he might have woken up earlier and gone downstairs. Staggering as she stood up, she half dazedly walked over to the bathroom, still yawning and rubbing her eyes.

With her eyes closed and stretching herself, she opened the door of the bathroom and went towards the sink. Opening the tap, she took her toothbrush in her hand and putting the paste on it, started brushing her teeth. She was still half-sleep, and therefore was not completely aware of her surrounding. Which was why she literally jumped out of fright when she heard a scream, coming from the bathroom itself. She shrieked herself, out of fright, as she heard the scream, and dropped her brush in the sink. Her mouth lathered with paste, she looked around and instantly closed her eyes.

She was shocked and embarrassed to see Armaan peeking out from behind the shower curtain. She could see his half upper body, and that was definitely not a sight she wanted to see. Putting her hands on her eyes, she turned around.

Armaan was shocked out of his wits to see Riddhima standing there a few minutes ago, brushing her teeth. He had forgotten to lock the door, as he never had before because no one ever came to his room like that.


Riddhima: (gulped) *thinks* Okay..i am seriously screwed…wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is your best friend half naked in the shower…that is NOT what I wanted to see…plus, OMG I never knew he had such a hot bod…what? Did I just think that…no no no,…he is my best friend…I am not allowed to think like that…OMG…he just called me Riddhima…he never calls me Riddhima…only when he is really pissed off…damn, I am busted….

Armaan: don't stand there like a dumb idiot!! (pushing back his wet hair)

Riddhima: So what?? You want me to turn around and see you half-naked again??

Armaan: what?? (looks down, and goes behind the curtain) oh no…..what the hell are you doing here??

Riddhima: Armaan, normal people use the bathroom first thing in the morning….and normal people also LOCK the bathroom when they are having a shower….(her hands on her hips, still with her back to him)

Armaan: oh yeah..i know…I forgot…because obviously, I am not the one used to lock doors cuz I have never had to share my room with someone…

Riddhima: Ohh!!! Well…neither have i! But now you are just going to have to learn to lock it, okay??

Armaan: okay!! Fine…but can you please go out now because this is seriously not the most comfortable way to hold a conversation..

Riddhima: yeah I am going…just lemme rinse my mouth…

She turned towards the sink and rinsed her mouth. Then, her naughty instinct kicked in and she walked over to the curtain.

Riddhima: ummm..Armaan??

Armaan: yeah?? (his back towards the shower curtain)

Riddhima held the curtain in her hand and pretended to peak in.

Riddhima: is that a mole I see on your lower back?

Armaan turned around, shocked, and wrapped the curtain around himself.


Riddhima burst out laughing and went out of the bathroom, while Armaan sighed thankfully, and as soon as he was sure that she was gone, he ran to the door and locked it.


Armaan walked down the stairs towards the dining table for breakfast. He saw Padma, Divya, Arjun, Atul, Imaan, Aditi, Shubhankar and Riddhima sitting there, having their breakfast. He smiled, walking towards them, rolling the sleeves of his shirt. He walked over to his seat next to Riddhima, stopping in the middle to kiss her mother's head.

Armaan: good morning, mom!!

Padma: good morning beta….aao betho…nashta keroo…

Armaan smiled at everyone and sat down. Padma sat there, waiting for Riddhima to start serving him food. That was what she had always done for him, but now that he was married, she expected his wife to do all of it. However, Riddhima was so involved in eating her own breakfast that she didn't notice anything. Armaan poured himself a glass of OJ and started drinking it. Padma cleared her throat.

Padma: ummm…Riddhima beta….Armaan ko nashta paross do…

Riddhima: (scrunched her nose, frowning) kia karoon??

Padma; (laughing) I mean…ussey nashta daal do…

Riddhima: kyun?? Who khud le lega na…

Padma shares a look with Divya and they both smile. She was clearly unknown to the norms of an Indian household.

Armaan: its okay Mom…main le lunga…(smiles at her, then looks at Shubhankar) so bro, hows it going with the preparation??

Shubhankar: don't ask!! Getting married is a hell lot of trouble…

Riddhima: (laughs) yeah…that's why I always tell Armaan…we should never get married!! Uff its so much hectic work, nahi??

She stops talking as she looks at everyone giving her incredulous looks.

Riddhima: *thinks* what? Why are they all looking at me like that?? Ab maine kia kiya??

Armaan nudged her under the table, and whispered slightly to her.

Armaan: Ragz….if you have forgotten…we ARE married…

Riddhima: (gulps) oh no…shit..did I just say that??

Armaan: yep you did…(grins at everyone) what she means is, she used to say that before our wedding…

Riddhima: oh yeah..,yeahh….you know, the idea of huge weddings, really scares me…that's all…(laughs sheepishly)

Everyone looks at her weirdly, then ignore it. She was a bit  different than them, that was all.

Riddhima: anyways so….umm…Shubhankar…when am I meeting your fianc??

Shubhankar looks at her and smiles.

Shubhankar: very soon!! Infact, that would be tonight….aj ghar per pooja hai na…Keerti bhi arahi hai…(blushing slightly)

Everyone started teasing him with hooting and shouts. In the meanwhile, Armaan looked at Riddhima and sighed.

Riddhima: whooo!! That was a close one, nahi??

Armaan: yeah…you better keep a check on what you are saying the next time…

Riddhima: or maybe on what I am seeing, don't you think?? (winking at him)

Armaan: Oh my God!! Can you please forget that highly embarrassing event and stop reminding me of it…!

Riddhima: no way!! Not after I have witnessed and checked out Armaan Mallik's sexy back with my own sinful eyes….(bats her eyelashes at him)

Armaan laughs.

Armaan: God, you get some sick pleasure in taking the mickey out of me!!

Riddhima: tell me about it…(drinking the juice) so whats the agenda for today??

Armaan; there IS no agenda….we just go around, as husband and wife and show people what a happily married couple we are….and just bond with the family….Shubh Bhai's sasural coming over and stuff…which reminds me…call him Bhai na!!

Riddhima: kyun??

Armaan: cuz he is elder than us…and even I call him Bhai…

Riddhima: oh okay!! Yeah like…I completely forgot…I am such a moron, what would your mom be thinking about me??

Armaan: nothing at all..she loves you….

Riddhima: hmmmm…you know what I was thinking??

Armaan: what?

Riddhima: now that we have to pretend to be like you know, this happy chummy couple…we should try to be more, you know, coupley!

Armaan: COUPLEY?? Is that even a word?

Riddhima: oh whatever…stop finding mistakes with my lingo…all I meant was, you know…hold hands, a hug here…a kiss on the forehead there…makes it more original…

Armaan: really?? You wanna go ahead with it…you haven't got any problem with it??

Riddhima: why would I? Not after I have checked out your hot bod….oh and I have to tell you, I never knew you had such awesome love handles…(winks at him)

Armaan opened her mouth in protest as Riddhima burst out in laughter. Just then Divya jumped into the conversation.

Divya: hey Riddhima…tum aaj kia pehan rahi ho??

Riddhima: NOTHING!! I have NO clothes at all.

Divya: well then…you need to go shopping na…lets go today…me you and Aditi…what say??

Armaan looked at Riddhima whose face showed horror. Oh, how he loved it now. He knew she hated shopping, she only went shopping for him, cuz she loved men's clothing. For girl's shopping, that too traditional, it would be a total disaster. In any shopping mall, she ran towards the guy stores, rarely towards the girls. All the clothes she did own was thanks to Muskaan, who dragged her there for shopping and would root her to one stop, not letting her move. She loved shopping for him, had a good choice. He was, however, not so convinced about her going alone with them. All the good impression they had developed would come crashing down.

He looked at Riddhima who was staring at him, rather glaring with her eyes wide open. He got up, smiling to himself gleefully. He bent down, kissed the top of Riddhima's head and whispered in her ears.

Armaan: well, I guess, what they say about what goes around comes around must be true….!! Have fuN!!

Riddhima looked at him going away in shock. God, this shopping would be a big disaster. She had to do something, now. She got out of her seat and ran behind him, as everyone on the table looked at her surprised.




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